TAS 221 How to Use Amazon’s Tools to Launch and Rank Products (Live at Seller’s Summit)

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  • Scott, this has been THE MOST helpful podcast I have listened to thus far! To be fair, I am starting from the beginning and listening to a few of your newer ones (so probably 20 total). Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I would love to see you teach a class like this, whether in person or a webcast/webinar!

  • Hey Scott, I just had a question regarding sourcing your products and storing them in FBA centres. I am currently in the process of customizing my product with a supplier and they have asked me if I want to store my products in one FBA centre or more than one. I was just wondering if storing in more than one centre effects sales in anyway and if you recommend it as opposed to storing them in one. Also, do you know where I can apply for FBA stickers if the supplier doesn’t provide them?

    • Hey Mustafa, once you send them into FBA Amazon will distribute them to the centers that make the most sense. You don’t need to apply for stickers, you can simply log into your “shipping plan” and print them off 🙂

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