TAS 005 How To Remove Negative Reviews Left By Amazon Competitors – Interview With Troy Peterson

In this episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast you’ll hear how Troy Peterson (Who's a New Amazon Seller) launched his business from scratch and became pretty successful. The problem he faced was attracting the attention of some Bully Competitors that left negative reviews trying to take his listing down. Troy wasn't going to give up and he ended up winning and getting the reviews removed.

Key Points Discussed on Podcast:

  • Product Selection
  • Sourcing Products
  • Launching Products
  • Amazon PPC (Big Tips Here)
  • Email Follow-Ups For Feedback and Reviews (Big Tips Here)
  • What Actions To Take For Getting Negative Reviews Removed

Links Discussed:

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  • I’m behind on the podcasts, just discovered them. Loved this one. Really love how you email someone who left 5 star seller feedback and ask for a product review. Do you know what link you would give the buyer to review the product? Is it a generic link that works for everyone, or do you send them to that product detail page.

    I subscribe to the podcast using Podkicker, not sure I can review the podcast on iTunes, but I’ll look into it.

  • I’d love to give you great iTunes feedback. How do I do that? I’m using a iPhone to listen to your podcast via the “podcasts” app. I tried going via the iTunes Store on the iPhone native app and when I clicked on your podcast, it took me straight back to the podcasts app, where I don’t see anywhere to leave feedback.

  • Are there show notes for this or other episodes? If not I’m going to make detailed notes because they are so full of value.

    • As of right now there are not. But, I may add them in the future. It will depend if I can find someone to do them for FREE or I may create an eBook with some of the podcasts that are step by step stuff. Still working out the details.

      The podcast is FREE, so I would be paying $50 to $70 per show to have them transcribed.

      I’m trying to come up with something where it won’t cost the listener for these notes.

      Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.

  • Hi, Scott. Some amazing tactics and strategies. I particularly love the AMZ shark tip about using keywords that result in competitors showing up for amazon ads. Also amazing seller feedback strategies. Plus the insight about seller feedback maybe affecting rankings. Amazing stuff! I’m going to try to implement lots of things from this.

  • This was a fantastic podcast. I have been selling for a while and have been struggling to figure out why a competitor is ranked better than me when I sell more and I have more product reviews. I think I just figured it out from your discussion. The competitor has more seller reviews..I had never thought of that so THANK YOU for opening my eyes.

  • Great first interview. I enjoyed hearing about your email marketing follow up. I hope to hear more about that in a future podcast.

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