TAS 349 Ask Scott Session #107 – Bundles – Testing Products That are gated – Trumps Import Tax

Celebrate and Reflect on Milestones

It’s tempting to just breeze past the little steps that you have taken on your journey toward success – DON’T! It’s very important to slow down to celebrate and reflect on the milestones you have reached along your journey. Naturally, it’s easier to celebrate victories but Scott encourages entrepreneurs like you to pause and reflect on the difficult hurdles you’ve overcome too. He has found that this simple practice of celebration and reflection has had a huge impact on his outlook on life and business. To hear Scott go further with this concept, make sure to catch this episode of The Amazing Seller!

When is a good time to start bundling your products?

Do you have a product that would pair really well with another product and is a perfect fit for bundling? Would it give you an advantage among your competitors? If so, you really should consider bundling your product. Instead of just having a bundled or unbundled product option, Scott encourages sellers to have three distinct SKU’s, one for the main product, one separate for the product that you want to add to the bundle, and then a distinct SKU for the two products bundled together. If you’d like to hear Scott explain this process in more detail, listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller!

The process of getting ungated

Are you trying to get into a gated category on Amazon? Have you been thinking about approaching this process in the near future? Then this episode is the one for you! Scott breaks down several different approaches to getting ungated and how you should handle this process. It can be complicated but if you have a product that you know will perform well, then go for it! Get everything you need to know about the process and other resources that will help you along the way on this episode of The Amazing Seller!

Should you worry about US politics and how it could affect your business?

It can be difficult to stay enthusiastic about the future and building your business when something like politics rears its ugly head. Many in the TAS community are a little concerned about US and China relations and how that will affect their business. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott gives his take on the situation and how he encourages sellers like you to prepare for the future. If this has been on your mind lately, make sure to take the time and check out what Scott has to say – you don’t want to miss it!

Don’t let CHANGE stop you from TAKING ACTION!

Along with the changing political climate, many TAS followers have concerns about changes with Amazon, Facebook Ads, Google and more. How can you prepare for these changes? What steps can you take to ensure that you don’t get left behind? All these questions are valid but Scott encourages sellers like you to take a longer approach. The truth of the matter is, change is constant. Don’t let the many variables and confusing changes paralyze you from TAKING ACTION! Stay informed, gather the best information available to you but at the end of the day, you are responsible for your own success.


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:45] Celebrate and reflect on your Milestones!
  • [3:00] TAS follower shoutout.
  • [6:30] An update on TAS events.
  • [8:30] Question #1: A question about bundling products.
  • [17:00] Question #2: What is the process for getting ungated?
  • [22:00] Question #3: With the current political climate, should we be concerned about sourcing our products from China?
  • [30:00] Don’t let change paralyze you from taking action!



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TAS 349: Ask Scott Session #107 – Bundles – Testing Products That are gated – Trumps Import Tax


[00:00:02] Scott: Well hey, hey. What's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 349 and session number 107 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I do it every single Friday and I'm going to do it again today. Super excited to be here, so glad to be able to spend a little bit of time with you and answer some of your questions. Now let me just remind you…

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…if you want to ask one of your questions and have it aired on an upcoming show possibly, well head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and do that. Just leave your first name, where you're tuning in from and a brief question and I'll do my best to answer it here on the show. I love hearing from you guys. So definitely head over there and do that.

Now today we're going to be talking about bundles, we're going to be talking about testing products and ungating and we're going to talk about Trump's import tax. Oh my gosh, we're going to get into politics. Not really but we're going to touch on that as well. Now I want to remind you guys about the show notes. You can find them by heading over to theamazingseller.com/349 as always, the transcripts will be there for you, show notes, any links that we mention will be dropped in those show notes. So definitely go check those out. I just want to say guys, like I'm getting so many people in the Facebook group that are just reporting as far as like their journey, as far as like what's going on, like their ups, their downs and I love it and I want to really kind of highlight one here right now.

So I think it's really important and the one thing I want to highlight, you guys know on Fridays I generally give you guys like what's on my mind, kind of like a thought or maybe a phrase or something that’s kind of top of mind for me or something that's just resonating with me for that week. Well this one here has to do with milestones. I want you guys to really think about this. I want you to maybe even go back to when you started this journey or maybe any other journey because I think it's important to go back in time a little bit and see where you started and where you are now.

[00:02:03] Scott: A lot of times we don't look back at where we started. We just kind of look at where we are in the present and we don't reflect back on the things that really got us there and the lessons learned through there. So I want you to remember where you started maybe even start to journal it right now, like maybe today is the day or maybe you know what it was like when you first started and maybe the things that got you to where you are today even though you might not be where you want to be yet.

There's still milestones, ways for you to celebrate but also ways for you to reflect and learn from each of those different parts in the journey. So what I want to do here real quick, real quick before we jump into today's live questions is give a little shout out to one of our TAS’ers. And that TAS’er is Lee Winters. So Lee, I just want to say thanks so much for posting inside of The Amazing Seller Facebook group and this is exactly what he did here and I love this because he's reflecting and he’s also not getting down on himself and he's just moving forward.

And he looks at this as a milestone and really, really sweet and simple he writes, “Exactly 60 days since my first Amazon sale.” So he's saying okay my first sale was 60 days ago and he says one milestone at a time and he shows a screenshot and that screenshot gives the 30 day window as far as like what he’s done in the past 30 days. So basically the screenshot has today's earnings. It’s $154.89, 11 units. Seven days was $1,468.98, 102 units and then 15 days was $,3054.83, 217 units and then 30 days was $5,011.32, 368 units. So number one let's give Lee a round of applause. That was an awesome job and thank you so much for posting that because I think people need to see this.

[00:03:59] Scott: Like there's not going to be all of these numbers all the time of people saying, well I just did $25,000 last month or I just did $100,000 last month. Like it's funny, I was doing a periscope the other day and someone on there said, “Scott I love it how you know you're not one of those guys that goes out there and just you know talks about the millions or talks about you know the hundred thousand dollar months and all of that stuff and having all these people on. People a lot of times like to hear stories like this because it shows progress but it's more obtainable. It's more real like that's why I always talk about the 10 x 10 x 1 and that is if you guys are brand new to the podcast you don't know what that is but that just basically means where you're shooting for $100 per day.

Like starting there and then growing from there and you can see Lee has done exactly that. I mean he's on his way like but he's also not getting down on himself and he's also reflecting on what he's done here and a bunch of people jumped in and said well done, keep learning, keep pushing forward, it seems as though you are on the right track. So just a lot of great support inside of that group. So if you guys are not part of our Facebook community for TAS definitely go over and say hello and just look around. I mean I think you're going to learn a ton just from going there and if you have any issues or any problems with whatever you're struggling with at that time just go to the search bar inside of that Facebook group and type in what you’re struggling with.

Whether it’s sourcing, whether it's shipping, maybe it’s product research and you'll get a bunch, a ton of other threads that have already been started and you can go ahead and start looking through those. So definitely wanted to just highlight the Facebook group because it's amazing and TAS’ers out there, that you guys are awesome. And I just wanted to let you guys know I appreciate you guys for being so supportive to each other inside of that Facebook group. The other thing I should probably mention, some of you may or may not know but we generally do I say we, myself, Chris Shaffer and Dom Sugar, we generally do pretty much we've been doing it for the past few months every Friday at 2 o'clock p.m. eastern time.

[00:06:06] Scott: We're doing a Facebook Live, where we're answering the questions in the TAS community. So if you are not a part of that or maybe you didn't even know about that, definitely make sure that you're connected inside of our Facebook community but then also make sure that you're around at 2 o'clock p.m. eastern time and you can get on there live, you can ask us questions. It's a way again for us to connect with you and help you wherever you are in your journey at that moment.  So just definitely wanted to remind you of that. And the last thing I did want to say before we jump into today's live questions that I’m going to be answering here. I want to quickly give you a little update on our North Carolina meetup.

Some of you have asked in the past, “Scott when are you going to do in North Carolina. I know that's close to where you are now. I'm in South Carolina but I'm about 30 minutes to Charlotte.” So we decided to do an unofficial meet up in North Carolina and we're also going to do a private workshop. So we're going to do Friday night, will be like an unofficial meetup where anyone is invited and from there we'll go ahead hang out for three, four hours generally that's what they've been and we get to hang out, we get to meet each other, we get to talk, shop a little bit and it's just a really cool way for us to connect in this community.

So that's what we're going to be doing there and then we also decided to do a really, really small intimate workshop focused on building your external email list, your launch list and really we're not just going to be showing the strategy which we are going to do. We're going to show that. We're also going to build one in front of you and we're going to build yours with you. So again, it's going to be very, very small and the reason is, is because we’re going to be more hands on here than we have in the past but it's only going to be for 15 people.

So if you're interested, head over to theamazingseller.com/live and whether you just want to come to the unofficial meet up or if you want to come to the small workshop that we're doing, definitely go there, get all the all the details, get on the early notification list and depending on when you're listening to this, it may have already wrapped up but you can still get on the early notification list for whenever we do other workshops.

[00:08:07] Scott: And if this works out, I might do other ones here more frequently in this area because obviously it's easier for me and then this way here we can reach more people. So definitely go check that out. So guys, I'm pumped up. I can't wait to jump into these questions. Let's kick this baby off. What do you say? Let's go ahead and listen to today's first question and I'll give you my answer.


[00:08:27] Phillip: Hey Scott. My name is Phillip and I'm from Italy. I want to thank you first of all for all the help and useful info’s and advices that you give us and I couldn’t imagine this starting with the private label without your podcast. I have found product which has few listings which are very similar to each other. Most of them are well done and I believe that the only way to enter this market is by differentiating myself by using another material which no one else is using and by entering the market directly with a bundle with other five accessories which would be something like a starter kit and no one else is selling a bundle for this main product.

The problem with the bundle is that my price would be double or more than competitors for every possible main keyword and I fear this would prevent me to reach the first pages. Do you think I should start small with just the main product in a different material or give more value and uniqueness from the beginning with the bundle? Thank you very much again and I hope you can answer. Bye.

[00:09:57] Scott: Hey Phillip. Thank you so much for the question all the way from Italy. That is awesome. So thank you so much and I’m a big fan of Italy. I would love to visit one day and have some authentic Italian food that would be amazing. I'm a big Italian food lover. Recently I've been staying away from the pasta and the chicken parms because well you know trying to stay in shape and stuff but definitely on a cheat day I would definitely be going for that chicken parm. Maybe a little pasta that'd be really good. Okay, now that I'm really hungry, let's go ahead and let's address your question here.

And what you're basically asking I believe is you want to differentiate yourself with bundling because there's two products that you think go really well together and if you put those two together then you'll stand out and not a lot of people are really doing that right now. But the fear is now you're going to be priced more so people that are searching for one or the other, you're going to be more expensive even though you're bundled. I get it. I understand that. So here's my thought.

Number one if you're going to bundle something you probably should just list them individually too. Now when you do that though it's going to add a little bit more complexity to it, meaning you would have to source three different products in a sense. Because you’re going to have individual ones, so that's you know, one of each. So now you’re you have another SKU. So you have two SKU’s now and then if you bundle it that's got to be in one package. So technically you have three SKU’s. So there's advantages to that as well but then this way here you can still compete on the singles but you now have the bundle which then people would buy because if they look at the two individual and you would price it that way too. You would price it where yours let's say it's $9.95 for the one $9.95 for the other, I'm sorry let's do $14.95 for each and then your bundle is $19.95. So it’s a no-brainer to do that.

[00:12:01] Scott: The other cool thing about doing that is, if you have people coming in searching for the one item, you're going to show up. You almost use those lower price point products as your lead in offer. And if you bring people in there and then they're exposed to the bundle, again it's a no brainer. They're going to look at it and go, well that makes like so much sense. Like I need both of them and I would buy both of them but I’m going to individually buy one for more. If I spend an extra five bucks I get both. No brainer. But like you said, if you go at this thing with just putting the bundle together first you can try it but it might be harder to get things going.

The other cool thing about this though, I keep going back to the positive things here, is now you also get to have more search terms and keywords around your listings because you to have two different types of products. So I guess what I'm saying is you got to look at the competition that's there right now for the singles. Can you compete with the singles even though you might not be like really super different or can you do something to each of those products to make them a little bit unique by not going out and doing new molds and all of that stuff? Like are there things you can do there and is too competitive to go singly with each of those products and could you even compete there if you wanted to.

So I know I'm throwing a lot of questions at you but these are things that you need to think about and there's things that I can't really decide unless I had this stuff in front of me with the numbers, the depth, the demand and the history and all that stuff that I've talked about before, which is in episode 189. So if you guys want to know more about like depth, demand and stuff and how I look at the history, that's episode 189. You definitely want to check that out because that'll give you some insight as far as how to kind of reverse engineer those numbers and see what it's done in the past and the depth and all of that stuff, but I think you're on the right track.

[00:13:59] Scott: Now let me ask you this. Again I'm asking you. You’re not going to give me the answer but you can ask yourself this question because this is what I'd be asking you if we were having that cup of coffee is, if you were to take your bundle and let's say you put the two together, are you still able to make that a really attractive offer? So meaning if they were to buy one you know one product of each, let's say it is $15 each and you're going to come in and do a bundle for $22.95 and you're still going to make a good margin on that. That's a no brainer too because then you can come in to the market a little bit higher because now when people are searching for that single item, you're going to be displayed hopefully on page one if you do a lot of promotion for it, if you do a lot of sponsored product ads and stuff like that.

Think about this now. If you have, if you have that bundle and let's say it's selling for $22.95 and your competitors are selling theirs for $15 or maybe even $19.97 that would be great if they were because now you would come in at $22.95 for two of them. If you started running sponsored product ads, to each of those products, so when someone is searching for the single thing, they're going to see your bundle for just $22.95 or even $24.95 and theirs is $19.95. Again you‘re showing up to the right people and you know we talk a lot about that. About messaging or finding the right message for your audience or the right target and by you going after the garlic press but actually people that search for the garlic press also search for the garlic bag.

And now when they search for the garlic press they see that bundle in front of them and it's really a great deal because they’re like well I buy the garlic press for $19.95. I can get the garlic press and the garlic bag which the garlic bag normally is $12.95. I could buy those two together for $24.95 or something like that you get what I’m saying. So those are some things to think about, to consider. Hopefully this has been helpful or anyone else out there thinking about bundling. Bundling is a great way to differentiate yourself, but you have to look at exactly what you're seeing here and making sure that you’re not going to be over pricing yourself to where no one will even want it because it's too expensive.

[00:16:08] Scott: You have to make it attractive and you have to make it where it's a no-brainer and by doing that yet you really need to go over your costs and go over what you think the max is going to be and if you can do this as a test run that would be my first bit of advice. If you could do like you know 50 or 100 and then just bundle them together. My good friend Rich Kibble has done this in the past really well. Where he took two popular products, merged them together and he really did that in the beginning by having two items shipped to his house, put them in a poly bag or a box and then shipped them in. So he did it by hand just to really validate the market and the concept that it was going to work and then it did and then he had the manufacturers start to package those two together. So hopefully that helped, let's go ahead and listen to the next question and I'll give you my answer.

[00:16:55] Ramiel: Hi Scott. This is Ramiel from Ohio. First of all, thank you so much for helping and inspiring so many of us every day. You're truly doing an amazing job. So I have recently started listening to your podcast and I'm in the product research phase right now. Can you please talk about the process of getting ungated, sample ordering and testing the market first and then ordering the big order like 500 units from Alibaba for a gated category. I’m struggling with the sequence of these three steps.

So if you just order the samples to test the market, is it possible to sell it without getting and ungated? If not then how do I get ungated just with the samples? Does Alibaba suppliers provide invoices for samples? Would Amazon ungate me with such a small quantity like five units? I would appreciate if you can shed some light on this topic. Again thanks for all the help. Have a nice day.

[00:18:01] Scott: Hey Ramiel, thank you so much for the question and this is a good question. I like this question because well it can be challenging to get ungated with a handful of your product. Because we need to split that up into three invoices as of right now to get ungated that is one of the pieces that you need to do, to get ungated. The other option though, that you have and there's a couple things that you can do here and I'll kind of go through these with you right now. But the first thing is maybe what you do, is you look for a different category that fits what you're selling without it being gated. It has to make sense though. I wouldn't say to do this just to kind of game the system so you can get your product up and running.

I would try to find something that's a related category that makes sense but yet might not need to be ungated at this point. And then if you start to see that you can get sales because now even though you're not in that category, you can still promote that product, you can still get sales. It's just pay-per-click will be more expensive and things like that. The ranking might be a little bit more challenging but again it'll still get validated so that would be one option. The other option would be to buy more than five units. I know you’re trying to do this probably low cost and you're probably trying to do it with you know just five units.

I mean that's really a small order. I would say if you're going to try to get ungated, you're going to want to split like maybe 50 up into you know three batches or maybe 60 and you do 20, 20 and 20 or something like that and this way here you have those three invoices. If you guys are brand new and you don't know the process of getting ungated, we did a full episode of this in episode 212. So theamazingseller.com/212 and we go through that myself and Chris Shaffer and give you a detailed kind of a way to kind of go through this process step by step and you guys can check that out. If you're interested, I'll also link that up in the show notes.

[00:20:01] Scott: But that's like my recommendation, like if you're going to go into a category that's gated, you are going to have to go through that process or you're going to have to find another category that isn't gated that you can still sell that product in that makes sense. The other little bit of advice would be well maybe you hold off on this one and you start with another category that's not gated with a different product. Maybe one that’s related but then you know if you wanted to later, you can then take the two products and help them sell each other by you know showing up this frequently bought together and all of those things. So this way here or if you're doing like an open brand concept, it doesn't really matter.

You can just say okay on this category I'm going to hold off on right now. I'm going to go over here to this category because I had another product over here that I was thinking about launching, that's not related to this one and that's what we call our open brand concept. It's where you're launching different types of products under one umbrella brand. Meaning something like a Walmart or a target they are the umbrella of the brand and then they sell sub-brands underneath their main brand.

So yes they have sometimes their own PL products. Like Target has their own brand. Walmart has their own brand you know usually the grocery stores have their own brands but I’m not talking about that. I’m saying like you know let's say the grocery store sells Tide but you know the name of the you know or Walmart they sell Tide detergent, well that's a sub-brand obviously underneath. It's a brand that they sell under their umbrella, if that makes sense. Hopefully it does. That's kind of the open brand concept.

But again depending on what you're doing is going to decide what you can do here. But hopefully that's giving you a little bit of direction there on what to do. If you have not went through episode 212, I strongly recommend that you do that because that is the process and it might be more challenging if you have only a handful of products to do this you’re probably going to need to order more and then have your supplier break that up into different batches.

[00:22:02] Scott: So this way here you can show three different invoices because that is part of the process. So thanks again for the question. I appreciate it and good luck to you. Keep me posted and let's go ahead and listen to one more quick question. We'll wrap this baby up. Let you get on with your weekend. We'll call it a day. What do you say? Let's do it.

[00:22:17] Jake: Hey Scott. My name is Jake Bass. I'm calling you from my morning commute to work right now. I just wanted to call in and let you know that I appreciate everything that you do. So does the TAS community, we are all grateful for the information that you provide us. I've been a long time listener. I finally sourced a product and it's being shipped into the United States from China right now.

My main question is, with the current political situation that the United States is in and the possible trade deals being changed or modified are you concerned at all about sourcing from China and if so are you looking into alternative options about sourcing from the United States? I'm sure everybody pretty much inside of the TAS community would love to source from the United States but pricing is a valid concern and even selection.

So I wanted to see if you had any recommendations or if that was in your future plans and if so what the steps you're planning on taking to source from the United States is going to be? If you could answer my question, I would be very grateful and keep on pressing on man. I love your show and I'm going to continue listening to it. Have a good one Scott.

[00:23:48] Scott: Hey Jake, thank you so much for the question on the morning commute. Man, the morning commute. I hope that it's a decent commute for you and I'm glad I'm able to help you with that journey by putting out some of this content for you to consume while you're going to work. I’m not sure if you love your job. Some people do still love their job. I know myself, it was really hard for me and they didn't have podcasts and stuff when I was getting into the online world or even my brick and mortar business in the beginning. Like podcasts weren't even really a thing.

So I can't even imagine how distracted in a sense I would be going to work and thinking about, I have to go to work, focus on what I'm hired to do but then in the back of my mind I got all of these other things I’m thinking about that I want to work on as soon as I get out of here. Like the minute I get out of here, like I got to start working on this stuff and yeah. So anyway, hopefully it's a good drive. Hopefully you still enjoy your job a little and yeah so I just wanted to kind of throw that out there. But hey thanks so much for the question.

Okay, so you know I've had this question when the whole you know politics things started and the whole election was happening and all of that stuff and the big thing was Trump is going to be slapping importers with this humongous tax and all of that stuff and what are you going to do. Like what are you going to do Scott? Are you just going to stop now? Are you going to stop private labelling? Are you going to stop you know physical products or what are you going to do?

Are you going to stop? And the answer is no. I'm not going to stop. Am I really thinking that far down the line? Not really. So many things can change. If we sit here and we think about everything that could happen, we’ll never do anything. Never. So I'm still looking at products in China. I'm still sourcing products in China. I'm still selling products that we get from China and if that happens it happens you know. And then we’ll deal with it you know.

[00:25:56] Scott: The worst case is, we're going to pay more money for our products. We better have good margins and then we'll probably have to then consider U.S suppliers and say can we work with them at that point maybe we have a good volume going that we say to a U.S supplier, “Listen  we order 5,000 units a month of these. What you can do for us?” Maybe it works out to our favor. I don't know. But I will say this. If all we do is sit here and think about what's going to happen or what could happen. I mean heck, I mean Amazon just came out with another update about their reviews. Well I'm sorry, not about reviews, about follow ups but they did reviews a little while back that was a big thing.

And now all of a sudden it's like with the follow emails. Like they're giving the customer a way for them to stop getting your emails. Oh no, now what do we do? Do we stop? Is it over? Are we able to you know still you know reach our customers some way? Yeah there's still ways, you know. You're still going to follow up as of right now you can still send emails you know through your Amazon account as you always could. It’s just they have the option to opt out which I don't think is a bad thing. Because if you're hitting them over the head every day with an email to buy another product. I actually had someone reach out to me and say Scott can I email through Amazon, all of my past customers and let them know of a new product that I have coming out, and the answer is no. Like that's what they’re saying.

If you're following up with them on a recent purchase and you're making sure that they are happy and that they're satisfied and you're giving them extra value, they're not going to care. I mean they're just not going to. Yeah you're going to get handful that are like you know what, I don't want to hear from this company. I just bought from you. I don't want to keep hearing from… You're just going to get those cranky people and that’s okay. We don't want those people on our list anyway. So it's just a way for them to be able to unsubscribe. So it's not a big deal.  And I know that's not your question. But what I’m trying to say is, there's a lot of changes that are going to happen. There's more changes coming guys. I'm telling you that right now.

[00:28:00] Scott: Amazon is going to do other changes as more sellers come in, as they get bigger you know as they get bigger, as they get more traffic, as things happen. As things evolve. They're going to change things and guess what Google is going to change things too. They're going to, they're going to change the way that they rank websites. Guess what? Facebook, they're going to change their ad platform again and they're going to change how we get to communicate with people on Facebook and guess what, Instagram is going to change. Like there's always going to be changes.

The other thing that’s going to happen here, I'll tell you this right now, I'm going to predict this. If you're in a local area or your local area and there's a coffee shop there, “Mom and Pop.” I can guarantee you that there's going to be another coffee shop within probably five miles launched or opened and that person is going to be devastated because now they have competition. More competition. I mean I remember with my father's business going back in the construction days where there was a Lowe’s that was getting ready to build about a mile down the road from us, one mile. Now you would say well okay, that's just building supply materials. No they started offering installation services.

Oh my gosh, we had a meeting and we brought everyone in and we're like we got to step up our game, we got to focus more on customer service, we got to offer lifetime warranty with free exchange and like all of these different things we started to panic. Because Lowes was coming in but you know what, it didn't really hurt our business. If anything people came to us because they didn't want to deal with a big major company. Yes some people did still. They went there because it was cheaper. But you always have people too that still want to get service. They still want to know who they're communicating with. That's just like our photography business. Like we could’ve grew that, bigger without myself and my wife being a part of you know the picture taking but then we would have lost the personal touch.

[00:30:01] Scott: You could have Sears, who I don't even know if they still do photography but people would go there and get package that they would advertise, get a one pose but you get 100 different pictures in this little package for like 15 bucks. We were still selling ours for over $150 and we had people coming in every single day. So my point is this and I know that I'm kind of going off on a little bit of a tangent here but I think it's necessary. Don't sit there and think to yourself, I just heard something's going to happen, so should I not do anything? The answer is, if you feel like you’re going to be thinking like this all the time and you can't get past it then being an entrepreneur is not for you, period.

If you are going to be dwelling and thinking about this stuff day in and day out, it's not the right business for you. But let me ask you this. Like you know, you're driving to work right now maybe and you're thinking to yourself, this is a slam dunk. I'm going to work. I'm going to get paid next week. You know how people have been let go at the end of that week. There’s been a lot of people that go to work that morning and they find out at the end of the day that they no longer have a job after the next two weeks or they're downsizing. Like that's happened all the time to people. It's been happening for years. So there's things that are going to happen.

This Trump thing I have no idea if it's going to happen. Do you how many things it has to go through, how many channels it has to go through to get approved. Everyone thinks that Trump came in and all of a sudden everything he says he's going to do is going to happen. We all know that that's not the truth. He can just voice his opinion or he can say this is what I want to do start the bill and it's got to be passed. It's gotta be voted on like it's not just his decision. He’s the driving force yes but it's just him giving oh this is what I want to do and he's going to get his team behind it but then it's gotta be voted on by congress and you know whatever other channels it has to go through.

[00:32:02] Scott: But so many people think just because he said it, it's going to happen. Now I'm not saying it's not going to happen. It might happen and if it happens, it happens. Then I'll deal with it. But I'm not worrying about dealing with something that I have no control over right now and I'm not going to stop doing what I'm doing, like it’s just not going to happen. So anyway sorry for the tangent. I think it was necessary and you know I just feel very strongly about change and pivoting and it's been happening for me you know since I started out of high school working for my father and seeing all the changes in that business and then going into photography and then being in that business and seeing all the changes there and then building websites and getting them ranked and then Google change things and then we lose our rankings.

Like I've seen all this stuff happen. Facebook ads like I was running Facebook ads for my photography business and then they made changes and then all of a sudden was harder. Now all of a sudden what, you do you stop running ads? No. You just adapt. That's it. You're just adapting and pivoting and not thinking too, too far ahead because things are going to change. So you heard it here first. Things are going to change. And you're going to have to adjust. It's just the way it works. So guys I think that's going to wrap it up.

I got a little fired up there at the end but I think it was necessary and I hope you guys got some value from that and hopefully it sets your mind at ease or it lets you say to yourself, maybe this isn't for me and if that's the case, I want to be that voice for you too to let you know that it's not all rosy. Like there's not always going to be this awesome part of the journey going to you know going through this entrepreneurship, it's not.

Like there's ups and downs through anything. You've always heard people say grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence and I believe that. Like you think it might be until you get there then you're like you start complaining. I mean think about it, how many times have you done that. You've probably said the exact same thing. You’re like, man if I could just do that my life would be perfect and then you go ahead and you do it and you get and you're like, you start complaining about that thing  and it just it's just a matter of time.

[00:34:07] Scott: So just think about that. Every time you're thinking about complaining, think about it for a second and ask yourself is it really worth complaining and are you thinking too far down the line. All right guys, so that is going to wrap up this episode. Remember the show notes can be found at theamazingseller.com/349 and you can get all the show notes, the transcripts, links that we talk about there and I just want to remind you guys about the milestone thing in the beginning that I talked about. Remember where you started. I think that's important to remember. Remember where you started. Write it down today where you are and then look back at it three months, six months, nine months, a year and you'll be amazed at what you’ve done.

Not just all of the good stuff you've done, yes that's cool but you're going to also see what you learn by going through some of these sticking points and I really truly believe that. So guys that's it. That's going to wrap it up. Remember as always, I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you. But you have to, you have to… Come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud. If you're in the car, if you're on the run, say it out loud, “Take Action.” Have an awesome amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode.


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