TAS 252 How Jarret Went from Confused to $20k in Sales on Amazon

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  • Hey Scott!
    First off I want to thank you for this whole podcast. I understood the concept of what Amazon was about as a business, and I had even done some small-time selling on eBay when it first came about and I was just a kid in kigh school; but Amazon FBA and Alibaba and all of that just sounded so out of reach to me like a whole different beast. But when I found your podcast, and when I started talking with the people I knew who were making it work first-hand, I HAD to get on board. Thanks you for everything that you do, take action and keep it moving!

    Q: When you are trying to build your offline brand, how are you fulfilling those orders? Does that go through FBA as well? Is that even possible? (I am brand new to this, so this very well could be a rookie question; but I want to build my brand on the best foundation!)

  • Great podcast. Good follow through with Jarrett.
    I was kind of discouraged but now I am ready to go back to the grind again. To take action again.
    Love this episode. Admire your enthusiasm Scott!!!

    • Hey Pierre
      I just read your comments. I wanted to give up so many times. I still get super frustrated and have bad days but keep telling myself that it’s worth it. And it is!! I’m going to come close to 30k in sept. I have literally only been selling since mid June!!! Just focus on what’s really important. Turn the rest off!!
      Good luck and stay focused!!

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