TAS 294 How to Use the NEW Enhanced Content Features and WHY You Should

One of the frustrations about selling products on Amazon is that the platform is changing all the time. But one of the GREAT things about it is that things are changing all the time, too! Every now and then a change is made to the terms of service or tools that make it much BETTER for those selling their private label products on Amazon. On this episode Scott is walking through some of the most recent changes, helping you understand what they mean for you, and showing you how to use them effectively on your products to ramp up sales.

If your products are not brand registered you are now SERIOUSLY missing out on new features!

For a while now Amazon has been allowing private label sellers to apply for brand registration – a way to register yourself as the only owner of your brand. So far there have only been a few benefits to being brand registered but as of the last week, there’s a HUGE reason to get your products brand registered – you can get new formatting tools to make your product listing stand out in some special ways. Images, text enhancements and formatting, additional bullets, and more are now yours – but only if you’re brand registered. Find out how you can take advantage of it, on this episode.

What if you could build a long form sales page for your private label products?

Leadpages and ClickFunnels are two of the popular landing page software services that enable you to build sales pages on your own website. Statistics prove that landing pages of this sort are much more effective in making sales. Now Amazon has created some template-based features for all brand registered products that make your product listing much more like a long-form sales page. You can find out the details and learn how to start building your own product listing sales pages on the Amazon platform – on this episode of The Amazing Seller.

Do you have access to the new Enhanced Content on your Amazon listings?

Amazon has been rolling out a new feature – enhanced content – to all brand registered sellers over the past few weeks. But not everyone is seeing it yet. If you’re not seeing this new option in the advertising tab of your seller account then you need to reach out to Amazon to see how you can get it. Chris and Scott walk through what they suggest you do if Amazon has not given you the enhanced content yet, on this episode.

Now you can get rid of hijackers forever – by getting brand registered.

For quite a while now it’s been possible for someone to list products under your product listing and eventually take it over, leaving you with no control over your own product listing. But Amazon has now created a way for you to prevent that from happening, but you’ve got to be brand registered first. But not everyone gets approved for brand registry the first time. How do you keep working to get your products registered if you’ve been rejected? You can find out by hearing what Scott and Chris have to say, on this episode.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:05] How you can get in on the next live workshop.
  • [1:54] Enrollment for the private label course is closing!
  • [3:54] What is enhanced content and where can you check it out?
  • [7:20] The templates and layouts that can be used for the enhanced content.
  • [13:35] How this new change is like a long-form sales page.
  • [15:00] Be sure NOT to include testimonials in these new fields.
  • [24:24] Why it’s vital that you get brand registered immediately.


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TAS 294 : How to Use the NEW Enhanced Content Features and WHY You Should


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 294 and today I’m pretty excited because we’re going to talk about this new feature that Amazon rolled out called…

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…enhanced content. It’s pretty, pretty cool stuff. I invited my good friend Chris Shaffer back on the show because he’s the tech guy. He’s the guy that I always go to when it comes to this kind of stuff. He has played around with this feature already so we are going to talk about who this is for, like who it’s enabled for because not everyone has access to this.

But we can tell you or we’re going to tell you actually how you can get this feature so you can start using it and we’ll talk a little bit about the pros and the cons to having it. The show notes to this episode will be located at theamazingseller.com/294 and you can get the show notes, the transcripts, all that good stuff there. Before we jump into this conversation that I have with Chris I did want to remind you of two things.

Number one, if you’ve attended one of our live workshops or you’ve wanted and you just haven’t been able to, today, the day that this airs, which should be the 14th of December, that will be the last day that we have a replay for the last live one that we did. The reasons is it’s because we’re not doing another workshop for the five phases or even the product research until after the New Year. If you want to watch that it’s still available if you’re listening to this on the 14th.

Head over to theamazingseller.com/workshop. If it’s after the 14th you can still go to that link and register and what will happen is we’ll notify you when we do the next live event after the 1st of the year or the workshop. We will be doing more in 2017 as soon as we get kind of through the holidays and all that stuff. The other thing I wanted to mention here real quick is some of you know that we have a private class that we teach as well.

[00:02:00] Scott: What we’re doing here is we are closing down the enrollment for that until after 2017 as well. If you’re interested in learning more about that you probably want to head over and check out the replay and then from there you can get more information about this before tonight. Now if it’s after the fact you can still go there like I said, to the workshop page and then you can register for an upcoming one and then you can learn more about that. I just wanted to kind of throw that out there if you’re interested at all at learning about our class as far what that is and kind of how that can help you and if it’s even for you.

Maybe it’s not a right fit for you, now would be the time to head over to the replay page and you can learn more information about that. That would be theamazingseller.com/workshop. Let’s get into it, actually wait a minute, before we get into it I did want to mention one thing. The audio was a little weird in the beginning. It kind of worked itself out. I think it was Skype that day we had a little interference but it’s not terrible but I just wanted to let you know that I am aware of it. I don’t think it’s that bad but the content is still really, really great.

That’s it, I just wanted to kind of throw that in there. Enjoy and post something on the blog or even in Facebook on what you think about this new enhanced content feature. I just want to hear what you guys think. I’m going to stop talking now so you guys can listen to this conversation that I had with Chris Shaffer.


[00:03:24] Scott: Chris are you ready to dive into this new feature that Amazon has rolled out, the enhanced content? You ready?

[00:03:33] Chris: Yeah man. I’ll tell you what, in addition to all of the craziness going on in Q4 that comes from the extra traffic and all the normal stuff that we expect, Amazon’s been launching features on us left and right here. I gotta say I’m happy with most of them. I’d still like to see some better reporting on stuff but the enhanced brand content I think it’s going to be a really cool feature for a lot of sellers.

[00:03:54] Scott: We talked about it on a Facebook Live I believe it was last week and I may have even posted that inside of or on the podcast in one of the episodes. We just kind of talked a little bit about kind of hearing that it’s here or it’s starting to get rolled out. Maybe what we can do is kind of go through as far as, number one, where do you even look for it? It’s funny, I was on… I don’t even think I talked about this, it just happened last night. I was on a little mastermind call with some pretty high level guys that are doing ecommerce not just Amazon but they are doing Amazon too.

But they don’t necessarily just pay attention to just Amazon stuff. Two of them didn’t even know that there was thing called enhanced content. They’re like I didn’t hear about that and I was like looks like I got a little bit of extra knowledge there that they didn’t have which was kind of crazy because they’re doing crazy numbers. It was kind of funny. Some people might not even know that it’s available. Why don’t you kind of go through and explain where you would even go into your account.

I can almost guarantee as soon as people get done with this episode or maybe they’re even going to pause and go over and check it out on their seller’s account. Maybe you can tell them where they’re going to find this feature.

[00:05:09] Chris: Before we dive into that let’s tell people who it would be available for. You’ve probably heard people talk about it in the past this A-plus content where they have like images in the listing that was only available for vendors. What Amazon has done now is they’ve rolled it into seller central as long as you’re brand registered. The reason for that is they only want the brand to be able to create it. If you’re not brand registered, if you haven’t gone that through that process yet you shouldn’t see it in your account.

If you are brand registered at this point you should see it. If you don’t I would reach out to seller central and ask them why the heck you don’t. Where you would go in your account to find that interestingly is not in your inventory tab, it’s not in your listing, it’s under the advertising tab. You’ll see your typical campaign manager lightning deals and promos but you should see a new drop down there for enhanced brand content as well.

[00:06:03] Scott: Okay, cool. Like you said, I think it’s important for people to know that if you’re not brand registered you’re not going to see that at least right now.

[00:06:12] Chris: This to me is a reason to get brand registered. Amazon for the longest time there wasn’t really a reason to get brand registered. It didn’t really give you any protections and one of the things that, or even additional features but one of the things that they’ve started to do is they’re rolled out the listing gating thing where if you are brand registered, certain brand registered listings are now able to basically stop hijacking before it starts because they’re able to only let people list who they want to list. If you’re listening to this podcast you probably listing to sell your own product.

That’s really useful for bigger brands like Nike as well because they can say only authorized seller can list. That coupled with something like this enhanced brand content I think is really a reason to start thinking about doing brand registry if you haven’t.

[00:07:01] Scott: Let’s kind of let people know though what this means. This is kind of cool. It really is because the one that you did in the brand that we’re working together in I can see already that it just looks a lot nicer. That doesn’t mean necessarily it’s going to convert better but if they’re giving these features to A-plus sellers or A plus content in the past there’s probably a reason why they did and they weren’t rolling out to everyone. I do have to say it looks really, really pretty. It looks really clean. There are some different templates that you get to choose from right, they’re like four.

[00:07:38] Chris: There’s five.

[00:07:38] Scott: Five? Okay.

[00:07:40] Chris: Some are much more image driven and some are much more text driven but the thing that’s kind of cool is they all have a mixture of images and text where your traditional text product description would be. You get to actually tell a little bit more of a story than you ever could before.

[00:07:57] Scott: Let me ask you this because I know this was a question I think that we all had and I think you know the answer now. Is this something additional to our description that’s already there or does this get rid of the description now and the bullets and all that?

[00:08:09] Chris: It’s going to replace your current product description.

[00:08:11] Scott: What about the bullets?

[00:08:14] Chris: The description bullets? The bullets up by the photos? I don’t think you replace those.

[00:08:17] Scott: The bullets are going to stay, so you’re going to have five, however many — I think five is minimum. Five depending on the category that you’re in so you’re still going to have the bullets but then after that we’re not going to have any description. Your description now it’s kind of like before when… Well going way back or you could use some HTML and some images. You could put that in your description and then you would use HTML and stuff. They got rid of that then you could just use basically some basic stuff like bolding maybe or… I don’t even think they allowed any other type except for bolding, maybe italic.

[00:08:52] Chris: That’s one of the other cool little features in this is every place that there’s a text box you actually have formatting buttons now.

[00:08:59] Scott: That’s cool.

[00:09:00] Chris: You get bold, italics, underline and bullets and what they say is please use it sparingly like don’t bold everything. Use common sense. What that allows you to do is it allows anybody to actually be able to write one of these descriptions in a way that makes sense and looks right and you get to preview it before you submit the draft.

[00:09:21] Scott: That’s cool, I like that. It’s almost like you have your own little editor inside of there from what I’ve seen. Like I said, I was watching what you were doing as you were kind of going through that and it seems pretty easy. It kind of reminds me… I was telling you this and I think I was telling Dom this as well. It kind of reminds me of the old eBay days where you could pick a template and then you fill it in, you kind of back fill it. There are some things though inside of there that I notice that they won’t just let you use the same images that are in your placeholders you have to kind of use some new content, is that right?

[00:09:53] Chris: Right. What they’re basically asking for they have a section and it’s like 19 bullets and of course they’re all vaguely worded like most Amazon terms of service type stuff are. They basically say in there that they don’t want you to add the same exact images that you’re using above. It says content that duplicates many of the images from the main image block on the detail page is something that they don’t want. If you’re going to use those images they want you to use different images.

[00:10:19] Scott: Different looking, they don’t want it to be just kind of repeated.

[00:10:21] Chris: They still want the product in it as much as possible but they don’t want it to be the same exact images that you have at the top.

[00:10:26] Scott: Which one did you use again? I’m trying to remember. I don’t have it up in front of us. Which one did you use? Was it more driven more toward images or was it kind of like a mixture?

[00:10:39] Chris: I used, let me find the template number. I believe it was…

[00:10:44] Scott: While you’re looking for that I’ll just again kind of talk about, what’s really cool about this guys is that you’re able now to make your listing look nicer which then also kind of like Chris was saying tells a story about the product or the features and the benefits by seeing more images. Then people I think they’re going to read the description now and before they didn’t because it’s obviously a little bit of eye candy. You get to see some images but then you also get to see some nice formatted text.

I’ve always said that if you can make something like a sales page that’s skimmable or that you can kind of scan of scan people are going to consume that but when you see a giant block of text, that’s why I’ve always said even if you’re going to use a description and you just put text in there break it up so people can scan. But even then it’s just really text is kind of boring. But when you can add some formatting to it I think it’s going to get more visibility and that’s why A-Plus sellers or content was always something that we wanted because we can make it look really pretty and then they did away with HTML and all that stuff.

This is a pretty cool thing and we don’t have any proof yet 100% that our conversions are going to go up right now. I know Chris you’ve had some test that they are up but we’re also in fourth quarter.

[00:11:58] Chris:  It’s hard to tell but Amazon is saying in their testing that traffic increased when you go for this feature.

[00:12:06] Scott: Why would traffic increase though. I’m curious on that myself. Yes we got new formatting stuff…

[00:12:11] Chris: Conversions.

[00:12:13] Scott: Okay conversations. I was going to say how is their traffic… If it’s traffic that’s pretty incredible or they may because it’s optimized. It’s fully optimized so now they may give you a bump.

[00:12:20] Chris: You’re going to get more places to write a little creatively. The template that I used and if you guys have enhanced brand content its template number four is the Scott that you and I used. It’s one kind of big header image, five smaller like square images and then six additional text placements. You get much more in the way of text that you did before as well. It may just be that you’re getting more places to write so you’re going to rank for more things. Does that make sense?

[00:12:52] Scott: You definitely do. I think again like we said before no one can really say the different elements and different components that Amazon looks at for your listing being optimized for them to rank you. No one really knows that algorithm just like we don’t know Google’s algorithm. We just know that there’s some best practices and there’re some things that we think would work well. I just say if they offer this that means they kind of want you to use it. If they want you to use it give them what they want and then you should rank better.

[00:13:26] Chris: Unless you do something weird there’s not really a reason it should decrease your conversions if anything they’re going to end up flat because you’re taking something that most people don’t read and you’re putting it in a readable format and you’re making it look nice. What Amazon has done here is they’ve taken kind of a… If anybody from Amazon is listening to this I apologize but this is just my opinion, a worthless section of the product listing which has the potential to be very impactful for customers.

They’ve made it something that is much more akin to, Scott you’ll know what I’m talking about, a long form sales page. In internet marketing you’ll hear people talk about long form sales pages and short form sales pages. Long form sales pages almost always perform better because it tells different groups of people the pieces of information that they want to know. Short form sales pages can perform pretty well if it’s like an impulse purchase but they’re not always and generally speaking will not perform as well for things that need a little bit of an explanation.

You’ve heard my team Scott talking, we talked a little about this in Phoenix, we’ve always called Amazon like the lowest common denominator marketing platform. It’s hard on Amazon to get a product to work well that you have to explain to people or it’s not obvious why it’s better. Now you have the ability to do that. If you can get them on the listing you can actually showcase why the product is better and what you’ve done to improve it and they let you tell a little bit about your brand story. You get to give them a little bit of that ‘what we’re all about’ in addition to what the product is all about.

[00:15:10] Scott: Your little mission statement.

[00:15:10] Chris: It’s something that they’re encouraging you to do as well.

[00:15:13] Scott: I love that. You probably could even sprinkle in a testimonial or two, you think?

[00:15:19] Chris: No, you cannot.

[00:15:20] Scott: You cannot do that?

[00:15:21] Chris: No, that’s one of the things we see here, they specifically say they don’t want you to use editorial or third party quotes from external sources such as magazines or television shows. To me that would mean don’t put testimonials in because all of those would be third party sources and they also mention that they don’t want you to use anything that mentions your reviews.

That would discount in my opinion anything that you would say, “Oh, look at our Amazon reviews,” for testimonials. You wouldn’t want to do that either but you can talk a lot about the product and your brand story as well.

[00:15:54] Scott: For that part there again me thinking as like a sales page, sales page you would want those testimonial. Well they’ve already kind of included them in the reviews but it would have been nice to kind of highlight one or two of those inside of there but you can’t and it says in the terms of service. Now there will be people that will do it and we say don’t do it. Go by the rules. But any time that you can sprinkle that stuff in it’s good but in this case you can still tell the story.

The story could be driven by how you’re solving a problem for someone or the product that you created gives joy to these people because they’re so passionate about this that or the other thing. You can tell a little bit of your story, in a sense it’s like a testimonial just that would be a third party. You can kind of weave that into your story I guess because we all know reviews are what people usually make their judgment from or their decision and that’s why they put reviews right at the top.

We should pay attention to what Amazon is doing as far as like building out that page, how people see it. If you have an ecommerce site right now and you’re not even selling on Amazon yet, look and see the structure and kind of the layout, how they’re doing things and look at those key elements. You probably should model that because they’ve got tons and tons of studies and data that says we’ve tested this stuff and having those reviews right where they are or the price point or the buy button or whatever there’s a reason it’s there. You might want to model that, just a little side thought there.

This is cool. Now I know some people that we’ve actually mentioned this to even in our Facebook group and stuff said, “I don’t have it available and I’m brand registered. Why? When am I going to get this thing?” There’s two things and Chris feel free to jump in and kind of give me your thoughts. But number one is we’ve been also noticing that not all categories it’s been released to or all sellers across the board.

If you are brand registered and you’re not but you’re hearing other people that are you got to reach out to seller central and say, “Hey, can you get me hooked up here?” I’ve heard a few people already do that and that’s all it took was them to reach out. What’s your thoughts on that Chris?

[00:18:07] Chris: On reaching out to Amazon?

[00:18:10] Scott: No, if they’re not seeing it available.

[00:18:12] Chris: The first thing obviously is be brand registered. If you are brand registered and don’t see it absolutely reach out to Amazon. Supposedly they were going to have it all rolled out before we actually recorded this. I have it in all the accounts that I look at for the brand registered stuff. I don’t know at this point if it hasn’t rolled out. It was supposed to be rolled out three days ago I think at the time of this recording to everybody. But if you don’t see it absolutely reach out. There were some people inside the private label classroom that said we reached out and they approved it for us right away.

[00:18:43] Scott: The other thing we should mention too is that this is kind of a beta in a sense of what they’re doing. We think it’s going to stick but it’s a beta as far as they’re rolling it out for free right now. There’s been some talk about them charging for that, maybe charging a monthly fee to have this A-plus content area. Have you heard anything on that Chris?

[00:19:05] Chris: I don’t think it’s quite the same thing as A-plus content. I don’t know if they’ve merged those terms or not but basically it’s inside they have what they’re calling the EVC FAQ just to try to get as may abbreviations in there as possible. As customers are asking them questions about this new enhanced content they’re actually doing us a favor and giving us a list of their frequently asked questions.

One of the things that was in there was basically yes we will be charging for it. I can’t find it at the moment but they did mention somewhere that they are going to be charging for it and that’s why it’s in the advertising tab. The response that I got when I asked them about it was basically, “Yes we will be charging for it at some point but we’re not right now and anybody that fills it out right now won’t be charged for it just when we roll that out.”

That doesn’t mean that if you go to change it in the future that they won’t charge you to change or anything like that but if you have it in your account right now or you’re brand registered and you don’t you should be calling Amazon to get it so that you can fill it out before they start charging for it. Here you go, “Is there a fee for creating content?” “The tool is currently in a promotional free period where we will not charge. When a fee is implemented your existing content will remain on the detail page,” is what they’re saying.

That to me means if you go to make changes to it in the future that you may be charge for it at that point similar to the way that they do lightening deals. Anybody that had scheduled lightning deals before they started charging for those, those lightening were allowed to run and then any lightening deals that you scheduled on the future they started charging that fee on. A very similar thing here. It’s at least worth a test if you have it in your account to see if it helps you increase conversions, because if it does then it’s worth having and you don’t have to pay anything for it.

[00:20:43] Scott: You got a weigh that out and again that’s why I think it’s important to know your numbers and to kind of look at your reports. Obviously if you’re just starting and you’re getting yourself brand registered then just I would go ahead and use this because that way there you’ll have it. I would definitely say I think, personally I think it will convert better but who knows. You can think all you want you have to see the real numbers and it may help you rank because it may have a better poll inside of the algorithm.

That’s another piece that they’re going to weigh as far as if you are brand registered, if you have the enhanced content we’re going to give you a little bit of a bump. There’s just so many different variables but I do think that if we fully play by the rules we optimize the best that we can, our chances go up and our ranking should go up as well.

Let’s just kind of touch on this, I know this isn’t really enhanced content related which that’s what I wanted this podcast to be but just to kind of get this out there people to say, “Hey, let’s start looking into this because it is fairly new, they are rolling it out.” We don’t even know a ton ton about how it’s going to work after the fact but we just didn’t want to kind of publish on the podcast to let you guys know to go out there and look for it in your account.

But let’s just talk quickly about brand registry. Now we’re already getting brand registered and the benefits of that right now have even gone up more than just before saying well this way here if I have anybody hijack I can then say I’m brand registered and I’ll get a little bit better attention and possibly get them off. But recently we’ve been finding that if you’re brand registered now and you want to sell… Let’s say someone wants to sell on your listing they have to request permission.

Really in a sense they’re locking down that listing. Have you seen that to be all the way across now Chris that you’ve been hearing out there or is that just a few people with maybe older accounts? I’m just wondering.

[00:22:42] Chris: I haven’t heard anybody that I know that doesn’t have it yet. There were a couple of people. Again anytime Amazon rolls this stuff out it’s a slow roll and it’s kind of funny because they’re still… I want to say there’s four different versions of seller central that different people have. Some people are still, do you remember the old blue and yellow look? Some people are still on that look, some people are on the newer… It’s kind of a barebones white and light grey look and there’s a couple subversions inside each of those.

If you don’t have any of the stuff that we’re talking about you can always reach out and ask. Especially if you’re brand registered it can’t hurt to reach out and ask. But basically what you’re talking about here Scott is what we talked about a couple of minutes ago which is kind of that hijacking prevention. It gives you the ability as the registered brand owner to approve other sellers on your account. I know some people like our friend Dom didn’t have it when it first came out but have it now.

[00:23:41] Scott: That’s huge though.

[00:23:42] Chris: They do appear to be rolling it out and that is huge. It’s a reason to go do brand registry. Before brand registry kind of only gave you a little bit more control over your listing and basically said if somebody hijacks you they can’t change the images. It was kind of one of the things that you had a little bit more protection over. You could call in and you could use your UPC instead of an FNSKU.

Amazon would allow you to use the UPC as your unique identifier of products. That was really kind of it and now they’re rolling out some of this really cool stuff for registered brands because they want brands to be involved. They want real businesses to be involved not just 3rd party sellers that are selling a variety of everything that they buy from Target.

[00:24:24] Scott: Do you remember what episode… I should have knew this beforehand. Do you remember what episode it was that we talked about brand registry? I know it was more about hijacking so maybe I have to go back and look at the hijacking one. But what we’ll do guys is we’ll link that up in the show notes to this episode. We did an episode on hijacking but it also talked a lot about brand registering. What we’ll do is we’ll put that in there because I know I’ll get a lot of questions after we air this, this is how do I do the brand registry.

What we’re going to do is we’ll link that up in the show notes for you guys, you can listen to that episode. Chris actually has a nice little checklist that you can go through. Just to be very clear on this guys, you can go to do the whole brand registry thing, follow everything to a tee and then get it denied. But here’s the trick, here’s the secret, you’re ready? You’re ready for the secret? Chris you know what the secret is right?

[00:25:15] Chris: I bet we’ll find out.

[00:25:17] Scott: Keep contacting them and ask them what they need to allow you to become brand registered. You just have to ask them that and a lot of times you’ll get maybe an unclear answer but then you call someone else and you get another, you get someone that’s going to give you that because we went through this exact same thing and I think it took us what, 3, 4 weeks Chris before it finally got opened up for us.

[00:25:42] Chris: You’re talking about the ungating.

[00:25:43] Scott: That was the ungating part, that’s right. That took 3 or 4 weeks. The brand registry though even at that they still for me personally they had two things that I had to come back with. Really what it was is my logo or my graphic being on my website clear. It was something simple like that. I’ve heard other people say the same thing that it was either that or… Also the other little trick was them having the product on their website but then also having the UPC code on there as well to show proof of that. It was something else that I heard but again ask. It’s the same thing. It you’re going to get ungated it’s the same thing. You’re going to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. If you’re going to the brand registry, I think I did it twice.

I did on two different brands. The one brand literally was I think it was like two days, done. There was another time it was like two and a half, three weeks because I didn’t realize and I didn’t know why, they just said, “Sorry you can’t be brand registered.” I’m like, “Well why?” Then I just had to go through and validate that the brand was the website kind of thing.

[00:26:52] Chris: I think that process, the brand registry process and the ungating process kind of give me shadow nightmares. It’s like anything. You’ve heard me talk about uploading the flat file and you can upload the same exact file twice and get two different results. It’s the same thing with brand registry or getting ungated. I’m actually talking to a TAS listener right now via email who’s been selling in retail for 33 years. I think it’s 33 years.

She just cannot get ungated. It’s just like she sent them three invoices, she did everything she’s supposed to do and I said look what I had to do the last time was I had to send them an email and say here’s everything that I’ve sent you and I listed out everything that they require that I sent them. What am I missing and they went, “Oh nothing, I guess it’s all there.” But that’s after they said no three times and you go, “Okay dude what am I missing,” and they kind of say, “Well we can’t tell you, it’s a secret.”

I go, “I’m sending you everything you’re asking for,” same exact thing with brand registry you won’t always get approved right away even if you have everything but the patience and the consistency of action on your part is key there.

[00:28:00] Scott: I think it’s in not taking no for an answer. I think so many people they’re like they try twice or maybe three times they’re like, “I just can’t do it. This is not going to work.” You just have to continually push through that and as I say press on. You have to get out there and just keep going to get opened up because right now I do believe that being brand registered is going to be an advantage for you especially in the future.

Especially when they roll out some of these features like this because then you’re going to be able to have access to those. I think it’s going to make it easier for you to kind of prevent those hijackers and just make yourself more like a real brand and I think that’s what we’re all after. I would definitely do that.

[00:28:46] Chris: I would say I think the biggest kind of hurdle to brand registering for most people is that you do have to have a website.

[00:28:53] Scott: Yes you do but again we’ve talked…

[00:28:55] Chris: But it doesn’t have to be this ridiculous thing it just has to be… It’s basically three pages. A homepage with the product on it, a Contact Us and then About Us and that’s really all that you need to get brand registered at least in my experience.

[00:29:08] Scott: I think the website you could have one of them built depending on if you’re building it just for being brand registered it could be very inexpensive. But if you’re going to build a website and you know that you’re going to build that out into something later then you might want to spend a little bit more on it. Also give it a little bit more attention or a little bit more love and kind of a foundation so you can build from that. But it’s totally up to you.

If you’re just doing it to get brand registered so you have a home base which I don’t think it’s a bad idea either because think about this too. If you’re selling products in a certain space and people want to go check out your brand because they want to make sure that you’re legit. I know I’ve done that where I’ll jump from Amazon over to just see if their website’s there and see what it looks like.

It’s so funny Chris, I don’t know if you think like this or not but it’s like when I go to a website it’s like the first impression is everything and it doesn’t mean it has to be flashy or anything like that it just have to be clean and it needs to work. If you go and you start clicking around and you find yourself like… It just looks like, number one it’s not like web 2.0 or 3.0 it’s like…

[00:30:18] Chris: If it has dancing hamsters then we’re done.

[00:30:21] Scott: You’re done or if you have just I guess the formatting and the text you can just see that’s old and outdated. Again, that may get you through for brand registry but if you’re doing it for people that actually show up to your house for the first time or your store for the first time you want to make the best impression. It doesn’t have to be crazy it just has to look clean and nowadays with WordPress they have so many nice clean themes that you can use totally free.

You just got to know how to set those up which isn’t that difficult or you can pay someone to do it but I think it’s so important and I’m like that a lot. If I’m go to a website and A it doesn’t load fast I’m out of there or if it just to me it doesn’t look like it’s more or it’s up-to-date or it’s modern I’ll be like, “This thing kind of looks old.” If I’m looking at a competitor and their website look like that I’m like, “Ah that’s cool, all right good.”

[00:31:11] Chris: The one that gets to me if it’s not responsive which for those of you guys who aren’t tech savvy responsive means that it works across different devices in a way that makes sense. You don’t have to pinch and zoom to figure out what you’re trying to find on your mobile phone. Everything looks right on your mobile phone and on your computer. I don’t know why that bothers me so much but I get yelled at all the time because I’ll be looking at something and I’ll go, “Well I’m not buying from them.” “Why?”

“I can’t find what I’m looking for right away, it’s not responsive. I refuse to do business with them.” That’s just me, that’s the tech nerd in me it drives me nuts. But any of the WordPress templates you can find ones for free that are responsive that will take care of that. It’ll look nice across all the devices and you don’t have to do any more work that you were already going to do anyway. You just load in the right template.

[00:31:55] Scott: You’re just basically loading the right template. I guess the takeaway here is enhanced content to me is pretty awesome, I think it’s cool but in order to get that you have to be brand registered. Now if you’re brand new and you’re just starting don’t let this be that obstacle. It’s there you’re going to do it but you’re not there yet. You and I actually just last night were on a workshop together doing the product research workshop and we told people listen if you’re in phase one of doing product research you’re in phase one don’t worry about brand registry right now.

But understand that when the time comes depending with where you are in the stage definitely do this because I think it’s going to open up more benefits to you. The hijacking thing that’s a huge one that’s if we can lock down that listing where no one else is going to be able to get on it unless you grant them access or permission. Then the other thing now is enhanced content which I think is pretty cool. Is there anything else Chris you want to add about this enhanced content or anything, any tips or any advice for people that are at this stage?

[00:33:05] Chris: The first thing I would say is I want to echo what you’re talking about there in terms of just in time learning or not getting overwhelmed. If you don’t already have a product up and selling ignore the 2nd half of this episode. I know that this is a cool feature and I know I’m still talking and you shouldn’t be listening to me at this point if you’re not already selling a product.

But if you’re at the point where you’re up and selling and you want to do brand registry or you’ve already done it and you want to do enhanced brand content it is, in my opinion, going to be one of the most powerful things that you can do. We talked about a couple of other reasons why but the main reason is it lets you talk about the product in a new way on Amazon. It’s a way that you could always do it on your site but you can never really do it on Amazon and it pulls people in.

It lets you actually write a description that will call out two different people rather than one generic description. You can do that with bold and underline in bullet points. Scott the schemers like you can see the things that are important. You and I both tend to read that way and in copy we call that a readership path. You and I probably mostly read headlines and bullets. I don’t really read paragraphs, I’ll read headlines and bullets and understand from there.

But other people like to read every single detail and what enhanced brand content allows you to do is it allows you to talk about a product in its entirety you don’t just have to say I have the best garlic press. You can actually talk about why in a descriptive way. You can show case it in a picture and then explain the picture rather than what we used to do previously which was we’d put the picture up in the images and hope that people understood what the heck that we were talking about and why we were better.

For the people and there is always going to be a percentage of people who read all of the details. This is where it’s going to be beneficial for you. Scott, you and I are probably still not going to read the product descriptions even if they’re enhanced brand content. I might look at it and see pretty pictures but I’m still going to be pulled in. The thing that’s going to pull me in is the bullets at the top of the page and the images and the title.

But there’s some people even on my team, like you’ve heard me talk about Mary, she would read every word on here. One because she’s a copywriter but two because she likes to understand a little bit more about the product. It lets you get a 2nd chance at those people or a 3rd chance at those people by explaining everything. Even if that’s only 20% of the people who end up on your listing it gives you a leg up on your competition because they’re going to be the people who jump from listing to listing to read everything. You’re now pulling them in, you’re giving them a much more engaging experience than you could have previously which means you’re more likely to convert that person at your feet. Does that make sense?

[00:35:39] Scott: It makes total sense. I look at it as and I’ve heard this terminology used before it’s like a dual path reader or you can…

[00:35:48] Chris: Right, it’s a cool readership path.

[00:35:50] Scott: You can read all the bullets and all those bullets will actually make sense. It’s like you’re just doing little takeaways or you can then read every little detail after the bullet and it will all make sense as well just in more detail. I’m a visual guy, I’m a picture guy. I like to see it that makes more sense to me and it keeps me engaged. I’ve told you the story about getting the email and I shared it with you because I said, “Hey Chris you gotta help me here,” because I felt bad. I wanted to respond to this person.

A little note for you guys, if you guys do ever email me do me a favor, break it down by little chunks so this way I’m not reading like this giant block of text. My eyes will immediately get lost and I will just, I’ll X off because I don’t have time to be reading a huge amount and I need to scan. Even if you’re going to reach out to anyone, even if you’re reaching out to enquire about something just break it down for people. People do like to scan.

It was funny and I got an email and I’m like I really want to answer this and I kind of tried to skim it but it was so hard. It was just a giant block of text like really big. I sent it over to you and I go hey, can you do me a favor? Can you just quickly skim this because you’re a better speed reader than I am? Can you just do that I want to make sure that I can reply and I did and you gave me like three takeaways. I’m like okay cool I can answer that.

I got a little lazy on that but I had to, I was like I was so busy that day for some reason I had a bunch of email so I’m like I want to answer this question but I totally, even with content I like to read that way. If you guys ever read any of my emails you’ll see I break it down that way because I know that that’s the way I like to kind of read emails and I’m assuming that you do too or a lot of people do.

That’s how I write them but anyway, that’s a whole another topic which we should get into one of this days Chris. We should talk about some ways to write so people can consume in detail. But we’ll do that another day.

[00:37:46] Chris: If that’s something that you guys are interested in that’s kind of really an in depth topic but I think if you guys are interested in that let us know in the Facebook group and if you ever go to theamazingseller.com to listen leave it in the comments on this episode so we know when to kind of put that because I know we like to do some of that kind of planning as well.

[00:38:02] Scott: We’ll wrap this one up here with you on it. Again Chris we’re going to kind of close this show out today with Chris still on. Normally I cut it and then I do my outro but this is going to be episode 294 so if you’re listening to this right now it should be airing on December 14th which is on a Wednesday. A couple of things I want to mention here, December 14th we’re in 4th quarter but now if you’re listening to this in July well then you can still get this information.

You can still use it but some of the things I’m going to say right here may not apply. But the one thing that will apply is the show notes will be located on this page, theamazingseller.com/294. There’ll be transcripts, probably want to download these, probably going to be worth you printing them out putting them on your desk. All about enhanced content and when we get more updates we’ll also add them here as well or maybe even do an update.

But this is episode 294, Chris mentioned the Facebook group. If you want to head over to the Facebook group, the TAS group if you’re not part of that community head over there to theamazingseller.com/FB and you can join us over there. There’s a bunch of great people over there, a lot of people. TAS community rocks by the way. I just wanted to remind you that and the one thing is kind of time sensitive.

If you are listening to this on December 14 today will be the last day that our replay of our workshop will be available and I think until tonight at like midnight. We are recording this early but I know that the 14th that is the date that our workshop which we won’t be doing another live workshop until after January 1st. But right now you can go to the, I’ll give you the link, theamazingseller.com/workshop.

If you go there you will be then directed to the replay of our last workshop which we did and it’s all about the five phases about launching. If you’re brand new you’re probably going to want to check that out. You’re definitely going to want to check that out because there’s all of the details as far as picking the product, sourcing, doing the pre-launch, the lunch and all that stuff in between. If you guys have been on one of those you guys know that they’re pretty good.

We do a live Q&A there so you won’t be able to ask questions on that one because it won’t be live technically but you can listen to all of the questions that we answered on that live workshop. Chris is there any last little bits of things that you want to mention here before we wrap this up?

[00:40:25] Chris: No, I think you pretty well covered it. I would say if you guys are going to check that replay out make sure you stay for the Q&A. Even if you’ve been to that workshop before it may be worth kind of pulling it up at another tab just to listen in on the Q&A because it’s like an ask Scott session on steroids every week.

[00:40:40] Scott: Pretty much.

[00:40:42] Chris: It’s on the fly so we get a little bit of banter back and forth and you get to ask follow up questions in those kind of environments as well so you get a little bit more information and a lot of answers. We basically do Q&A on all of these workshops until we drop. It’s like listening to… If you haven’t had enough of Scott and I after listening to this absolutely go check it out.

[00:41:05] Scott: Definitely do that and if you’re listening to this after the fact you can still go that page, theamazingseller.com/workshop. There’ll be a registration link there that you can sign up for or to be notified when the next one will be available which we’re not 100% sure that date yet but you’ll be notified when we do the next live workshop in 2017. That’s it guys, that’s pretty much going to wrap up this episode.

We’re going to close this thing right. I want you guys to remember that I’m here for you and I believe in you and I’m rooting for you but you have to, you have to, Chris you’re going to say it with me this time on the count of three and I want you to do it with little energy this time. I got to be honest Chris I got to go back to some of those episodes, little weak on the take action. Give me a little bit more energy.

[00:41:45] Chris: I didn’t know when you were going to say it.

[00:41:46] Scott: I’m going to give you the counting, we’re going to count to three. Are you ready for this?

[00:41:53] Chris: Let’s do it.

[00:41:53] Scott: One, two, three, “Take action.” All right man that was good, that was better. Chris you’re getting good at this.

[00:42:01] Chris: I’ve done it a couple of times now.

[00:42:03] Scott: That’s going to wrap it up guys, have an awesome amazing day, week, whatever time of day it is for you and we’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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  • Hi Scott,

    Not sure if you’ve been asked this question before but I recently got brand enhanced and my sales have dropped by 80%.

    Seems like every single word in my description is NOT being indexed by AMZ after I got the BEC approved.

    Do you have a solution for this problem? Some keywords in my bullet points aren’t even being indexed properly now.


    • Hey Tom, EBC shouldn’t impact your bulletpoints at all, and it shouldn’t impact your overall search ranking since Amazon claims to not use the description for ranking purposes, what time period are you talking about for the sales drop? And have you looked at the seasonality of your product over the same time period?

  • Great episode, Scott! I was wondering if you were going to do one on this topic!

    I’m in the process of submitting my EBC as well, but to be honest I find the process excruciatingly slow.

    I have listings with dozens of childs, and using the same content for a single parent listing, but apparently “this category only allows child listings to be submitted.”

    And since I can only make 10 submission at a time, and it’s taking a couple of days for each submission to be approved, it’d take me a month to have it all done.

    Am I missing something? Or is this just the norm?

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