TAS 231 How to Raise Money FAST to Get Started in Private Label (30 Day Challenge) Dom Sugar

Scott hears people complaining all the time that they can’t do sales on Amazon because they don’t have the cash to get started. Hey, we all know what it’s like to be tight on cash. But if you are honest with yourself you’ll be able to look at the opportunities you have to get the extra cash you need to get started. That’s what this episode of the podcast is all about. Scott’s talking with his friend Dom Sugar about the way he’s gotten started and the simple but significant things he has done to make cash when he didn’t realize he had the resources. Anyone can do what Dom suggests on this episode so be sure you take some time to listen.

From a retail store, to ebay, to retail arbitrage, to private label.

Dom Sugar grew up in an environment where business was a significant part of life. As he grew older he began looking for ways that he could “set up shop” for himself and one of the most significant in the early years was through eBay. He learned quickly that he could sell used and new items for a profit and began leveraging the opportunity to increase his own cash flow. As the online space grew and changed, so did he, and the success he’s experienced in his business overall is a testament to the power of diligence and patience. You can hear Dom’s story and get some ideas about how YOU can get started selling items online, on this episode.

There is no excuse for not getting started.

It seems that many of the people who say they want to get started selling products on Amazon just don’t want it badly enough. Dom Sugar is convinced that anyone can scrounge up the money to get started, whether it’s through a garage sale, through selling used or unused items on eBay, or beginning to step into the retail arbitrage area. On this episode he tells the story of how he got going with retail arbitrage, gives some great tips on how to go about it and the types of products to look for, and speaks to why he thinks RA is the first logical step into the Amazon waters. You can learn a lot from this conversation.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

One of Scott’s favorite sayings is, “Take action” because nobody ever did anything by waiting for it to happen. If you want to get started selling products on Amazon there is a way. The question is, “Do YOU have the will to see it happen?” On this episode Dom Sugar shares with Scott how he’s been able to make his business grow through consistent hard work and learning, and how he’s now sending truckloads of products to Amazon to prepare for Christmas and the 4th quarter. It’s a long way from where her started, but he’s convinced that you can do it too – and on this episode he tells you where he’d begin if he were starting all over.

When things change in the marketplace, you’ve got to learn how to pivot.

From a big box department store chain to a mom and pop store on the corner of your town, any successful business has to pivot as the market changes. That means the leaders of the business have to adapt, come up with new strategies, introduce new products, whatever it takes to ensure that the business can continue to make sales and expand profits. Dom Sugar has done that as his online business efforts have changed time and time again over the years and on this episode he shares some of his ideas about how you can not only get started building cash for a successful Amazon business, but also how you can strategize to stick with it long term.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:02] Dom’s background in business, retail arbitrage, and ecommerce.
  • [5:12] Why Dom got into the online space with his retail businesses.
  • [9:53] Why you can’t stick with only one sales platform.
  • [11:00] The difference Amazon FBA made to Dom’s business.
  • [15:20] The reason retail arbitrage is a good entry point.
  • [21:25] The first place to go if you need cash to get started on Amazon.
  • [27:13] Why there is no excuse for not starting.
  • [28:00] Moving onto the Amazon platform with Retail Arbitrage.
  • [36:26] The kind of things that are good products for Retail Arbitrage.
  • [41:49] Why you should get started sending in products for Christmas (4th Quarter).
  • [47:00] How getting a sale is great motivation to keep moving forward.
  • [50:45] The importance of knowing how to pivot when things change.



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TAS 231 : How to Raise Money FAST to Get Started in Private Label (30 Day Challenge) Dom Sugar


[00:00:03] Scott: Hey, hey what’s up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast, this is episode number 231 and I am really excited today to dive into this episode. I’ve got a special guest and his name is Dom Sugar. He is no stranger to selling online.


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He’s been a retail arb guys, an online arb guy, you name it, retail guy. He’s done it for the past 15 plus years. He’s even done it since he was a kid with his father’s retail business. I wanted to have him on, I met him probably about six months ago, give or take.

He actually attended our TAS Breakthrough Live Event, I was able to meet him in person there but he reached out to me probably like I said about six months ago, give or take and he just said, “Scott I love what you’re doing. You’ve got a great podcast. I just started private labelling myself about a year and a half ago and everything that you talk about and you teach I love it, it’s great.”

He actually does a local meet up in Canada, he’s from Canada and he does that for people that want to get started in this space. He says, “Scott I would love, because all of my list and all my people that come to meet up they all listen to your podcast. I’d love if we could maybe coin at the TAS Canada group,” and I said, “Well absolutely.”

Again we became really good friends, we’ve gone a really good relationship so I said, “You know what Dom I got to have you on the show to help the people out there that say to themselves, ‘I don’t have enough money to get started right now.’ I need you because you’re a pro at this, at talking what they currently have and turning that into dollars,” and that’s what he’s going to do today. Anyone out there that’s brand new or that’s thinking to themselves I’m going to wait until I get some money and then I’m going to learn this thing and I’m going to start doing it I want you guys to really listen to what he talks about in this episode.

I pick his brain really deep. I actually turn the tables, I say, “Listen, I’m the guy right now that wants you tell me what to do and how to do it,” and he does just that in this interview and he’s got just a great sense of the market and kind of even where he thinks it’s going, all of that stuff.

[00:02:06] Scott: We just have a really great conversation. As always guys the show notes can be found at theamazingseller.com/231. Once again that’s theamazingseller.com/231. You’re going to probably want to check those out because we’re going to have transcripts and the show notes and all of those goodies will be there for you as well. All right guys so I’m going to stop talking so this way here we can dive into this awesome chat that I had with my good buddy Dom Sugar.


[00:02:38] Dom: What’s going on brother, it’s going great as always man.

[00:02:43] Scott: I’ll tell you what man you give me energy. People are like, “Scott you give me energy,” no Dom Sugar gives me energy.

[00:02:51] Dom: I think it works back and forth brother I mean amazing, I can’t believe it’s here.

[00:02:57] Scott: It is here, you’re on the show.

[00:03:01] Dom: That’s amazing man. We got so much to talk about I guess.

[00:03:04] Scott: We do, we have a lot to talk about. Again I kind of just went over how you and I kind of got to meet and all that stuff but maybe what we can do so we don’t kind of bore everybody with those details, but maybe we can just let people know a little bit more of like our time spent in, where were we again? Where did we visit? We were in Denver right?

[00:03:27] Dom: We were at Denver.

[00:03:28] Scott: I was in Miami after that so I was confused. We were in the Denver together at the TAS live breakthrough event and that’s where I formally got to meet you in person, you and your wife and we just had an awesome time and once we got together I’m like, “Dude like I got to be able to get you on the podcast because I think you could help a lot of people.” Why don’t you give people a little bit of a background of where Dom comes from and kind of, we’ll get people caught up.

[00:03:54] Dom: Sure. We can do that, just going to warn everybody though there’s not going to be no monotone here. This is going to be all, we’re all of a business here, right Scott? This is a …

[00:04:04] Scott: We’re all about business and we’re also about having fun and taking action.

[00:04:07] Dom: We are yeah and we… I mean just your self, I love to help people and the more we can help the better it is on my side too. A little bit about myself, it’s probably a little different story than the most guys out there but I’ve been doing e-commerce for about 20 years now, market places you name it. We’re probably in about 12 different market places right now but we’re on the big three or four. eBay, Amazons, stuff like and, 11 Main, [Inaudible 04:33], but our main focus has always been eBay and Amazon.

We grew that business, the retail arb business to what we’re doing, a lot of private labels. We started with retail arb and we basically graduated and moved forward into doing some private to go side to side with it.

[00:05:00] Scott: Let me ask you something Dom, you’ve been in it a long time so let’s just get people caught up in the beginning and we won’t go all the way back to the story because I don’t think a lot of people will really care about all that stuff right but they do like to know where you kind of come from but what was your first like dabble into the ecommerce space? I know you said like eBay and stuff but give us like what gave you that taste of doing that. You told me privately that your family’s been in the retail business when you were a kid and stuff, right?

[00:05:27] Dom: We have. For sure, 100%. I’ve been in retail born and bred I guess you can say. Other guys’ their dads are plumbers, electricians or carpentry or carpenters. All of my life we’ve been at retail. My parents from my mother being a hairstylist and opening a bunch of salons and my dad opening, he had a group of convenience stores, variety stores. I was in there 12 years old, 13 years old cashing people out and taking my chocolate bars as payment and basically grew from there.

As I went through high school it just kind of happened that business it was in my blood already but a lot of people might forget even yourself in the later 80’s and the early 90’s there was a trading card, sports card boom in the US and Canada. Baseball cards and hockey cards and football cards were selling like crazy and I just happened to go down into my dad’s convenience stores and found all these cards that my dad didn’t want to put out.

Back then you had to buy the card in order to get the candy. Now you got to buy the candy instead to get your cards. Anyways I was sitting on a gold mine and started my own store doing that, put me through college and basically ever since then just adapted. We used to do show, straight shows with the sports cards and basically in the mid 90’s it started dying off because a small enterprise called eBay started up and basically everyone was like, “Why are going to these trading card shows and let’s just throw them on this platform.”

We kind of knew about it in 1995 but I actually didn’t start because I was, I guess I was a little conservative. You don’t know when something’s new how long it’s going to last. We just kind of looked at it like this was all by myself when I say ‘we at the time,’ doing all these cards and we’re like okay I don’t want to pay for fees so I’m going to start… Yahoo auctions had started and [inaudible 00:07:29] auctions had started. We had put it on that stuff all my cards and whatever and actually it was pretty good and got stagnant because eBay was growing.

Basically about a year after eBay had started that’s when I started selling on eBay so 1996.

[00:07:45] Scott: Was it really? Wow.

[00:07:46] Dom: Then evolution kind of went there. I went from trading cards to the next hit thing [inaudible 00:07:54] I was like beany babies and stuff like that. That took off and saw that and then the mids to early 2000’s, that totally died off and that’s when we started doing our real retail arb. I’m like okay what else can I buy and I went store to store and we got into video games. That seemed to be the hot market. The retro video games was starting to come in, the old super Nintendos and Nintendo stuff so I started buying that stuff up because it was still cheap and the brand new game for 10 bucks and then resell them on there.

Eventually after stepping from door to door we actually grew my company to what it is now we’re actually a host of inventory broker. We work with a lot of big companies within Canada and the U.S and we move out all their product. All their overstocked product or shelf poles. Myself I don’t have to go door to door anymore but I built that business overtime and companies come to me now with all of their overstock. We take most of that and we broker to outsider retailers, business to business and we take what we think that we can get top retail dollars for on ecommerce and that’s what we do.

[00:09:02] Scott: That’s amazing. I love that story and you actually condensed it down pretty good because there’s a lot of twists and turns there but I love it that you started in the retail game with your father just kind of seeing what he was doing and all that and then seeing these cards, these sports cards and then graduating from there. You also see eBay kind of come out of nowhere and then you’re like, “Okay maybe I should look into this,” you did that but then you also see that that changed along the way.

It’s still there but it still changed and now we have Amazon and everyone always asks me, “Scott how long is it going to be around,” and I don’t think either you or I can answer that. You just have to kind of prepare and diversify and that’s what you’ve done and that’s what I’m currently doing. For people that say like they want to go out there and attack this one platform which is great but also you’ve proven it that eBay was like the top dog. It was the top but…

[00:10:03] Dom: I had six years on Amazon basically…

[00:10:05] Scott: Yeah, you didn’t know Amazon was going to go and basically, I don’t want to say wipe out eBay because eBay is still there and you’re making sales on eBay every single day but Amazon is definitely the big top dog.

[00:10:17] Dom: We didn’t actually do Amazon for years to tell you the truth. For Amazon we basically, again the biggest thing was we had to pivot and we had to add more channels as you’re growing. Again when you start off you have no idea where you’re going to end or where your source is going to come from for selling this product. As we pivoted we said, “Okay we got to do Amazon,” and we actually only started probably in 2005.

That was just generic Amazon like manually fufilled, no because I don’t think FBA came until the 2008. For about two, three years we were just manually fulfilling the stuff and again we did that along with eBay and then the Amazon FBA came in and that was basically the game changer. Once you started sending that stuff to FBA and you got Amazon to do it and they started with the prime shipping like two years later that’s when everything kind of took off for sales and you could see the difference between the Amazon customers and the eBay customers.

Then you had to pivot again because you have to make sure that you put your products in the right locations so it sells faster so you get top dollar. You basically had to do that as well.

[00:11:32] Scott: You went on Amazon basically doing the same thing you doing on eBay which is basically like retail arb, online arb where you were taking products that you were getting at a discount and then you were just reselling them?

[00:11:43] Dom: That’s correct strictly.

[00:11:44] Scott: Strictly, so you would do no private label, any of that stuff?

[00:11:47] Dom: No, we were, we actually started doing private labelling for ourselves, importing from overseas but nothing to do with Amazon. It was just we also do trade shows and events on the weekends. I have a whole team that does that. They go to festivals and fairs and rock concerts and stuff. We were importing our own summer type goods. Sunglasses and hats and stuff like that, just generic stuff for importing but nothing for private label, for Amazon. No hot trends or.

[00:12:14] Scott: When did you have the light bulb go on that you should probably look into private label?

[00:12:18] Dom: Well it actually happened about three years ago because we… This is what happens, when you get to a level like us and you’ve got warehouses and you’ve got thousands of SKUs and millions of dollars tied up inventory, we wanted to kind of maybe move some of our departments maybe sell it to independent wholesale or cut down on our trade shows and focus on something that we could just repeat all the time.

That’s when we started talking not really seriously three years ago we should try one thing see what happens and then we did the one thing and it kind of caught on, we were lucky with our first product. Again, back then it was actually pretty easy to be lucky with your first one or two product and then now we’ve just basically built those brands over the years without forgetting with the regular Amazon or our retail arb Amazon or eBay but putting more focus on the private label. It’s only been about three years now for doing private label.

[00:13:18] Scott: Now let me ask you, did you selling retail arb and online arb and just other brands, did that help you at all pick products for private labeling?

[00:13:29] Dom: To be honest I didn’t have a lot of crossover because the stuff… What I forgot to mention was that, and you obviously know, everything we touch is branded. It all has logos, it all has big names. It’s hard and we do a lot of apparent accessories and sporting goods and consumer electronics. It’s hard to go into those niches because those are such big companies. There was some [inaudible 00:13:58] kitchen and sports, outdoors that we would get in all the time we were like, “Man this product sells like crazy,” and then we couldn’t get the accessories to go with it we just go that.

There’re a couple, one of our brands is add-ons to major accessories for big brands, accessories for major brands. That’s the only one, the rest of our brands no it was just basically test the market you know how it for two weeks, write down excel sheet, get my wife to tick off how many units were sold, three days go back and see how many you sold again, the old fashioned way right. That’s how we did that.

[00:14:33] Scott: Okay.

[00:14:36] Dom: What it did do is it set me up, the retail arb, the easy stuff, the stuff that not a lot of people talk about because they think it’s mundane or maybe most should know how to do, that’s how to set up your camp. What type of bank account do you need? Do you want a business account? Do you want an independent account? All that stuff, doing you tax, your EN and all that type of stuff. Fulfilling on eBay and learning the best times to list, trying to do auction versus just fixed pricing.

That stuff you cannot get out the way when you do retail arb, so as soon as you go to private label you’ve already got that taken care of.

[00:15:12] Scott: Right.

[00:15:14] Dom: How to do your FBA stuff and print labels.

[00:15:18] Scott: No, there’s a ton that you have to do but there’s also a ton that you can learn through that process. Now that we’ve covered kind of like all your history and it’s not all of it but it’s a good chunk.

[00:15:32] Dom: It’s a good chunk.

[00:15:32] Scott: It kind of gives people an idea of the journey that you’ve been on and how you’ve arrived where you are and stuff. What I really wanted to have you on for was really to dig into some ways that people that are just starting that want to be able to get started without having a ton of cash because I get a lot of people, I just actually answered an email before you and I got on and it was from someone that said, “Scott I love the podcast, I love the videos that you’re putting out, I love all of that stuff. I’m a little strapped for cash, what do you recommend? I’ve got these products that I got my eye on that I want to private label and I want to make sure I’m making the right decision.

My email went back to them and said, “I don’t think you should private label a product right now. I think what you should do is probably do a little bit of retail arb or online arb or cleaning out your house and reselling that stuff so this way here you can build up a little bit of cash so you’re not just putting in your last hour.”

[00:16:31] Dom: That’s right. You will need some capital for private label. That’s just the way it is especially now where it’s getting more competitive and you’ve got to come up with better ideas and maybe higher price points you definitely. But retail arbitrage is definitely an entry point. I bet if you polled a lot of your listeners that are on private label now I bet you 50% of them did retail arb first and then went into private label. I might even be low.

[00:16:57] Scott: Yeah.

[00:16:58] Dom: Do you know what I’m saying? That’s the next step. For the people that are starting out they’re like okay. The good thing about retail arb like we talked about it all the time is that it give you a sense of success already right because you’re putting brand names, you’re putting goods on there so you’re already getting a little bit of success. It gets you motivated, it gets you a good basis, an attitude that this is for me. It gets you to understand they system, okay maybe this is for me or this is not for me.

But retail arb is a good introduction. To be honest if you want to start into it… Even retail arb you need some capital right Scott? You’re still to have some money. You’re in the same situation where I saw these twenty toys that sell for 20 bucks and I can have them for five but I don’t have the 200 bucks to put in, do you know what I’m saying?

[00:17:43] Scott: Yeah, exactly.

[00:17:44] Dom: It’s still into the same situation.

[00:17:46] Scott: I used to say if you don’t have 200 bucks go get a part time job for a month and earn that extra 500 bucks or whatever it is that you’re going to do or I guess the first place would be then we could probably just clean out our garage or artic or something like that.

[00:18:01] Dom: That was what I was just going to say. The number one way to get into… The transition is usually from thrifting to retail arb to online arb to wholesale arb and then to private label. That’s what I find with all the people that I talk to, that I mentor, that I help here that I coach as well.

[00:18:20] Scott: I’m not sure if we mentioned that either like you’re in Canada.

[00:18:23] Dom: That’s correct.

[00:18:23] Scott: You’re in Canada and I get a lot of people that ask about selling from international markets to the US and you’re strictly right now selling in the US or are you selling in Canada too?

[00:18:35] Dom: We are not doing anything in Canada.

[00:18:37] Dom: That’s so funny. You’re in Canada but you’re selling in the US market?

[00:18:42] Dom: Obviously I’m doing that because the number one volume is in the US. We look at it this way, if we’re already doing 50 sales a day or 40 sales a day on one product in the US with 250 million people, how many are we going to do with the same product in Canada with 25 million? Two, three, one, five. We haven’t conquered the US with as many brands as we want to put on the products. Until we’re comfortable, we’ve got a goal set in mind, once we get to this many brands, this many products then we’re going to start off shooting to UK to Japan like we talked, you talked on your podcast.

It’s endless in the US so why would we… For us because we have so many things on the plate anyway we’re already retail arb on ten different sites so we don’t want to add any more.

[00:18:42] Scott: No you’ve got a lot of channels already running.

[00:19:24] Dom: Exactly.

[00:19:25] Scott: I just wanted to throw in that there because I don’t think we mentioned that you are from Canada. You might be able to tell by the ‘about’, ‘you know what I mean’ and those things but, or ‘niche’. You guys say niche we guys say niche I guess, whatever it’s the same thing.

[00:19:43] Dom: Sorry.

[00:19:44] Scott: I guess we went off there a little bit because a lot of people ask about selling and just getting started but you’re someone that has done this with the retail arb and still went and did it in the US market.

[00:20:04] Dom: Well I don’t consider like, when we were down at the meeting nobody really knew I was Canadian at the beginning, right?

[00:20:09] Scott: No.

[00:20:10] Dom: It’s a community that we’re in, whether you’re from the US or Australia or UK, it’s a business community, it’s a business plan, it’s a model we like. Like I always talk to you but I’m like, “Okay I could talk about this for 100 hours,” but you don’t get that or, “I’m launching this product.” “Oh that’s great, are you going to be home for supper?” When we get together we just talk. We don’t say, “Oh you’re from Canada, you’re from the US.”

Like you said only the language barrier tells the say. What we discuss right now is going to apply in any country, I think that’s going to change is the FBA part.

[00:20:42] Scott: The reason that I was going down that road as far as like you actually help people in Canada, you have a little meet up that you do and you and I first got in touch because you emailed me about that and you’re like, “Hey I got this little meet up here and everything. I love what you’re doing, I always people to go to the podcast it’s so relevant,” so it was a way for me to actually connect with you, to help connect to the people in Canada and also educate them and bring them over and you’re just a great resource.

I just kind of wanted to give people a little bit of a background that they don’t already know that because I think that’s important because you and I are talking right now because we had some stuff that was in common. You reached out and we just got talking and here we are. Let’s get back on track here. We always go off track a little bit Dom, that’s how we do it brother.

[00:21:35] Dom: That’s a good part of the show though brother, that’s what it’s all about.

[00:21:37] Scott: What we were doing here is for that question that someone says, “I don’t have a lot of money, I’m kind of strapped for cash,” the first place that you’re going to tell me to go, I’m that person right now. Dom what are you going to tell me to do? Dom what do I go to do? I want to make some money so I can start doing some retail arb or I can start making some extra money. What’s my steps to get started?

[00:21:59] Dom: I would suggest, they call it thrifting and I call it house hunting. Go through your house and grab all your product that you can, all your old kids clothing, all your old video games, any consumer electronics like DVD players, VHS, TV combos, I meant that stuff, remote controls, you old car rigs, comic books, anything that you can grab, organize it into each category and then start researching online what you can sell it for.

[00:22:34] Scott: Where would you start? Would you start eBay or Amazon?

[00:22:37] Dom: I would start with eBay because it’s used products. It’s an easy way to build your account, basically you can list the stuff at your time that you need to do it, you have to put your pictures and all of that type of stuff but Amazon’s not going to have a lot of those products that you find. Who knows what it is? It could be marble t-shirt or yada yada. You’re not going to find that you’re going to have, you’re going to have to do a whole complete listing and you go to worry about ungating and restricted products, all that type of stuff. Well you really don’t have to worry about it on eBay so my suggestion was…

[00:23:14] Scott: People are still buying on eBay?

[00:23:16] Dom: They’re still buying on eBay. You’re still going to get a percentage. It’s a different consumer on eBay Scott. I call it blue collar or white collar, do you know what I’m saying?

[00:23:26] Scott: Yeah.

[00:23:27] Dom: Blue collar guys they’re the Amazon, white collar guys are the Amazon and the blue collar guys with eBay type of stuff. The guy on eBay looking for deal, they’re the collector, they’re that person that wants something. Amazon is strict like shopping, just like going to Best Buy or Target, go in grab you groceries, grab your stuff and out. They going in they want customer service and they expect it shipped right away, that type of stuff. I find it’s a different clientele, Amazon just has way more people on it just because of that.

[00:23:58] Scott: Right. But if we’re looking right now to go earn some quick cash and you’re telling me, “Scott this is what I was you to do in the next seven days. I want you to basically go through your house, your garage, your artic, your… Just clean it out and organize it in categories,” and then what, just go to eBay and start seeing what this stuff is selling for?

[00:24:16] Dom: Yeah, what I would do is I would just go to eBay and start an independent or a single account, you don’t need to… If you have a lot of products, if you think you’re going to be selling for weeks to come because it’s something that you’ve always wanted to do then you might want to set up like, not an anchor store but a small business one where it’s $39 a month but it’s not $69 a month and keep that for a couple of months until you sell through your stuff and then decide what you want to do.

This way you don’t have to pay like the actual dollar rates that they charge you per product like the Amazon does. If you have one or two things, a diamond ring or something like that no problem you don’t have to do that but how much are you actually getting on a higher end like a mid tier account just so you don’t pay all the fees. If you don’t want to you can definitely just go in a single account.

Definitely categorize that, get rid of all the stuff that’s dirty, ripped don’t put any of that stuff out. If you think it’s still sellable you have to sell as it is and put in an explanation, take some good pictures of it. Again it’s not $200 an hour pictures or $50 picture like on Amazon. Just take them yourself with your phone put a description, clothing you’ll need a little bit of sizes or some hem sizes and that type of stuff and then you’ll be surprised.

Especially if you start in with some good stuff, perfumes or there is so many stuff. For example, my daughter four years old we just cleaned out her room and stuff. She must have had 65 to 70 pieces of clothing that had tags on them. Disney stuff, nickelodeon, we didn’t even get to use it so guess where it’s going. We’re going to put them right on eBay. Don’t tell my wife that though but that’s where going to…

I know everyone has those situations. Your old iPad, you got the iPad there, I mean I don’t know how many people have iPhones but I know there’s a few sitting in my drawer. Old iPhones are still worth 150 bucks online then you take that money and you say, “Look do I want to go to retail arb and take that money and put it down on black or on red and then try some retail arb and then try to build that pile and go to private label?” or just take all that money you make and then you can start your private label side of it.

[00:26:27] Dom: It’s endless right and then did you finish your house? Go to your brother’s, your sister’s, your cousin’s, your mom’s and say what are you throwing out mom? What are you throwing out dad? What are you throwing our brother? Somebody at work, maybe they’re getting rid of all these books, do you want all my books. Sure. I don’t want my kids clothes anymore or some old toys for my son he’s moved out. Take them all. Just put up. People they do a living on that and then you can start it, once you get hooked onto it and it’s something you enjoy it’s still cheap you can start going to garage sales and yard sales and those trunk sales and all that stuff.

That’s how you do thrifting. You’re finding those old He-Man figures and Star Wars figures and a lot of guys go, they do the weigh and pays and the salvation army and they wait for the double days or 50% off days or goodwills and they start looking and then as you educate yourself on your product you know what to look for.

[00:27:17] Scott: Well here’s the thing… For people that are just starting there’s no excuse to just get started. Everyone has a few hundred bucks that’s disposable. If you’re out there buying a $4 or $5 cup of coffee everyday, there’s you money for a month. Just put that away and then use that money, I mean sacrifice. It’s what it takes. If you want it buy it bad enough. If you want to go after your ‘why’ which I always talk about then you’re going to sacrifice that to get to that point.

Let’s just say we’ve done that, again it’s eBay but we’re not really wanting to sell on eBay as our primary we want to go on Amazon because that’s where we want to move towards. At this stage let’s say that we do this and hey who know maybe we’re like you know what I could probably do both if I wanted to because heck I’m able to do that on a weekend find some stuff and list it and then that can keep funding my private label. From there maybe you don’t go to private label yet maybe then you just do straight up retail arbs you can get on Amazon, would that be the next move?

[00:28:25] Dom: That’s right. Once you’re stable and you’ve got some few months behind you, you can go to Amazon. Again there’re a lot of people that put old stuff on Amazon too, some antique or older books or vintage toys stuff like that. You’ll use it to get a little higher because the fees are higher so people have to put it higher. The problem with that is when if you spend at FBA you’ve got no idea how they’re going to handle it for you, a $300 battle star galactica plane. If you’re going to do Amazon most of the successful guys they will FBA the stuff. To manually fulfill that you’re doing the same thing that you are with eBay. To get the freedom you have to get to the FBA level.

[00:29:08] Scott: Right and the FBA then, in this case so walk me through that. If I was to go into a Target and start looking at their clearance or at their clothes and stuff is that where you would start?

[00:29:21] Dom: Traditionally most people that kind of walk into that stuff. I heard once this guy he walked into a Christmas store and found these bridges for 25 bucks.

[00:29:33] Scott: That was me.

[00:29:34] Dom: It was true in my life for 125 but he wasn’t expecting to be a retail arb guy so that ‘s what happens.

[00:29:41] Scott: No, it does happen. You got to have your eyes and ears open.

[00:29:45] Dom: You got have your eyes, as you, just like a gamesmen or an athlete, once you get really good at what you’re doing you’re going to avoid, as soon as there’s 30% off you walk right by it because you don’t care about 30%. You’re looking for the 50 and 100% off. 70%, the big red clearance target was this, now this. That’s what you’re looking at because I know a lot of people I talk to in my groups and a lot of the groups I’m at the US they scan stuff everything.

You can’t spend 24 hours standing stuff, you’re just basically got to go to one, check it out, you got to build your routine, there’s lots of things involved.

[00:30:21] Scott: The biggest thing Dom and this is what I took away from your conversation that I had with you and that I heard you also telling other people even when we were at the event that we’re interested to hear your story and stuff but what I really see as something that stands out is knowledge. Having knowledge about those markets that have sold and it doesn’t mean that you are going to know what it is right now it’s by doing it.

It’s by doing the research, it’s by stumbling on it in your research looking maybe for another product that you were investigating, that you were doing some research on that you said cool they’ve got these superman hero characters and then you noticed that they were selling and then all of a sudden now when you go into that target and you see that they have a 50% off on these super heroes that might get your attention.

[00:31:15] Dom: A 100%, it’s knowing your products but you got to get there somewhere.

[00:31:23] Scott: You have to.

[00:31:23] Dom: You have to, you’re going to win some battles you’re going to lose some battles that’s just part of it. You obviously want to try and win more than you lose and that’s how you become successful at retail arb and thrifting and stuff like but you’re right, I don’t know everything that sells. People come up to me and say, “Do you know that,” I had no idea. We ended up doing a big deal and we got a bunch of keys, key fobs for cars. I was just going to throw them out. One of my guys says, “Dude man, you know they’re 150 bucks.”

[00:31:54] Scott: They are.

[00:31:55] Dom: I’m like, “Well I know that but who’s going to buy a used one.” I go on eBay payers are paying 25 bucks for them, we have like 1200 of them. I just threw them on. Every day we’d sell two or three of them. I was going to throw those out. I didn’t know they sold. Now I look for that all the time. You just put that, there’s a lot of guys who sell rock t-shirts, old vintage music t-shirts 200 bucks, 1000 bucks, 500 bucks. Mugs, apparently mugs sells well. All types of different mugs. Coffee mugs from all the famous coffee companies because…

[00:32:32] Scott: Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

[00:32:34] Dom: Yeah because there are Starbucks coffee cups made just for Canada. It’s pretty well endless and you can niche yourself if you like, ‘nishe’ or niche whatever you like, do that.

[00:32:47] Scott: We can do ‘niche’ today, I like saying ‘niche’.

[00:32:49] Dom: ‘Nishe’ is cool. We can try not to, now we stayed within a broad niche I’m not selling stoves and ovens, stuff like that that I can’t move or generators. If jewelry comes around my way I’ll buy cluster of jewelry we’ll put it all in. As you go you learn your steps and that’s also, that’s the same thing, getting into groups that people are like minded like Private Label, the Retail Arb and then you just basically when you’re out there in the field because it’s like a job. It’s a job really if you want to do it full time.

You got to be in it just like if you’ve got a professional job or your college degree in this, this is basically, you have to have some information that gets you going but you have to learn the process as you go. Have a routine, have a route. That’s the one thing we talked about. Don’t just go to one store and come back. Hit four stores at a time, go to the next four stores, go to the next four stores.

[00:33:50] Scott: It’s about being persistent like anything and it’s about, as you go through that, as you go through your steps you’re going to learn. Through the learning I think that’s where the power come in because you could walk into a store and you and I can go to that same clearance area and you’ll spot things right off the bat that I wouldn’t even have a clue because you’ve done it and because you’ve been doing this for a while.

Me on the other hand I might have an idea because it’s a name brand and I know that those toys are hot but yet you’re going to be like I remember 3 years ago we sold a whole bunch of a certain product. You’re all of a sudden now keyed in on that. You could be in and out of that store a lot quicker than I could.

[00:34:34] Dom: I mean if it’s a price point thing we just grab we don’t even check. If they have you know, McFarlane figures for a dollar we just grab them all. I don’t care who it is. We’ll just grab the whole stack, the whole roll, create hype, what’s going over here and you’ll walk out with 3 baskets full.

Again we were pretty aggressive as a company when we did that. We wouldn’t just stop at, because everyone knows they’re a dollar now because there’s [inaudible 00:34:55] groups all that. That’s another strategy too. People always say, “Well I buy and by the time I get it at home it’s only worth 3 bucks.” There’s two ways to combat that and that’s, one buy more than you competitor is, you try to just get everything in your region so your competitors don’t get it and two, if you have more than everybody you could just outlast them if you have the room or the capital to do so.

My competitor will get a 100 of those figures and we will get 600, 700 and I let them sell it for $2.99, $3.99, for guys to find out, at Christmas time nobody had anything we’d sell them for $9.99.

[00:35:29] Scott: Now how would you do that? If you found a seasonal item would you hold off on shipping that into FBA until you thought it was going to hit?

[00:35:37] Dom: No I think we pretty well… I don’t get too much seasonal stuff but we’ll get a lot of costumes, we do get a lot of Halloween stuff because our price points are so good, I still send them in. If it’s $29.99 retail, we got it for $9.99 or $14.99 on eBay it’s going to sell regardless of what time of the year it is.

[00:35:58] Scott: Okay but that’s eBay but if you had something packaged would you send it into FBA for amazon?

[00:36:04] Dom: Well with the new rules and everything we might consider it. We’re pretty well, again we get a lot of quantity everything so we don’t want it sitting in our own warehouse so we don’t consider that really. We would just send it in as long as we know what the top, I might not send it at all but if it’s all Iron Man costumes or Mickey Mouse then we’d send it in. For just generic witches and stuff like that then I would hold back on it probably.

[00:36:29] Scott: Now let me ask you this, I know people are saying like well man I would love Dom to go in the store with me and tell me what’s good and what’s not. Maybe just give us a handful, you already started rumbling off some stuff like video games, vintage games, shirts, rock shirts, any other thing that come to mind that if people are up and about and if they spotted something to grab a hold of that?

[00:36:52] Dom: Again it’s all going to be based on what you do. Obviously if you’re doing house hunting or thrifting you just grab whatever you can out of your house or yard sales or that type of stuff because the price points are good. When you’re doing true retail arb, our bread and butter was always consumer electronics and media, those were always the two. Now some people built their RA business on books. That’s a huge one for FBA because that’s what kind of started with.

But to ship books from Canada was pretty expensive, they are so heavy so we really not into books so we concentrated. Yeah your Xbox 360s, your Xbox ones, any of those type, play station 4 games, DVDs, multipacks, animate movies that type of stuff, branding clothing, hoodies, t-shirts we did well, Blu-ray DVD to Blu-ray copy machines, VCR to DVD, any consumer type. Microwaves, hand tools, I’m talking brand new now right.

[00:37:59] Scott: Yeah of course.

[00:38:00] Dom: That’s where most of your stuff is. Again we always did well if it was an exclusive product. We had the luxury here if it was only in Canada made we’d send it in there, we’d sell like crazy because you could only get it in Canada. Maybe it was Canadian athlete that’s from here and they were just selling stuff, like Sidney Crosby we’ve done a lot of stuff. As soon as we put it on Amazon it sells like crazy because Sidney Crosby fans from Pitsburg can only get it if they buy it there you can’t get Canada because they don’t live here.

Clothing, jewelries, well the problem with Amazon you got to worry about there’s a lot of brands that you can’t sell on Amazon so you have to be very careful about gated categories, unrestricted categories, those are two different things. Most people if they don’t know that ungated and restricted are two. It could be gated or ungated but you still have a restricted product. There’re some brands you just cannot sell. Monster headsets or DRE Beats stuff like that. Now they also will allow you to sell uesd, but you can’t sell the brand new, some you can’t even sell used as well.

[00:39:06] Scott: That’s on Amazon?

[00:39:06] Dom: That’s on amazon.

[00:39:08] Scott: If you had a set of Beats and you wanted to sell on eBay you could do that?

[00:39:11] Dom: You could do that correct so what it’ll do, we got a bunch of SMS stuff which is 50 cents all brand you can’t resell them on Amazon so we just throw them on eBay. We go through, you know HP, Hewlett Packard or PC stuff sells really well, any Mac, any OEM stuff, any iPhone like if you get your hands on real Samsung tabs or any electronic sells crazy on either one.

But any licensed stuff, NHL, NFL, CFL, not CFL sorry, NFL that type of stuff, MLB, NBA that stuff sells like very well even university NCAA stuff.

[00:39:56] Scott: You’re stalking the popular sports, electronics, and I’m saying sports like license stuff like you said if you find like a Jets or a Denver Broncos hoodie or something like that that’s licensed and that stuff mostly will sell especially even more towards the season I think.

[00:40:18] Dom: That’s right. You can get more niche that stuff to you know right that anything golden state is going to sell, anything LeBron James, anything Cleveland is going to sell because they’re hot. But even like with toys, talk about toys, toys are actually a major market for 4th quarter, major, major. We used to right now we start building up so we’d buy as many toys as we could and we send them in truck load.

A whole 55 foot container or 55 foot truck right to Amazon just full of toys, puzzles you name it. Marker sets, robotic dogs, anything that we could get our hands on. Again because we had the luxury the company used to come to us we didn’t have to go door to door buy all that stuff but even if we did go door to door we just send that in because you want that stuff in before end of September because once November comes good luck getting corny stuff and then your stuff for, at Christmas time actually a lot of people do that, they just do toys. They actually pay almost full retail for the stuff through on Amazon FBA.

[00:41:17] Scott: Wow, that’s crazy.

[00:41:18] Dom: Or as an affiliate, people will make a living off that 4th quarter that’s how powerful toys are on Amazon.

[00:41:23] Scott: That is strange.

[00:41:25] Dom: You could go get just a techno dog or one of those things if you pay $69, I’d throw it on Amazon for $109 because everybody runs out every day. And to make your 30 bucks, they just keep doing that.

[00:41:38] Scott: That’s an interesting strategy actually.

[00:41:40] Dom: Seriously, you could do it. Had a lot of guys that do that because they don’t want to put the money into it, only at Christmas time so right now they just start sourcing toys and that’s all they do on Amazon. Nothing but toys for 4th quarter.

[00:41:52] Scott: That’s interesting.

[00:41:53] Dom: Crazy right?

[00:41:54] Scott: For anyone listening right now like they’re going to be listening to this well depending on where they’re listening to it but when this airs it will still be in the summer so there’s time. You would say if someone was really trying to get into the game and get into it before fourth quarter you’re saying have all your stuff shipped in by end of September?

[00:42:14] Dom: Well I would say end of September because I know, even for sending our private label stuff we sent a bunch of stuff in mid-November, they didn’t get listed till January 12th. I don’t know if we didn’t get lucky or if we sent way too much stuff. When you send a lot of pieces that’s when it takes time because they kind of put it to the side.

[00:42:36] Scott: Might even be smarter then to send it in breaks.

[00:42:38] Dom: Yes you could do that in breaks but you’re also going to pay your fees and that’s what a lot of guys do so they’ll just harvest all summer long.

[00:42:52] Scott: Dom are you there?

[00:42:59] Dom: Maybe that’s the word, maybe the gods are saying “come on that’s enough.”

[00:43:05] Scott: That’s enough Dom you’ve got to get product ready.

[00:43:07] Dom: Don’t give them all my secrets on what’s going on, no man.

[00:43:13] Scott: That’s right it was intercepting the signal there for 4th quarter.

[00:43:17] Dom: We love helping everybody man.

[00:43:19] Scott: No it’s cool. I think that’s, I think [inaudible 00:43:20] look into some toys and like you said, so if someone was.

[00:43:32] Dom: It’s a safe bet right? It’s safe bet that’s why.

[00:43:34] Scott: If someone was going to do that though would you give them any recommendations as far as toys like just in general or is it just…?

[00:43:40] Dom: Anything Lego, anything Marvel, superhero type stuff. Even if the movie is over because that’s when traditionally when you’re make you money whatever like Zootopia it will be done by now, you can try Christmas though, even frozen stuff. Frozen stuff I think you still have to be ungated to sell it I’m not sure 100% because there’s so much copyright infringement going on. They kind of said look it you’re not a major toy we don’t want you to sell it.

You could sell some of that stuff and then there’s always one or two rare toys at Christmas time. I remember in the couple years ago, two years ago something from pet patrol, pop patrol, it was a fire engine or something like that. They only retailed it for $38 but we getting $150 for it. Last year it was, I can’t even remember. It was this unicorn thing that you touch it and it starts moving it’s tail and nose and stuff. Your viewers will know, I can’t remember it. We were buying them for $49-$59 at retail if you could find them or $69 I think they were and then we were getting $200, $250 for them. It was crazy.

I had my teams going on to each target, each Walmart every day and see if there was two on the shelves, three and that was it. For those margins that’s worth it. Every year there’s always two toys but you have to be part of the anticipation. You got to know that on September, October you can’t start looking for them in November.

[00:45:09] Scott: That makes total sense. I love that strategy.

[00:45:15] Dom: This is the only way you can deal with it really though.

[00:45:17] Scott: I was going to say I mean you’re kind of gambling.

[00:45:18] Dom: You can’t do with anything else. You can’t do with I’m going to buy all the summer clothes and wait till the summer or all Christmas stuff and wait till Christmas. You could I guess lights and stuff like that but your return is on your toys for sure.

[00:45:31] Scott: Sure. All right I think we’ve given people at least the ones that are thinking about how am I going to get started here when I don’t have a lot of capital? I really wanted to give people just like some tactics that they can actually take away and do and whether that’s thrifting to make a few extra bucks so that either you can start to do either retail arb or online arb or from there you can start your private label and all that information obviously we’ve covered in depth on the podcast.

I haven’t really had a ton of people come on about retail arb so that’s why I wanted to have you back on or have you on and maybe have you back on again to may be do a follow up. I know I want to have you back on too because you have a very in depth way that you have your packaging and stuff done for your products and you’d be another good guest to have come on for that because you do make all of your private label products retail ready just because that’s what you come from.

[00:46:34] Dom: That’s correct everything is all retail ready, everything. We don’t send anything poly bagged or, that’s just us. Again it doesn’t have to be that way because I know a lot of people and we want to get the product there, that’s the first. But when you’ve done it for a long time the retail ready is a stage that…

[00:46:49] Scott: Even for people that say I don’t want to make it retail ready yet but when they do I think definitely talking to you about that in the future would be a good conversation to have because I know that you know a lot about that and also you’ve got your own system in place and maybe we can piggy back on that and kind of learn from that and I can share that with the TAS audience.

[00:47:14] Dom: I’d love to for sure obviously we could do that.

[00:47:16] Scott: All right man I know you’re a busy guys so let’s…

[00:47:21] Dom: I’m not too busy for the show man. Let’s just get these people out there. Let’s get them doing some RA.

[00:47:26] Scott: I just want people to be able to make the money as quick as possible if they’re sitting on the fence because of the money issue because I hear people all the time with the excuses of I just don’t have the capital. I’m going to wait until I have the capital or I’m going to wait until this or I’m going to wait until that. To me those are just excuses because I did it years ago with the bridges and that was that little funny story that you shared.

I put my kids through a private school for that one year’s tuition by selling cedar bridges that I purchased for 25 or 30 bucks and we ended up selling them for 130 on eBay. There’s a way you just have to go out there and I think…

[00:48:03] Dom: There’s no reason for procrastinating I guess basically. It’s just starts with your house, you don’t even have to leave you house. You can do two things done you’re decluttering, you’re cleaning your place up and you’re getting rid of stuff to get some money to try to better your life later on.

[00:48:17] Scott: Exactly. If you want it you can have it and that’s why want it, I mean yes you’re starting smaller but you got to start and like you said that instant gratification of getting that sale it’s kind of like cool look at that I bought this thing for $20 and I sold it for $30 or $40 and I made some money. You made the sale, it validates that you can do it and then you’re just going to repeat that and then you can just kind of build from there. I mean look at Dom, Dom started with some sports cards back in his dad’s store and then look at him now.

He’s talking about all of these other channels, he’s talking about building out his private label now. Just so people know too Dom, you would sit here and say Dom’s got it all figured out but guess what? Scotty V here has given Dom a little bit of some lessons on some funnel building, right?

[00:49:03] Dom: Like I said the only funnel that I know are the ones that I could eat, those are the only funnels I know.

[00:49:13] Scott: Exactly. When we were at the TAS breakthrough live we talked all about that and I know you and a few others were just like… I know it’s kind of out there but I’m just not really sure what to do because I’m doing all this other stuff but there’s so much more that Dom could be doing outside of these other channels. I know [Bill Shra 00:49:39] when we talked to him about it the same thing.

[00:49:42] Dom: Next level stuff right?

[00:49:43] Scott: I’m excited to work in the future with helping you just maybe scratch the surface and maybe we can have this conversation in another couple of years and see where your business is because of that which I think will be fun. It’s proof that like you said you can look as though you’re very successful but there’s always room to grow.     

[00:50:02] Dom: Always and not so easy like I said to me I don’t understand it right now but you got the team that you have and it’s there especially when you’re sitting on all those dormant emails like we are right from 20 years of selling.

[00:50:15] Scott: When we heard that I was just like say that again, you’ve got how many emails?

[00:50:20] Dom: It’s just an email right, just to thank you for shopping from us email. That’s what we use it for that’s it.

[00:50:25] Scott: It’s crazy. We’re going to have some fun in the future Dom. I’m going to let you go and let the listeners go and go out there and start doing a little retail arb if they’re not already especially if you’re just starting. Again I know that the audience is a mix. We have some people that are just getting started, we have people that are already started.

Even if you’re already started right now selling and you’re private labeling I think just listening to Dom and his story of like the progression of kind of how it can happen it should make you aware that the platform that you’re on today may not always be there tomorrow and you have to be willing to pivot, bottom line. Once you figure out the retail part of it then it’s just pretty much just adapting to that new market place. Is that true Dom?

[00:51:15] Dom: Basically yeah. We have longevity, thank God, knock on wood, the whole nine yards. We’ve pivoted but we’ve never… We’ve lost a few market places but they weren’t the big ones but that was because we didn’t want to deal with them or they didn’t integrate with our software that type of stuff but we have to know when to pivot, when you have outgrown your niche or your product.

Exactly that’s all part of it. Whether you’re doing retail arb or you’re doing thrifting or you’re doing private label or your own ecommerce or brick and mortar, that’s the biggest thing actually for being in business with yourself. You got to see the future and that’s how the big companies do it and the ones that don’t you know where they end up, their stuff comes to me.

[00:52:03] Scott: Exactly. All right Dom I’m going to let you go brother. I want to thank you again this has been awesome and I know you and I will be talking soon and who knows maybe we’ll be talking more on a regular basis where other people can hear us just a little hint there, so just a little tease. We’ll let people know more about that if it ends up happening. If anyone wants to connect with you though?

[00:52:24] Dom: That’s what I was going to say, anyone who wants to get a hold of us we’re at same thing as The Amazing Seller Canada on Facebook. It’s a safe derivative coincides with the regular The Amazing Seller but it’s the Canada branch. There’s a lot of guys in there answering questions about selling from Canada, can you do it? The same private label classroom stuff that you get.

Guys are in there integrating and then we also have our meet up, our TAS meet up. You just go to meetup.com and look for the TAS one, TAS Canada and if you’re in Toronto DTA or Ontario you’re more than welcome to drop by and join our groups.

[00:53:02] Scott: That’d be awesome.

[00:53:04] Dom: That’s it.

[00:53:04] Scott: We’re looking to do another TAS live breakthrough here pretty soon, we’re going to announce it anyway so we’ve got to still finalize those dates. Dom will most likely be there, I’m hoping.

[00:53:14] Dom: I’ll be there, sure, I can’t wait.

[00:53:16] Scott: Then hopefully we can get over there to Canada too and may be do something over there. We got a lot of cool things we can do but again it all comes down to the connections and this connection with Dom and myself all happened because he just started listening to the podcast, he ended up reaching out to me about his Facebook group and kind of like about he’s already helping people over there in the small little meet up and, “Hey, can we have a conversation,” and we did and here we are and we’re good buddies now.

Really, really awesome stuff Dom. I want to thank you once again and anyone that does want to go to the Facebook page that Dom has set up or the group I should say definitely go check that out. We’ll leave the links and everything in the show notes so you guys can directly go over there. Dom once again brother thank you so much.

[00:54:01] Dom: Thanks my man, thanks for doing what you’re doing and helping everybody out and hopefully together we can get it out to more people and get on.

[00:54:09] Scott: Yes absolutely man. I appreciate it. Hey, tell your wife I said hi.

[00:54:13] Dom: I will, thanks Scotty.

[00:54:14] Scott: She’s a sweetheart.

[00:54:16] Dom: She’s the best.

[00:54:17] Dom: Not possible without them, right?

[00:54:18] Scott: Especially putting up with you brother.

[00:54:23] Dom: Scotty I love you.

[00:54:24] Scott: All right see you Dom.

[00:54:25] Dom: Bye.

[00:54:34] Scott: A lot of fun, we had a ton of fun at the TAS Break Through Live. He was actually in one of the hot seats and we really just dove into how he can be doing more with all of the information that he’s already gathered through all the sales that he’s done not just on Amazon but one eBay and other e-commerce platforms and all of that stuff. He’s got a lot of stuff that we can help him with them. We did actually in that hot seat and who knows maybe I will publish that hot seat of Dom in the Denver event. That might be kind of fun.

I’m going to wrap this up, this went a little bit longer, that generally tends to happen when I get chatting with Dom but I did want to remind you if you wanted to download the show notes or the transcripts head over to theamazingseller.com/231, once again that’s theamazingseller.com/231. I also wanted to invite anyone that is brand new that wants to understand the process for launching a product on Amazon start to finish, I’m talking private label. When you do get that money to get started and you wanted to know an exact plan strategy to get started you should attend one of our live workshops and you can find the registration link by heading over to theamazingseller.com/workshop, again that’s theamazingseller.com/workshop.

One little tidbit here, Dom has been known to hang around in the chat over there. I can’t promise he’s going to be there if you register but there’s probably a good chance he’ll be around here and there. He’s always popping in and out and he’s definitely helpful in that chat. I want to thank him again for doing that and everyone always enjoys that. We do also live Q&A on that workshop so again head over to theamazingseller.com/workshop, you can register for an upcoming one.

[00:56:37] Scott: One last thing I would like to say here is I want to challenge you to take what you have right now and get started. Whether that’s cleaning out your garage, your attic like Dom had said or maybe helping out your parents clean out their arttic or their garage and find some stuff you can put on eBay or Amazon right now and start earning your first dollar. 30 day challenge, start today. All right so you guys know what to do now.

All right so that’s it guys, that’s going to wrap it up. Remember, I’m here for you, I believe in you and I’m rooting for you, you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome amazing day and I’ll see you guys right back here on the next episode.


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  • HI Scott,
    Excellent podcast!
    But would you clarify on the “Why you should get started sending in products for Christmas (4th Quarter).”
    I have heard that the sales on amazon in summer is not good. Is it correct? It is peak selling season in Christmas — is it only valid for toys only?

    • Amazon sales are great year round, summer tends to be slower for most categories than Christmas is. You need to get started early to prepare for the craziness that is the 4th quarter…but especially so for hot gift items like toys.

  • Hi Scott,

    I am going to read everything but can you help me with what i need to start with first. I’m ready to make some money as of yesterday. I don’t know what to sell or how to get sales out there. This is all new to me.

    Please help I’m a newbie
    Felicia Taylor

  • Hey Scott,

    Great podcast as usual, really great when you have interesting guests. I am trying to find Dom online (twitter, fb anything) can’t seem to find him or the TAS Canada group. Anyway I can get this information?

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