TAS 331 Ask Scott Session #101 – Product Liability – Fix Negative Feedback – No Buy Box and Traffic

Scott is fired up and ready to deliver on this Friday’s Ask Scott Session! He has been traveling and had the opportunity to meet up with some TAS followers in Dallas, TX. Scott also had the fortune to learn from Tony Robbins! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott shares some important insights and lessons he learned from both of those experiences as well as get to questions regarding liability insurance, fixing negative feedback, and dealing with no buy box options. This is the place for answers to YOUR questions, so sit down with a pen and paper and get ready!

Making a personal connection really matters

Making the personal connection really matters! A lot of people may write that off as a platitude or simplistic statement but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Relationships matter in life and business. If you don’t get that, you won’t find success. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott describes how impactful it was to recently meet up with a group of TAS followers. He wants people like you to know that you have a HUGE influence on how he runs TAS and the services he provides. This isn’t just something Scott is passionate about, it’s applicable in business too! As you are building your business, consider how you can provide quality service and create raving fans – you’ll be better for it.

Lessons learned from Tony Robbins

While Scott was traveling he had the opportunity to hear from Tony Robbins. He walked away so pumped up from the lessons and insights he gathered that he wants to share them with his TAS crew! Here are three key lessons Scott walked away with:

  • Don’t fall in love with your project or product. Not every product will be a “Homerun.”
  • Fall in love with your market/clients/customers. Learn about them and how you can serve them better. Become an expert.
  • Focus. The power of clarity and commitment. If you can focus and commit to your goals, you can achieve whatever you want.

Scott also takes these lessons and shows how he has applied them to his life. He gives a great update on his progress with his personal fitness goals. Make sure to catch this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear more!

Do you need Liability Insurance?

Getting started with selling products on Amazon can be intimidating. Many people have a lot of questions and there are numerous unknown factors. One of the leading questions that comes up is what to do about insurance? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott gets a question about how to determine if you need insurance as a Private Label seller and also whether you need it as a product reseller. Are you at risk? What do you need to do to cover yourself? Scott isn’t a lawyer but he is able to provide some helpful guidance to this question. Listen to this episode to find out what you need to do to make sure you aren’t putting yourself at unnecessary risk.  

How do you overcome negative feedback?

How do you overcome negative feedback as an Amazon seller? Maybe you made an early mistake and you are trying to recover. One of the best ways to recover your standing is to engage in retail arbitrage. Go out there and find items that you can list and hopefully turn a profit and start getting some positive feedback on your account. You can also reach out to your customers and go the extra mile to make sure they are happy and satisfied. This isn’t unfixable, this is something you will be able to overcome. You just need to sit back, make a plan and put it in place. To hear Scott expand on these solutions and more, make sure to catch this episode of The Amazing Seller!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [7:30] Wisdom Scott learned from Tony Robbins.
  • [16:10] Question #1: Do I need liability insurance as a product reseller?
  • [23:15] Question #2: How can I recover from negative feedback?
  • [28:15] Question #3: I’m not getting the traffic that I expected, is it because I don’t have a buy box?


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TAS 331: Ask Scott Session #101 – Product Liability – Fix Negative Feedback – No Buy Box and Traffic


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 331 and session number 101 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I do it every single Friday and I am fired up as usual guys because…

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…I just got back from Dallas Texas where I was able to meet about 40 of you. 40 TASers out there showed up in Dallas Texas.

I mentioned that I was going to be there attending an event which was pretty amazing. It was a click funnels event put on by one of the click funnel’s staff but it was also called Funnel Hackers Live and I got to meet… Well not met him, but I was able to attend a four and a half hour session with Tony Robbins someone I’ve looked up to for years.

I’m actually going to share with you some cliff notes from that really quickly because there are some takeaways that I want you guys to take away as well, I think it’s pretty powerful stuff. The one thing that I realized by going here, not even to the event. Forget the event for a second. I was able to meet about 40 TASers for about… I think we think we hang out for about three and a half, four hours and it was just really awesome to do that.

Every time that I’m able to meet some of my listeners it makes me aware of what I’m doing and the impact that I’m able to make by doing this, having a podcast and having on guests and explaining my story, the ups and the downs and all of that stuff. It really just made me realize just by looking at people in the eyes and listening to their stories really what it’s doing for them.

I had a brother and sister team show up, about 25 to 28 somewhere in that range. I think he told me he was 25, the sister might be younger maybe older, I didn’t ask. They drove all the way from Missouri, it was about a six and a half or a seven hour ride to show up to this TAS unofficial meet up just to hang out with more TASers or all of the TASers that showed up and also meet me and share their story.

[00:02:06] Scott: It’s just crazy because they’re going to do just over $500,000 their first year in business and they kept saying, “It’s because I listened to the podcast and that’s what opened my eyes to this business.” They even said they didn’t even know what a keyword meant when I started talking about keyword research and all of that stuff. They went from zero to where they’re going to do over $500,000 in their first year of business which is just insane.

I had another guy come up to me and he says, “Hey Scott, I got to give you a hug because you actually changed my life because I listened to your podcast and from there I started a business and been doing it now…” I think he said about a year and a half and his goal was to pay off his house and he’s on target to do over $500,000 as well.

It was weird, it was like everyone was doing about $500,000. Not everyone but it was just a coincidence that those two came up to me. Then another person came up and said they just got started and they’re at about the $5,000 a month. So it was just really awesome to hear from people. I said to them, you haven’t reached out to me though in an email and said, “Scott these are some of the results. This is what’s happening.” I said, “You got to do that. I need to hear from you guys.

If you guys are getting results of any kind or if you’ve had any sticking points that you busted through I want to hear about those so definitely reach out to me.” I’ve actually set up another voicemail where you can leave that. You can head over to theamazingseller.com/action and then just record a short message; make sure you put in your first name, where you’re tuning in from and then just give me a little bit of where you’re at. If the podcast has helped you let me know, I want to hear that stuff.

That stuff motivates me to get on here and continue to really produce this content but also share our results and then other people’s results.

[00:03:59] Scott: It just keeps me fired up. I came back from this even more fired up than I left to go to the event. It just really got me fired up because now I can see those people. I can see the people that I’m serving and it really just excites me to see that what I’m doing is making a difference in the world. It’s just really awesome.

Guys, I want to thank you guys for being listeners once again. I want also give you guys another little update here and the reason is because I had one of our 1K fast trackers show up there and he’s like, “Hey, I’ve been a listener for over 12 months, I haven’t done anything. When you announced that you were going to do the 1K fast track, the little beta group that we have, I jumped right in.” It was cool to shake hands with the 1K fast tracker and it was cool to hear also why he decided to join the 1K fast track versus just starting to launch his private label product.

A lot of it was because he was overwhelmed, didn’t know what to start with and just didn’t know what product to pick and all of that stuff. The 1K fast track was really created to really help with that, it’s to bridge that gap. It’s just really awesome to hear that people are now taking action especially in our 50-person beta group and right now they’re at week five I believe. We’ve got some pretty awesome results happening right now.

Before we even got started we did a pre-challenge and I talk about that, actually I did about a couple episodes ago, but I also talk about the strategy that we taught inside of the class, the pre-challenge and that is in episode 312 so definitely go check that out. We got people in there making money which is pretty awesome. I want to take a minute real quick to read to you just one of our students in there and what they had to say about the 1K fast track so far and it was from Jason Byrne.

He says, “This course opened my eyes to selling online when previously I had little to no experience of this. People really buy anything, providing the rank’s good, even used items as well discovered in the first bonus module. Scott, Dom and Chris put so much time and effort into exceeding what was demanded by providing us with round the clock support and extra bonus videos included how to use helpful software to scan items and how to list on Amazon.

[00:06:09] Scott: The access to 50 other students privately hold yourself accountable and drives you and even when you are working a dreaded J-O-B and have to carve out time to do this. With all the extra goodies and weekly hangouts, this was the icing on the cake for such a tremendous course by people who really know what they’re doing. Thanks a lot guys, by the way my last name is pronounce Byrne.” He put that in there because I have a tough time a lot of the times with people’s last names and it’s spelt B-Y-R-N-E. I wouldn’t have known how to say that so thank you Jason.

We’ve got a really awesome group in there and that’s just one of many inside of the class. I did want to remind you guys we are not open right now depending on when you listen to this, but if you want to get on the early registration list for when we do open the 1K fast track, it will be limited again to a small group of students, you can head over to 1Kfasttrack.com. Get all the details over there, get on the early notification list because we do limit the amount of people we put in there.

Last time when we did the 50 person beta group, we emailed people on that list and within six minutes we filled all 50 spots. If you want in definitely get over there and get on that early list. One thing I want to share with you before we jump into the questions, we are going to answer some questions here today, got a lot to cover, I got a lot to cover, Tony Robbins. I just had to give you a real quick, down and dirty cliff notes version of what I took away and I wrote some notes down and these were on my notepad.

The first thing he said was, “Don’t fall in love with your project or product.” That’s one big thing that a lot of do. We go all in on one product and then all of a sudden if it doesn’t work, we try to make it work and we try to make it work and we try to make it hard and it’s hard to get rid of it. I did an episode recently where I talked to Jeff Cowen about liquidating a product that might not be doing well. Definitely I’ll link that up in the show notes too.

[00:08:09] Scott: But listen, don’t fall in love with a product or a project. I think here what we can also say is you don’t necessarily have to hit a homerun every single time. If that product is doing okay maybe it’s base hit, that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be a home run. That could just lead you to the next thing. The next thing that he had said was, “Fall in love with your market or your customers or your clients. Find out what their needs are, find out what their sticking points are, what their problems are.”

I don’t care if you’re selling a garlic press, those people buying that are a market in the cooking space, start to learn the cooking space. Start to figure out what you can do to serve them better. Figure out ways that you can create content to help support them. I know it’s a garlic press but there’s ways that you can use the garlic press or there’s certain recipes or certain techniques for crushing garlic. I don’t know but there’s definitely other things that that person is buying other than just a garlic press. I think that’s what you have to focus on; the market not necessarily just the product.

The other thing he said was, “Focus; the power of clarity and commitment.” I love that, it resonated with me so much and it made me say, Scott you got to write that one down. That’s a writer downer because it’s so true. If we can focus and get clarity on what we have to do or what we want to do and we commit to that we can achieve anything that we want. I don’t want this to be a big motivational push for you guys but I want you guys to know there is power in that. There is power in clarity, in commitment.

One little example of that and I’ll give you guys a little bit of an update on my fitness journey if you guys have been following along, well, I committed just about 60 days ago. It’s a little over 60 days, I think it’s 61 days, I’m not 100% sure. It’s 60 or 61 days as of today that I committed to going with a program called T25, a beach body program.

[00:10:04] Scott: You guys that know my story you guys know that I fell off the wagon about three years ago meaning I wasn’t keeping in shape like I wanted to. I’d get on, I’d jump off, I’d get in, I’d get out. I just wasn’t dialed in and then I made the commitment. Actually my 18 year old son helped me make that commitment and he said, “Come on dad, you got this. You looked really good when you were 40, here you are at 44 you can do it again.” He really motivated me to actually take action and do it, so I did. I committed to T25 for the first 60 days and we just finished up and I am so proud to announce that I’ve lost 18.6 pounds to date. That’s a lot.

I was 192 pounds I’m 173.9 pounds as of this morning, I weigh myself every morning but it didn’t happen because I just went out there and winged it. I went out there and I followed the plan, I committed to it and I had perfect clarity on what I was going to do because I mapped everything out. You really need to do that. We can relate this right back to business.

If you are struggling at all with this right now I’m going to tell you right now go over to episode 200 and 207, those two there are going to help you figure out your why. It’s going to also help you figure out how to create that plan for you where you are today so you can go ahead and create these little mini-sprints to reach those goals. I think it’s really important because I made it through 60 days, so now what? Well, I’ve got to create another 60 day plan and I’ve already done that and I’m already on track so you have to do that.

I have to also say and I didn’t have this on my notes, the power of MO which I was reminded of again in the book The Compound Effect, you guys have heard me talk about that. The Compound Effect is a great read, if you have not read it read it or use the audio book whatever but he talks about MO, getting MO in your life and that is momentum. Now that I have these 60 days of momentum I have results, it’s going to keep motivating me and that’s the MO that we have to keep in our life.

[00:12:06] Scott: If you’re in the 1K fast track or if you’re following that model where you make your first dollar guess what, you’ve got momentum. Then you make your $100 and then you make your $1,000 and then you make your $10,000 that is momentum. That right there I’m telling you will drive you in every part of your business or your life. Get momentum but it has to start out with these little small sprints and you have to get clarity and you have to stay focused.

The last thing he said, which I loved it because it’s really close to what I say, is massive action but make sure it’s effective execution. Take massive action but it’s got to be effective. You got to look at the execution and how you’re going to do it, so plan it. Go back to episode 200/207, get the power of clarity and commitment working for you and then take that massive action. Just commit to it, make the commitment, whatever happens for the next 60 days I’m going to continually do this until I reach my goal.

I know that was a little bit of a rant but I am fired up today because again this stuff is really powerful and I had a lot of people at the TAS meet up in Dallas tell me, “Scott I love it when you go in rants. I love it when you start to talk about more mindset stuff.” The other thing that Tony talked about was the big thing that holds us back, one of the biggest things is the mind and I’m pointing at my head, the mind.

That is the one thing that hurts us the most because we don’t believe we can do it or we’ve done something before and we failed before in our eyes and we don’t want to do it again because we don’t want that failure. That’s the fear. The fear is the failure. To me there is no failure, there’s learning lesson and there’s a moment in time that can change everything in the course of your life, one moment. He said this too, usually, if you go back to anything that’s happened in your life, usually that one moment is what changed your life or created your life’s path.

[00:13:59] Scott: Perfect example is and I know I said I’m going to get going and I’m going to end in a second here but listen, one moment in time that if it was different I would not be here right now. There’s a lot of those but the one, there’s one big one that sticks out in my head and that one is 22 years ago now, actually 23. If I had never met my wife I never would be where I am today because I never would have done all of the things that led me up to where I am today.

That one moment I wouldn’t have my three beautiful kids. I wouldn’t have had those lessons learned through the process of trying to build my own business from scratch from when I didn’t think I could do it. If you guys have listened to episode 300 go listen to that one, that’s my entire story and you’ll hear all of the ins and the outs and the ups and the downs. I’m telling you it’s usually one moment.

Another moment was when I decided to try Amazon. That one moment changed a whole another direction of my life because then I started to see this opportunity and I seen that it could work and then I started sharing it with people and then we get the podcast and now that thing’s blown up. Now I’m having meet ups, now I’m having live events. Now I’m helping other people that have limited beliefs and I’m doing the 1K Fast Track and I’m doing private label classroom.

We’re doing all of these exciting things because of one moment. Understand one moment can change everything for you, every single thing and it can change the course or the direction of where you’re going right now. Don’t think where you are right now is where you’re going to end up because most likely it won’t. I can’t tell you where I’m going to be a year from now 100%. I have an idea but I can’t say 100% because as I do things, as I take massive action things start to emerge.

Things start to come to the surface and that’s where you start to see these opportunities and it’s up to you if you want to take that moment and if you want to use it or if you want to forget about it and move on to the next thing. I’m going to get rocking and rolling now. I apologize for that… Actually I’m not going to apologize for that because a lot of you say that you want me to do more of that. I’m going to try to do that and today I am just absolutely fired up so much. Let’s get rocking and rolling. Let’s go ahead and listen to today’s first question and I’ll give you my answer.


[00:16:14] John: Hi Scott, this is John [00:16:15 inaudible]. I recently pulled my private label product because I thought it was too risky. So now I’m researching a new private label product. The reason why I’m asking a question is, I was listening to your podcast; I believe it’s 293 you had with Michelle Love explaining liability insurance. Right now I act as a reseller, getting new money put together so that I can do another private label product.

I just wanted to find out what insurance do I need just as a reseller. I sell used books, small electronics, board games and other items I can find wholesale, free market, you know all the places. That’s my question. I’m not sure if I am at risk or not, can you please help?

[00:17:20] Scott: Hey John, thank you so much for the question and it’s a good one. I’m not sure I’ve ever answered this one before but it’s a great question. I just wanted to say if anyone is at all interested in learning more about liability insurance that episode was 293 and the title of it was Avoiding Lawsuits; Product Liability Insurance 101 and Best Practices and that was with Michelle Love.

Again going back to that moment in time, I met Michelle at one of our TAS live breakthrough events and found out that she does insurance and she does liability insurance or product liability insurance and other forms as well and she’s been doing it over 20 years. Pretty awesome, that moment changed things for me because now I have a resource which is pretty awesome and she’s really cool. That was a good episode. If you guys have not listened to that definitely check that out.

What you’re asking is if you have a product that you are reselling, so if you bought something that was a Mattel toy and then you’re listing it on their listing you’re asking, do you need that liability insurance? Now again, I’m going to put out the disclaimer, I’m not an attorney, I’m not a legal advisor or anything like that but if you are selling someone else’s product and you’re using their listing, really you’re just saying, here’s Mattel’s toy, maybe it’s a Lego set. Does Mattel make Legos? Maybe they do.

Someone who makes Legos, let’s say Mattel does let’s just do this for this example. You’re selling that product that you received at a discount at Target so then you’re going to list that product on Mattel’s listing or the person that listed that toy manufactured by Mattel means that they are going to be responsible. That’s my understanding because again you’re not the manufacturer. Now the thing that happens when we become a private label seller we are the manufacturer technically even though we didn’t manufacture it we are controlling the manufacturing process.

[00:19:23] Scott: You’re not going to get a manufacturer in China if that’s where you’re sourcing from to give you liability insurance on that. In some cases, if you’re state side and you’re taking in white labeling or if you’re private labeling in some capacity, there is sometimes that they’ll have their liability. Supplements is a good example of this.

A lot of times they’ll have their own liability insurance policy that you can go under but again that’s something you have to talk to your attorney about and them about. If you are selling anything at all private label-wise and it’s got some liability attached to it, something that could snap back and hit a kid in the face or a kid could chew it and swallow it or any of that stuff you’re definitely going to want a product liability insurance. Michelle Love is definitely someone that can help with that.

Again that episode that I would definitely listen to is 293 which goes over all of that stuff. I just want to go back to the other part of that question that I went down the whole private label road. If you are going down the retail arbitrage or online arbitrage or thrifting or any of that stuff, you are really going down the road of selling other people’s products. Other manufactured products that you are not manufacturing and I mean you like you haven't sourced yourself, those usually should fall under the manufacturer so you wouldn’t really need to worry about that. Again though this is just my opinion on this.

If you want to ask an attorney by all means do so but that’s what makes sense to me because if Mattel toys or Mattel is manufacturing a toy they are the ones that are going to be liable and I’m selling it as them on their listing. It’s not even my listing, I’m just using their listing to sell their product. Hopefully that makes sense and also when you are looking at private label products that’s a good point to bring up that definitely make sure that you’re not sourcing something that’s a huge risk.

[00:21:25] Scott: You want something that you would look at and go, “Okay, there’s probably a really low risk on this product.” I mean like if you’re sourcing knives there’s a pretty good chance there’s probably going to be a problem down the road. Someone’s going to cut themselves and you can be liable for that. Stuff like that that’s really obvious. Stay away from that stuff in the beginning, I would personally. Again, there’s going to be some regulations and all of that stuff that you got to deal with but just think about the product, think about if this thing could potentially harm someone.

I got another example actually. There’s a brand that I’m working with right now, we’re partnering on and there was a liquid that she was coming to me with that maybe we could launch this product. I said, number one yes you could but I wouldn’t want to right now where we are because it’s a consumable in a sense and it has other issues with it because it’s something that could be consumed, swallowed by a kid or even by an adult and then you’re liable. If it comes from China, I wouldn’t do anything in a liquid form from China because you never know what’s in it as far as that and all the regulations and all that stuff.

If it’s state side, if you’re doing it in the U.S. I still would want to have some form of liability because it’s something that if someone gets it in their system they could technically die. You don’t want to be liable for any of that stuff even though you might have the best clear instructions and warnings and all of that stuff you can still be liable for that. You gotta be careful but just use your head about it. Use common sense.

I always go back to that. Use common sense. Is this thing a huge liability if a kid gets it or if an adult uses it wrong? Just use your head. I always go back to common sense. I think we all have common sense we just have to use it sometimes. Let’s go ahead and listen to the next question and I’ll give you my answer. Let’s do it.

[00:23:18] Amanda: Hi Scott, my name is Amanda. I’m calling from the Wichita Kansas area. I am interested in learning more about Amazon pay-per-click advertising campaigns and optimizing my keyword searches. I have a few issues, however, I am a brand new seller so I’m not eligible to sell through FBA just yet. I made a newbie mistake of cancelling one of my orders so my cancellation rate is at 4.76 instead of the allowed under 2.5.

I’m trying to get that rate down as quickly as I can however being a new seller I don’t have a lot of sales to offset the one cancellation. Therefore, my problem is I can’t get the ‘buy box’ because my cancellation rate is too high and if I can’t get the ‘buy box’ my products aren’t eligible for advertising. I was wondering if you have any advice, words of encouragement, anything that you might be able to help my situation. Thank you so much for everything you do. Thank you.

[00:24:39] Scott: Hey Amanda, thank you so much for the question and congratulations on being a new seller. This is awesome. You’re doing well because you got launched. The downside is you’ve got a really bad refund rate or you’ve cancelled an order so now all of a sudden it looks like someone cancelled the order. I’m not quite sure why you did that, maybe seen that the product was… It’s just one product.

It was a little bit unclear there but what I want to do though is still go back to the question of if my seller account is really, really new and for some reason I got some negative feedback on my account, we’re really talking about feedback at this point, what can we do to make that go up? How can we get better feedback? The answer is sell more product. You’re saying, “Well I want to be able to use pay-per-click, I can’t really even get the pay-per-click or get to use it because I can get the ‘buy box’ and the reason why I can’t get the ‘buy box’ is because you got bad feedback.

There’re some things there that you have to think about as far as like how can you beef up and get better feedback on your account. One easy way to do it would be to just start doing some retail arbitrage. Like just go out there, start finding some random products, follow that whole process and then just go ahead and start launching some random products, start getting some feedback. I would also reach out to all of my customers at this point and be really making sure that they’re happy and they’re satisfied and then asking them to go give you some feedback.

We’re not even talking about reviews, we’re just talking about account feedback, that’s what we’re talking about at this point. If you have a brand new account and you only had one product and it got refunded that is going to look pretty bad. I would think that they would have something in their algorithm that could help with that. You might even want to call a support rep at seller or at the seller support and ask them.

[00:26:39] Scott: I would say, just thinking out loud here, I would just be let me just go on out and find some products that I can find in Target or Lowes or Walmart or a drugstore or wherever at a discount and then just… Even if you didn’t make a huge profit you just made a sale it’s going to then allow you to get your feedback score up. That would be my recommendation. The other thing that I would say is and the reason why you’re not getting the ‘buy box’ most likely… Now it’s a little confusing too because if you are the seller then you should have the ‘buy box’ unless someone else is there.

I guess if your feedback is poor then they won’t give you on the listing but they would give it to you like ‘sold by these sellers’ and I think that’s how it works on the backend. I think it depends too on the category. Forget about all that for a second, you’re right, if you don’t have the ‘buy box’ you’re not going to be able to use pay-per-click. I wouldn’t even worry about pay-per-click at this point I would worry about getting that feedback up and to do that you’re going to have to go out there and get some sales.

The way to do that is I would retail arbitrage if I could as quick as possible and just get products up there to start getting that feedback. Hopefully this has helped you. Once that happens though make sure that all your products have been inspected. Make sure that everything is checking out and then you want to launch that product and then you can start running your pay-per-click and then all that fun stuff. Hopefully this helped you, good luck, keep me posted.

Let’s listen to one more question, I’ll give you my answer, we’ll wrap this thing up and you guys can get off and take some massive action as Tony Robbins told me over the weekend. Let’s go ahead and listen to that next question.

[00:28:19] Frank: Hey Scott, this is Frank Urino and I just wanted to say real quick, thank you for your podcast it’s really inspirational. I would like to essentially extend my gratitude because without it I wouldn’t have essentially the courage to move forward in my endeavors. I do have a question for you, it’s in relations to a product I have. We just launched probably about two weeks ago but the problem is we’re not getting even have eyes on the product itself due to… I’m assuming because it has a merchant seller.

Therefore, we don’t have the ‘buy box’ and we don’t have the ability to run pay-per-click or the advertising because we don’t have the ‘buy box’. From my understanding that’s what it looks like. One little bit insight to see that… Essentially if my assumption is correct that being that we don’t have our items in Amazon, we couldn’t get them in because of the closure of their warehouses if this is possibly the reason why. Thank you very much and I look forward to your response.

[00:29:32] Scott: Hey Frank, thank you so much for the question and thank you so much for being a listener. I appreciate that and I appreciate all the kind words. I’m so glad that you are finding value in the podcast and you are actually out there using the information which is awesome. It sounds like this question actually came in… It’s funny, I went back to our recording and this one here must have fell through the cracks because this was before actually fourth quarter when they were not letting new FBA sellers send in products.

If you guys are brand new to this game actually Amazon announced in November that there was a cut off, they weren’t going to allow any more “new” FBA sellers. If you’ve never sent a product in they weren’t going to let any new sellers send any product in but you could list it fulfilled by merchant and it sounds like that was the case here. I think you were fulfilling it by merchant, you were having a tough time with the ‘buy box’ which that’s confusing a little bit because I would think that you would have the ‘buy box’ so something there isn’t making sense and then running pay-per-click same thing.

If you don’t have the ‘buy box’ well then obviously you can’t use pay per click that just doesn’t work. I’m not 100% sure but I did want to just say again, this seems like it’s coming up here in this episode is people talking about the ‘buy box’. Anyone that’s maybe brand new and doesn’t understand what that means, if you have multiple sellers on your account or if you’re a seller that doesn’t really have high standards you may not get that buy box.

That listing may show that it’s being sold by these sellers and then you have to click out of the listing over to who it’s being sold by and then you would see you if you’re the only one there, so that could be the issue. That also could be the issue of why you’re not seeing Amazon pay-per-click because technically you don’t have the ‘buy box’ because the ‘buy box’ isn’t even appearing because the only person that’s selling it is you. For some reason you have either a negative feedback and they’re not allowing you to have the ‘buy box’ or maybe the listing just went live and it hasn’t had time to allow you to have the ‘buy box’.

[00:31:38] Scott: There’s all different reasons why this could be but you’re 100% right. You’re not going to have eyeballs on your listing necessarily unless you have the ‘buy box’ and if you can do pay-per-click. The reason why I say ‘buy box’ is because you have to have the ‘buy box’ to run pay-per-click. If you don’t have the ‘buy box’ you can’t run pay-per-click and that’s how you’re going to get those eye balls inside of Amazon.

Now let’s think outside of Amazon. If you have this problem and you want to drive eyeballs to your listing and start getting sales because if you start getting sales guess what happens, Amazon notices that and they’re going to start ranking you and you’re going to start showing up. I would say what I would do or what I would have done depending on where you are in this process, even if you’re just listening to this and you’re running across this same situation, is I would do my own outreach.

I would reach out to people in my market that are influencers or people that have a good size audience. Instagram, I would go to Pintrest, I would go to YouTube, I would go to anyone in this space, Facebook pages and groups and all of that stuff. I would find out where my market is hanging out and then see who controls those audiences and then I would ask those people if I could run a promotion for them or I could give them product to give away at a discount. We could run a contest for a giveaway around my product, there’s a whole bunch of different things that we could do.

The other thing that we could do which we’ve talked about, and I recently just did a workshop with my good friend Chris Shaffer, and that is create a contest around your product in a sense that you are able to then sell your product on the back end. We’re building a launch list or a list, an email list of potential buyers in that market and a real quick down and dirty way of doing this is to basically create a contest bundle that’s similar to your product or that can be used with your product.

[00:33:29] Scott: I always use the example of like, if you’re into fishing and if you’re going to serve the fishing market you are going to create a bundle around that market. It would be maybe a fishing pole that market really likes. It’s a hot fishing pole right now maybe it’s a $200 fishing pole. I would take that fishing pole and I would use that as my bait I guess, it’s kind of funny using the two together. It’s where I’m using that thing to attract my customer and then I would start advertising that on these different groups and say, “Hey listen, I’m going to do this.”

I would do Facebook ads, I would do Instagram, I would do any channel that my audience is on and then I would pay a spot to be there and then I would start driving people to the contest. I would do that for 20 to 30 days and I’d build up an audience, an email list of people that are interested in that. I might sell the tackle box or maybe I sell the hanger in the garage to put your fishing pole or maybe it’s the vest.

Whatever it is, the next thing that would seem right with that product that would be on the back end that we could sell to that email list later and that could also start getting you some eyeballs on the listing. Again, it’s thinking creatively outside of Amazon if you’re not able to drive traffic right now. Another example of this is in jewelry. A lot of people are trying to sell in jewelry and they go, how do I do pay-per-click? How do I get eyeballs? If you haven’t been in there for a while and you don’t have access to any advertising platform inside of Amazon you got to be creative about that.

That would be this, maybe you do a giveaway for a really nice piece of jewelry, maybe $200, $300 piece but then on the back end you have all of these other things that you sell that you can drive people to later with discount codes and coupons and all that stuff. I can go on that stuff for days. I actually did a workshop on that with my good friend Chris Shaffer. You can find that by going over to theamazingseller.com/buildlist. We’ll put it up in the show notes as well and you can get all of that there. It lays everything out as far as how we’ve done that.

[00:35:32] Scott: Actually we’ve built many email lists now in different markets and in this particular case study that we share we built one just over 7,000 for this case study but it since went to about 16,000 plus. We’ve just recently did other ones which we’ve done over 5,000 emails and another one we’re working on right now which it’s only been about 20 days in and we’ve got over 4,800 emails. It works to build that list and then from there you can then offer your product.

Hopefully this helped you. I know I went on a little bit of a rant there or a tangent at the end there but it’s pretty powerful stuff but again you have to figure out how to get your product in as FBA if you can. If it’s an oversized item you want it may be fulfilled by merchant then you got a few other things you have to consider. The main thing is trying to get that ‘buy box’ on your own listing because it’s your listing and you want to be able to control that.

That’s pretty much what I got for you guys today. I went a little bit longer today I think because at the beginning I was doing a little bit of recapping of everything that’s going on and I’m really fired up to share all this stuff with you guys. I just want to say thank you so much for being listeners of the podcast and share with me what’s happening in your world. Head over to theamazingseller.com/action, let me know what you’re taking action on, some of your results. I’d love to hear it and maybe even air it here on an upcoming show.

Again when I was able to meet these people up in Dallas and they were sharing their stories it was just mind blowing and also gave me another perspective of my audience and my listenership. I just want to say doing that really does help me connect with you guys just like I do here every single Friday on these Ask Scott sessions. Let me remind you, if you want to ask a question, to have it aired on an upcoming Ask Scott just head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and you can do that.

Just record a short message there, first name, where you’re tuning in from, brief message question and I’ll do my best to answer it. The show notes, this episode, theamazingseller.com/331, all the links, all of the notes and all that good stuff can be found over there. I’m going to wrap it up guys, again stay fired up this weekend or this week whenever you’re listening to this and just get out there, create your plan, execute on it and get MO in your life like I said that momentum.

That’s it, that’s going to wrap it up. Remember, I’m here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you but you have to you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, I am so fired up today you cannot even imagine, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day guys and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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