TAS 279 (TAS Power Hour) Reviews Strategies – Lightning Deals – Collecting Emails – External Traffic

Brainstorming Amazon private label and e-commerce strategies is something Scott and his buddies love to do. They have been connecting on Fridays for a while now to do that and thought it would be great to record their conversations and publish them for you to hear. That’s what this episode of The Amazing Seller is – and they’re calling it the TAS Power Hour. And more than simply pontificating about what’s going on they also field questions from people who are watching on Facebook Live and Periscope so you can  hear them address real-life scenarios and questions as well.

Does driving traffic to my Amazon listing help my ranking?

It’s a good idea to drive traffic to your product listings on Amazon. No question about it. But you have to understand that while it’s a great thing to get people to your product, if they don’t actually buy the product you could be hurting yourself. On this episode of The Amazing Seller Scott and the guys chat a bit about how the Amazon Algorithm calculates a product’s popularity from visits to the product page. It turns out the action visitors take from there has a huge impact on whether or not the product is ranked higher or lower. How long do they stay on the page? Do they buy? Do they click away from the page? All of it matters, so be sure you listen to discover the best strategies.

What are the best ways to get my product to page 1 – besides pay per click?

Amazon pay per click is definitely the simplest way to get your products listed at the top of the search rankings, but it costs money. Are there other ways you can rank your products without spending that kind of money? Scott, Chris, and Don say there are only two other ways. The first is to sell products. They don’t say that in a smart alec way but because it’s true. If you could sell products consistently without any PPC or advertising of any kind, Amazon would organically rank you at the top of your category because sales are the main thing the algorithm looks at. But there is another thing you can do to maximize your potential of landing your product on page one, and Scott and the guys tell you what it is on this episode.

Is it OK to include inserts in my product packaging? What should I include on them?

There has been some debate about whether or not it’s OK with Amazon’s terms of service to insert some kind of promotional or call to action card inside your product packaging. Scott, Chris, and Don all feel that it’s totally legitimate to do so. But if you’re going to do it, what should you put on that card? The guys talk about insert cards at length on this episode and address a number of possible things you could include. If you want to know what they think is the absolute best use of insert cards, you need to listen to this Power Hour episode.

What’s the best way to create product giveaways?

One of the strategies that Scott, Don, and Chris recommend for promoting your products is the use of product giveaways. You’re able to gather email addresses of people who are interested in your products and get eyes on your products at the same time. But there are ways of doing it that are not quite as good as others and the guys walk through the reasons behind using a professional giveaway service on this episode. If you’re considering a product giveaway you’ll get a good deal of insight from this episode.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this TAS power hour edition of the podcast!
  • [3:47] Clarifying the new review rules – from conversations with Amazon.
  • [13:46] The best way to get ranking after running out of stock.
  • [15:00] Does outside traffic help ranking within Amazon?
  • [16:18] The only ways to get to page #1 besides pay per click.
  • [19:34] Best practices for product insert cards.
  • [21:02] Emailing your customers? Here’s how you can do it.
  • [23:39] How can you target people outside of Amazon?
  • [31:00] The balance of when to make offers to your email list – and when not to.
  • [38:51] Giveaways and the platforms you can use to set them up.
  • [43:00] What are lightning deals and how do the guys use them?
  • [56:00] Books the guys recommend.


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TAS 279 : (TAS Power Hour) Reviews Strategies – Lightning Deals – Collecting Emails – External Traffic


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what's everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 279 and today I'm going to share with you a recent TAS Power Hour. This is something that we've been doing on Friday afternoons. I can't promise we're going to these every Friday but…

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…right now we are because people are showing up, people are getting value. And to be quite honest with you myself, Chris Shaffer and Dom Sugar we generally talk anyway. So why not get on there and help some people out answering some questions. It's just really good to be able to sit down and talk about these things that are on our minds in a sense.

In this episode we actually talk about review strategies, lightning deals, collecting emails, external traffic and a bunch of other topics in there as well. But those are some of the main ones. If you're interested this is going to be a great episode for you in hearing our thoughts. Even some questions that came in about this. Because as we started talking about it we started getting questions from Periscope, from Facebook Live. We stream these on both platforms and we may even go YouTube live pretty soon. We'll be simultaneously, if I can say that word broadcasting.

But right now lot of fun, people are showing up, people are getting value. People are laughing because Dom Sugar is a comedian. We call him the candy man, he's just funny. He's always either got a new hat on or a bandana. He's just doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Just a great, great guy. If you just want a weekly dose of some laughs, you probably should show up to the show as well. We do these on Friday afternoons, like I said 1:00 P.M. EST. At least right now we're going to keep doing them as long as you guys keep showing up.

And I will occasionally put them here on the podcast for you guys that couldn't show up. Sometimes people just don't connect with Facebook believe it or not people are not all on Facebook. I know it's crazy right? If you want to attend one live though you can head over to our Facebook page theamazingseller.com/fb and that is the Facebook Group or you can just go to theamazingseller.com/hour and that'll take you to the TAS fan page.

[00:02:08] Scott: Either one you'll find us there Friday afternoons or the replay. Periscope, find me @scottvoelker and you'll be able to connect with me there. What do you say let's go ahead and listen to this really great episode with myself, Dom Sugar, Chris Shaffer for TAS Power Hour enjoy.


[00:02:31] Scott: We are live on Periscope now so everyone is coming in. I didn't want to talk over you. Sorry about that Chris but I'm just going to point over here right now to Periscope. So everyone that's on Periscope right now we are going to be starting here soon. I'm going to do a little TAS Power Hour with my good friend Dom Sugar the candy man and Chris Shaffer. We just came up with a nickname called ‘the money-maker’. It's pretty cool I like that nickname. A lot of people saying hey hey hey what's up. Let's see we got someone here from Canada coming in in your neck of the woods there Dom. Actually Dom recently…

[00:03:08] Scott: Dom just recently did a meet up in Canada and some people came from the TAS Live. That's been pretty awesome I think there was, someone just said, “Money maker taken.” Someone just said, “I'm excited they got about ten emojis with sunglasses.” That's cool. Let's get rocking and rolling here. Someone just said, “Dom cracks me up.” That's the goal of having Dom here. Just to make people laugh that's it.

[00:03:37] Chris: They laugh with Dom, they laugh at me

[00:03:40] Dom: I have my money

[00:03:46] Scott: Let's get a little serious here. Let's dive in. First off we can maybe go into just a little bit of some clarifications that we had or maybe what we've been hearing on the streets of the Amazon review crackdown. Let's maybe just dive into that little topic there. I say little topic, it's a pretty big topic. Chris why don't you give me what you've been hearing and then we can discuss that a little bit. And then I do want to move on I know that we've been beating this to death and I just want to move on. I know that things have been clarified a little bit so maybe we would talk about that.

[00:04:23] Chris: I spent a good amount of time this week on the phone with customer service and the customer support people for Google for a variety of reasons and also Amazon. And I had a couple of different conversations with people. I've actually started to see some screenshots for people that were asking as well about what exactly they mean in the new TOS. Where they're saying we can't give away products in exchange for a review. And when they first published that we emphasized the word exchange. You can't do it in exchange for a review.

And Amazon really has come out and clarified that. This week at least on conversations that I've had with them. They're saying promotions are okay. You can do a promotion as long as you don't require that they leave you a review. They specifically told me that this weekend and I've seen a couple of screenshots come out with that as well. That's good news at least in my opinion because you're getting more clarification there. They still haven't come out and said it's going to be 50% or you can't leave a review. But they have said that you are allowed to do giveaways in promotions which was their first clarification. Giveaways are still allowed and then the second clarification now is yes, those people can leave reviews as long as you're not requiring that review in exchange for the discount.

[00:05:38] Scott: I had Greg Mercer back on… It's going to probably air in, I don't know maybe a week and a half or two weeks. Of course we all know Greg had his review group called Review Kick. It's now called JumpSend. You know even when he created that group, I had my thoughts on if he should have named it Review Group or Review Kick because of that reason. We all kind of expected that something was probably going to happen. But it's JumpSend now. He also has an automation tool in the background that delivers emails. So that's where he's doing but…

Now it's becoming any of these platforms, Snagshout, Viral Launch all of these different platforms, they're all starting to go down that road of it's going to be a deal site. Greg actually did talk to an Amazon legal advisor for their department there, their attorneys. He did get some clarification. The clarification was really exactly what you just said that you can't require a review or make people leave a review in order to be part of a group. You can't have that in your stipulation that if you want to be in this group, you can but we're going to give you discounts on products.

In order to be part of this the only thing you need to do for us to still be a member is to leave reviews. That you can't do. The other thing that you can't do is you can't pre-pick who you want to send the products to. Before if you were in Review Kick you could see that well, this person has left 500 reviews and out of those their average was a 3 and a half star. I'm not going to send it to them they're a little bit more critical for me. I'm only going to send it to people that left five and four stars. You can't do that anymore.

It's got to be a random, like I'm just going to send it out to the group and I'm going to get the sale. That can't be done. You also can't track the follow up as far as… You can't track to make sure that they left a review.

[00:07:38] Scott: Someone clicks on the deal and then it follows them through to the end of the sale and it follows up to see if they've left a review. And then for you to be able to follow up with them again and say, “Hey remember you're part of this group you have to leave a review.” Can't do that. You have to think of it like Slickdeals. If anybody is familiar with Slickdeals or FatWallet, those sites are deal sites. And they've been around for awhile and you can sell a lot of products on those sites.

The only problem is it's hard to get your deal up there. Sometimes you can get it up there but it's taken down right away. A lot of times you've to be a member for a while. There's just a lot of rules and regulations there as well. Because there's people they are spamming. As always you have stuff like that you're going to have spammers. I believe that these groups that you're able to give product away to, I believe that they're going to be your deal sites. They're going to be the Slickdeals. And there maybe even a time when you might even see these deal sites connecting into other deal sites.

Now, they're just going to be part of a network of these deals. So that deal gets syndicated to Snagshout, JumpSend, Viral Launch. It may come where your offer's going to be seen by more people by syndicating it across new feeds. Again I think that that could be coming. Can't say for sure but I think that that could be. I've heard that idea and I think it's a great idea because then it gets you into a site like Slickdeals when you'd normally not be able to get in there. I would say I think all the ones that I've ever recommended are all, they are doing what's right. They're trying to conform to these new rules. From what I'm hearing, Amazon, their legal department is okay with that. It's just you can't do an exchange for a review. Dom, go ahead. Give me your tips or advice on this. Where are you at?

[00:09:34] Dom: Well you guys pretty much said most of it. The only thing that Chris was saying earlier is that we still don’t know what the volume will be like for this for a discount. I would still be careful. We talked about this yesterday because we have 4 new products that we need to launch, we were like do we send 100 out, do we do 50? We basically said let’s 10 to 15 for the first couple of days and see what happens.

What I do know is one of the change, they’ve definitely taken down a lot of reviews. They haven’t grandfathered anything because we’ve seen our reviews go from 700 to 400 or 600 or 500, 100 to 30 or whatever. That for sure I can vouch for across all platforms and categories. Even though I’ve kept track of some of my competitors and the same, their feedbacks were really still high and then they got knocked down too from 1500 down to 800 or 900. They are definitely doing that.

[00:10:32] Scott: Cool. I think we’re all on the same page and I think that anyone that’s ever followed myself or anybody that I’ve really kind of recommended or anything it’s always been about doing something to get the initial sales and get it ranking and then the reviews are going to come after that. Like you said Dom like, you said, “If it was a matter of me not being able to use maybe a coupon code to give out products that would have hurt you more than them telling you can’t go and get reviews.” You’re more about ranking than you are about getting reviews, is that correct?

[00:11:06] Dom: Yes, I mean that’s the process that we think. The only with that is that again we’re still finding out that because you can’t get those first reviews and you’re relying on PPC to get your sales and the it’s going to take a lot longer to get those first few reviews. That’s the only drawback to it. Even though you do a PPC, people can buy your stuff they’re not… I guess I don’t know. You consider that a really inorganic sale even though PPC has it… It’s not a cold discount sale but it’s still PPC to get that sale.

[00:11:40] Scott: Now let’s kind of address this real quick and then we’re going to move on. We’ve also talked yesterday, you and I had a pretty lengthy conversation yesterday and we talked about like, it means that when you go to pick those products you are going to be trying to find the products that you aren’t going to be competing on reviews. What do you got going on with Chris? You got a leaf blower by you window?

[00:12:04] Chris: Yes.

[00:12:06] Dom: He’s like right next to my window right now.

[00:12:08] Scott: He’s just like he’s cleaning out the window seal, the leaf blower.

[00:12:11] Chris: I’m like dude you already mowed my grass once this weekend I don’t know why you’re back.

[00:12:14] Dom: Wave to him right now.

[00:12:16] Chris: Wave to him.

[00:12:18] Dom: He can’t.

[00:12:21] Chris: We also just got kicked off Facebook so I’m going to restart.

[00:12:24] Scott: Come on, why is that happening?

[00:12:28] Chris: But periscope’s still here.

[00:12:29] Scott: Periscope’s still here, why is Facebook doing that?

[00:12:32] Chris: Facebook just doesn’t like us, I think this is the problem.

[00:12:37] Chris: They were worried that we’re going to broadcast all of the noise.

[00:12:41] Scott: Are you going to go and get us back live on Facebook?

[00:12:44] Chris: Yep, I’m going to restart that and give it about 30 seconds.

[00:12:45] Scott: We’re going to do that but while we’re doing that, you guys are here we’ve got kisses and we’ve got hearts. Thank you for that. Dom you just got a kiss on the cheek.

[00:12:56] Dom: Nice, thanks. That is good.

[00:12:59] Scott: On the head.

[00:13:02] Chris: Dom is a good kisser.

[00:13:04] Scott: Before we… Just let us know when we’re back up Chris. Periscope’s still here so you guys are awesome. You guys are stable. Facebook not so stable [crosstalk 00:13:15]. What’s that Dom?

[00:13:18] Dom: Periscope questions at all while we’re waiting?

[00:13:21] Scott: We got any questions on periscope right now we can answer before we go back on Facebook? If you’ve got any questions throw them in there right now we’ll go ahead and answer them for you. I’ll give it a second here. No questions, no questions? Come on, questions we’re waiting. Dom do this, “Next question!” Remember? Remember Mr. Brain and Jay Leno? Hold on, is there a minimum star rating needed to be shown on pay-per-click?

[00:13:51] Dom: Zero, no, nothing.

[00:13:54] Chris: It sounds like your product is probably fulfilled by a manufacturer.

[00:13:58] Scott: Yes. Best way to rank to again after running out of stock.

[00:14:05] Dom: Well the traditional way was to give some stuff away, through some giveaways.

[00:14:07] Scott: Or start your pay-per-click back up again too.

[00:14:11] Dom: Yes, do PPC, do a little higher PPC than your normal too so you can get some ranking.

[00:14:17] Scott: I would say that… Someone asked what your favorite beer is. Mine is Bluemoon and Corona in the summer. Dom you don’t have a beer, you don’t drink?

[00:14:27] Dom: I don’t drink?

[00:14:28] Scott: No. Chris?

[00:14:29] Chris: I don’t either but when I do… I don’t always have beer, but when I do I got to give a shout out to Yuengling.

[00:14:36] Scott: Yes, Yuengling is good. I like Yuengling.

[00:14:37] Chris: Standard logger.

[00:14:38] Scott: I have to be honest, I only have a beer when I’m usually with like company, I don’t ever like sit home and drink beer with my family. I’m not like honey go get the six pack of Meister Brau out of the fridge. Schlitz, jealousy.

[00:14:58] Dom: Old Milwaukee.

[00:15:01] Scott: Does outside traffic affect ranking? Dom, does outside traffic affect ranking? I think what they mean is… Well let’s answer this two different ways. Does it help you rank inside of Amazon if you get sales from outside like if you got something from Google? Let’s say Google you sending you traffic.

[00:15:18] Dom: Yes. Of course you’re going to move the BSR up, you’re going to move your keyword ranking up but you selling inside of Amazon is not going to move you up in Google that I know of anyway.

[00:15:26] Scott: No, they’re saying like if you drove outside traffic to the listing, the only thing that I would caution anyone with that strategy is that if that traffic goes over there and it’s not targeted and it just goes there and it doesn’t convert that can hurt your conversions and then that can have an effect, a negative effect.

[00:15:42] Chris: And you can’t track it.

[00:15:45] Scott: Right. That’s why we’ve been talking about trying to have that little bit of a gateway of where you collect the email address before you give them a code or something to enter into Amazon so this way here you can qualify the traffic more. Hopefully that makes sense. I’m buck online?

[00:16:04] Dom: It looks like we we’re… No. I’m okay, maybe it’s just my side. Are we back up on Facebook?

[00:16:12] Chris: It should be starting here in a couple of seconds.

[00:16:13] Scott: All right, Facebook takes a lot. Anymore questions periscope? Any tips to get to page one besides pay-per-click?

[00:16:21] Chris: Sales.

[00:16:23] Dom: I think that’s what he means he knows that or they know that.

[00:16:30] Scott: Well, I’m going to throw something in there. Making sure that your listing is fully optimized. That’s critical, right?

[00:16:38] Dom: That’s like showing up for work at 9:00 o’clock that should already be done. That's part of your job, that’s part of you making sure your listing but I mean there’s lots of ways you can do it. Again, we used to do it with the giveaways and all that stuff but it’s a little harder now because of that. Again, you have to kind of play with it, you have to hope that you’re not in a saturated market. It’s going to be a lot harder for you. But if you do some PPC it will start moving your ranking and even if you give some giveaways without some reviews it will start moving your keywords up and you ranking up and then you’ll start getting some organic sales. Hopefully you can give them to second page, some people click through the second page and see your product. But through PPC for sure.

[00:17:23] Scott: I agree. I’ve got a question here from Periscope. This person was just locked out of 4th quarter. That must be a new seller. They’re asking, should they wait to set up their seller’s account before they get their inventory so they can ship it in or should they do it now?

[00:17:42] Dom: If it was me I would just continue like you were yesterday that you didn’t know about it. Just keep going through it, the only thing that’s changed unfortunately you can’t ship your inventory but you need to be ready for December 20th. Get your listing done, your copy, your pictures, your product and stock. I don’t know where they are in their stage, are the products all ready to come? Then you have to find either the fulfillment place or a freight forwarder that you can hold it up or just this company they can hold your stuff, bring it your basement, your uncle’s garage and then send it in after. You have to figure out those logistics first. It’s already on its way.

[00:18:15] Scott: Charles just said you can do FBM and I agree fulfilled by the merchant guys. I think there’s no reason… Right now you should be getting everything done as if you’re going to ship in and then you can still be fulfilling by merchant right now. You can still be working on that stuff. You’ve got stuff to do, get it ready, get it live. You don’t want to be fumbling around after December 20th and who knows, Amazon can make another announcement that we can say, “Guess what guys, we’re going to make that a week earlier. Send your stuff in.” Who knows?

[00:18:42] Dom: Another option is… I’m not sure 100% because we never really did it but some of the guys that I coach I work with they’ve tried it but I’ve never really followed up with them. I’m not sure if you can put your stuff on calendar and say that it’ll be in on December 25th and start getting some pre-sales on it?

[00:18:58] Scott: That’s a good idea.

[00:18:59] Dom: Do you know what I’m saying? It will show no inventory currently but you can still drive people to it even on Facebook ads and all that like to get your long sequence going. Then as soon as your product’s ready, you got lots of sales the first couple of days.

[00:19:14] Scott: These questions are keep flying in I want to make sure that I can hit them. Someone’s asking about a rate card. Should they put a rate card inside of their packaging? I think what they mean is like a scorecard of like how their customer service was. I think that’s what I mean or think that’s what they mean. I’m not sure I would do that. I don’t think it’s going to be as effective. I think if anything you want to just try to get them on the email list if you can through the VIP or warranty or extra videos or extra content, extra resources. That’s going to be your best bet than to try to get those people through a rating card or a feedback card or something like that.

[00:19:57] Dom: That’s usually for the service industry always. I understand what they’re trying to do but the conversion rate to get people directly from your insert card to sign off is low as it is. They’re not going to fill a rate card and send it back to you or go to your website and fill out a rating. It’s going to help you I guess to hold your product that’s why your reviews inside of Amazon when it’s starts off, people will tell you if your product’s good or not. Really you’re kind of defeating the purpose because you’re going to leave the review anyways if they want to.

[00:20:27] Chris: Maybe what they’re asking about is, “Hey, can you go and leave a certain review on Amazon?” I don’t know that that’s a problem because that’s going to everybody but I would say you’re better off probably using that goodwill to try to get an email address in exchange for something. If somebody’s going to take an action based on that card you want to be able to capture something out of it. You can hit him them up for a review via the follow up.

[00:20:50] Dom: Right. That’s right.

[00:20:52] Scott: Hey Chris are we live on Facebook again?

[00:20:54] Chris: No. The API apparently has broken. I’m going to keep working on that. Let’s just turn this into a Periscope for now.

[00:21:01] Scott: I guess so. Okay, here’s a couple of questions that just came in. Can we email our customers? The answer is yes, you can email your customers but you can’t email your customers through Amazon and basically capture their email address through the listings. You can’t solicit through there. Now, if you can collect that email address outside of Amazon meaning when the package arrives and you have something for them to enter their email address for then I’m okay with that.

Now, the other question that came in was, how many emails do I need on my list in order to be effective? That’s really going to depend how you acquired them but I think that if you have a list of 500 people to start with I think is a good number and I think that would get the ball rolling to where you can then do a flash sale. You can say, “Listen this Friday here it is, it’s Wednesday, Friday we’re going to do a flash sale. We’re going to discount our products by 5 bucks or you’re going to get 25% off,” whatever but only for Friday and it’s going to be between 12:00 and 6:00 or something.

You get them prepped, you get them aware of what’s going to happen. On Friday morning you send out that email and then you just lower your price. No coupon even needed you can do that or you can say, hey email us if you want a coupon. They’re going to email you you’re going to have to email you, you’re going to have to email a coupon back. A little more work but you can still do that. 500 people on an email list that are targeted to me could be very effective and I think you can scale that much larger than that.

Someone asked also about a Facebook fan page, should they have one when creating their brand? I think everyone should have at least a fan page created even if you’re not using it right now. Again, we want those social channels to be kind of aligned with our brand. If you have a website or even if you don’t have a website yet but you bought a domain name I think you should add that domain name and then from there you want to have everything else aligned with that brand. You want like a Facebook page of course. You want probably even do an Instagram account even if you’re not going to use it right now.

Just start registering for these different accounts and then you have them. But a Facebook fan page I think would be number one. I think it’s the easiest to get going and then from there I think you can start doing the email build. A lot of hearts flying in out here on Periscope. Chris, do we need to just stop there completely and start over again? Is that it?

[00:23:22] Chris: That’s what I’m doing right now.

[00:23:23] Scott: Okay. How can you figure who your ideal customer for targeting outside Amazon? How do I target? That’s a great question and I’m going to address that. I think that’s a great, great question. How do you target…? This is the question guys, how do I target people that could possibly be interested in my products?

Let’s use the fishing example. If we’re going after people that are into fishing we can go to Facebook and we can go up in the search bar and type in fishing group or bass fishing or deep sea fishing. You’re going to see groups populate. As those groups populate those are the ones that we’re going to pay attention to. You can go to Instagram type in fly fishing, deep sea fishing, whatever. You’re going to see pages of Instagram that are there. Those are our ideal clients. They’ve already been kind of cultivated forth, they’ve already been brought to the surface in a group. Now all we got to do is just go and figure out how to add value from them or to them or target them. In Facebook ads you can target them very, very easily.

That’s how I would do it. I would do that immediately. Instagram and Pinterest, Pinterest is another one. When you capture an email how do you automated single use coupons delivery? It’s a great question. Right now there’s a couple of services I think that offer something but I’ve heard a couple of glitches. We’re actually working on something right now that we could use alongside of another software that will allow us to upload a bunch of coupons and then disperse them. But right now it would have to be one at a time that why the flash sale would work pretty good. Can we use coupon codes for past customers? You can if you had them on email list. That would be easy to do, right Dom?

[00:25:12] Dom: Yes, you could do it that way. Internally you can let’s say “there’s 20% off to use this code” but I’m not aware of anyone with that.

[00:25:21] Chris: You do not want to do that through Amazon but you can do that through your own email list.

[00:25:26] Scott: Well I think that was the question. What if I wanted to go back and just have a VA go through all of my past sales and just start randomly just start emailing people on that product that they bought and say, “Hey just to let you know we got a special we’re running and here’s a coupon code” and we did it directly through Amazon. That wouldn’t be good, correct?

[00:25:26] Chris: You are not supposed to use the Amazon emails for that but if you have your own email list it’s not a problem because you can send them anything you want.

[00:25:52] Scott: Exactly.

[00:25:54] Dom: But I think they were saying that they don’t have a list they just want to email people who’ve already bought from them here’s a thanks for follow up but again that’s why email capture is so important because you can’t do that without… Unless somebody out there knows how to figure out the EWS encryption let us know.

[00:25:54] Chris: But even if you could you wouldn’t have permission to email them.

[00:26:16] Dom: Yes, that’s true.

[00:26:17] Scott: I think you just hit your volume knob there, I think you just hit the volume knob you just pumped it. Chris is on the hot. There you go, turn it up again. Are we live on Facebook again?

[00:26:27] Chris: Yes. What’s going on Facebook?

[00:26:29] Scott: Facebook welcome back, you missed a bunch. We were talking all about different things… Oh my gosh, we’re not going to be able to give it to you guys.

[00:26:37] Dom: We got the gardener we heard from, the piano got…

[00:26:42] Chris: His name is Escobar by the way.

[00:26:43] Dom: The piano guy called Scott to apologize for selling him that bad piano.

[00:26:48] Scott: Hey, if you guys are tuning in from Facebook Live right now, type in the chat right now that you’re here and that you’re alive and well because we just lost you for a little while there. I’m not sure what happened there.

[00:26:59] Dom: Bill’s up there, let us know if you’re alive Bill.

[00:27:03] Scott: Bill are you alive out there buddy?

[00:27:06] Dom: Florida.

[00:27:09] Scott: Facebook Live what we’re just doing there is we’re talking about some email capture, we were talking about how to go out there and find the people that are in your market. I think that’s going to be more important as we move forward. We’ve talked about is it still good to create a Facebook fan page, if you’re just start the answer to that was yes. I would definitely do that. If you’re going to… Even if you’re not going to use it create it in your brand or an Instagram or a Pinterest. It doesn’t cost anything to set those things up.

[00:27:40] Chris: I would say specifically for the Facebook page you want to have that because at some point you’re going to want to run Facebook ads. You’re not necessarily going to drive that traffic directly to Amazon. In fact, please for the love of God don’t do that since you have no way of tracking whether those people buy or not. But you want to have that page so that you have your logo and those kinds of things in place so that when you want to turn on ads you can just turn them on. You don’t have that hurdle at that point.

[00:28:07] Scott: It was funny our good buddy Danny Brewer, who maybe still on, but our good friend Danny Brewer posted on actually on our class the other day talking about Facebook fan pages and targeting an audience and it’s great. But if you don’t have stuff to send them on a regular basis then it’s going to become cold, we call that a cold list. I get it and then I responded to Danny which we’re going to talk it live here in a couple of weeks anyway. I’ll reel in Danny. Danny knows where I’m going to go with this.

But basically you don’t have to just have your products when you have a list. The beautiful thing about that is you can borrow other people’s content and they’re going to want you to borrow their content because guess what, you’re giving them credit for their content on your page. If you have an email list and you’re like, I only got my stuff to let them know about, no. You find a good YouTube video about how to catch a catfish, I’m going to email that to my list and go, hey guys happy Friday. Just wanted to send you this cool new video I just found on YouTube. It’s really awesome, this guy’s got a great technique on how to catch a catfish. Take care, have a great weekend. Bang! Done.

You’re adding value without even having to do anything. You’re just facing… This is what I said, you’re a reporter. You’re a reporter that goes out there and finds the good stuff and brings it to these people. They’re going to love it there, they’re going to stay engaged because it’s good stuff. You’re creating good will and then you’re going to sprinkle in a pitch for your stuff.

[00:29:28] Chris: Or for other people’s stuff.

[00:29:30] Scott: Or for other people’s stuff. Here’s the other thing, this is a great idea. Maybe you have other products that you might want to start selling, you’re going to maybe use an affiliate link in your associate’s account for that product and you can start making money immediately on that product on even a competitor’s product that you’re going to sell and you’re going to validate that and it’ll actually sell before you private label the product. There’s another opportunity there for you. You’re only going to make 6% to 8% but it’s something and now you’ve validated if that product will sell to your list. But some people will be like, “But I don’t want to sell my competitor’s product.” You’re validating right now my friend, that’s all you’re doing.

[00:30:06] Chris: You’re making money from it.

[00:30:08] Scott: You’re making money from it.

[00:30:09] Chris: You’re still adding value and I think that’s one of the biggest things that people get wrong about email marketing is they… One of two things. “oh I have to write these big long emails.” or “I don’t have enough products to send them an email every week or twice a month.” One it’s not going to be just sales emails. You should never be sending just sales emails to the these people. You want to add value and you want to build an actual relationship. If you had a friend that was into fishing you wouldn’t send him just fishing vests and fishing poles and all of those things.

You would send him fishing videos and an article that you saw on how to tie a different kind of fly. You’re sending it just to multiple people that’s really the only difference and when you see a cool product you send it to them. It’s no different.

[00:31:00] Scott: It's no different. See that book, Garry Vaynerchuk, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and it’s basically all about sending people valuable content, that’s the Jabs and then the right hook is an Ask. It’s just, give value, value, value, ask. Value, value, value, ask and that’s what we’re talking about. That’s on my bookshelf, I’ve read it, I like it, I like the guy, some of the stuff he’s a little aggressive on but he understands marketing and really people and that’s what it is.

It’s like how to tell your story in a noisy social world, it’s really about giving value and then you can sprinkle in your context and people are okay with that. If you keep hammering them every day about an offer you’re going to lose them and that’s where you get an audience who doesn’t pay attention to you anymore, that’s the noisiness. I definitely recommend something like that, if you guys haven’t read that I would definitely pick up that and check that out. We’re back on Facebook Live, is there any questions about Facebook Live that we can dive into? We’ve answered a bunch, we got more coming in though.

[00:31:00] Dom: Scott and Chris, I was first going to ask for people out there, do you suggest… From the Facebook page, when we first started our Facebook page we just did a generic Facebook page like… You know the old saying from RDM was who loves Yoga or I love the Yoga way. Is it best to do that type of page that’s open or do your brand specific Facebook page or have both? Maybe some people out there would want to know that.

[00:32:31] Scott: Here’s where I would go with that and that’s what Danny was saying. His problem was like well okay now we’ve kind of got people that are kind of scattered, they have different interest. It’s okay if you have that but then you’re going to have to segment that out because I don’t want to send… That’s what Danny was saying like if you have 1,000 people on an email list but only 25 people are interested in what you have then you only have a list that’s interested if there’s only 25 people and that makes sense.

I want all of the stuff that we’re going to put out there that’s going to attract them, we call them lead magnets, we call them just special offers. Those are to attract the right people into that Facebook fan page or your email list. When that’s happening now we know that that person is targeting so perfect example. A great way to build a list in your market is to do a contest and even if you don’t have the product… Let’s say that you just go and you find 3 products that you know your audience would like in your space you do a contest.

You run it for a couple of weeks, you build an email list that people enter, you spent 150 bucks on those products to give those people when they win but now you’ve built a list of people that you know are interested in that topic. It’s like the fishing thing. If we went out and spent $150 in fishing gear and we did this massive contest and you could share it with friends and this that and the other thing, all of a sudden you get all this buzz around this thing and we’ve got this list now of people that we know enter because they want the fishing gear because they’re into fishing. If they’re not into fishing they got it for someone else that’s into fishing.

They at least have that in their mind. It’s going to be easier that if you have like today’s deal is fishing gear, tomorrow’s deal is dusting stuff for a home goods or whatever, I don’t know.

[00:34:17] Chris: Dom to kind of answer your question I think you have both. I think the primary pages that you’ve built and you interact with is the ‘I love garlic press’, ‘I love cooking’ because those people will also be interested in garlic presses but it let’s you talk to them about a bigger variety of things. From that as you start to bring out the lead magnets… If I do 87 ways to use pressed garlic well people who don’t like garlic, vampires, are not going to get on that list because they don’t care about how to press garlic. I can segment those people on the back end. Does that make sense?

[00:34:59] Com: For us we have a generic Facebook page but we never… I mean an actual brand Facebook page. Do you know what I’m saying? Whenever when Mr. Fly’s fishing tackle stuff and then it’s always been I love fishing or world of travel or something that we’ve never actually… Even though we’ve got different brands we never did that. Again, we ran away to be honest with them the Facebook model because of the changes with the review groups coming in and all that that we just send out our emails versus them. Also having a lot of our own emails from some of the past product so was never really a concern for us to do Facebook type of stuff but obviously now it’s kind of coming back in. It’s going to be the new trend again so that’s why…

[00:35:41] Chris: I think as you grow and as your brand becomes a known brand that’s when having your brand page becomes more…

[00:35:49] Dom: That’s what I figured.

[00:35:51] Chris: Aaron on Facebook Live just said it’s easier to create content for a large audience. If I have a ‘I love fishing’ page on Facebook I can talk about reels, rods, tackles, flies, vests, hats, different types of fish, weather.

[00:36:06] Dom: Where to go, what to travel, the best fishing places.

[00:36:08] Chris: All of those kinds of things, best fishing boats, fish finders, fish GPS, fishing tours, all those kinds of things I can talk about and then I can let the audience kind of segment themselves. The power of having a brand page comes when you’re actually a known brand. When somebody has bought your product or somebody’s maybe on that email list already and you’ve associated them with the brand then coming at them as the brand is a little less weird, if that makes sense.

But you’re going to get a much higher uptake in the beginning of people who are interested if you keep it more generic because it seems more genuine and it is more genuine. You’re not only trying to sell them stuff. People are less likely to like Billy Bob’s fly fishing Facebook page that they’re to like ‘I love fly fishing’ because I love fly fishing is more genuine. It’s not trying to sell… Billy Bob is trying to sell them fly fishing gear.

[00:37:04] Dom: That’s right, that’s what I figured.

[00:37:04] Chris: I love fly fishing also is trying to sell them fly fishing gear but you come at it from a more genuine angle.

[00:37:10] Scott: I’m going to give you guys another example here of how this can also work and this is a real example. My father a while ago had a blog that he was doing as like humor. It basically was videos that were doing really well on YouTube and then they would get shared and he had them up on his blog and all that stuff. He enjoyed doing it because he liked the videos, he thought they were funny too and then you’d surround them with some ads. Okay cool, sounds like a good idea.

We he was… The traffic because some of those videos were starting to go viral on his blog, the traffic that he had was crazy. Adsense money was okay but you couldn’t really know what that audience was going to buy because you might laugh at something but you got totally different interest than this person and that person but you guys all think that was funny. The guy just tripped and fell or something in his front yard when he was trying to scare his kid. That’s funny, but I don’t know if you’re into fishing. That guy might be into fishing the other guy might be into [inaudible]  don’t know.

But it’s one thing to do that to get the traffic and that’s okay but if you can get that targeted traffic it’s going to be that much more precise and easier when you go to do this now. If you do have more that’s random like that, one thing you could do is just run a quick little survey and say pick five things here that you’re most interested in right now and then boom!

[00:38:32] Chris: Polls work very well.

[00:38:33] Scott: Polls yes, do a poll, any of that stuff and we talked about that. Again I don’t want to make this into a complete how to build your email list because that’s not what we’re set out to do but it’s kind of where we’re end up. People on Periscope are asking a lot about it. Actually there’s a couple of more here. Someone said, how do you run the contest? Chris, there’s a bunch of different ways you can do it right?

[00:38:54] Chris: Yes. There’s the easy ways like you can just do an email opt in but there’s also a bunch of platforms out there and honestly just to keep you on the right side of legal stuff I would probably recommend using a platform. Short Stack, King Sumo… What was the other one you said the other day? 22 Social HAYO? There’s a huge number of them out there you don’t have…

[00:39:16] Scott: You don’t even need a website. They actually allow them to host their own stuff so all you’ve got to do is just set it up and then just send people to that link. I would get a little fancy… I’ll give you guys a little tip. What if I would do is if you were going to use that on someone else’s platform… Look at me pointing with the pen right now like I’m really smart, you got yours too. What you would do is just go to Go Daddy, buy a domain name, maybe it’s like flyfishingcontest.com and then I would forward that to that URL that’s on HAYO or Short Stack or anything like that.

[00:39:50] Chris: You can just share flyfishingcontest.com and it’ll point them to the right place.

[00:39:53] Scott: Exactly. What’s that going to cost you? Like 10 bucks for a domain name for the year.

[00:39:58] Chris: I think your first one if you’ve not bought one I think they still run like $1.95 if you go to Go Daddy.

[00:40:04] Scott: It’s something really cheap. Another question was what if my product doesn’t have a specific audience?

[00:40:13] Chris: Your product has a specific audience.

[00:40:19] Scott: That’s what I was going to say too. It’s like if you’re selling bolts for a snow blower, you’ve got a market there. I’m not sure what kind of content you’re going to do for that person but the person that’s snowblowing their drive way or that’s maybe into this certain type of equipment is probably also had other interests. That’s something I think the only thing I’m really heard a lot about from that content commerce was how they took a brand and then they would spin off another brand from the interest from the first brand. There’s always things that that customer is into that everyone else is probably into.

[00:40:51] Chris: I’m laughing because Joe and I, my business partner for those of you guys that don’t know did a speech on how to find your audience for a good bunch of entrepreneurs in Nevada probably three years ago. Somebody asked this exact question. I said, “Okay,” I’m sure he’s cringing because he almost lost it in front of a group of people laughing his butt off. Think about tampons. It’s a weird example but every woman needs tampons. Every woman would buy any kind of tampons. Ask your wife, your girlfriend, your sister, your mom whoever is least weird to ask “what’s your brand?” There’s different brands and there’s different kinds and there’s different styles. Every woman needs a tampon.

Well, no because if you’re in menopause you don’t need it. You’re not going to market to people who are 55, you’re not also going to market to people under twelve. You have women between 12 and 55. Now, are they on the go, are they this, are they that? All of those kinds of things.

Another example cars. Everybody needs a car. Well, no if you don’t have a driver’s license you don’t need a car and you’re not going to market a minivan to an upward young 20’s professional that isn’t married. There are niches within niches if that makes sense. I don’t know if either of those two examples help you at all but those are just the first two things that pump in my mind randomly when I hear that.

[00:42:15] Scott: Someone on Periscope and I believe it was a woman said, “Wow, glad we’re talking about cars now.” Chris that was out of left field there. That was a different approach. Wasn’t ready for that. That’s good. Good approach there. I think we can all relate to that. It is what it is. Okay. Let’s move on. Let’s see. Questions on Facebook Live, keep them coming. We still got time for a few more. We got more on Periscope. What are the topics did we want to touch on here? Chris I know you had a few there that you wanted to talk about.

[00:42:50] Chris: Honestly I can’t see a list because I have the broadcast up here. Let’s see.

[00:42:55] Scott: Dom, is there anything you want to chat about? I know that you got some things going on.

[00:42:58] Dom: No. I’m all right here, I’m listening to you guys. I got the front seat here.

[00:43:05] Chris: Lightning deals

[00:43:05] Scott: Lightning deals! Yes.

[00:43:08] Chris: Then a site outage this morning.

[00:43:09] Scott: Okay, so lightning deals, let’s talk about them real quick. Dom are finding that when you get accepted to a lightning deal or that you get one offered to you, are you always having to pay for it now?

[00:43:21] Dom: I haven’t yet. I have not yet. I think I gave you the dates when that’s going to start.

[00:43:28] Chris: November 19th or November 20th.

[00:43:31] Scott: Let me ask you this. I have like five come up available, and out of those five one of them had a $300 fee attached to it. I think the reason may be why it’s because maybe I wasn’t available to use that lightning deal until probably after that day.

[00:43:48] Dom: I’ve got about six or seven there right now. I haven’t even touched them yet.

[00:43:52] Scott: Here’s the other thing now and I want you to know and I want anyone else listening to know. If you have a lightning deal and pops up and it says, “We’ve got an offer here for you if you want to use it.” If you don’t use that, and something changes with your numbers however it works, that lightning deal will go away.

[00:44:10] Dom: Yeah, for sure.

[00:44:12] Scott: I was actually just talking to a woman yesterday who I told you guys about in the blog that I’m working with. She has two lightning deals available. One of them she just doesn’t have enough inventory but she’s still got to accept it but she’s got to get more inventory not long. The other SKU she has enough. She said, “I think I’m going to wait.” I said, “No, we got to move on that.” At least lock up, you can always cancel it but lock it up.

[00:44:34] Dom: Yah it’ll disappear.

[00:44:34] Scott: It will disappear if you don’t and if it disappears you’re not going to be able to say, oh wait a minute… I would just click it and say you want to do it.

[00:44:43] Dom: It’s insane that like when I did that one we were talking about a couple of weeks ago. I did one of the lightning deals and I changed my price so they couldn’t do the lightning deals because that affected everything. Anyway four days later they offer me the same lightning deal again. I don’t know the relevance of it too, out of that one I can actually can do it Black Friday, they offered it Black Friday, so I don’t know.

[00:45:06] Chris: So yes.

[00:45:06] Dom: No, no for sure, yeah. There have been so many things that have been happening with all my stuff coming in and other stuff we’re working through with you guys and…

[00:45:16] Scott: The lighting deal, the fee it seems like it’s going to be a flat fee, it’s going to be like 300 bucks. If you sell an item for 15 bucks and you want to run one of these, think about that. If you do 300, if you’re going to give them away or use them in lightning deals, it will cost you a buck a piece. Now, that wouldn’t be so bad but if you’re only going to do a hundred, now it’s 3 bucks a piece. Again, here is the deal. Going back to the review groups and all that stuff. When you’re doing a review group, you’re basically it was costing you money.

You weren’t even covering costs. You were just giving it away for a buck or two and now all of a sudden you’re just paying the FBA fees, the pick and pack, all that stuff and it was costing you. I want people to understand that even though you only want to do a hundred and you’re saying, “Oh, wow. That’s a lot of money though.” You still better off that if you were to do a giveaway. Someone just asked, “What’s the advantage of doing a lightning deal?” Dom, what’s the advantage to do a lightning deal?

[00:46:16] Dom: What you just brought up is definitely a big advantage even at $3 a piece, again you’ll have to see where you’re with your product. If you’re at the beginning you’re not going to offer it anyways, but if you got lots of sales then you want to improve on your ranking, it’s a good way to do it because you’re right. By the time you pay your product, if you have to pay back then per review or per blast or if even you have to pay for that by the time FBA fees came around it would be way over $3 because Amazon is going to take 3 bucks automatically anyway before for that plus, plus so now you’re going to be selling above your purchase cost because you’re never going to be able to go that low.

I think it’s great… Before if you got invited to a lightning deal last year before they’ve actually implemented this campaign thingy in the background, you were really special. You were selling lots of product and that’s what they were inviting. You had to go through lots… I think it’s still like that but I think they’ve lessened it a little bit to allow more people into it. You don’t have to be selling 100 a day anymore, 50 a day. As long as you show 3/4/500 sales a month they are going come back and say, “Hey do you want to…” Waiting to get this… It’s more of a customer thing. They want to get the customer deals because there’s lots of these deal sites.

They are basically doing the same thing. In a way you should be honored that your product, that’s the way I look at it if they ask you. There’s a billion products on Amazon now so if they come up and ask you to put yours on then it’s pretty cool.

[00:47:38] Scott: Any tips for someone to get a lightning deal? Someone just asked that.

[00:47:44] Dom: You just got to sell through lots of stuff. Keep your eye on your competitor for that day you can go back if you have any software to show that the sales were for that day before your competitors, that’s a good thing, that’ll tell you how many sold that day. I keep an eye on my competitor if I say lightning deals I’ll go back and I’ll see how many, they’ll say like 300 available, you can see the percentage going up for that four hours. That kind of thing. Of course you can’t just sit there and watch it go up but gives you an idea what they are selling through. To get a lighting deal you got to start volume right away. You just have to have lots of volume at the beginning. Not as much as you used to.

[00:48:21] Scott: Chris is raising his hand. Go ahead Chris.

[00:48:23] Chris: Make sure you can make money when you run it. You’d be surprised how easy it is to go in there. Look at it and go, “Yeah, I can sell 300 of these. Yeah, let’s do it.” Then, “Oh with a $300 fee and they want me to knock $2 off of it and I only have 100 to offer.” If you’re only making $5 on your product when you sell at your regular price are you still going to make money? Just make sure that you’re going to make money on it. Do a little bit of math but generally speaking, even with a $300 fee, if you sell through that quantity, it shouldn’t be a problem. I also think that Amazon is trying to make sure people are selling through the quantities that they offer in those lightning deals.

I think on products where you kind of hit that cap, so have a hundred for the lightning deal and you sell through a hundred. I think they are more likely to offer you a lightning deal on that again and in the future because they know that it was popular versus if you offer $300 and you sell 100. Well, you only sold a third of what you offered so wasn’t as popular, didn’t sell out. Does that make sense?

[00:49:25] Dom: Yeah, yeah I know. For us we actually have some products in there that we’re actually… I mean you want to make money, we’re actually targeting to lose money. We’re putting our price down low enough that we want to go through 3/400 units just so we can move our keyword rankings and our BSR for that, kind of use it like a club.

[00:49:44] Scott: That’s where I was going to say. Chris, I don’t 100% agree with Chris and we don’t do this often but I’m not going to 100% agree and we can do that.

[00:49:53] Chris: If you approach it from that perspective, I also agree. As long as you know that you’re going to lose money

[00:49:58] Scott: Not even lose money though. If you’re just breaking even on it, I still think it’s a… Now, here’s the thing…

[00:50:05] Chris: The moral of my story is know your numbers and then you can make an informed choice.

[00:50:09] Scott: If you only have 100 and you want to go through a lightning deal and burn up all 100 and then you rank and then you don’t have stock that’s not worth it

[00:50:16] Dom: No, no. You got to make sure you don’t run out of stock. It’s basically to get your product up higher. That you’ll rank a little better. It’s through their system, there’s no word about get feedback or reviews off your products. Again, that’s why they’re going to go to the paid system. I don’t know what I feel about it, I don’t know if I’m happy if we could get one a week on the same product or one every three months is better because if I can do it once a week then my competitors will want it once a week too. They’ll say hey you want to pay us $300, you can do it as many times as you want. But they’ll probably cap it at three to four times a year, that type of stuff, whatever it is.

[00:50:52] Scott: Wouldn’t this be awesome though Dom. Let’s hypothetically saying that you have a list of 5,000 customers or people that are interested. Let’s say that we could get our hundred lightning deals special whenever we wanted to and we wouldn’t have to pay that $300, and we get to maybe not even do it with a code. You can do it with a flash sale. How amazing would that be? Now we don’t rely on Amazon, our competitor doesn’t get that same advantage. Now we’ve got a competitor’s edge of our own product, just saying like that’s what I’m talking about.

[00:51:27] Dom: That’s a great fear of course that’s worse, if you have 5,000…  First you have to have the 5,000 emails, then you have to have a little… It’s possible for sure. Obviously I’ve known that, you know I get lot’s of emails. As long as you’re in business for a while you’re going to get those emails as long as you know how to capture. Two, to make sure that it’s the right target for that product you’re going to have. Then three, how can you convert them. Even though you send the 5,000 emails, what’s the conversion going to be like? Obviously when you’re doing a lightning deal, if I give out 1,000 products on a lightning deal it is a good product like for $5.99 instead of $15, I bet I’ll sell through all those 1,000.

I’m not sure if I send out 5,000 email, 1,000 emails and say, “Hey, if you can have this product for $5.99 today if I’m going to sell a thousand because people who’re on Amazon it’s like, you got to look at it this way. When you see those lightning deals, it’s like the home shopping club stuff oh 12345678 or there’s only 100 left, guys you better call in now. It’s the same hype. Oh lightning deals going out after four hours, if I don’t get it now I’m not going to be able to sell again. That’s the difference though.

[00:52:30] Scott: Well, yes but you can…

[00:52:31] Chris: But if you’re running a flash sale.

[00:52:32] Scott: You can create that same scarcity in your email follow up Dom. That’s what I’m saying like… Again, follow along here. Two, three days before the sale, you announce it. Then the morning of the sale you send out an email. Then the middle of the afternoon you send another one and then you say, “Last chance and then boom, you put that scarcity on the ending and then you’re going to drive sales. I think it can still be done effectively through that. I do.

[00:52:59] Dom: I think doing back to back would be amazing. You have your one sale first and then you have your lightning deal. If you haven’t sold what you want, you said you’ll give away 1,000 you’ve only sold 600, email 1,000 people say the next 400 people can get this to get rid of that because that’s basically what you’re going to give away anyway. Now you’re going to get a good spike, a good flow for those three, four days. That would work perfectly back to back. Either if you want to be really crazy, you can do it on the same day. If you really want to… If you want to go through all your inventory still. Depends how fast you want. That would be an amazing thing to do, I would imagine.

[00:53:34] Chris: All right Scott. It is 1:51 Eastern. Let’s talk about the side outage really quick. Guys, if you don’t know, if your sales are slow this morning, it’s because Amazon was having site problems. They appear to be resolved now but a bunch of big websites got hit with DDOS attack, a denial of service attack. This morning Amazon, Netflix, there were three of our other big sites that were down for portions of the morning. Looks like everything is good so your sales should be fine, the rest of the day.

[00:54:09] Dom: Did anybody have issues with the campaigns yesterday. None of our PPC were working, only like four or five campaigns working out of a hundred that we have. So I called in and they said “ya it was sitewide.” Some people will get in there, PPC was working and some wasn’t working for them. Like we listed like… How come only some of my keywords. I checked my competitive listing, I got to another campaign it would be working, but they said it’s hit or miss. I’m like, “Okay, great.” And it finally came back around on my time like 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock at night we started selling some stuff.

[00:54:40] Chris: That actually makes sense because my sales got up like this yesterday.

[00:54:48] Scott: Someone on Periscope just said that they were having problems with pay-per-click as well. Facebook Live you guys got any questions put them in there too so we can wrap up here with some questions, we can do that. Periscope I’ll try to turn my head, I’m trying to position between two of you here, two different platforms, I’m trying to write them down quickly so I can try to come back and address them. I’ve think that I’ve answered the ones that I’ve collected here so far. Do me a favor though, share this up on Periscope, share it up on Facebook Live, like it, using emojis, whatever you can do on Facebook. Show some love. Recommend one book. Chris, one book, what would you recommend. Look at Dom, he’s starting to sweat. He’s thinking about what book he’s going to do. Chris, one book.

[00:55:37] Chris: The One Thing.

[00:55:41] Scott: ‘The One Thing’ and who’s that by, is that by Keller there?

[00:55:46] Chris: What’s his name? I think so. We’ll post links in the comments.

[00:55:50] Scott: Yeah, do that. Do you have one, Dom? Would you have a book, an audio book no?

[00:55:56] Dom: The top 100 Hockey Stores. The 100 year anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens. I don’t have anything, I’ve never been a book guy or a…

[00:56:09] Scott: I’m not really a book guy but I’m an audio book guy to be honest with you. There’s actually one book I would recommend but there’s a second one I want to talk a little bit too. I’m actually going to be start listening to it again. The first one is Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk

[00:56:22] Chris: That his first book. It’s a really good book.

[00:56:26] Scott: It’s a freaking gem, right there. All way around, if you want to build a brand, if you want to build your own personal brand, your own brand, a company brand it’s all about… He tells about how he build a wine company, his father’s wine business from like a $1 million to $25 million a year selling wine online. It’s a great, great book. I love that book. My second one though, really this is what I’m going to be start listening to is Essentialism. That’s a really good one because as entrepreneurs we can… And Dom you can relate to this. We’re going a 100 different miles an hour, our mind never stops because we think we got to do everything. We see that next shiny object, that next opportunity, we want to jump on it.

I’m guilty of that. I’m guilty all the time, even Dom you said too yesterday. You got this, you got that, you want to do that and it is, you’re right there’s a whole bunch of things I want to do and I think we got to channel it but essentialism is really about, what’s the essential things you need to do for growth and that’s going to make you happy. It’s not just about doing it to make money. It’s to do it so you can live a rich life and not be going at a 100 miles an hour all the time. So Essentialism, it’s funny I just… I was having a problem with my iPhone today I couldn’t download my Audible app and I was going to start listening to that on my walk today which I got to get that update and then I’m going to start listening to that. So, Essentialism. That’s what I’ll say.

[00:57:50] Chris: The One thing is Gerry Keller.

[00:57:55] Scott: Yeah, great book. The One Thing. Again, thinking one thing and Essentialism is very similar to that. Pick something that you can do and go.

[00:58:02] Dom: Once I read Bernie Madoff’s book after that I didn’t have more success. I kind of stopped reading books…

[00:58:10] Chris: Because you didn’t have other people’s money. Guillermo has finally been approved to sell on Walmart.

[00:58:16] Scott: All right. So there you have it. There is one of the recent TAS power hours… There are some questions that we answered at the end there. If you want to listen to those questions, head over to theamazingseller.com/279 and then we answer a few more questions there at the end and we have some more stuff on the beginning that we kind of cut out because honestly, we want to keep this too to about an hour, no longer. If you want to listen to that stuff, you can head over to theamazingseller.com/279 and you can see or hear some of the shenanigans that was going on over there.

Definitely go check that out. A lot of great content. All kidding aside, a lot of great content, a lot of things happened when we have conversations that we can get to dig into and that’s why I love just having people that I can talk to on a regular basis and in this case, these are a couple of my buddies that I like talking to about this. Hopefully you’ll get value from this and in the future if you join us you’ll get value there as well. One last thing, if you do show up to a Facebook Live or a Periscope go ahead and share it. Share it with people that you think that will get value from it. That’s all I ask. That would be awesome. That way we can get out there and help more people.

All right so guys that’s it, that’s going to wrap up this episode. Remember I’m here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on, say it with me, say it proud, say it loud, let’s say it together today, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day, weekend, night, whatever time of day it is and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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