TAS 206 Why Some People HATE Me for Helping YOU (Should I Stop?)

Over the years Scott has gotten tons of great encouragement about the efforts he’s making to help others learn from his mistakes and the path he’s taken to build a successful private label sales business. He loves the positive feedback and would never stop doing what he does. But sometimes there are people who urge Scott to STOP giving away so much free information. They believe that he’s doing a disservice to those who are already selling on Amazon. Scott disagrees wholeheartedly and on this episode he tells you why.

Why Amazon is the best place you can validate and test product ideas.

If you think you have a great idea for a product, there’s no better way to test that product than to put it onto the Amazon sales platform. It doesn’t even need to be finished, tweaked exactly like you want it, or the final version… it just has to be some variety of what you have in mind. The reason Amazon is such a great place to do this is because you’re putting that product in front of people who are actual buyers – they are only ON Amazon to buy something or research a future purchase. On this episode Scott is going to tell you how you can use Amazon to validate your product idea and how you can move past Amazon when the time is right.

When people push back against generosity, it’s usually because they are scared.

Scott Voelker's been sharing his insights into the Amazon private label sales platform for many months now. He doesn't absolutely free and expecting nothing in return. Why does he do it? Because he believes he is supposed to help people get ahead in life. It's what he would want someone to do for him if he were in that place. But there are many people who don't agree with Scott's approach. They believe that his generosity is hurting everyone it was already successfully selling on Amazon. On this episode of the podcast you were going to hear why Scott doesn't agree with that and why he believes that those who are telling him to stop giving away so much free content are actually scared.

There is still PLENTY of opportunity to build a successful business on Amazon.

Scott hears it all the time: Amazon is getting too crowded, there isn't enough room left in the platform to be successful a private label sales. But Scott doesn't believe it. Yes, it is harder to be successful than it was at the beginning, but that's the way it is in every Market at every stage of its history. Those were going to be ultra successful are those who are willing to put in the hard work to figure out the best ways to be successful in that niche. Are you one of those? Or are you one of those lazy ones who won't put in the effort and will only complain that it's getting too crowded? On this episode you were going to get a great challenge from Scott about the work you're going to have to put in if you were going to be successful in private label sales.

You are the average of the 5 people you hang around with most.

If you pay attention to those who are complaining and hating on others who are doing great things, you will notice something. They typically hang out with other people who think small like they do. There's an old saying that you are the average of the 5 people you hang around with most. It is true almost every time. If you were going to be successful, you have got to put yourself around people who are successful. You've got to learn from them, you've got to grow from their interaction, you've got to ask their advice and put it into action. On this episode Scott is going to talk about what it takes to be successful in Amazon sales  and in life.


  • [0:05] Scott’s introduction to the podcast!
  • [2:25] Why there are always opportunities to build a business.
  • [4:15] Why Amazon is the best place to test and validate product ideas.
  • [6:49] The power of hanging out with people who bring you down (or lift you up).
  • [8:37] People are afraid of competition and how it creates “haters” out there.
  • [10:23] Why there is still a ton of opportunity to build an Amazon private label business.
  • [16:46] Why Amazon is better to get started than most places.
  • [17:22] Scott’s plans to move his business into other areas.
  • [23:00] Email list building game changers that Scott will be sharing soon.
  • [24:18] Why Scott is not sorry for sharing the content he does and how it will even make the haters better.


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TAS 206 : Why Some People HATE Me for Helping YOU (Should I Stop?)

[00:00:04] SV: Well hey hey what up everyone. Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 206 and today we’ll be talking about something a little bit different here: Why some people hate me for helping you and should I stop? I had to do this guys. I had to share this because I’ve received a lot of emails over the past what, year and a half now, of people saying…

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how much they’re enjoying the podcast, how much they’re so grateful for the podcast. That I’m sharing this information, that I’m willing to help, that I’m putting it all out there. I get tons and tons of emails and Facebook comments and just people reaching out on Periscope and Snapchat and all these different places saying how much they’re enjoying the show.

You also gets some people out there, there’s a small small percentage but there are some out there that don’t like me sharing this stuff. Kind of like, “Why are you doing this? You’re creating more competition for all of us. Why would you do that? You should stop doing that. You’re hurting us. You’re hurting all of us Amazon sellers and all of that.” I honestly don’t believe that. Because I believe there’s tons and tons of opportunities out there for all of us.

There’s been people saying that with niche sites. People who are building niche sites years ago, and that’s basically where you build a site that talks about a specific topic. If it’s pronounced ‘nishe’, I’m sorry that just means I guess I’m from a different part of the world than you are and it means the same thing. Right? So it’s ‘niche’ ‘nishe’, whatever. It’s a market. But we used to, you know, there’s people still doing it, where you focus primarily on this one thing on Google and then you build a website that only talks about that specific thing and you know what? It worked. But now all of a sudden people say, “Whoa everyone’s talking about it. Everybody’s teaching it and it’s not working anymore.” There’s always going to be that. There’s people out there still building niche sites just they are different now. It’s different techniques different ways of doing it but there are still website’s ranking in Google and there’s people making a lot of money doing it. So does that mean that you can’t share that stuff anymore. Like ooh it’s a tough secret we can’t do this stuff.

Bottom line is, is that there’s always going to be opportunities out there and there’s always going to be people out there willing to share but there’s also people out there to willing hate and wanting to hate. Because they’re just thinking that you’re exposing this opportunity. When the truth is that to me a lot of times means that you’re just not building a sustainable business. Because honestly, I’ve never said to go out there and just build an Amazon business and that’s all you’re going to do. That’s it. I never said go out there and just find crap, throw it up, sell it and be done with it. I’ve never said that. Right. Now, have I said to go out there to test and validate products by putting up stuff with least amount of work to see if it’s going to work before you put all the energy behind it? Yeah.

[00:03:14] SV: I mean that’s been going on for years. Pat Flynn just launched a book called Will It Fly? Which is a great book by the way. If you guys haven’t read that you should probably check that out and if you do, sent a little message to Pat. Tell him Scott sent you. I’m not affiliated with anything there for him but I do believe in him and what he’s out doing there in the public so he’s just a great guy. Anyway, he talks about that in his book about Tim Ferriss saying that… I forget when it was. Maybe it was like four or five years ago, but he was telling people to go out there and run a Google ad to a landing page, a squeeze page, whatever you want to call it, to buy a certain product that wasn’t even there. The reason why he was doing that was to get a response to get feedback to say, “I put an ad up about this thing. I get people to click on it, I get people to go over there and actually click on a buy now button. And if they do that then I know that that’s something that people want.” He was actually talking about that’s the strategy to do that.

Amazon is even better than that because we can launch something relatively quickly and we can test and validate before we go and we go all in. You can’t do that with a lot of businesses. So again, I just want to say, this stuff has been out there. We’re talking about Amazon now. I do have some people, again a very small amount. I would say 99% of my emails are just about how much they’re appreciating me sharing this. And my long term, I guess legacy, I guess you could say would be just to be known as a guy that helps not necessarily just in the Amazon space. I know it’s kind of what I’m known for now but really about how to help people create a business that can free them from a job they hate.

That would be like if I could be known as that, that would be game over. To be able to help people and that’s what I want to do. Okay, and again this episode will probably be a little bit of some tangents here and there, I apologize. If you guys don’t like the tangents you guys can turn off now. I know most of you say, “No Scott, rant on, rant on.”  It could be some of that. Now, I’m not angry at all at these people. Now a lot of times this also comes from people when they’re jealous. You may even have someone in your life right now that doesn’t want to hear about your success because they don’t have success themselves so they want to pull you down.

That stuff happens. But some people if they were in my shoes would have been all, “Oh my gosh. I better not do this. People are going to hate me. They’re going to send me hate mail and they’re going to think I’m a bad person.” And I have to think about all of the people that I’m helping that say you should keep doing this. I could say to myself, “I’m just going to stop. I’m just going to leave the episodes out there and I’m going to stop because I don’t want the heat.” I’m not doing that. And I have no plans on doing that. If anything I want to continue even to help more because of all of the feedback that I’m getting. And I mentioned this in one of the, I think it was one of the last episodes, I mentioned that I met a couple in Denver. They were TAS listeners and they mentioned how, because of the podcast, they were able to, actually her husband was able to leave his job at this point and she was working on leaving hers next.

[00:06:25] SV: That stuff is just priceless to me. That’s what I have to go back to. And you’re always going to get a few people that are going to be just hating on you. It’s just the way it goes. So there’s always going to be haters period. Let me just run through some of these other thoughts that I have about this. About why people are saying that I shouldn’t be sharing this and why I don’t agree with them. Let me just share them with you now. I actually created a little bit of a list here so I’m going to go through it. I just wrote this bullet point list for me because I wanted to make sure you that you understood it but then also this could help you.

If you ever get people in your life that are like this because you got to remember this and I’ve heard this too many many times. You are the average of the five people that you hang out with. Right now we’re hanging out together and you’re listening so I think that you’re probably pretty cool because you’re still here. The people that I don’t want to I guess be surrounded with me are the people that are negative. They don’t believe the same thing that I believe. It doesn’t mean that they have to. I have to say when we did the Denver event, the people that came up to me that listen to the podcast, it’s so true.

You attract the people that you want to be surrounded with. You attract them. And you repel the ones that you don’t want to be around. So if you have people in your life and you should be asking yourself this question right now. Who are you hanging out with that you think are negative or that are poison in a sense to you? Like personally I don’t even really pay much attention to haters. It’s hard sometimes. You’ll hear something and you don’t want to hear that. Or maybe it’s a review on your Amazon product. It’s okay to look at them and listen but you also have to go back to everything else that’s positive. You have to go back to, what is your purpose? What is the reason you’re doing what you’re doing? And that will push you in that direction.

I know we’re talking about a couple of different things here because people that were contacting me, and again not a ton, it was just like a handful over the last two years which isn’t much compared to the thousands that I’ve had that have said, “Keep it up. You’re awesome.” And this is great.” That just feels really good. Number one is people are afraid of competition. They don’t want competition. To me competition is a good thing. Because guess what? It makes you need to strive to want to be better. Good old Tony Robbins CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement). That’s C-A-N-I. My kids all know that. You guys have heard me talk about that before. If you’re long time listeners CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement). That’s creating more competition can allow you to grow. That doesn’t mean that I want people all coming in and selling the same exact product. No. But people coming on the platform, is okay. It does make you, and force you to do better and to just be okay.

But again if I’m not doing this, if I’m not on here helping people there will be someone else. There will. I do believe, my wife’s told me this before, that sometimes you just have to go off of what you feel that you were called here to do. Whatever your belief is. There’s a purpose why we’re here whether it’s just to be a good father or to create certain support groups or whether it’s to be contributing to a certain cause or whether it’s just there to be at this certain place at this certain time, whatever your beliefs are I do believe that we are put here for a reason. For me I have no problem speaking to people and communicating with people and helping people.

[00:10:07] SV: Again, that’s why for me I know that if it wasn’t me, it’s going to be someone else. So for me, I’m okay with that. And I’m okay with the haters. If you are a hater, I still love you. It’s okay. Number two reason why the haters don’t want me to be talking about this stuff on a regular basis is, and again because of the competition, the reason why I don’t mind as much is because I know that there’s still ton of opportunity out there on Amazon. Things are changing all the time. Like I talked about with building a website then getting people to go to the website and then giving them information about the website. Or about the products that are on the website and all that stuff like niche site that we all heard about and that’s still happening today. Building authority websites and all that stuff. It’s still out there.

There’s still opportunity in that space even though people said, “It’s too saturated no one else can do it.”  No. The scammers, the spammy people are the ones that have to worry. The people that are doing it by the rules to me don’t have to worry and the people that are not small thinkers. The people that are bigger thinkers. Again, going back, the people that are scared are the people that are just putting all of their eggs in one basket. Don’t put your eggs in one basket. Don’t do it. I’m here to tell you do not do it. Spread it out.

That means that don’t just think about Amazon. Right now if you’re just starting, yes, think about Amazon. Get started there. There’s a bunch of buyers there with credit cards. It’s a great opportunity to test and validate products. It’s a great place to start a business fast. Faster than normal. But that doesn’t mean that that’s where it should stop. You should just be thinking about all of the other things that you’re going to be able to do once you get a brand built. If you’re just thinking about doing the retail arb then that’s fine but you got to understand there’s risk there. If you can’t sell on Amazon anymore then that opportunity goes away.     

You’re not going to do retail arb probably on your own website. It’s going to be harder. Again, that’s just a small example. Remember, if you’re a small thinker, that’s the ones that have to worry. If you’re a big thinker, big picture that is like forecasting longer term, then you are going to be okay because it doesn’t mean that you’re going to stop where you start today. You’re going to move on from there. You’re going to build from there. I’ll talk about a few of those things that I’m thinking about moving forward and that you should be thinking about too. The truth is this, most people that listen to this podcast, I can’t help it and I don’t want to sugar coat this, but most people for whatever reason, life deals them a bad card, whatever it is will have great intentions but won’t take action.

It’s just the way it goes. It’s been happening in the health and fitness space for years. It happens in every walk of life. I’ve seen the statistic, I almost couldn’t say statistic, there’s too many S’s there, but 97% of people will work for the 3% that didn’t give up. Think about that for a minute. 97% of people had the same amount of opportunity that those 3% have. But the 3% decided that they were just going to drive forward. Anything that was dealt to them they were going to push through no matter what.

[00:13:30] SV: Right now if you’re having tough times understand that there’s other people having tough times too. If you can punch through that, hear me slap my hand. I’ve punched my hand, listen. If you punch through that wall and that obstacle and you go around it or over it or under it, or whatever you do, you can be in that 3%. Because the 3% are employing the 97%. Does that make sense? The 3% are employing the 97%. There’s two choices there; you can either be the 97% or you can be the 3%. Again, the people that are “haters”, I’m putting that into quotes, if you’re the haters it’s really because you’re scared. You shouldn’t be scared. You should be a big thinker or a bigger thinker. You should think about how to secure your future rather than thinking about just this one little opportunity we have right now. That’s not a big thinker. That’s not a planner. That’s not someone that can build real wealth or build real freedom that’s stable. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

You guys have heard that. That’s nothing new. We all know that. That makes total sense. If something goes down we don’t want to have to rely on one source. So you want to be able to diversify and mix things up. But again, I have to go back. Amazon is a great opportunity. It’s a great launch pad. But I never said to just build your business on Amazon. Yes. You can build your Amazon business on their platform, but you got to understand it’s just the start because people have been selling on ecommerce their own ecommerce platforms whether it’s at Shoppify whether it’s a WordPress blog with an ecommerce plug in. Whatever it is, there’s people who’ve been selling on there for years. Ebay, another platform.

Amazon just is the new big giant right now and it should be. There’s 244 plus million active customers. And we haven’t even talked about international market places inside of Amazon but you have to understand for me, this is for me and this is what I’ve really talked to people about and talked about it on the podcast is Amazon is really the starting point. This is the place where you can get in front of buyers relatively quickly. Yes it takes time to find the product. Yes it takes time to source it. Yes it takes time to do the launch. Yes it takes time to do the pay-per-click and all of that stuff behind the scenes.

All of the accounting all the different aspects of the business. Yes it takes all that stuff. Again that’s just the start. It’s a way for us to test and validate very, very quickly rather than you starting from scratch with a website. You don’t need a website. You don’t need to have any techy skills really. You don’t need any of that stuff. So Amazon makes it easy for us to be able to tap into that channel. Then from there we can go ahead and we can move through that. Again, I just need to stress that. To me and I hope that people who listen also understand that Amazon is just the start. It’s a great place to start. But that’s where you start. We can test and verify products fairly quickly and they are buyers. Think about this for a second.

If we go to Google, yes there’s some buyers on Google but mostly Google is people searching how to do something. How to fix this or a home remedy for a cold or whatever. How to fix a motor or whatever. All of that stuff is done on Google. Yes you can go there and search a product or product reviews, yes you can but it’s not like Amazon. Amazon people are there to do one thing and one thing only and that is buy products. Again, just to understand that that is where the buyer traffic is right now. Okay.

[00:17:20] SV: Now, moving on I’m going to soon start sharing what I’m doing on the back end. What I’m planning on doing moving forward. You guys know, especially you guys that were at the live event, you guys heard all of this stuff. You guys were fired up for what I’m about to share. I really got into this whole online game over almost over nine years ago now which is kind of crazy to me. I very very quickly realized that when you build your own email list or your own prospect list or your own customer list, it’s much much easier to have a business. I knew going into Amazon that I wasn’t just going into Amazon and stop there. I knew that that’s where I was going to start but I knew that there was so much more opportunity outside of there. And now with Facebook, and Facebook ads and retargeting pixels and all of this stuff we can take that whole niche site or authority website and we can bring that into the mix. This is again like high level stuff.

This is like next level stuff. This isn’t like you’re just starting right now. If you’re just starting right now, listen to the podcast, go to one of my free workshops, go over to theamazingseller.com/workshop. Register for one of them. It will get you caught up to speed in record time. You’ll understand this business model. You’ll be able to take action on it. And I would recommend going there first. Because this other stuff that I’m about to talk about doesn’t really matter right now. You’re way ahead of yourself. But just to let you know that again going back to the haters because the haters don’t want me to talk about the Amazon stuff because it's like I’m giving away all the secrets. There’s no secrets. It’s really a simple process.

To me there’s five phases to the whole thing: There’s picking a product or sourcing a product, there’s doing a pre-launch, there’s doing a launch and there’s doing a promotion and really doing the paper clip and all of that stuff is in the promotion phase. That’s it. All right. Now outside of that, yes there’s a lot more we can do. We can start building out these, what they call as funnels. We can build marketing funnels. We can start communicating with our audience or our customers or our potential customers. We can give them real value. Get this, we can actually help them before they buy from us. Imagine that. Here, let me give you these different resources to help you before you ever buy anything from me. Then once you are ready, I have products or services that could help you.

Do you think that that’s an easier sale? I mean it’s just common sense to me. Again, for those of you guys that didn’t hear me talk about my past, I’m a non-college graduate but I understand common sense. That just makes total common sense. Again a little bit of the next level stuff here on this. I talked about this on our TAS breakthrough live event and people were blown away. Some of these people are ready for this because they’re at that level but really the way that I’m looking at it is. How do we create a customer email list? How do we create a customer potential buyer list? Like a prospect list. Right now we all know it’s hard to get someone from Amazon to our email list. It’s hard. It’s hard because they don’t make it easy. They actually make it as though if we do that we could get suspended or whatever.

[00:20:53] SV: So we got to be careful. But there’s other ways that we can do this. A few of them are we can use Facebook ads. We can target our exact person that could be interested in our product.

Then once we do that we can then create content that helps them. We can drive them into a blog, we can drive them to an authority site. Wherever we want and we can further educate them before we even ask for a sale. Then what we can do is we can wrap our product or have our product wrapped with all of that great content and then they can potentially buy or they can join our email list with a piece of content that can help them or a guide or something. If we take Facebook ads we target people, groups, not groups so much. I guess you can’t really target groups you can target Facebook fan pages. You can target  custom audiences. You can take an email list that you currently have. You can upload that inside of Facebook ads and then from there you can target them. Again you guys can hear I’m getting a little out of breath here because I’m getting a little excited. This is how it was at the event too. This stuff is crazy. We can do this. This is what I’m saying, I’m not worried because I know there’s so much more opportunity out there than just Amazon. All right.

Again let me just go through that. You’re driving Facebook ads using external traffic to build a prospective list. Then from there we’re going to guide them through an email sequence that’s going to deliver content on a regular basis to them. It’s going to drive them to our property our authority site, our blog. Wherever we want. It’s going to further educate them. Then we’re going to also use Facebook retargeting and the retargeting works like this. Imagine you send someone from a Facebook ad directly to your blog. You don’t ask for a sale. You just send them there for a resource. The minute they land on that page, there’s a pixel inside of Facebook that we drop on that page.

Now automatically I can create another campaign inside of Facebook that re-targets that person. So imagine you go to my blog, you leave my blog, the next day I’m going to show up on your newsfeed and I’m going to be able to say, “Hey we just had some more resources on this and it’s the same thing you we’re looking at yesterday.” There’s a really good chance that you’re going to come back at my blog. Or you’re going to buy my product because my product is on my blog wrapped around or wrapped inside of my content. That’s what I’m talking about. Using these tools these things that are out there to do way more than just rely on Amazon.

That's why again I’m okay. I’m okay with saying, “There is more competition right now,” and it’s okay. There’s still a lot of opportunity inside of Amazon. It’s a great place where I’m still going to start and launch products to test and validate and still get sales and get customers. There’s so much more that we can do. There’s some cool things we can do with the data that they give us and then upload it inside of Facebook and then start retargeting our Amazon customers. I can’t go into that today but that’s what I’m talking about. Bottom line is this, email list building off of Amazon is huge. If you understand that, I’m telling you it’s a game changer.    

We will be going through this. The further we get into this even in my own business, I will be sharing this stuff with you and to me it’s game changing stuff. A lot of people aren’t talking about this currently but I want to be totally clear and upfront with you guys that that’s where my business is turning and that’s why I’m going to be sharing more stuff with you later. Amazon is a channel to get product to market fast but there’s so much more that we can do.

[00:24:17] SV: Now one last thing, to all the haters I’m not sorry for publishing this content. I’m not sorry but I still love you because I understand you’re probably scared and you’re probably thinking to yourself you know what, you’re making it harder for this guy. Well I’m actually probably doing you a favor because I think you’re going to work a little bit harder and you’re going to make better products and guess what? We all should be thinking about how can we create better products to serve to people. If you can create products that genuinely serve a person and help them with a problem or make their life better, you’ve done your job. That’s what you should be doing anyway. Not just slapping your logo on a product and saying that’s it, move on to the next. That’s not what we’re talking about. All right. Make someone’s day a little better and you’ll do fine.

Again I have to just say this, I feel that I was put here to help others and I’m going to continue to do it. All of you that are saying like, “Oh my gosh Scott, I’ve seen that you’ve said that you might be stopping.” I’m not stopping. To all the loyal TASers out there I’m here for the long haul, I’m not going anywhere and I really do want to meet you in person one day. Hopefully have that cup of coffee and for the time being you can always head over to the Ask Scott sessions that I’ve done and they’re all listed on the blog as well. You could ask me a question by going to theamazingseller.com/ask. You can always hang out with me on periscope. You guys know that I’ve been rocking Periscope, I’ve been loving it, Snapchat. Periscope you can find me @scottvoelker and Snapchat is @scottvoelker1.

I just want to say remember that you are the average of the five people you hang out with. Today, you and I hang out so we’re pretty cool so your average is pretty high. Just find those people. I’m not saying that you have to cut out those people that bring you down. Just minimize the amount that you’re exposed to them. If you guys have not read the book, The Compound Effect that would be your homework for me because it talks a lot about the people that you surround yourself with will influence you into being either good or bad. To me it’s all about putting in more good, more clean water as he says it. If you have a clean glass of water and you pour in some dirty water, guess what you are dirty water.

We don’t want that. Everything you input into your brain, into your mind, into your soul for that matter makes a huge difference. It can make a huge difference when you’re going through ups and downs. Again, I’m not going to rant too much on this but I just wanted to say that I appreciate each and every one of you that have been listeners, that have been at an event or a live workshop. I just wanted again to say thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys are awesome and I’m not going anywhere. Again to all the haters out there just get out there and make better products and you’ll do fine and also embrace, embrace the other opportunities that can help build your brand even further.

Guys that’s it, that’s going to wrap it up. Once again remember, I’m here for you I believe in you and I’m rooting for you but you have to you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud today because we’re all hyped, “Take action!” Have an awesome amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.  


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