TAS 367 Ask Scott Session #113 – High Risk Products – What Marketplace? – Annual and Monthly Fees – Writing Emails to List

Don’t let anyone convince you that small business growth and success can come easily, it’s not TRUE! Anything worth having will cost time and dedication to see results. The same is true of building a robust and thriving business in the ecommerce space. Keep up the hard work and don’t let your foot off the gas! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott encourages sellers like you to do everything you can to stick with the momentum you’ve gained and to keep from slowing down. He has found that in his journey, even the smallest break or time away at a crucial time of momentum and growth can really mess things up. Check out this episode to hear how you can press on with relentless focus!

Is selling a dangerous or sharp object worth the risk?

Getting through the product research phase of starting your own ecommerce small business can be long and frustrating. Don’t add to that frustration by spinning your wheels researching products that will only end up causing you greater problems down the road. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott breaks down why you should avoid selling dangerous or sharp products on Amazon. Even if you’ve done your homework and you are aware of all the risks involved, Scott stresses the fact that if this is your first product, it’s not worth the risk. Listen as Scott goes into further depth with this topic on this episode!

Essential apps and services needed to get started

Are you ready to jump into starting your own ecommerce small business? Does all the talk of strategy and success have you fired up and prepared for the tough but rewarding road ahead? GREAT! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott will guide you through the essential tools, apps, and services he uses on a regular basis that allows him to keep an edge on his competition and see massive profits. You’ll walk away from this episode with a clear checklist of apps and services you need to get started today to get your ecommerce small business off the ground and running, don’t miss it!

How do you come up with content to send to your email list?

So you’ve jumped on the bandwagon and you are convinced that you need to start building an email list ASAP. If you haven’t just wait, Scott will convince you sooner or later. But if you are ready to get started, you might be wondering what content you should send to your email list recipients. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott breaks down his strategy and how he provides quality content that has his followers coming back for more info each time. If you are ready to educate your target audience and position yourself as a trustworthy source of content and great deals, make sure to listen to this episode!

Which Market is it easiest to start an Amazon Private Label Business?

Many ecommerce sellers might be wondering, “Is my market the best one for me to start off in?” Sure there are more trafficked markets than others and you have to factor in the logistical difficulties involved in selling in a market that you don’t also live in. But on this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott encourages sellers like you to consider selling in the market that’s nearest you. Even if that means that you start off in a very small market, Scott believes that you can build from your experiences in that smaller market and go on to larger ones. To hear Scott go into further depth on this topic, make sure to listen to this episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [3:40] Stick with it – don’t let off the gas!
  • [7:30] Question #1: Should I launch a product that is sharp or dangerous?
  • [12:00] Question #2: What are some recurring monthly fees that I should anticipate?
  • [22:00] Question #3: Do you have someone who writes content for your email lists?
  • [27:00} Question #4: Is it easier to start an Amazon Private Label Business in the US or UK?


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TAS 367: Ask Scott Session #113 – High Risk Products – What Marketplace?  – Annual and Monthly Fees – Writing Emails to List


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 367 and session number 113 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I do it every single Friday and guess what, we're going to do it again and I am pumped…

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…to be here on this Friday. Now if you're listening to this on Monday, well happy Monday. Doesn't matter what day of week it is. I just want you guys to be fired up and go out there and get the week, like go out there and figure out what you need to do to attack the week and go out there and go it. Get it, there’s nothing stopping you other than you. I'm going to talk about my thoughts this week in a minute here.

It'll really tie back into just that. Go out there and get it. Get what's yours, get what you want. There's no excuses. Just go out there and get it. If you guys want to ask a question on an upcoming Ask Scott session head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and you can do that. You can ask me a question there and I'll do my best to answer it and air it on an upcoming show. I'll remind you guys too, the show notes can be found at theamazingseller.com/367. The transcripts, the links, the show notes, everything will be there. All the goodies so head over there and check them out. Now, today we're going to be talking about what market place should you start in or should you if you're in different locations like we're going to talk about that?

We're also going to talk about high risk products. We're going to talk about annual fees or monthly feels that you can expect as being an Amazon seller. Then also writing emails and delivering content to your list if you have a list and we're going to talk about all of that stuff inside of today's episode. Now before I do jump into that I have a couple things that I wanted to address here. Number one all of you guys that are listeners I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys are awesome and whenever I get to do a meetup or a hang out of some kind I love it because I get to meet people in person just like here in these Ask Scott sessions.

[00:02:07] Scott: I like it because we can sit down and I can hear your voice, I feel as though we're together. We’re connected a little bit, a little bit better. We get to do these on hangouts. I also like it when I get to read inside of the TAS Facebook group what you guys are up to. I needed to give a little shout out, a little love to Andrew Van Kirk and I hopefully I pronounced your name Andrew but Andrew submitted a screenshot of, trying to paint the picture for you. It's his laptop with episode 212 up, 212 was ‘The simple process to get ungated to sell your products on Amazon’ with Chris Shaffer, my good buddy.

That was a great episode. He had his laptop open with that up on the screen. He also had a cup of coffee. He had a few bags of it looks like some type of blueberries, I think they are little snap bags like some nuts and just some energy, kind of like some super food type stuff and this is what he wrote, “Kids are napping, coffee is almost gone and I'm continuing the challenge of getting ungated. The best is yet to come.” He has a little emoji and it says, “Feeling determined.” I love that Andrew.

I love it that you're sitting there and you're focusing on the one thing that's in your way right now. That's the one thing that’s in your way and you're figuring out a way to get through it or get around it and move on. I just want to say that's really what my thoughts are this week because a lot of people don't stick with something because they run into a wall or they run into an obstacle and then they stop. Or maybe they put it on pause and then they come back a month later and like where was I? Then they lose the momentum. So my word of the week is this or my words of the week is ‘stick with it’. Like stick with it. Do not let off the gas.

[00:03:58] Scott: As you're going through this thing you're going to have ups, you're going to have downs. It's just a part of the process. If you started a brand new business and it was a brick and mortar business you would have your set of challenges there. You'd have to get code approval for this or that or you're going to have a grand opening and you have to get it approved by town or maybe you have to figure out how you're going to do the grand opening and then  you order some stuff and then it doesn't come in some time. Whatever it is, you’re going to run into these little obstacles. It’s part of business. It's part of the process. My word of the week is, my words of the week, my thought of the week is just stick with it. Set your target, we talked about that in the past.

Set your target and don’t stop. Set that target. What is the target? For him it's getting ungated. That's like that mini sprint. The sprint is get through that. Once we get through that then we move onto the next part of this. Then we get to get our listing up and then we get up to optimize it then we focus on that. Now, when you do these mini targets, or these mini little sprints as I like to call them, they are like one thing you're going to focus on and you're going to stick with it until you get through that one thing. Don't worry about everything else that's down the line. Then the other thing is, some people will get through the entire process, they will get a product launched and then they'll come to find out that the product really isn't a winner.

It’s not even a base hit. I think I just didn't pick the right product. I rushed it or I didn't understand what I understand now so product one could be a fail but you know what, usually you can liquidate that. It's not really a fail you've learned a ton through that. You know what, product two you might even not find a winner there. That's product two but if you're determined and you're going to push on, you're going to learn from this you will find that winner or that base hit as we like to call it. I've got so many people that tell me, “Scott I picked my first product, it wasn't a winner. I sold some but I just liquidated it. It wasn't good. Went to product two did the same thing, didn't work,” or maybe it did work, maybe the second one did but sometimes I will be the third one and then all of a sudden, boom! You hit it. You hit the ball.

[00:06:00] Scott: But you can't get a hit if you don't in the game if you don't get back in the box. I always relate it back to baseball which by the way Yankees are doing phenomenal this year and I love that new player they have, Judge who they have just crushing it. Anyway, I won't get off on that. I'm really enjoying the new Yankee line up this year. If you guys are Boston fans out there or anything, please don't send me any hate mail. I love you guys too. I love Boston and Yankee rival games but yes, I'm a Yankee fan. Sorry and Met's fans as well. I like Mets I just like the Yankees better.

Anyway I just wanted to really, really stress that because so many people get frustrated or sometimes you're going to go through this process, you might find it's not for you. That's okay. It's not for you, it's fine but if it's for you and if you want to give it your best chance you have to stick with it. That might be another t-shirt guys, ‘Stick with it'. I'm loving that. There's another one that I’m probably going to be probably getting printed for myself and that is ‘BYOB' Be your own believer. That's another great shirt but anyway I won't go into these. I love having these things remind me every single day because you know what, we need to be reminded. Hopefully I can be that little person in your ear every now and then that says, “You know what, this is expected, you’re going to have these ups and downs, stick with it, push on. Press on as we like to say here in TAS land.”

All right guys. Let's go ahead and get this baby rocking and rolling. Let's go ahead and kick off today's first question and I'll give you my answer. Let's do this.


[00:07:37] Bree: Hi Scott. This is Bree from Houston Texas. Firstly I want to say your podcast is absolutely amazing. Thank you so so much for all the great content you put out. Currently in the process of launching my first product. Just about to make my first purchase, my first shipment. I'm super nervous but I'm really confident that things will go well and if not I know there's steps to follow due to my great mentor. I have three questions hopefully you can answer all of them. My first question is what are your thoughts or can you elaborate more on launching a product or an accessory of a product which will be considered sharp or dangerous.

Just to give you an example maybe a pocket knife or I've ordered some of my competitors’ products and even just with poly bags I see the put on there ‘dangerous to children’, ‘may harm’, suffocation warnings and such. Does this even matter? Is that going to help me at all if something does happen or should I just steer clear from things at all that maybe considered super sharp? Just looking for some direction on that.

[00:08:44] Scott: Well hey Bree thank you so much for being a listener and thank you so much for submitting your question, glad to have you. Number one, should you launch or should we launch a product that's sharp or dangerous? My thoughts, no I would not personally. I think there's a lot of liability that is there and I don't want to be a part of that and I'm not sure that you would want to be a part of that especially just starting. There's so many other things that you could be doing that you could be selling that wouldn't be falling in this really high risk area. I would personally stay away from it. Again it's one of those things that Amazon can have issues with your product and then shut that product down.

I've got a friend of mine that does have products in that type of space and all the time his listings are getting suspended and then suppressed and then he has to go and get it cleared and then it gets opened and then the starts selling it again and all of a sudden it gets suppressed again and just an ongoing battle back and forth. I personally wouldn't even want part of the stress of doing it. Then the liability again, man God forbid something happens you're going to be liable because you're the manufacturer. It's not like you're selling a knife on some other brand and it's their responsibility which I still think that they can come back and tie to.

A lawyer can probably figure out a way to come back and sue any of us which is the way that that works and it's unfortunate. I'm not saying that all attorneys are like that. I don't want to get any hate mail on that either. I love attorneys. I got a lot of friends that are attorneys but I'm just saying if it gets it gets into the wrong hands something could happen. I wouldn't want to see that for you. You could probably come up with other ways. Like think about this, if you're selling a knife, I would sell a knife holster or something like that. That would be because it's not technically the thing, it's the thing that could support the thing. A lot of things there. You get what I'm saying though. I would stay away from it.

[00:10:45] Scott: The other thing is if you are  going to ever go down that road I would definitely speak to  an attorney, I would definitely reach out to Michelle Love who's on my resources page for liability insurance and I would have her direct me and I don't even know if an insurance policy will issue one depending on the company and how long you've been in business and you're definitely going to make sure that your LLC is set up or your S-Corp or whatever. Trust me, it's a lot of legal stuff there too. You'd never want to leave yourself exposed to where you could be liable and then all of a sudden you lose all of your assets, your home, like who knows.

I personally would like to stay away from that especially if you're just starting. Like I said, if you're going into that market or that area, I would say that accessories that aren’t the risk ones but the ones that could support maybe the product might be okay. You got to use your common sense there.

Actually Bree asked three questions in her one message. What I'm going to do is listen to the second question now and then we'll go ahead and address that and then we'll go ahead to the third and then we'll address that. So let's go ahead and listen to this next question.

[00:11:56] Bree: My second question would be could you go over some of your recurring or annual fees. I know it will be different for everybody especially depending on what part of the process you're in but I know you've talked about it in the past. You have Tax Jar, I know that’s a monthly fee, probably Feedback Genius, I know that's a monthly fee. So any of your monthly fees that you can probably go over that maybe some people can expect or would be interested to know.

[00:12:23] Scott: Okay. So yes, I do get this question quite often and I got to be honest with you guys. You don't need a ton in the beginning especially that you're going to have an ongoing basis. Now number one wherever you are in this process you’re going to probably own Jungle Scout. You're probably going to have, well I would say at least the chrome extension and then from there I would say the web app just to track. You can also discover other products but more importantly not just the product, that product will lead you to other markets. That's how I like using the web app and for tracking purposes over the course of time.

The must that I would have in my, which I do have is the Chrome extension, the pro version. That's what I do have. If you guys are brand spanking new definitely go check out theamazingseller.com/js and you will go over to that page which has some resources on it and it explains Jungle Scout. I am an affiliate for that. You guys already know that, that are long time listeners and you guys buy me a cup of coffee if you go through my link which would be awesome and if you don't that's cool too. Just want to throw that out there. Jungle scout definitely is one that I think is, depending on where you're in the process I think everyone should have it regardless because that's where you're starting.

From there, the next thing is you are going to want some way to follow up with your customers so that next thing would be Salesbacker. That’s the one I currently use. There’s also Feedback Genius and there's a few others. I think even Jungle Scout has their own version which they actually do which is Jump Send, I should know that. They all pretty much do the same thing. They send out emails on your behalf through your Amazon seller's account. This is not a standalone email provider which we talk about in our list building stuff. This is more so for if someone buys a product it's scheduled to go out after it's been delivered and then you can deliver a pdf and you can give them more value and then you can also make sure that your customer service is there.

[00:14:28] Scott: That's what you're able what's you're able to do with sending out automated emails but you write them to your customers through Amazon. I keep stressing through Amazon because that's exactly what you're doing. You're just using this little, it's kind of like a plugin, it's an app. It's a little program that's hosted in the cloud and then it’s connected to your Amazon seller's account. The minute that you get an order, if files an order then you go ahead and it will automatically send it through your account. It's like someone logging into your account technically and then writing the email and then sending it to that customer.

That's how that works. I think that's really, really important for getting ongoing feedback and reviews which I think is going to be even more important for feedback moving forward because that's going to strengthen your account and give it more just a more authority in Amazon. That's one. The next one I would say would be you definitely want to look into liability insurance, which we talked about before. I think everyone should be looking into liability insurance depending on where you are in the process. Now, Amazon as of right now says when you make $10,000 per month revenue three months consecutively they are going to make you have it. That may change, it may be a new seller has to have it right off the bat. We don't know that right now but that's something again Michelle Love I've had her on the show before, I'll link up her episode in the show notes as well which is theamazingseller.com/367.

You can go to this episode and I'll link to that episode. Lot of linking to episodes there. She has her own agency. She's been doing it for over 20 years. She knows a lot about liability insurance. She can even point you in the right direction if you have any other questions about liability type issues. That would be a yearly fee. The other one is Tax Jar. That's definitely one that you're going to want to have because it makes that process a lot easier. Then the other one is a CPA. I would hire a CPA or just an accountant that's going to be able to help you with this throughout the year because you're going to send in your quarterly taxes and stuff. Depending on how much money you're generating you might be doing, once a year you might be doing, quarterly.

[00:16:37] Scott: Right now I'm doing quarterly. I've been quarterly forever now but it's really important to have a good accountant or a CPA because they will know your business inside and out and then they'll be able to help you so you're not at the end of the year behind the 8 ball where you're like oh my gosh, I didn't know I owed $20,000, you should have been saving money out of that which is a little side tip. When you're doing your numbers at the end of each month, you should be looking at your net and then from that net you should be saying I'm going to take let's just 30% or depending what tax bracket you're in, 28%, maybe 35%, whatever it is. Your accountant will tell you that and then you can just slide that to the side.

Then just put it into a savings account. Then when your quarterly becomes due, you're hopefully within range. Usually a good accountant will get you close to that and then you just send that in and then all you're doing is sending in so at the end of the year you're not like hit with this humongous bill and then you get penalized because you didn't send in enough and that type of stuff. That's why it's good to have a good CPA. I know that my CPA is also really, really good with the Amazon sellers now since I've been working with him and if you guys want to know more about him, again I'll link him up to the show notes page.

It's CPA on Fire is Josh Bauerle. Great guy. Just he knows a lot about this business now that he started working with me and a lot of sellers from The Amazing Seller Podcast. The other one is Fetcher. Fetcher is one I've just recently, I'd say recently in the past six months been really, really loving. I've got three brands that I'm working in right now that we're using one account for Fetcher. It allows me to go into Fetcher, it allows me to have all of my data there and I can see exactly where I am like this second. It's really good too because they also punch out a profit loss statement at the end of the month or whenever you want to select it and then it will give you the break down; what's the cost of goods? What was your pay-per-click?

[00:18:38] Scott: You don't have to go in and try to figure all that stuff out. It's done right there. The only thing you have to do in the very beginning is putting your cost of goods and the shipping. If you pay $5 for an item you're going to put $5. And if they cost you $0.20 to ship it into Amazon you're going to put $0.20 or maybe you don't pay anything because that $5 includes that. Then once you calculate that and you put that in there it's going to start to collect all that data even in the past and it will tell you what your profit margin is. It'll take out the promotions that you've run, it will do refunds, it does all that stuff automatically within your account. It goes in and finds all those fees and it brings it to the front end of it.

This way here you can see the actual number. Your accountant will love this. The other cool about that which I didn't even know this until I had Greg back on the show, Greg Mercer that is. You can actually put in your other expenses like travel, you can put in maybe Tax Jar, you can put in Jungle Scout as a monthly fee, you can put all that stuff in there so it's like an accounting program which I wasn't aware of that I always just thought in the beginning that it was just Amazon stuff. No you can put all that other stuff in there. I've been using that instead of Wave Apps now for my Amazon business. Definitely check out Fetcher, theamazingseller.com/fetcher and you guys will get I believe it's a 30 day free trial there and if you wanted a one on one session with one of their lead guys that can kind of walk through your accounting and where it is, and how to get you set up they actually do that for you as a little bonus for our TAS listeners.

So definitely take advantage of that. But that's really the main ones. Like I said, if you're just starting like jungle Scout, Sales Backer, the other one that I would say too, is Ignite. I've been using Ignite now and I'm on a monthly subscription with them. And what Ignite is, is it's a program that helps you with your sponsored product ads.

We did a whole training on that. If you guys want to check that out, theamazingseller.com/ppc and that will give you all of that. So that's another ongoing fee, a monthly fee but well worth it because it manages all your pay-per-click for you.

[00:20:40] Scott: But again, that's when you get down the line a little bit. Like if you're just starting, like Jungle Scout, Sales Backer and then Ignite would be good if you're going to start running sponsored product ads which you should. And then the other one that is an annual fee, is Scope and that's part of Seller Labs which is Ignite and that allows me to do a lot of keyword digging and research and that's an annual fee. But these are not a must, must have. I would say the must haves are like Jungle Scout, Salesbacker.

I would probably say Ignite too, if you're running sponsored product ads, liability insurance, TaxJar, a CPA and Fetcher, I would say for sure. Scope is just a nice to have. It's going to make that a lot easier and I'm sure I'm missing a few of those extra little tools but again I don't use all of those tools all the time. The ones that run the business are the ones that I just started with here that I just lead with her. So hopefully that helped you and I know it was a mouthful but I don't want you to get overwhelmed with tools. I don't want you to think you have to buy all of these tools because you don't. You do not.

But again guys, I have all that linked up on my resources page, theamazingseller.com/resources and you can go check that out and anything that I update will be there. So check that out. Let's go ahead now and listen to the last question from Bree and we'll go ahead and answer that and then I'm going to answer one more from another listener. So let's go ahead and do that.

[00:22:06] Bree: And my last question is, do you pay someone to create your emails for your list? And I ask that because it seems if you even have two or maybe three products, that can get quite tedious creating a single email even if it's just on a weekly or even a bi-weekly basis. So how does that work? Hopefully you can answer my questions. Looking forward to hearing you back soon and thanks again for everything.

[00:22:34] Scott: Okay, so now what Bree is talking about and Bree, I think this is what you're talking about, is we talk about building your own launch list. And when you're building your own launch list, you want to be able to deliver content to that list. You're not just going to just blast them with like product offers after product offers. You're not going to do that. You shouldn't do that. And you want to be able to write emails to these people and deliver value. So the big question I get asked a lot is, “Well Scott, what do I write to these guys, what do I give them?” Well you give them value. I always like to push people towards like being the reporter. It's so easy for you to just be the one that went out there and found all of this great content and then shared it.

It’s like think about the news. I mean I know the news is a lot of times bad news but we don't want to be just that. But you want to be a good resource. You want to be a resource that is always finding the good articles or the good blog posts or the good YouTube video or whatever. You want to be the one, that's the easiest way to do it. So it doesn't have to be this elaborate email with this amazing email copy. It just has to be you writing as if you are writing to one person. I like to always tell people, pretend like you're writing to that one person. Like who would that one person be and then just write to that one person.

And that's what we call establishing your avatar. Knowing that person and you might not know that right now. It might take some time. A great way to know this though and to figure this out is go over to a Facebook page or a group in your market and see who's hanging out in there. See who’s doing a lot of the conversations. Like who's doing a lot of the conversing back and forth. You're going to start to get an idea of who your market is, then once you start running Facebook Ads eventually, you're really going to be able to dial it in because then you can see that, wow, 35 year old the 45 year old women are tending to click on my ad and sharing my ads. So that means that that's probably my market. You'll start to know that.

[00:24:34] Scott: So as you know that, you're going to be able to write to that audience better. The other thing is comb through the reviews of certain products of your competitors and see the type of people of what they're using the product for. So now you can start to use their language. There's a lot of different things you can do there but it doesn't have to be this huge task. Like you can sit down right now and go out and find a ton of great content and then just link to one piece of content over the next few weeks and let's say that you're doing the contest model. If you guys did not check that out, you guys really need to check that out as far as how to build your own launch list. Chris Shaffer and I just did a full workshop on that.

I'm actually going to be, well actually by the time you listen to this it would have already been done but I'm going to be going through that whole process at Sellers Summit in Fort Lauderdale at Steve Chou’s event and I'm going to be sharing exactly what we've done and some of those updates that I've been sharing with you guys as far as like giving away product at a discount and then getting sales and all that stuff like all the good things that come from that. But you have to understand that process. If you guys have not checked that out, head over to theamazingseller.com/buildlist. Again that's theamazingseller.com/buildlist and I will also include that in the show notes for today’s episode.

But then you’re going to, like you said Bree, you need to understand how to write that email. One email a week is really all that you need to send and the reason why I say one, at least one is because you want to stay present. You don't want to just email them once every five weeks. You want to be able to let them know, “Oh this is Bree again, she's sending me some really cool things, I'm going to keep opening up the emails from that person.” So that's what you want to do there and again don't over complicate that process. Just write very simply like you're writing to a friend and that's it and be the reporter. That's the best advice. I wouldn't say hire it right now, hire it out. I would say do it yourself. Learn a little bit about your market. I think you're going to learn through that process as well.

[00:26:28] Scott: So anyway hopefully that helped you. I don't want this episode to go too, too long, because it is an Ask Scott session. I like to keep these within 30 to 40 minutes or less but let's go ahead and listen to one more quick question. I'll give you my answer. We'll wrap this baby up and you guys can go out there and attack the week. So let's go ahead and do it. Let’s listen to that last question and I'll give you my answer.

[00:26:50] George: Hi Scott, this is George from Romania. First of all I want to thank you for all the value you give to us the listeners. It's very easy to understand and very, very motivating. So please don't stop doing this. My question is, where it's more convenient for a beginner to start an Amazon private label business? In the U.K. market or the U.S? Taking in consideration that U.S. market has more demand and could get sale much easier but higher competition and UK has less competition but less demand as well. Thank you again, looking forward to hear answer.

[00:27:25] Scott: Well hey George from Romania. Thank you so much for submitting this question and it always gets me fired up when I connect with people from all over the world like you George and everyone else that's already submitted their questions or sent me a voicemail or posted in the Facebook group. You guys rock. I love it because it just shows that TAS is all over the globe and you guys are just awesome. So alright, this is to me a pretty easy question. And this is what I'm going to say and again this is going to be that one answer that some people be like, “Alright but give me a little bit more, a specific answer here.”

Well the thing is, it depends and Chris Shaffer uses this all the time another t-shirt that we probably should have made. ‘It depends’ but it does depend on this, where are you located? Is there a market place where you are located most? In most cases there are. I would say go where it's easiest for you to launch a product. Like where is it easiest for you? If you're in the U.K. market and you're in the U.K, the UK like send it there. Start there. That's where I would probably start. Now some people want to jump over that because they know that there's more people hanging out in .com, in Amazon, in the U.S. Like there's, it's just where it's known. But guess what, there's more competition there too.

So if you have a good product and you want to eventually launch it in the States but you're also in the U.K. or Germany or wherever, launch it in that country. That's going to be the easiest way for you to get started and then you can send that same product and then go to the States or if you want to, you can jump right to the States. That's up to you. So I don't really have like a set answer other than, what is the easiest thing for you to do right now? Like that would be my question to you if we're sitting there at that table having that nice cup of coffee that I love having with friends.

[00:29:27] Scott: What would I say to you? It would be like, “Well what's the easiest thing for you to do right now George? Is it to launch in your own country, is there a market there?” There's not as much traffic but maybe yours can still sell 5 or 10 a day and without really having to go out there and do a massive launch or to really dial. Maybe no one's even really using pay-per-click that much. So many people say that their pay-per-click works really, really well internationally because there's not a lot of people that they're competing with like you are in the U.S. Like it's just the way it is. But you also have to have a product that that country is going to be looking for or that it’s going to use. So there is some of that that goes into it. I don't know, like does that only really sell well in the States? Well if that's the case, then it might not work.

So these are the questions you have to ask yourself. But again I go back to that one question, “What is going to be the easiest thing for you to do and anyone else out there listening?” Where are you located right now? Where is going to be the easiest way for you to get started and get a product launched? And then you can still look at those numbers. You can still look at the numbers and do exactly what you would do if you were going to launch in the States. Do the exact same thing. We still want depth. We still want demand. Just might not be as big of numbers. But right now we're just looking at a way to get started and I mean I've been hearing, Germany's like doing really well.

I think that's going to be a marketplace that's going to start taking off if it hasn't already by the time this thing airs, which I think it has. It's one that I'm going to be looking into for sure. But I did the U.S because that's where I am. It’s the easiest thing for me to do right now. It’s easy. So again, I just go back to that and I think going back to just what I talked about in beginning. Like what's going to allow you to have the least amount of resistance to get started? Like what is it? So whatever it is, do that. Set the target and go after that target. Head down, go for it.

[00:31:28] Scott: Hopefully, this helped you George and anyone else listening that has that question. Like what marketplace should I start in? If I'm in Germany, where do I start? Well, start wherever it's easiest for you. That's where I would start. So guys that is going to wrap up this episode of Ask Scott. So theamazingseller.com/367 is the show notes and you guys can always ask a question by heading over to theamazingseller.com/ask. And one little mini announcement that I want to give you guys right now depending on when you're listening to this, we are going to be having a North Carolina meet up just outside of Charlotte and if you want details on that, head over to  theamazingseller.com/nc for North Carolina.

Head over to theamazingseller.com/nc and you can get all the details over there that will be the unofficial meetup. Meaning, it's going to be just us hanging out, having a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop and it's going to be a blast and if you guys are in the area, we are more than happy to hang out with you and that will be just for the day. The date on that will be Friday, June 23rd, and we're going to be doing it at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon to about 8 o'clock at night. And again, like I said, got a nice little spot there. We’re going to be doing over in a town just outside of Charlotte and it’s going to be a lot of fun. So if you guys are in town, you want to come by, hang out, definitely go to theamazingseller.com/nc.

Alright guys, so that is it. That's going to wrap it up. Remember, as always, I'm here for you, I believe in you and I'm rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take Action.” Have an awesome amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode.


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