TAS 340 Ask Scott Session #104 – Printing Guides and Inserts – Testing Products – FBA Meetups and Master Minds

Have you figured out your “Why” yet? What drives and motivates you to reach for success in your business? You’ve got to find out what that is so you can tap into it when times get difficult. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott gives a personal update and a peek into his “Why.” When you hear Scott describe his life and the joy he gets from the freedom he has, you will understand why it’s so important to lock into what motivates you. Make sure to catch this great episode!

Make sure to share your success!

Have you ever done something really difficult that required a lot of determination and effort? During that difficulty, did you have anyone to encourage you or help you push through it? If you have experienced that before, you know it can make all the difference in the world. That is one of the huge benefits of the TAS Facebook group. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott gives a shout out to one of the TAS Facebook group members who shared his progress. If you aren’t part of this group yet, get on it! You will find encouragement, help, and camaraderie. It’s also a great place to share your success and get fired up! Learn more about this great resource on this episode.

Quality goes a long way

You’ve heard the saying, quality over quantity right? It’s an important lesson to heed when you are putting together your packaging for your product. Remember, anyone can turn out mass produced, low-quality products, but there aren't’ many sellers who take the time to add the little things that go a long way. It doesn’t take a lot to impress your buyers. Start small. Put some effort into quality packaging, a thank you note, a discount code on their next order, a product guide, and even high-quality pictures of the product in the posting. Any one of these options will elevate your product. Take the time and consider how you can take your product to the next level. Hear Scott expand on this concept and more on this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Getting started with FBA

Remember when you were a kid and you were nervous about jumping into a pool without checking the temperature first? Do you ever feel that way when it comes to business decisions?  Maybe you are wondering, like one of the listeners on this Ask Scott Session, what is the best way to get started with FBA? Scott gives some great advice and a couple of avenues to go down when you are just getting started in this pursuit. Make sure you take the time to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller to catch all of the insight Scott shares on this subject!

Get involved with other Amazon sellers

If you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while, you know how great it is to get with other sellers and trade tips and tricks. Joining the TAS Facebook group is a great way to get started with interacting with other sellers so you don’t feel like you are out there all alone. Another great option is joining or starting a local meetup with fellow Amazon sellers in your area. One TAS listener asked Scott what he thought about this idea. Scott is a HUGE fan of it and provided some excellent suggestions on how to get started on this episode. You don’t want to miss it!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [0:40] Scott gives an update about his personal life.
  • [2:30] Figure out your “Why”
  • [7:40] Shoutout to a TAS Facebook follower!
  • [9:10] Where do I start to begin putting together an info booklet or some sort of material to include with my packaged product?
  • [20:30] What is the best way to get started with FBA?
  • [27:35] How do you lay the foundation for a local gathering of Private Label sellers?


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TAS 340: Ask Scott Session #104 – Printing Guides and Inserts – Testing Products – FBA Meetups and Master Minds


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 340 and session number 104 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I do it every single Friday and you guys know I love this time of the week because I get to listen to your questions. Let me remind you guys…

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…if you have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming show just head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and you can do that, you can ask a question. Now guys, I just want to give you guys a little bit of an announcement but also give you a little bit of what’s been going on in my world. You guys probably know if you are a long time listener that my daughter, my older daughter, my oldest daughter is getting married in July of this year.

Yeah that’s right my oldest daughter is getting married, she is 21, going to be 22 in July so she’ll be getting married at 22. I got married when I was 21 so there’s not much I can really say other than, hey, I think she’s going to do great and I wish them the best of luck. I got married when I was 21 so if you are in love and you think that that’s the right person for you then go for it. I think that should be the mindset and that should be the attitude. We are excited, we are happy for her but my wife this past weekend flew out to New York and I was by myself this weekend with my son, my 18 year old son and they went out for a bridal shower that my wife put on in Upstate New York and that’s where we are originally from.

I had an awesome weekend spending with my son who is 18 which is really cool. Him and I had a really good conversation over lunch one day and we were talking about me getting married early and having kids early and how that’s allowed me to still be cool because I’m 44, that’s my current age of the time of recording this and he’s 18 so I’m still weathered.

[00:02:03] Scott: I’m still working out with him. I mean we went to the YMCA, we went to the gym we worked out and actually we bowled a few games which we haven’t bowled in a long time and we just had a really, really good time just hanging out and just talking about life, his future and all that stuff. I just want to remind you guys, it’s all about lifestyle for me anyway and it depends on what you are doing this for but I always go back to and I’m always reminding people, figure out your why. What is the reason you are doing all of this? There’s got to be a reason. It’s not just the money and I was telling that to my son. I’m like, “Yeah you can put a target out there how much money you want to make as like a trophy but in the end what is it that you want to do? What does that life look like for you?”

It was great because he had a lot of the things that I had taught him growing up that’s really been instilled in him that he wants a similar lifestyle that I have, to be able to coach his kids and being able to be at all of those events that I was able to be at. I know how it is to not have my father at all of my events and no fault of his. I mean he was in three jobs to support our family and a lot of people out there are in that daily grind. Again it just comes down to the lifestyle that you want to create is really what you have to do is create that plan to go out there and then get that.

Go out there and figure out a way and that’s what to me online business can do for any of us is really create that lifestyle. I just wanted to remind you of that if you are struggling with maybe this business model or other business models that you are playing with, whatever it is try to stay focused and give yourself that runway. Give yourself a time to really focus on that one thing and then go after it. Create that plan. Like I said it’s all about creating the plan and going out there and attacking it and really going at it like this is what you really want in life so you are going to work your butt off and figure out a way to make it happen whether it’s time…

[00:04:06] Scott: Maybe you don’t have time right now. Well figure out a way to get time or to use some of the time that you currently have that you think you don’t have enough time. I always go back to the story when I was first married, when I was contractor I was still working 60 plus hours a week and building my house on the side. I built a house from scratch on the side. At nights when I got out of work I’d work till six, seven o’clock I’d go and I would build that house and put in the work. It’s like once you start something you have to finish it especially a house and I finished that in 11 months and it’s something that I look back and go, “Holy crap how did I do that?”

I had one thing in mind and I had to do it and my ‘why’ was I had to create a home for my family to live in that I actually built and I did that. Again guys we can do anything we want out there but we have to figure out how to make it happen and I’m not going to sit here and use this whole episode as a lesson about creating your ‘why’. I’ve already done that. I just wanted to remind you of that and I was reminded of how lucky I am this past weekend when I was able to spend some really good quality time with my son and listen to where he’s going in life and where he wants to go and all that stuff. It just really reminded me that it’s up to us as individuals to go out there and get what we want in life and make the lifestyle that we want to live.

Remember you have one life to live so isn’t that a soap opera? I don’t know if you guys are old enough to remember soap operas was it Days of Our Lives and One life to Live and General Hospital. You guys remember those? I remember watching some of those as a kid with my mother, that’s funny going back. Anyway, we are going to get rocking and rolling here. I did have another announcement, if you guys are interested in learning about sponsored product ads we just did a complete week-long training on that. Totally free, it’s still free.

[00:06:03] Scott: We recorded everything, we did Facebook Lives, we did a lot Q&A. You can find all of those resources by heading over to theamazingseller.com/ppc. So that’s theamazingseller.com/ppc and we just dug into sponsored product ads, all of the ins all of the outs. Again I’m not an expert so I went out there and found experts and really drilled into understanding how this works because it is very important to understand this because when you are launching a product or whether you have a product that’s a slow mover or maybe you just want to start getting some additional sales or maybe you want to start ranking for keywords this is it.

If there is one thing that I would say that you should try to master it’s that and I think it’s always going to be changing. It’s not something that you are going to set and forget but it is something that you can learn and you can get better with over time and you can always be testing things which is really cool. If you guys are interested in checking out that free training definitely go check out that resource that we created for you and we are going to be creating more free training and we are possibly even going to maybe by the time you are listening to this there’s going to be also a private Facebook group for just sponsored product ads. If you want more information on that definitely check out that resource at theamazingseller.com/ppc

The last thing I want to do is give a shout out one of our Facebook TASers, one of our peeps. I want to give a little shout out a little screenshot that they posted of what their journey has been looking like lately and what they’ve done through this process and it’s Ollie Winston. Ollie if you are listening I just want to say congratulations and I wanted to give you an official shout out and this is what Ollie had to say. He said, “I’ve been selling on Amazon for a number of years now. It is only after joining this group that now my sales are really starting to climb thanks to the help and inspiration from Scott Voelker and the other members of this group. My sales are nothing compared to some sellers on this group but for me they have improved a lot from this time last year so thanks for all the inspiration. For anyone starting out you can get there.”

[00:08:12] Scott: He put an actual screenshot there. 25 units that day that he took it and he also had his sales for the day which was over… It’s in pounds but it was basically, I did a little calculations it’s over $400 and then also for the month it was over $20,000 which is pretty awesome. I just want to say congratulations and keep rocking and rolling and if you guys are not tied into our Facebook group, our TAS group, definitely get over there and again just get yourself involved over there and learn from other people. That resource, again I’m not going to give you the link, I’ve given you too many links now just go to the show notes page it will be there and you’ll be able to have access to that group once you are approved.

Alright guys let's go ahead and let’s get rocking and rolling here. Let’s listen to today’s first question and I will do my best to give you a good answer. Let’s go ahead and let’s kick this baby off, what do you say?


[00:09:10] Dan: Hey Scott this is Dan calling from Northern New Jersey. I love the podcast and all that you do, so thanks a lot appreciate it. My question is regarding having materials made up for our products such as instruction manuals or e-books so that we can include them to the buyer for each package. I’ve noticed that some of the products I’ve purchased on Amazon come with either a nice instruction flier or some sort of booklet and I was wondering if you had any recommendations or resources that we can use to do the same for our customers. For example let’s say you have a finished product and you need to show users the different ways that they can use the product.

Where would you go to find people to pose for pictures, people to take pictures and also people to put together everything in a package and provide the customer either a physical format like a book or an e-book? Let’s say you have a new kitchen gadget, where do you go to find people who are willing to be in the pictures and also maybe find a nice setting that you can take the pictures in so that they can be used in either the listing itself or as I mentioned included as some sort of booklet or a pamphlet with the product? Hope that wasn’t too long, thanks again Scott appreciate everything you do.

[00:10:33] Scott: Hey Dan thank you so much for the question from New Jersey. What’s going on man? I am from Upstate New York originally so we are neighbors in a sense. I’ve probably passed through your neck of the woods going to a Giants game. I’m not sure if you are a Giants fan or a Patriots fan or a Jets fan but hopefully a Giants fan and if not we are still friends it’s okay I’m okay with that. I won’t hold that against you. Let me just answer your question. First off again let me just say thank you for being a listener, I appreciate that, I appreciate you submitting a question.

This is a great question because I think having some printed material with your product will definitely make it a better experience for the customer. Now not every product is going to lend itself to having printed material but I think a lot of it will and it’s funny. Every time that I receive a new product myself just from buying stuff, like I literally just bought a mat for underneath… Like right now I’m standing. I should have probably mentioned that this is my first recording I believe with podcast that I’m standing. I’m standing right now with a new desk that I have that it’s a stand up desk and I’m on a mat and it really feels good to be standing up because before I was always sitting and I just project better but I also feel better, the back’s better, all that fun stuff.

Anyway back to the topic here. I’m always tearing open the boxes or taking them apart carefully and I’m looking and seeing what do they put in there that is really good from some of these major brands? I just bought, well I’m actually using them today, I bought the Beats they are the wireless ones, the Bluetooth ones and they are supposed to be more for everyday listening not for like necessarily for listening to basey music and stuff. I believe they are the Beats X. My son helped me pick them up this weekend but I like them because they are wireless, they fit right around your neck.

[00:12:31] Scott: I took the packaging apart. Him and I were both going through it because he knows… Again I always talk to him about this stuff. So we were looking at the packaging and we were looking how things were placed and the printed material and all of that stuff. If anyone is thinking about packaging or anything like that pay attention to what you are receiving when you buy something. Again marketing material, look at their marketing material, look and see how they are leading you back to maybe their website or maybe they are leading you back to a resource. I bought a lens for my phone not that long ago and they had it where you can go and post your pictures that you created with that lens to create that experience.

There’s ways that we can take that printed material and then just give them a better experience and that’s really important because then you can get better reviews and feedback and then people start buying into your brand and all that stuff. I know that doesn’t have anything to do with your question of where do you get this stuff created and I’m going to get there.

One place is 99 Designs but you are going to have to give them what you want so if you don’t have someone that can write this stuff for you then you are going to have to hire someone to do that. That would be someone like even an influencer in your space that’s maybe selling the kitchen gadget so you would hire them to do a major review on it where they would write a whole bunch of stuff and then you can have an editor pull that stuff out and then create that guide of how to use it.

I think probably most of us could write a really rough draft and then have an editor make it clean and make it where it’s more polished. If you don’t have any skills on that then you are going to have to hire someone. Now a graphic designer isn’t necessarily going to create the written stuff as far as like the creative. They are going to just take it and make it look pretty so if what you are asking is where you get an e-book written I’ve always used iWriter.com in the past and I’ve had good luck with them.

[00:14:30] Scott: They have some different levels to their packages, I always go with the top because I’m willing to spend more to get better quality especially if it’s something that’s going to be printed and used over and over and over again. The other thing is your photographer, again talking a little bit about packaging and all of that stuff you asked where do you get stuff, where do you get the pictures taken to put in those brochures? A lot of times a photographer has resources to hook you up with a location shoot. Maybe it’s someone that they know that has a really nice gourmet kitchen and then they reach out to them, they rent their kitchen for a day or for two hours and then you go in there you do your shots and they do the setup.

Yes it’s going to cost you money. Any of this stuff that you want to do a little bit more high end high quality is going to cost you more money. My good friend Jarret who I had on the show he spends up to $1,500 to have photos taken of his products. Now, again it sounds like a lot of money but he does like five different products in that photo shoot so he’s technically getting five products shots of I think about eight to ten each with lifestyle, with actual models coming in, location shoots, like all of that stuff for 1500 bucks.

Again to a lot of people that’s a lot of money but if you can find a really good photographer locally generally $300 to $500 for a day’s worth of shooting and maybe even editing is probably about the going rate. Again if you want to invest in your product material it’s definitely worth it and he really swears by it and I do as well that that product image or images is going to help sell that product. It’s like the closest thing for them or to them coming in your store and actually seeing the item and feeling it and touching it and having really clean photography. They are able to create what we call in the photography world a shallow depth of field where the background is out of focus but the product is really crisp and clean.

[00:16:33] Scott: You’ve probably seen that, maybe you are not even aware that you’ve seen that but that’s more of a professional look and a lot of these photographers know how to do that. Photography is big, finding someone that can write really good about your product, but I would just come up with your bullet points and then have someone create maybe a better version of your bullet points to really elaborate on that there because that way there it can make it sound more professional. But again if you want someone to write a guide to help them again you should have those five things that you know that your customers are going to need to know to use this thing and then from there again you can hire someone to do that.

You can hire someone at Upwork. That’s basically a marketplace for freelancers and you can find people there that can write. You could go to Fiverr. you are probably going to have to do a lot more digging in Fiverr than you would at Upwork because you can see their credentials and then you can even hire them even just doing a test product or project and then from there you can hire them to do the full fledge, the fliers. Again, if you have your content that you want done in these guides and stuff you can go to 99 Designs. 99 Designs is going to cost you probably for something like that probably anywhere from $300 to $1,000 depending because again you are having them do more than just a logo or more than just one side. You are going to have them do pages so that could add up.

Again those are some resources, maybe reach out locally, maybe there is someone that’s in your network right now that you know of that is a graphic designer or maybe some type of designer or maybe a photographer or maybe you have a friend that knows a photographer or a designer. I always like to try to find people if I can locally so that way there you can have lunch with them or coffee with them and you can talk about what your project and then they can work on it and then you can go back and forth.

[00:18:35] Scott: But if you don’t have that resource you can always go to 99 Designs, you can go to Fiverr, you can go to Upwork there is a lot of different resources. If you want someone to write an e-book that’s all about maybe, like you said maybe you are selling a kitchen device and you want to have someone write a cookbook you can go to iWriter and say, “I want a cookbook written with 25 recipes of X desserts,” or something like that and then they are going to do the research. They also have things there where we’ll have… So this way here they are not plagiarizing, they are not copying.

There is actually a filter that gets run through that will allow you pretty accurately from what I understand to where it will say, I think it’s called copyscape where it will run it through so they can see if there is anything out there that they find that’s been plagiarized because we don’t want that either. And then also once it’s done you own it and all of that stuff. That’s what I would say, I would try to do as much as I could roughly and then hand it over to an editor if I can do that and then as far as imagery goes, as far as images and all that stuff photographer, graphic designer, you can find those either locally or you can find those on like I said 99 Designs, Fiverr or Upwork.

Hopefully this has been helpful I know it’s a lot to take in but it really is important I think with packaging and guides and brochures and stuff like that to have that’s stuff created and have it look really high end. Yes you’re investing upfront but you’re also giving that customer a really good experience and when they touch that, when they touch the packaging, when they touch the booklet, there’s just something to being able to touch it that makes it seem like a better quality versus just an e-book.

Now it doesn’t mean you can’t also give them the e-book as a download before they even get the product to get them excited about it, you could also do that if you wanted to. Let’s go ahead and let’s listen to the next question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:20:33] Brent: Good day mate. Brent here from Australia. I’m currently running a drop shipping store. I’ve been running for three months, it’s making a profit, so that’s good. I’m pretty happy with that. I really want to venture into the Amazon FBA platform. I think that’s where my passion lies.

At the moment I’m researching private label product and as you know this can take… Obviously, the research you can take maybe a month, maybe sooner, but the whole process is probably over this time period, three to four months. Can you tell me how I can get some products in Amazon quicker? I was thinking about going to AliExpress maybe buying 100 or 200 products in China that I think might sell.

I’m shipping it to Amazon FBA just to get my feet wet, to learn the platform, to learn the system, so I have some experience prior to actually launching my FBA product when I do. I’m happy to invest $500 to $1,000 if that’s what it takes. Obviously, I’m not going to be too fast if I don’t make a huge profit. As long as I break even I’ll be happy. This is just more about actually learning the platform prior to actually launching an FBA product.

If you can give me some advice on that that will be appreciated because I really want to get my feet wet as soon as possible and send something to Amazon so I can learn and see how everything works. Let me know if it’s a good idea. Thanks Scott.

[00:22:00] Scott: Hey Brent thank you so much for the question. I love the accent, love it. I had to play this question just because of your accent. No, seriously I want to answer your question too but love the accent. I want to get to Australia eventually. It’s on my bucket list, I think I’ve mentioned that before. My son has a friend that he played basketball with that was from Australia. He played in a summer league with him.

He actually just brought me back a shirt from Australia with the Australian flag which was pretty cool. I have that and I wear it. Actually, I wore it in a Facebook Live not that long ago. Anyway, love the accent and eventually I want to get there and visit, so that will be fun.

To answer your question, number one, you’ve already got some experience in selling because you’re drop shipping. My question too would be do you have any insight as far as the items that you’ve drop shipped that you could potentially private label or even wholesale? Maybe there’s already something there that you’re just overlooking, that would be my first thing. Is there something in the drop shipping space that you’re selling that could be an accessory to something?

It doesn’t have to be that item maybe it’s something large that you’re drop shipping but you might have an accessory that could basically bolt on or something like that. That would be one of the things that I’d be looking into. The second thing is AliExpress I think is a great idea like you said. If you have 500 or 1,000 bucks and you just want to gamble a little bit, you want to throw a product or two out there and see what happens I think that’s a great idea.

That’s something that I’ve even considered. I’m actually busy right now with enough products being launched in this one brand that we’re starting. It seems like we’re going to be going on that for a long time. Every week there seems like another product or two that we can launch. We’re trying to play catch up to which ones we want to launch first which is a good problem. If I wasn’t at that spot right now I would definitely be thinking about the open brand concept in a sense to where like I’m working with Dom Sugar.

[00:24:07] Scott: We talked about that recently about the open brand where we’re testing products in certain markets so we can get there quicker. Even if our profit margin isn’t that great, as long as we know that if we validate that it will sell then we can go ahead and we can buy more and we can get our cost down maybe we’re air shipping we can then go by sea. There was actually a girl that I was semi-coaching in a sense because I had her on the podcast which should be airing here soon.

We were talking about how she’s gotten to where she is which I think she’s doing $1,600 a month right now and she wants to switch gears a little bit because her profit margin isn’t that good because she’s tested that it works but she’s paying I think like six bucks for shipping on this thing. I think she’s paying like four or five, maybe even six bucks, so she’s paying 12 bucks and I think she’s only selling it for like $20. It’s not that great.

I think she said like after all said and done she might be making $2 or $3. The first thing I said was we can reduce that cost by doing sea shipping probably by a lot, maybe even $4. Maybe we can get your shipping down to $2 a unit or maybe $1 a unit. Now we’re getting $4 or $5 back. But we validated it.

In the beginning I don’t really look as far as like I have to hit the $10 profit or $8 profit. As long as I know in the future we can reduce that cost then I’m okay with that but you have to do that homework first. I think it’s a great idea, I’ve said this before, for people that are just either nervous and they don’t want to get started right away with a huge order, they don’t want to go deep they want to go wide.

I think that’s a great strategy because then if you do the right amount of research as far as finding products that don’t have a lot of reviews, they’re still getting sales I would say give that a test. That would be an easy way to do it. Now you’re going to learn how to list a product. You’re going to learn about product pictures. You’re going to learn about optimization. You’re going to learn about sponsored product ads. You’re going to learn about all of that stuff through that process.

[00:26:18] Scott: So many people they don’t see that when they’re launching a product that they’re learning so much through that process just like the girl that I just interviewed and did like a little hot seat with which I’m going to be sharing that. Like I said, a little coaching call. Again, she learned so much through that process and now she’s adapting and she’s figuring out the next product might be a little bit different than her first product but she learned a ton through that process.

I say, I think it’s a great idea. If I was talking to one of my buddies and they said, what do you think I should do in the beginning? I only have 500 bucks to get started. I would say exactly that. That’s exactly what I would say or I would say take that 500 bucks and do some retail arbitrage and then go out there and make that $500 turn into $1,000 and then maybe even do it one more time and then get up to where you’ve got a couple grand. Maybe that’s what you do.

A lot of different things you can do but I think you’ve already got a little bit of an advantage because you’re drop shipping so you’re already selling in the online space. Anyway thank you so much for the question, thanks for supplying the awesome accent that you have. Just want to say, I wish you luck and keep me posted. Let me know what you do and let me know how it works out for you. All right guys, let’s listen to one more quick question, I’ll give you my answer. We’ll wrap this up, you guys can get on with your weekend and we’ll get out of here. Let’s go ahead and do that.

[00:27:37] Alison: Hi Scott, my name is Alison. I’m a private label seller out of Atlanta and I have really enjoyed listening to your podcast. Thank you so much for putting the information out there. I have started recently meeting with other private label sellers in my area and we’re considering getting together sort of loosely based on the mastermind concept but just to give each other support selling on Amazon, share dos and don’ts that we’ve learned.

I was wondering, it seems like you’ve obviously had a lot of experience meeting with other sellers on Amazon. If you have any suggestions for ground rules we should lay at the beginning of forming a group like this, things that you have found that worked well in working with other seller, cautionary tales that you’ve experience or heard of that we might want to all just to have on our radar from the beginning to avoid potential conflicts down the road. Thank you very much for your time and thank you very much for putting the information out there that you do. Have a good day.

[00:28:40] Scott: Hey Alison, thank you so much for the question and it is really, really a great idea of what you’re talking about. I’m so glad that you’re doing that in your local area. I think a lot of people could do this. Meetup.com you can go there and you can create your own meetup. I know Dom Sugar was doing that a while back before he even got associated with me and now every time that he does a little meet up it turns into a massive meet up.

I think it’s a great idea to be able to go there and support each other, give a little bit of a check in but you’re right, there does need to be some structure. What’ll happen is you might get people that are brand new, you might get people that are seasoned and they’re selling $25,000, $30,000 a month and you might get someone that’s even bigger than that that’s doing $100,000 or $200,000 a month. How does everyone get value? That’s the question.

You might want to have some rules to get into the actual group. That might be rule number one. That doesn’t mean they got to be really, really strict or hard but it will make it so everyone is talking on the same level or similar level so everyone can learn and grow from each other. Now, you might want to have two different groups maybe one for new sellers and then one for intermediate sellers, you can do that as well.

You can just say, you can come if you are a new seller and we’re an intermediate group you can come and sit I but honestly we’re not going to be talking or we’re not going to be really be answering any questions about how to pick your next product or how to setup your seller’s account because you don’t want to take away from the group.

[00:30:19] Scott: I think the other thing is depending on how big you make the group you want to have structure as far as how much time does everyone get to speak. If you have a group that’s more than 10 people that’s going to be hard because someone can talk for 25, 30 minutes each and then depending on the topic it can just go on forever.

You do have to have some type of structure and someone needs to really man that or stick to the plan. Sometimes people can get upset because you’re like times up we got to move on but you have to be able to really have some type of structure. I think that’s the big thing. Maybe you even do it where it’s a theme for the week. Maybe you do a theme week where this week we’re going to talk about sponsored product ads and next week we’re going to talk about inventory and then the next week we’ll talk about something else or maybe even month.

Maybe you’re going to meet once a month. I think that number one, size is going to really determine how structured it can be and how much everyone gets out of it. You could also do it where you say it’s limited to 12 people and maybe every other meet up, every maybe half the group you select that everyone gets 15 minutes in their hot seat and then they can ask the group a question or maybe one sticking point or maybe one win.

There’s a lot of different things that you could do but I think keeping it simple is key but I also thinking keeping it really tailored to very similar type of businesses meaning not a newbie all the way to someone that’s doing $100,000 a month. I think that it’s going to be too drastic of a difference especially the people that are doing $100,000 they’ll stop coming because they’re not going to get any value from that other than yes maybe they like helping people which I think would be awesome. I don’t necessarily think that’s going to be the best thing for a group as a whole.

[00:32:19] Scott: Anyway, I hope that that helped you and keep me posted on how that works out. Again anyone listening right now you can do this. You can create your own little meet ups. Have 12 people or at the most 20 come to a certain location maybe once a month and you’re able to meet people and network. Who knows, you might meet a partner there that you guys can partner on a brand eventually. Maybe instead of having just your brand you have a partnership on another brand.

Maybe you meet someone that doesn’t really want to launch another brand but they have some extra cash flow that they want to invest and you can work something out with them. Maybe you just pick someone’s brain about something that they just found out and then they can help you with that. There’s a lot of benefits to it. I’m a big fan of meet ups and meeting people in person I think is really key that’s why whenever I visit a new city I generally do a TAS unofficial meetup.

That’s just for us to be able to meet people but then it also brings people together and then usually people walk away just meeting those people that could be potential resources for each other and helping each other and just meeting in person.

There’s no other experience out there in my eyes than meeting people in person and shaking hands and looking into the eyes and getting to know people one on one. I’m a big fan of it. I say go out there and do it. Anyone that wants to do it just do it and be a leader of that group if you want to and again like anything just make it happen.

All right guys, I think that’s going to pretty much wrap up this episode. I went a little bit longer than I wanted to just because I want to keep these usually within 30 minutes or less. You guys know I like to talk a little bit especially in the beginning and really trying to drill down into those life lessons and how to get people unstuck which I think is really, really important.

[00:34:14] Scott: Guys, that’s it. That’s going to wrap it up. Again, if you guys want any more resources on sponsored product ads, if you’re at that level definitely check out that resource that we’ve created which is going to be updated on a regular basis. That’s theamazingseller.com/ppc. This episode is 340 so you can always head over to theamazingseller.com/340, get that transcripts, get all the show notes and all links and all that good stuff.

All right guys, that’s it. That’s going to wrap it up. Remember, I’m here for you and I believe in you and I’m rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing week and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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