TAS 366: New Brand UPDATE Using FB Live to Sell Products and Boost Sales and Keyword Rank

What are some simple steps you can implement today that will help you connect with a target audience, drive your sales, and expand your reach? Wouldn’t be great to have that plan laid out so you can just jump in with your product researched and your passion for making it work? Look no further! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott provides TAS followers like YOU with clear and easy to implement steps that will help you leverage tools like Facebook Live, charitable causes, limited time discounts, and much more! If you are ready to jump in and get started on the road toward success, then make sure you have a pen and some paper when you listen to this episode!

Leveraging Facebook LIVE

Did you know that using Facebook Live can grow your following, drive sales, and connect your brand to your customers? Most people don’t realize the great power of using a simple and easy to use tool like Facebook Live. By leveraging this tool, you can create weekly or daily videos for your followers that can help educate them on your subject matter and help them connect with your personality. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott walks through how he has utilized Facebook Live videos to connect with his followers and demonstrate his product which drove sales. If you’d like to learn more from Scott and how you can get started using Facebook Live today, don’t miss this episode!

Connecting your brand to a charitable cause

Most people want to make a positive difference in the world. This is why you see a lot of promotions for benevolent causes, especially around the holidays. In recent years, you may have also noticed the rise of small businesses that have attached their product to a charitable cause. An example that Scott gives is “Flex Watches.” Flex Watches allows customers to pick a product that corresponds with a cause they feel passionate about, then from the proceeds of the sale, Flex Watches gives 10% to that charitable cause. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott emphasizes the benefit of connecting your product and/or brand to a specific cause that will get your followers to rally around. If you’d like to hear more about this topic, make sure to listen to this episode!

You need to have a Facebook Group AND Fan Page

Starting a group on Facebook is pretty easy and it’s super simple to manage. However, you should also make sure to set up and build your own Facebook Fan page. This allows you to create content that can be shared by your followers to their networks. Both tools are essential to develop and grow a thriving Facebook marketing strategy. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott explains how he has been able to effectively communicate to and increase his following with both groups and fan pages. If you are ready to jump in and help your brand take off with Facebook engagement, don’t miss this episode!

Offer Limited Time Discounts

Everyone likes to feel like they’ve been “Let in” on a great deal or special savings. A great way to value your customers and drive your Best Seller Ranking is by offering a limited time discount on your product that is available exclusively to your followers. By setting a time limit on the offer, you put pressure on your customer to act quickly to keep from missing out on such a great deal. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott goes over how he has utilized this strategy recently and how it has brought great success and momentum to his new brand. If you’d like to find out how you can leverage this lesson and other insights from Scott, make sure to listen to this episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:00] Scott gives an update on his brand and how you can get started.
  • [5:00] Leveraging FB Live to drive sales.
  • [11:00] Linking a charitable effort to your product.
  • [14:00] Why you should have a FB Fan page & a FB Group.
  • [19:00] How to use a discount offer effectively and promote a FB Live video.


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TAS 366: New Brand UPDATE: Using FB Live to Sell Products and Boost Sales and Keyword Rank


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 366 and today I want to give you guys another…

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…update on the new brand that we are working on behind the scenes here. It’s pretty exciting and today what we are going to be talking about is something that we experimented with and we had pretty good success and I think you guys could probably replicate this if you have someone that can either do it for you or if maybe you are even representing your own brand, you can do it yourself. We are talking about using Facebook Live to sell products and boost your sales and also you guys know what happens when you boost your sales it’s going to also help your keyword ranking and that’s what we are going to talk about here today.

I’m going to give you guys the play by play, not sure how long this episode is going to go it’s going to go as long as it needs to but I don’t think it’s going to take that long to go through this entire process that we actually did and I want to lay it out for you. Now this is really for someone looking to build a brand and what we mean by that you guys hear us tossing around this open brand concept and then like a brand concept, a brand that has multiple products. If you think about a brand there’s different things you can take away from building a brand. It can either be something that has a story behind it, a mission behind it or it can just be a product line. That could be a brand.

It’s where you are really focusing on that market. We talk about the fishing market or the garlic press market. If you were in the garlic press market you would probably want to also have other kitchen products related to that garlic press so that way there is they need a garlic press they might also need a colander and they might also need tongs. Those types of thing, knives, whatever. It’s the same thing, you have a product line. What I’m talking about is if you have a brand that has either a story like I said or someone that is the spokesperson for that brand.

[00:02:00] Scott: If you can have that you will definitely have an edge above your competition. No matter what they do it’s going to be hard to compete with you. Number one, you can build your own email list a lot faster. We’ve done that in this brand and we’ve done it with other brands as well but this one here is the most current and the one that we are using right now to launch products with. If you guys did not listen to episode 356 and 357 I’m going to recommend that you go back and you listen to both those episodes. 356 was ‘How to compete in a saturated market on Amazon and win’ and there’s a seven step plan that I gave you and it’s all about this right here pretty much. Not about Facebook Lives and stuff and how to use that channel but it’s more or less how to go in there and dominate that space with a presence.

357 was actually how we did it with a product, our first product in this brand and how we launched and sold 154 units in five days and we actually made money, not a ton, I think we made just over a $150 but if you guys remember, back in the day we are talking like eight months ago or so depending on when you are listening to this, you’d give away product. A lot of people were giving away hundreds of units to get sales out there, to get a BSR bump and to get reviews coming in.

That’s what they were doing and if you were to do this you would have to number one give away the price so that’s your cost of goods. Let’s say it cost us $5 a unit to get it landed, that’s five bucks we are going to give that away. Let’s say we did it for free or we did it for $1, it’s almost free. You would do that and then from there you would get a BSR bump, that’s awesome, you might get some reviews trickling in but the other thing that you’ve got to remember is that you are also paying for the FBA fees.

Those aren’t going to go away so let’s say on average you are spending five bucks for FBA fees, pick and pack, all that stuff. We’re at $10 a unit. You give away 100 units, we are talking that’s going to add up; 100 units, 1000 bucks if my math is correct alright?

[00:04:09] Scott: It’s $1000 you’d give away. We’ve reversed this, we spend $1,000 but we spend $1000 building a launch list and we talk about that. I actually give the exact steps that we did this in 357 so I’m not going to go into that in this episode. This is really just an update of another way that we are building the brand and then we are also able to reach people without even emailing our list. This was a great model of that or a great example of that because we did it because we just launched a product before this one and we didn’t want to hit the list again so we ended up saying, “Let’s just do a Facebook Live, demonstrate the product, talk a little bit about it, again connect with the audience, the audience is starting to like the person that is the front person, people are commenting, the video is starting to get shared and all that stuff. We are starting to get some viral reach now and we’ll see what happens.”

Well, long story short on that, I’ll give you guys the play by play here in a minute but the long story short is we did a Facebook Live, we did not email the list and we sold before the end of the day we sold 33 units. Now to some people that might not be much but 33 units from a Facebook Live which was not a hard sales pitch it got us on the map, 33 sales. But that is not all, like one of those infomercials, but that’s not all. Actually from there the next day we sold an additional 12 just from that Facebook Live. We did not mention it yet in the email and since then we’ve been selling on the average, just yesterday I checked we had nine sold but it’s been averaging between five and 10 per day and all we did was announce it on a Facebook Live. We did not even email our list about this as a promo.

[00:06:02] Scott: Now the other thing I want to go back to is this also was not a giveaway like a free giveaway. It wasn’t a dollar giveaway, it wasn’t even a 75% off discount. It was 50% off so we still recouped our cost of goods, we recouped the FBA fees and we were able to put some money in our pocket. Now we are not putting that money in our pocket right now, we are reinvesting it back in the business but the point is we broke even and even came out ahead and we are now ranking, I believe the last time I looked on page two for our main keyword and our main keyword if we were selling a garlic press it would be garlic press. It’s that good of a keyword. A lot of the long tail ones will rank in page one so for us we got some good movement from just a Facebook Live.

Now you may be thinking, “Scott I don’t have a presence on a channel like Facebook. I don’t have anyone that can do that.” Well that’s where you would have to go out and start recruiting, start finding someone and now Facebook has introduced where they will let you invite a guest on your show. Even if they are not an admin of that you can invite them to come on and do a Facebook Live on your fan page or in your group which is pretty cool. That’s another way for you to get reach. Let me just give you an example of this, one of our partners that’s in this business with us they actually were asked by another group if they would go ahead and do some demonstrations of the products because they have an audience that wants these types of products.

Now they are an affiliate, they can potentially earn some revenue from this so that’s what they are thinking but they also do not want to be on camera. They are just not comfortable on camera and if that’s you if you are not comfortable on camera that’s okay you can find someone that is or find someone that’s already doing it in another space that might not be a competitor of yours and they may be happy to do it because they are going to get some exposure.

[00:08:05] Scott: You are going to let them mention their page and it’s like one hand washes the other. It’s definitely working and they were actually a guest, I say they are partner in this business. They were also a guest on another page and they were able to get for us to get people aware of our brand, over 20,000 views on that video in less than three days which is crazy. That’s just a little side note. Depending on if you are a brand that has a presence or maybe you don’t have one yet it might be smart for you to find someone that could be that front person.

All of the businesses that I’ve seen that I really, really love have a couple of different components and that is they have a front person that is the person that is the leader in that industry, not even that they have to be a leader of an expert but they are learning and sharing their experience through learning and through testing things and experimenting and doing these things but they are a trusted advisor in a sense. That’s what I’ve seen and then also why they are creating their own products and then from why they are creating their own products you explain that to your audience like, “Listen, I developed this garlic press because for years I couldn’t find one that fit my hand.”

I’ll give you a perfect example, actually I was watching Shark Tank the other night, I know, I know I still watch Shark Tank even though I was told in one of the past episodes that it’s fake. I don’t think that it’s all fake I think that yes it’s hyped up Mr. wonderful, it’s over the top just like Simon Cowell was in American Idol and all that stuff. You need personalities, I get it but this guy was a high level chef like very well known in the space and he had a really, really good job in a lot of these high end restaurants and just worked himself up the ladder but he made this bowl, you guys might have seen this if you watch Shark Tank. He made this bowl that had this little pore on the front of it but then also had this little squeegee that was built in.

[00:10:03] Scott: It’s hard to explain but imagine a little half circle that you can use like a squeegee to wipe up the bowl. As you are pouring it then you want to get the rest of it out of the bowl you don’t need a spatula you just swipe it and then tip it and then it comes out. He made this because it was something that he wanted and he’d seen that there was an issue in the kitchen and he couldn’t find something so he would make-shift one and then try to use it because it would speed up his time. He made one and he pitched it to the sharks and I believe it was Lori that actually invested in his product.

He’s a little bit of a personality, not a big, big following but he is the guy that would be on camera. He is the guy that would be selling, he is the guy that would be sharing his story. He also had a great story too. He worked in soup kitchens, he is raising money for these different charities which the second part that I always look into a brand is if we can add some type of charity aspect to it. Some people use that for getting more sales, I look at it as yes you’ll get more sales but you are also doing something good. That’s something that I want to definitely include in this new brand. We haven’t gotten there yet, we are getting things rolling and that will probably be an added piece. I actually met someone in Toronto Canada, was just recently in Toronto Canada, had a TAS meet up there it was a last minute decision there if you guys didn’t read that email I sent out about that.

I was sitting with my son on the couch watching the Cavs and the Raptors game and it was game, I think at the time it was game two or three I forget and they ended up winning. If they won one more the Cavs were going to just basically sweep them so I… I know this has nothing to do with that story but I have to share this if you didn’t hear it and how I got to Toronto. I was sitting on the couch with my son Friday night and I had my phone on my hand I was texting Dom Sugar and I said, “Hey, any chance you can get is some tickets for this game on Sunday?” And I was just kidding totally kidding, totally joking and he goes, “Yeah just get a flight here and I’ll get the tickets,” and I’m like, “Okay I was just kidding,” and he goes, “No, no seriously, book a flight here you and your son and I’ll get tickets.”

[00:12:10] Scott: So then I started thinking about it and then he threw in, “And we’ll have a TAS Toronto meet up,” and I’m like, “Okay maybe it’s starting to sound a little better now because now it’s not just going there for a game I’m actually going to go there and meet some of you.”  And long story short is we did that. I actually booked a flight, he picked me up in Buffalo New York we travelled about two hours to Toronto, we had a meet up that night and then we went to the game on Sunday and I flew home on Monday. It was crazy but anyway the guy that I was talking to at the event his name is Lucas by the way and he’s got a great business and it definitely supports a cause and what he said instead of doing like every single thing that you buy every single day of the year what he’ll do is special weekends.

So this weekend if you purchase XYZ we are going to donate a dollar to this cause, something like that. It’s again another way for you to get people to want to buy then support that cause and then from there feel good about it. I always go back to The Profit with Marcus Lemonis when he had flex watches on there and they had a great story about a charity and how they rolled that into the business and they were supporting breast cancer and then from there it went on to clean water and then it went on to meals and just all kinds of great causes. The watches were great, people liked the watches but they were also buying it because it was supporting a certain cause and they even made those watches represent the cause.

Like if it was blue watch it was for water so again I didn’t want to go on a rant here about charities but that is something that’s important to me and I definitely will be trying to include that in this brand because I think we definitely could make that happen. Anyway, going back to the Facebook Live thing I just want to go through play by play and how we did this. There’s a few steps that went into this and I’m going to go through into exactly how all this all unfolded so you can hear how we did it and if you want to model it then go for it.

[00:14:05] Scott: Number one, step one is that we created a Facebook fan page and we created a Facebook group so you have two different pages. Why would you do a page and a group? Number one, groups are becoming better because they get more reach with the people that are belonging to the group because those people really signed up to be in a community aspect or a community versus it just being a page that I like. But the Facebook fan page, there’s a couple of benefits to having it. Number one you are going to need that if you are going to run Facebook ads. You have to have a Facebook fan page as of right now. So that’s number one.

As you are running Facebook ads you will naturally start to get likes to that page so now you are building up your likes. Well that’s exactly what we did. We started this brand from scratch, we started to run a contest as I’ve talked about in our build list workshop. If you guys have not attended that definitely go check that out at theamazingseller.com/buildlist and you’ll hear all about that. It’s exactly what we did so we put something out there, an irresistible offer where people would want to win this complete package and then we built a list. In that process we also had a Facebook fan page that we were posting to regularly and we had a group but we drove Facebook ads to our contest and then during that time we were also gaining likes.

As of right now I think and as at the time that we did the Facebook Lives and stuff I think we I think we are rated on 2,700 or 2,800 close to 3,000 likes and then I believe like just about a thousand people in the group so pretty good. Not bad numbers and we really didn’t do much to promote it other than we run some Facebook ads and we had a contest and we were posting. That was like step one. Now step two was we were delivering value ongoing. Like I said if you do not have that person you can still be the reporter and then just keep reporting to that page so people will want to come back and go, “Oh I wonder what today is in there.”

[00:16:02] Scott: It’s like you have updates and you have different tips and tricks and people will want to keep coming back. If you have an email list, if you’ve been building that email list which we did you can then even email those people and go, “Hey I just posted something on Facebook or in the group go check it out.” Again it’s a way for you to deliver value and be that influencer. And then step number three is start using Facebook Lives like starting getting on camera. Again if it’s not you find someone that can do it and just start delivering tips. Don’t even sell anything. We were doing tips, videos and tips and stuff before we even had a product available.

We’ve been doing this now for just over three months so we didn’t have any products ready, didn’t have anything to sell them yet we just delivering value over and over and over again. It goes back to what we’ve talked about in the past with the book that I like is Gary Vaynerchuk ‘Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook’ you are jabbing, those are your delivery of content and then you have the right hook which is the ask and it sounds a little worse than it is ‘Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook.’ So deliver value, deliver value, deliver value and then ask and it’s okay most people are cool with that. That’s what we did, that was step three, kept doing some Facebook Lives using one a week.

Now the one tip here is if you are going to do Facebook Lives I would post it to the Facebook fan page and then I would share that link inside the Facebook group. We are doing this with TAS as well. The reason why you do this is because if you are in a Facebook group you cannot share that video in the group as of right now. Maybe they will change that but you can’t share and it makes sense. If it’s a private group you can’t share that outside of the group so why would you want to share it in the group? It doesn’t make sense. The Facebook fan page you can share it if you like the page but if anyone else sees it you are going to be able to still see it, you will have to like the page to engage with it. The Facebook fan page allows you to get more reach.

[00:18:00] Scott: And there’s been plenty of videos that we’ve surpassed 3,000 people viewing it which we only have about 3,000 fans on our page. We even have had as many as 14,000 or 15,000 within two days. That means it’s getting shared and the reach is getting bigger, the page is growing, the group is growing all because of that. That’s a little tip for you, if you are going to do Facebook Lives post it in a Facebook fan page and then grab that link and then post it in the Facebook group. Big tip there.

Guys I’m going to link all this up too and have these in the transcripts and the show notes. I should have mentioned this in the beginning, this episode is 366 so its theamazingseller.com/366 and this is again all about Facebook Lives and how we used it to launch a product without even email our list, pretty cool stuff. Step four is then you are going to do a Facebook Live and this is what we did. We did a Facebook Live demoing the product and then saying, “Hey, because you guys are part of our awesome community we are going to give you guys 50% off for the next two days”

You always want to put a deadline on it, you always want to put an end day because if it’s open ended people are just going to say, “I’ll do it this weekend,” and then they never end up doing it. I mean we all do that. I know my wife if she gets something from Coles she’s a big Coles shopper. If her Coles cash is going to expire or whatever they do there, her coupon for 30%ff or whatever she is going to get there by before close of that day.

It’s like you need those deadlines. We need them in life just for getting stuff done but to really get people to act you need to have those and if you can remind them through email or through Facebook Lives or through Facebook page or group then that’s even better because we need to be reminded all the time. We demoed the product and then we just gave a simple call of action, “Hey guys I just want to say thank you so much for being part of our awesome community. I want to say thank you and I want to give you guys something special that we are not offering to the public. We are only offering it to you guys that are here in our community and we are going to give you guys 50% off until the end of the weekend.”

[00:20:03] Scott: Something like that. That's all we did and we got, like I said, 33 sales in less than 24 hours. We really in this particular market 10 sales will get us ranked. It's proof of that. Our BSR shot up, we did really, really good with that. We already started ranking for our main keyword which yes it's back on page two and it was top of page one, the bottom of page two and I haven't looked recently and then our long tail ones were starting to rank page one. That's going to start happening and we're starting to average between five and ten sales a day already on that one.

Which I think that one can be even bigger. But anyway let's get back to these steps. Step four was demoing the product, 50% off discount. Step five, if the video does well here's the cool thing you can do with Facebook Lives, you can run Facebook Ads to it. You can start to run Facebook ads to it to gain more exposure. You might just run 20 bucks to it. Say, “Hey you know what I'm going to take this video, it did pretty well, it's getting rich, it's getting shared, people are liking it, let me put 20 bucks behind it.” This is a money producing video. This isn't just a free share video that has not call to action. If you're going to promote a video through Facebook ads or any ad platform for that matter, you need to have a way to monetize it on the back end.

In this case, it's driving people to buy the product. That's what we did there or that's what we want to be doing there. We actually haven't really put that in motion yet but that's definitely something we're going to be doing the next phase because that one video did get a pretty good amount of reach. We're going to be definitely turning that on. The problem with us right now is we had three products come in almost the same time. Rather than just saying, “Hey, we got three products. Buy this one, buy this one, buy this one.” We are trying to slowly drip them out and to try to use different channels to get those initial sales and to get those reviews start to come in slowly.

[00:22:05] Scott: Then this way here we are not bombarding our list or just our email list. We're trying to spread it out. The next thing is in step six is then start running sponsored product ads pay-per-click, Amazon pay-per-click. Okay, do not do this. This is what we did not do and I don't think you should do either. If you're running any external traffic to your listing and I only suggest you do that if it's really, really targeted and if they've already opted in to either be on your page or to be in a group or better yet to be on your email list.

We always like before we give a code for a coupon we'll generally put that behind an opt in. That basically means that if you get the code you got to give us your email address. That's pretty much the exchange. This way you can pretty much follow up with you. But you do not want to have your product or your sponsored product ads, you do not want your pay-per-click running while you're driving traffic to your listing because if for some reason they jump on that listing right now and they try to come back it or maybe on that page that they go there, hopefully you've sent them to the actual listing but if they seen ad for your pay-per-click they may click on that just to get to your listing.

I would definitely say if you're going to send them directly there, send them directly to the listing. Do not try to do a super URL or any of that stuff, just basically send them right there but definitely just turn it off. The other reason why you want to turn it off is you want to see what the Facebook Live did. You want to see what the email blast did. You don't want to mix up so you can you say well I think the pay-per-click says I did three sales but it has only been running for two days. You don't want to get that mixed up. I always say wait to turn on the pay-per-click until you've got done with your launching through that.

[00:24:04] Scott: Now, that's pretty much everything we did and that we do through a Facebook Live promotion. But now that I'm looking at my notes I kind of made a mistake. I gave you the wrong totals for that launch. That launch there was better than 33 sales on day one. That was actually product three. We did the same exact same thing with product three because like I said they all showed up at the same time. Product two did 63 in day one. Then the third product that we did this, we did 33 sales in day one. All with the same 50% off.

So again it was better than I said in the beginning. It was more than that. It was double that for that particular one. I also should mention that the third product was a little bit more expensive. The second product was less money, the product three was one of the more expensive products right now. When I say more expensive over $20. Whether that had anything to do with the different sales numbers it could have been just the products, who knows but I'm still happy with that. I'm happy with our product number one, if you go back and listen to episode 357 and listen to those numbers, 152 units in five days and you can hear exactly how we did that with email and how we did it with the sending out the emails and all that stuff, I go through that in episode 357.

But then product number two did 60+ sales in one day from a Facebook Live and then product number three Facebook Live to a direct sale did 33 sales day one with a 50% off discount and all of them started ranking. Now I should say we lost some sales during this whole thing because generally when you have a product launch you start bringing traffic to a brand it's going to also expose your other products to that customer and increase adding more items to the cart which then it spikes sales in some of your other products which is great. That's what we want.

[00:26:02] Scott: Here's what happened though. We had a little bit of a problem. Amazon decided to take our first product that we launched, that we had over 150+ sales on in the first week and they ended up taking it down for no reason. Like it disappeared. It literally disappeared. They still don’t even know why it disappeared. We have no idea. So we had to contact them, we were on the phone for two or three days, different times and emailing back and forth and so that product was not even available for three days, which is crazy.

During these three days part of that was the other sales that was coming in through these other launches. At least one of the launches. We definitely lost sales. We were averaging on that one over there over five to seven sales a day after we had already launched. If we brought more traffic to it we probably could have doubled that. So things happen, things are going to happen but I can’t even give you an explanation to why that happened. They didn't give us a reason. All I know is it was a real pain in the butt. They then got the listing back up and running but it had not images and it had no reviews. We had nine reviews on it at the time. By the way too, that first product after it was launched we had nine reviews.

We didn’t' go to a review group. We used our own list. We didn’t even ask those people in the email to give us one. We just let them go through our Salesbacker Campaign. We got nine reviews so far out of a 150 sales. Not too bad. Take that all day long. That is kind of the recap here with the Facebook Lives and this update with the launch and  what we're doing here and I just want you guys to understand that if you're building a brand and you can do this stuff, if you can do Facebook Lives, if you can do a Facebook Group if you can do getting more trips and tricks out to your audience and bringing awareness to your products by delivering the value, man I'm telling you, there's nothing that tops that in my book.

[00:28:02] Scott: That's what I'm really, really excited about this brand that we have started here and that I've partnered with because we have all of this stuff at our disposal and it's just really exciting and I can’t wait to share with you more of the play by play and I'll give you the ups and the downs. I'm going to give you guys the ups the downs. I'll give you guys the months that are great and the months that aren't so good. But I just want to kind of lead you through what we're doing and how we're managing and the things that we're doing now that we have an influencer in our space that we can utilize and we can really get that content out to new people. Then from there build this into a good brand but also scale it.

Really super excited about this. Guys, episode 356, 357 those are two you definitely should listen to. Then this one here is episode 366. If you want all the links, the show notes, the transcripts, head over to theamazingseller.com/366 and you'll get all of that there. I'll probably be doing some updates with these Facebook Lives stuff too because it's doing really well. As we learn more well I'll be sharing it of course and I'm definitely, definitely excited about these Facebook Live stuff. With TAS we do that on Fridays. You guys know that. We do Facebook Lives, if you don't know that we generally do them on Friday afternoons, 2 o’clock PM Eastern Time on our Facebook fan page and in the group.

If you guys are not subscribed to that head over to theamazingseller.com/fb and you'll be notified when we go live or you can always watch a replay. You can always ask questions there and all that stuff. Anyway guys, that's going to wrap up this episode, as always  remember I'm here for you,  I believe in you and I'm rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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