TAS 182 How I Stumbled on this NEW Product Idea and YOU Can TOO!

New product ideas can come from anywhere. Really, you might be surprised where you discover the next great thing. On this episode Scott’s going to share with you exactly how he discovered his latest product idea quite by accident and how it’s proving to be a pretty good product from the first go ‘round. Listening to this episode will inspire you to think a little more outside the box about your next product idea. So be sure to listen and start dreaming about your next product!

There are some things in life Scott said he would never do…

And He’s finally wising up and learning not to say those kinds of categorical things. Why? Because there are so many of those “nevers” that He’s wound up doing. That’s instrumental to this episode of the podcast because He’s entering into one of those areas with his newest product. It’s in the supplement niche, which he said he’d never do and he wants you to hear the story of why he’s going in that direction, how it came about, and how you can learn from his story to find your own new product ideas.

The journey you are on has opportunities at every turn.

You never know what a day may bring. You really don’t. There could be a huge challenge or a massive opportunity, and Scott’s learned that the opportunities will pass you by if you don’t have your eyes open and your brain engaged to see them when they show up. On this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott’s walking you through an example of that – how he came across some situations that have offered up his latest product – and how his situation is an illustration of what you can do to find some great product ideas as well.

The people you meet might be your next source of inspiration.

There are people you meet everyday who have areas of expertise and experience that you will never have. Those people may have something of tremendous value to add to the world but you’ll never know if you don’t get out there and meet them or talk to them. Scott has recently discovered the Dad of his daughter’s friend is a fount of knowledge about things Scott never knew he’d be interested in, and has a lot to offer by way of information and products. So Scott’s investigating the possibility of going in on a product line with him, in the supplement niche. Hear the entire story on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

8 things Scott has learned about tapping into a new market.

When you get a new product idea and it’s in a new market that you’ve never worked in, you need to get some specific things right at the beginning. Tacked on to the end of this episode of The Amazing Seller are Scott’s 8 tips for what you need to do when you’re setting up a product in a new niche. This section is so jam packed with information you will be glad you listened for that brief list alone. So be sure you tune in and grab these 8 great steps to getting set up in a new market.


  • [0:04] Scott’s introduction to the podcast episode!
  • [0:37] How you can follow Scott on Periscope.
  • [1:00] The danger of saying “never.”
  • [5:30] How my personal experience led me to the supplement niche.
  • [7:08] A personal trainer I met and the possibilities that relationship has produced.
  • [10:28] How a variety of people have influenced my journey.
  • [22:51] I have no idea how this idea is going to work, but I’m excited.
  • [25:19] The journey you take is filled with opportunities you need to recognize.
  • [26:42] Pay attention to people and possible opportunities.
  • [26:53] Scott’s assignment for you.
  • [28:32] 8 things I’ve learned about tapping into a new market.
  • [33:20] Why I’m beginning to move away from speaking on Amazon only.
  • [34:00] How you can get my free 10 day course


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TAS 178 : Ask Scott Session #51 – Amazon FBA Questions


[00:00:02] SV: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone. Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller podcast. This is episode number 182 and today I’m going to share with you how I stumbled on this new product idea and you can too. Really, really excited about this, I never, ever thought…

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…that I’d possibly would even be going down this path. I’ll share that with you during this episode but yeah, you just never know.

I mean you just never know and I told this story the other day, I told it when I was on my walk and I was doing a periscope. By the way if you guys are not following me on Periscope yet definitely go over there, download the app, periscope go over to periscope, I believe it’s periscope.tv and go there and search for @ScottVoelker you’ll find me and then from there you can tune in whenever I do a little periscope or a little scope as they call it and yeah. We can go on a walk together and we could have coffee together because that’s really what I do.

Anyway I was on my walk and I was kind of letting people know through this thing that happened to me, this conversation that I had with someone that brought this situation to me not even situation but an opportunity but I was talking about never saying never. Have you ever said something like, “I would never do that.” Then all of a sudden you find yourself five years after or four years later doing that thing you said you would never do? I’ve got a few right off top my head.

Number one, I told my father all the way back, let’s see 1992 probably, 1993, I told him I would never own a computer. I said I will not do it, I see you on this computer and he had a computer, back then it was when they were first starting to become something and he was on that thing and he was not playing games or anything really. It was more for his business and I'm like, “ I don’t know how you can sit at that computer and be entering this stuff, I just don’t get it and I’ll never own a computer.”

I said that all the way up to like when I got married and then I decided to get the computer, I ate my words because I needed it because I started running my own photography business which a lot of you know about my past as far as what I did, that’s when I started needing a computer. I ate my words there again and then from there my father never lets me live that down by the way so dad if you’re listening, I get it now. He's also taught me that every ten years your mind changes, it maybe quicker for others but every ten years your mind changes, when you were younger you think differently than when you were ten years older and then so on.

I did that again, little story. My wife and I when we first got married we owned SUVs right? Sports Utility trucks or vans or whatever you want to call them, they weren’t really a van, they were sports utility vehicle. We went ahead and we were always loving the sport models. Right. We were like cool while we were still young, I had a Mustang when I was growing up 87 Mustang Gt it was my baby and I always swore even if I had kids I would always have a cool car.

[00:03:09] SV: Well guess what? We had two kids, we didn’t get an oil change one day and we started looking around the showroom and we started looking at this van and it was really nice, at that time we thought it was really nice. It was really sleek looking and the doors opened, they slid, so you can get the kids in and out easier and you can take longer road trips, one even had a TV in it, I forget if it did or not. I think we bought extras had one of the seat rests but anyway so we’re sitting there and I looked at her and she looked at me and I said, “You want to see what this thing would cost if it was maybe go ahead and finance this?” She’s like, “Yeah, all right.” We did, we took it for a test drive and all of that, long story short we walked out of that showroom that day with a minivan.

The funnier part of that story is, to make it even cooler my wife looked at me and she goes, “Is there any way we can get a spoiler on the back like that other van over there has, you know the one on the back it’s like a really tiny spoiler on the back, it’s like a little fin?” And they go like, “Yeah, for an extra I think it was like 8 bucks a month or something like that.” We both looked at her that looks cooler we’re going to go ahead and get that spoiler at the back. That was our, I will never get this and here we are getting that one thing.

I’ve learned to not say never, I think I might have said I would never, ever, ever go into the supplement market but guess what, I maybe going into that market. Yeah, I said it here, I said it on my walk the other day. Now, not a supplement market that’s all spammy and cheesy and all that stuff where you’re going after Garcinia Cambogia. I’m not going after that, we’re not going after weight loss and melt off the weight, we’re not doing any of that. That stuff gets really spammy, that stuff gets really sleazy, I don’t like that market, I had someone recently that asked a questions in one of the Ask Scott sessions and said if I already have a current supplement that I’m selling, should I then take it on Amazon, and the answer was yes you should. I was saying you don’t necessarily want to just start up your own supplement company.

Now me personally, I don’t know a lot about supplements. I just don’t know. I know that there’s a lot of ingredients that are good. I actually take … I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Beachbody but I did Insanity about three and a half years ago now. Insanity by Shawn T. If you guys know that program you know it’s a beast, it is insane, that’s why it’s called Insanity. I was 39 when I did that, I’m 43 now, I was 39, I got the best shape in my life. I lost like 20 pounds, I got in really good shape and it got me addicted at that time to fitness.

Then I jumped into P90x I did that, I started getting almost lie competition level type stuff and I got a little obsessed with it but I loved it and I wasn’t taking like overly like a ton of supplement just like some basic stuff but they have something that they call Shakeology and Shakeology is a lot of super foods in it and there’s just a lot of science that go behind it and I’m a big fan of that and I’ve been taking that for three years. I have a shake every single day, it’s a chocolate shake, it’s got a regular organic peanut butter in it, a banana, some ice, some almond milk and I love it, I enjoy it and it’s good for me.

[00:06:23] SV: That’s a supplement in a sense but there’s food if I wanted to eat all of that stuff and put it in my diet, I could do that which I still do but there’s no way I could consume all that without a supplement and it makes me feel really good and it gives me more energy and all of that stuff. If some of you people are listening and you’re like, “Well, Scott, I don’t believe in supplements,” that’s okay. I’m just saying that for me personally, if I don’t know enough about it, number one I’m not going to consume it. Number two, I’m not going to want to sell it, I’m not  going to sell it because it can make money, okay?

Let’s just be clear on that and that’s why I was always up to this point saying I would never, ever, ever sell supplements because it’s a tough market, it’s competitive, it’s just downright ruthless, you’ve got people leaving negative reviews, you’ve got people upvoting and downvoting and all of that stuff that I didn’t want to be a part of. Okay?

Now let’s fast forward a little bit and recently, I met a guy, I'd say recently, probably within the past year, you guys heard me talk about it may be here and there. He’s a personal trainer. He has a personal training business. He trains people, women, men, kids, athletes, he’s got his own gym, just a great guy and so knowledgeable. Right.

We got a lot talking about that over dinner, him, myself, my wife, his wife went out to dinner and we just got casually talking about what we do and that’s where I started telling him about like, “Man, you could take your fitness stuff online, you can start being a trainer online and all that stuff, “ but that’s for another conversation. I really gave him all that information, which was really awesome. What I’m trying to say here is, in so many words, is that you just never know about the conversations that you have could lead into someone else that’s an expert, that might have knowledge that you don’t have but you might have interest in.

By doing that or by having that conversation, I then started to think, I then started to get my wheels turning about his knowledge and is there any way that I could tap into his knowledge? Well that was probably going back six months ago and him and I have been talking back and forth on our phones and texting. I’m kind of using him also to help me get back in shape in a sense. I don’t use him as a personal trainer right now, although he’s offered. I’m going to the gym right now with my son three to four days a week and I’m getting my nutrition back, dialed in and all that stuff and I’m trying to get back into it.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you because you just never know. So never say never. I’m eating my words kind of again, okay and I’m willing to admit it, and I think you should too if you ever have that happen don’t be stubborn. Let me kind of just lead through some of these different things in my life that came because of people that I’ve known, okay, or people that I’ve come across because life has a funny way of creating our path. I want you to kind of go through maybe and start thinking about … Now I did episode 125 where I talk all about my journey. Right. When I started when I was a nineteen year old kid who said a lot of times I would never do this, I would never do that. Right. That kid and I took you all the way through my journey up until now so that’s episode 125 if you want to check that out definitely go listen to that after listening to this episode, so that’s theamazingseller.com/125.

[00:09:41] SV: A lot of people listen to that, thousands of people by the way, and I got a lot of e-mails from people saying how much they enjoy that and I really resonate with them because I was a lot like them and I still am. Right. I’m just an average person, you know, a regular guy, regular dude depending on what era you come from I’m a dude. So yeah, just a regular guy. I kind of wrote these down so I can go through these, to kind of let you see at like a higher view of how I’ve either been inspired or that I’ve listened to certain people and got these ideas. I just wanted to kind of take you through again quickly, these different people that triggered something in me to do something.

[00:10:28] SV: Okay, so number one is my dad. Okay and I need to mention my dad because growing up I’ve seen him work hard, three jobs sometimes but you know he was a craftsman. He was always in kind of the construction field, he was always building things and he was good with his hands, he was a farmer growing up. Then he became more of a craftsman where he could build things, he could deconstruct things and put things back together and I learnt that from him. He was gracious enough to have me work for him and then kind of teach me the craft or the trade and then from there I was able to put my own spin on it and then that’s when we built that into his company to where we built that to a couple a million dollar a year business and having multiple crews that I was running as a foreman and all of that stuff.

That all happened because of what my dad taught me. Right. That was like the first thing that I could say was someone that inspired me and that motivated me to want to do that. Right. I got to be honest, when I would take a house and let’s say that it was like really, really ugly-looking, like it needed paint, it needed all … The windows were like just all just weathered and like all of the roof, all that stuff and we were going to do a whole house over and give it a facelift, it felt really, really good. I would stand back and look at that and be like proud of that. That’s something that I did. I just made someone’s life better, yes they paid us but I made their life better.

All the way back then, I had pride in what I did. All right. Anyway my dad, he was like the first one that I want to highlight here. He taught me the construction trade. Okay. Right now, today, if I needed to, I could go and get back into the remodel business and I guarantee I could be up and running in a couple of months and have business, I know I could so I could take that with me forever.

[00:12:20] SV: The next person that I want to mention is my wife because of my wife and her passion for photography, she is the one that said maybe we should start doing this part-time photography thing. Now because of that I’ve got this wealth of knowledge that we’ve built over the years in photography because she kind of triggered something in me to want to look into it. Now, I don’t currently sell in the photography space although I’ve thought about it because we know a lot about that space. It’s very competitive but there’s a lot of accessories I guess but when you get into more of the expensive stuff then you’re talking about the moving parts and lenses and all that kind of stuff, I just didn’t want to tackle that stuff.

What I want to say here is my wife because of her, now I would have married someone else they might have had different passions and I might not have would never would have went into the photography space, I never would have had that as part of my DNA I guess as you would say now because it's kind of has been fused into my blood. It’s like now it's part of me, it’s what I know. If someone has questions about photography I could probably help them with that. If someone has editing with Photoshop, I could help them with that because of my wife who kind of introduced me to this photography thing and pushed me and pushed us into starting our own photography business. Okay.

Then also allowed me to start thinking about marketing. I started to really develop a passion for marketing and to see how people responded to certain marketing. I got really, really obsessed with that and that’s what got me thinking about online stuff. I’m like this online marketing thing, this is kind of interesting and the first person I want to mention, you guys might or might not have heard of this guy and I followed him probably for the first eight months maybe to a year and then from there I kind of went my own way but I have to give him credit. I have to give him credit for kind of turning this light bulb on and saying like this is an opportunity and his name is John Thornhill.

You guys may or may not have heard of him. I first got introduced to him through EBay, he was currently selling on EBay and then he was teaching people how to sell on EBay and he’s also done eBooks he’s also done other information products on how to create affiliate websites and all of that stuff, he’s done a little bit of everything but what got me interested in him is he was really down to earth, he was really clear and concise and he just had a great way of explaining things and he opened my eyes to EBay.

That’s where I started dabbling in EBay. All right. I promise guys, the reason why I’m saying all this is because I want you to be aware of the people that you are around or that are being introduced to you and then from there thinking about the opportunities that come from that person. John Thornhill, like I said, I want to give him props because he was the one that first got me thinking about selling online and I’m not even sure of how I found him or an email that came through or whatever but I did. Maybe I was just researching how to sell online and I came across him and he was the first one but he was the first one that got me interested. Okay. The rest I kind of just learned along through with other people, picking up a piece here and a piece there and then starting my own photography online business. All right.

I need to mention Ryan Daniel Moran from Freedom Fast lane. I started listening to his podcasts before I even started hearing about Amazon. I think I got turned on from him for maybe like eventual millionaire Jamie Tardy and then I just started listening to his podcasts. He started talking a little bit about selling on Amazon and then that got me interested. Right. Then once I got interested, I started paying a little bit more attention to him and seeing what he was doing and I really loved what he had to say but he wasn’t going deep enough for me so that’s where I started thinking to myself, “I’d really like to start a podcast.” Then obviously before that time, not obviously, you guys don’t know. Before that time I had been listening to the Pat Flynn for the longest time and ever since he started a podcast I was listening to him.

Then I started listening to John Lee Dumas. They were podcasting and I’m thinking to myself, what I am going to podcast about. I don’t really have anything to podcast about.Then once I caught wind of Ryan Moran and him with his Amazon stuff and then he was podcasting, I was like maybe I could podcast, meet other people like Ryan and then maybe I can have them on the show, I could interview them and be learning along this process. You guys already know a lot of that story and that’s how I decided to do the podcast, I’m so glad that I have. Pat Flynn I’ve got to give him props. If Pat Flynn is listening, thank you very much bud.

John Lee Dumas, I had him on the show, I was on his show EOFire and yes, I was totally following what he was doing because it really intrigued me to be able to reach people like I am right now so Pat Flynn John Lee Dumas, those guys are the ones that I have to mention again, I paid attention to them and then they got me interested in this podcasting thing. Then I need to mention Chris Schieffer. Some of you may or may not know Chris.

[00:17:19] SV: Chris is a great friend of mine and I initially reached out to him in a public Facebook group that him and I were both a part of about Amazon and him and I would always talk back and forth and answer each other’s questions or we would private message each other and then I asked him, I said,” Hey would you like to form like a four or five person mastermind group and we can just talk about this Amazon stuff because I really … I’m at a level now where I’ doing $10,000 a month and I would like to talk to other people that are doing $10,000 a month, would you be interested?” He was like, “Yeah, that would be great.” Then we picked three or four other people and since then we’ve … Actually there's a few people that were still talking to within that group and it’s not that we aren’t talking to those other people because we disliked them it’s just because we grew apart.

Chris I really resonated with, he’s a young guy. He’s under 30 years old, I’m 43 so I’m older than he is but he is a smart, smart guy. He knows more about the Ecommerce base and all of that. I really got interested in his business model but also of his knowledge and because of that, that’s where the private label classroom kind of came about because I came across a lot of people who said, “Scott, would you teach us stuff? Would you talk about this stuff and teach us?

Maybe one-on-one, maybe group coaching,” and I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to go down that route and that’s where Chris and  talked and we kind of came up with the thing that he could really help in this because he has a lot of experience in the Ecommerce space and he’s also dealing with Amazon businesses that aren’t just his own. He’s got a lot of knowledge there and I didn’t want to just go in there myself because I didn’t feel I had enough to give so that’s where Chris Schieffer came in.

I never would have been able to do that if I didn’t reach out to Chris and start that mastermind group and he and I formed that relationship. Right. Now, let me just say this as well, Chris Schieffer and I are actually going to possibly, we haven’t finalized this yet, partner up and do this supplement thing. He’s going to kind of help me along with it because there’s external stuff that I want to tap into, the funnel creation thing and that’s where Chris would come in so again, I know Chris but I didn’t know him before a year and a half ago and now because of that I’m able to now maybe, maybe partner up and do something bigger than myself by tapping into his knowledge, right, and his expertise and his connections. You see how this all kind of ties together?

[00:19:39] SV: The last person I want to mention and this is the most current is my daughter’s friend, her father, her friend’s father. Yeah. Her friend’s father, that’s what I want to say. Right. I met him at a school function, we hit it right off, we got talking about just health and nutrition and working out and all of that stuff and then we had coffee and then we talked over dinner and then that’s where I kind of started seeing that he had a huge amount of knowledge and a huge passion for this. Right.

He had a huge passion, so because we had similar interests, I reached out and said, “Hey, is this something that you would be interested in doing? Would you want to kind of be in the forefront? Would you want to be someone that we could create content around? Is this something that you would want to be supportive in?” Everything was like, “Yes, yes, yes.” Like he was so excited and pumped up because he told me straight up, he’s like, “I’ve thought about getting into this, I just had no idea how and I’m not really sure I want to know how I just know that I have a passion for the body and what makes the body run smoothly and what is preventing the body from performing at its peak levels and all of this stuff,” He has this almost like a Tim Ferriss. He has experimented a lot of himself but he’s also read a lot of experiments that other people have done and he has just a wealth of knowledge that I never would have without being able to know him. Right.

I didn’t know him a year ago, maybe a year ago, I didn’t know him personally to where we could just fly a text to each other just randomly text each other, now I do. Right. Now we’re in talks of like what would you want to see … Before I even went to Amazon, I said, “What would you want to see in a supplement that you see that your clients could use?” Then he came back with, “This is what I would want, first one, second one, this is what I would want, third one, this is what I would want, fourth one, this is what I would want, fifth one, this is what I would want.” He’s got five right now that he’s like, “These are the five that I would want.”

Now, I have no idea if these are selling on Amazon, I have no idea if these are things that people are actually going to buy. What does Scott do? Scott goes back to his little computer and he goes into Jungle Scout and at first he goes to Amazon, he types in, the first supplement, he goes to JungleScout and he sees the demand, he sees everything that I’ve taught you guys and told you guys that I do when I’m doing product research, I did everything and then I said, “This one looks really, really good, this one, not so good.” Right.

[00:22:11] SV: That second one let’s say, that didn’t look so good, it could have been just the way that he was addressing that market. Okay. Maybe we need to reverse that and position it to a different market. It does a bunch of different things but maybe we need to custom tailor it to that particular person okay? If it’s a woman over 40 that is deficient in something, we need to address that. Again, by him knowing all of this stuff, I can literally go to him and ask him questions and immediately get the answer.

The other thing is, he’s good on camera, he looks the part so because of that, I can use him as the forefront of this brand. Right. Again, you guys can tell, I’m pretty excited about this. I have no idea if it’s going to work, I have no idea, right now, we are talking to suppliers right now, we are trying to get a couple of custom formulations done and it’s a whole other animal.

Chris Schieffer is pretty much, pretty much committed to this as well. Again, I’m not officially going to say, because we haven’t launched yet but once we launch, I will let you guys know and whether it’s a success or a flop. I’ll let you know that too and I’ll let you know all of the hiccups and everything along the way but I wanted to do this because it’s an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up and you know what? The guy that is creating the supplement line is a great person, he wants nothing but the best for people and the other person, Chris Schieffer is just a great person to have on the team if you want to call it that because he knows a lot about the external stuff. You guys have heard me talk about Amazon to me is the testing ground, it’s a place to start selling rather quickly but then we want to start building our external funnels, we've got plans to build our external funnels on Facebook.

Go from Facebook ad to a landing page, to a piece of content. Right. Then that content will be wrapped around the product and then we’ve got them an email list we can follow up with another email from who, not me, the expert and he’s going to have another question that he’s going to address from his clients. Now we’ve got to remember he’s got clients that are coming into his practice because of that, I’m not even sure you can call trainer a practice, if that’s a practice, I don’t even know, I just threw it out there, it sounds good. Right.

It sounds like, “I’ve got my own dentist or my own dental practice or I’ve got my own whatever.” You sound good but let’s just say that he has his own practice. Right. He’s a trainer, he’s got people that come in there and they ask him for nutrition advice and they ask him to train them to lose weight or become more fit. All right he has people coming in there with more struggles, real problems and he’s told me a lot of times he feels more like a psychiatrist sometimes than he does a trainer because a lot of times, it’s the mental. You guys all know that? Being able to have him be the forefront is going to be amazing because he’s passionate about it and he’s going to be able to deliver such great content because, again, he knows about it. Right.

What I want to say here and again I’m rambling a little bit but I’m excited and want you guys to realize that everything I just talked about all the way from my dad teaching me the craftsmanship, to learning a trade, to my wife exposing me to photography, to John Thornhill showing me about or exposing me to selling online to Ryan Moran bringing up Amazon in one of his podcasts and then me being able to look into it to see if it’s for me, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas to them for me to be able to see that they were podcast and then recognize that’s something that I can possibly do.

[00:25:49] SV: Chris Schieffer being a wealth of information and also allowing me to be able to go ahead and teach this stuff, helping me teach this stuff in a sense inside of my classroom because he does know a lot about the Ecommerce space and being The Amazing Seller podcast, it’s not to me and when I started this thing, yes it’s all about Amazon in the beginning but it’s going to be much bigger than that. Moving forward, The Amazing Seller isn’t just going to be about selling on Amazon, it’s about building business and having Chris Schieffer on board allowed me to see that bigger picture and to see that potential and then being able to help me with it. That’s Chris Schieffer and then again, my daughter’s friend’s father being able to talk to him and meet him now has introduced this new opportunity to me that I’m probably going to jump on, actually I am going to jump on. All right.

Bottom line is, you need to pay attention to people and possible opportunities. They are everywhere. Here’s your homework, I’m going to give you homework, I don’t normally give you homework at the podcast but I'm going to give you homework. I want you to take a pad of paper and I want you to list down every person that you can think of that has made a difference in your life as far as something that's changed in your life. Right.

You can see there right away, like I went down my list and I’ve got probably more but let me just … Again, my dad taught me about the initial parts of business but also learning a trade, my wife introduced me to photography, John Thornhill selling online, Ryan Moran Amazon business, John Lee Dumas and Pat Flynn podcasting, Chris Schieffer Amazon teaching and ecommerce, and then my daughter’s friend about health and nutrition. You can see there’s bullet points that you can write down.

Who are the people that you can say, “These are the people that made me think of something or that introduced me to someone that got me that new job or that got me that opportunity to be able to go to that event and then I went to that event and I met another person and that person introduced me to something else.” Right. There’s always different connection points that you can see if you follow along and in this business you need to be aware because this way here you can go ahead and broaden what you know by tapping into what other people know.

There’s a lot of people out there, a lot of people that have tons and tons of information that’s locked up in their head that they just don’t understand how to get it out there. One thing you could do, is you could be that person that helps them get it out there. All right. Really, really important that I wanted to do this podcast to share with you because I think it’s really, really important.

[00:28:33] SV: The last thing I want to go over here because I got eight little key points here I want to go over, okay? What I’ve realized about building a real business, the long gain. Number one, find the market and help them, okay? Find the market and help them. That’s number one. Number two, listen to their problems or passions or both and start communicating with them. Number three is to make content that can answer their questions first and do this regularly. Listen to their problems or passions or both and then create content that can answer their questions first regularly.

Four, wrap content around your products. Again I’ll be talking more about this in the future because there’s something that I’m working on right now and I’m going to be doing more of moving forward. That’s number four, wrap content around your products, as you’re answering questions, you also want to be referring over to the solution which is your product.

Five, build that email list. That is really like number one that you should be doing, building that email list because then when you create that content, you can immediately feed them with that content and then number six, is engage with them. Number five is build that email list but six is engaging with them. Really important that you can engage with them, getting their feedback, getting their problems, getting the things that they’re struggling with, getting their passions, all of that stuff so then you can communicate better with them and create the content that’s going to really resonate with them.

Seven, have a face to your business. Now if it’s not you, find someone who could be that can be that face. I can’t stress this enough, if you can have a face to your business, it makes it just a whole better feel for the customer. They can see that person, they can see that passion. All right. That might be a little bit more difficult but it’s definitely possible, definitely have a face to your business or at least a voice. All right.

Number eight and this is the final one. Give value and always over deliver. That is what I’ve realized since being online creating businesses not just this particular business on Amazon or even The Amazing Seller but it’s always come back to building a real business means looking at the long game. Okay. How can you help people in that market period?

[00:30:59] SV: Then the rest it's just procedure. It really is. You find those problems, those passions or whatever, you listen to the people that you are serving in that market, you create valuable content that over delivers to them, you answer their questions and you do this on a regular basis, you wrap your content around the products that you sell and a lot of times you can find what products to sell by listening to your audience and listening to your customer base. Right.

If you build that email list you can reach out to them and say, “ Hey, thinking about doing this new product about this, that and the other thing, what would you like to see in it? What are the three products that you use the most in your whatever, whatever hobby that you’re in?” Then from there you can go ahead and see what next product you should be launching. Maybe they could build it with you. There's a lot of different things that you could do there and the bottom line is engaging with them having a face for your business like I said is huge and then giving them value and always over delivering.

That’s it in a nutshell guys, I know it’s a pretty big nutshell but there’s a lot there and I now we kind of went a little bit in different directions here today but I really just wanted to sit down and let you guys know the story behind how I stumbled on this new product idea and how you can too because I do believe that. I believe we’re surrounded and in today’s world with social media and all of the different tools and the resources that we have available, it’s never been easier. I believe that wholeheartedly. You have to understand right now it is easier than ever.

Now I say easy but I’m not going to kind of make it sound like all you got to do is click a few buttons and it’s that easy. All I’m saying is that the tools are there you have to tap into them, you have to do the work, you have to put in the time, the effort and the hard work. It’s the long game, not the short game. Guys that is it, that is going to wrap up this episode, again number 182. If you want the show notes to this one, the transcripts to this one as well head over to theamazingseller.com/182 all the links will be there like I said the show notes will be there and the transcripts, full transcripts are there to download or to just read on the blog. All right.

The last thing I want to remind you guys, if you guys are brand spanking new and you’re just getting started on Amazon, let me just again say this too, I said I was going to be done here, I am done but let me just finalize with this here, is that Amazon is a great place to test and verify products in a business concept. It’s a great place because you have buyers instantly there but we are also going to be talking about how to create your own channel and to create that content strategy and how to put the face to the business. All that stuff is really important later but it’s a great way to get started on Amazon.

[00:33:56] SV: If you guys are brand new and you wanted to get started by validating products and finding products and all of that stuff and see the exact path that I used going through. I’ve created a ten-day free course for you. Okay. Walks you through every single thing, from product research to product launch to promoting it and everything in between. All right. You can get that by heading over to freeprivatelabelcourse.com again that’s freeprivatelabelcourse.com. You’ll instantly get the first email which that will be the outline of everything that will be delivered and then over the next ten days, you will get a lesson each day, in bite sized pieces walking you through the entire process with action steps so you can actually do it all right?

Once again freeprivatelablecourse.com go check it out register there and you’ll immediately get the first lesson. All right. That’s it guys, that’s going to wrap it up, I will be in touch, I will be definitely keeping you guys posted on this experiment that we can … I guess we can call it an experiment in a sense because I have no idea what it’s going to do but I do believe by the numbers and by the different people that I have involved. I think it’s going to be really, really awesome and I’m excited to be working around this concept and working with my daughter’s friend’s husband and Chris Schieffer. It’s just going to be really, really awesome and I can’t wait to share it with you. All right, that’s it guys, that’s going to wrap it up. Remember I’m here for you, I believe in you and I’m rooting for you but you have to, you have to come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, take action. Have an awesome amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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  • Hey hey hey Scott !!
    I also stumbled during my extensive research on one product that looks like IT’S THE ONLY ONE ON AMAZON !!!! It has less than 60 reviews and no competition under any similar keyword (I’ve tried so many)…According to the jungle scout est.revenue is around $13000….Would you jump in ? The only thing worries me I can’t compare to similar products because there is no one !
    Thanks to your podcast I am totally into Amazon sales now and ready to roll ! Thx for opening my horizons….
    Great job SCOTT !!!

    • Hey Sini, if you don’t have anything to compare it against, I would probably shy away from it on my first attempt at making a product work. Keep in mind that you’re not looking at sales for the EXACT product, but for all products that do the same thing. All garlic presses, press garlic!

  • Hi Scott

    Great podcast and feeds into my my thoughts at the moment.. I wanted to ask I am lucky enough to be able to invest quite a lot of money and I am very impatient and want to get stuck in and grow my amazon business very quickly!! I have been researching and I want to launch about 50 bundle ideas pretty much at the same time..

    Do you think it is a good idea launching so many bundles in one go ??

    Thank you Scott

    • Hey Gareth, I would stick to the top 2 or 3 variations at most. Generally those will be the ones that get the most sales (even with products with TONS of variations, there should a few that stand out). That way you’re not over leveraging your time and financial resources.

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