TAS 246 How to Get More “REAL Reviews” to Help Increase Your Sales

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  • Hi Scott, I am just about to launch my first products. As a result I will need to get some natural reviews before i can run PPC. In this and all the other podcasts related to this, suggests initially to use top 1000 reveiwers and review groups etc. What other things can I do to gain some initial traffic/sales to get some organic reviews? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

    • Hey Adam, you don’t NEED reviews before you run ppc. I would probably turn it on from minute one.

      You can also reach out to groups or blogs in your space and offer the product at a discount to their followers.

  • Hi Scott,

    I apologize, I should have elaborated and I know how strict Amazon is and obviously do not want to break any rules. What I meant was if I sent my private label boxed beauty products to FBA, can I insert little business cards inside my boxed product and asking my customer who has already purchased my item to leave a review and offer them a 15% coupon code for their next purchase on my website? Thank you Scott in advance.

    • Hey Kian, I would be careful offering the discount in exchange for the reivew. Asking them to review it on the card would be fine. If you want to give them a coupon code, you would probably want to do that in exchange for their email address, outside of the Amazon ecosystem.

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