TAS 388 Ask Scott Session #120 – Bundling Products – Premium Packaging – Research Tools

Don’t underestimate the power of GREAT customer service! There is a reason why places like REI, Nordstrom, Amazon, and many others are KNOWN for their great customer service – it’s part of their brand! What if you could build yourself a brand with that kind of reputation? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott kicks this session of Ask Scott off with a rant on providing great customer service. Don’t sell yourself short, there are little things you can do now as you are building your brand that will impress your customers. To hear Scott dive deeper into this topic, make sure to catch this episode!  

Bundling Products

Is it a good idea for you to bundle your products? YES – if it makes sense. Don’t try to bundle products that have no relationship to each other. But you’ve got to keep in mind that it benefits you to have each item listed individually and then offer a bundled option if it makes sense. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear Scott explain how bundling works and how it can benefit you and your customer. Don’t leave money on the table! This is a great way to expand your product options and even start building a niche brand. Make sure you don’t miss this episode!

Providing Premium Packaging

Packaging matters. You want to make sure that your product is showing up in the right package that communicates to your customers that you care about the item you are selling them. Usually, your manufacturer will have a good connection with a local (to them) packaging company that will take care of your needs. But that’s not always the case! If you want to hear what options are available to you as an Amazon seller, make sure to listen to this episode of The Amazing Seller to hear more valuable information on this subject!

Using Jungle Scout

How do you keep up with what products are trending on the Amazon market? What can you do to stay on top of your competition? When you use tools like Jungle Scout, you get access to all the relevant and up to date info, you need to make the right decisions when investigating products and adjusting your product listing. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott explains why sellers like you should keep tools like Jungle Scout in mind when trying to maximize your efforts. Is it VITAL that you use Jungle Scout when you are first starting off? No. But every advantage helps. To hear Scott explain this topic further, make sure to catch this episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [2:00] A takeaway from Scott’s recent Starbucks visit.
  • [9:00] Scott’s shout out to a TAS listener.
  • [11:00] Question #1: A question about bundling and shipping multiple products.
  • [16:00] Question #2: How do I secure premium packaging?
  • [23:00] Question #3: Which should I use, Jungle Scout or Amazon Scout?


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TAS 388: Ask Scott Session #120 – Bundling Products – Premium Packaging – Research Tools


[00:00:02] Scott: Well hey, hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 388 and session number 120 of Ask Scott. This is where I answer your questions here on the podcast and I do it every single Friday, and I’m going to do it again today and I am super excited to dive into today’s questions, which is going to be about…

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…bundling products, another pretty popular question and we talked about it before but a little different take on it in this one. Premium packaging, that’s another great question that we get asked and this is again another little take on it.

So I’m going to talk about that and we’re also going to talk a little bit about research tools. Which ones do we need? Do we need any at all? And it was actually a question that came in to compare the two tools. So I’m going to talk about those and give you my thoughts on that as well. Now, before we do jump in, let me remind you guys that you guys are brand new listeners and you might not realize this but you can submit your own question to be aired on an upcoming Ask Scott session. All you have to do is head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and you can do that. You can ask a question there.

Just record your first name, where you're tuning in from and a brief question and I'll do my best to air it on an upcoming show. For all of you that are long time listeners, you guys already know that and a bunch of you are already submitting questions. So if you have a question, that you want submitted or that you want have it answered here on an upcoming show head over there and ask your question. Love to hear from you guys. I always talk about this. It’s like we’re in the same room together today, we get to address a few questions, we get to learn together. And that’s what I want to do here. I’ll give you like my feedback or my take, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s 100% what you have to do.

It’s just like bouncing ideas off of each other and that’s what I’m going to do here. Now, before we do jump into today’s first question, I wanted to… Again, I always talk about like, what are my thought for this week? What has happened to me this week that maybe had me started thinking about something and something really interesting did happen to me this week.

[00:01:58] Scott: You guys that are long time listeners, you guys know I generally grade some of the people that wait on me in a restaurant or maybe a Starbucks greeter or maybe someone at the bank, like you guys know. That’s like my thing because I think that a lot of businesses miss out on this opportunity and it also allows me to see how it makes me feel when I’m addressed by someone that’s working for a company and then how they address me and their smile like all that stuff. So my big take away from this weekend and I’m going to share the story with you really quickly here, it’s about Starbucks, again you guys know that.

I mean their Dunkin Donuts guy or a Starbucks guy, recently I've been going to Starbucks. I’ve been liking their coffee a little bit better now. I’m a little bit going towards the stronger blend a little bit but anyway that's you guys don't care about that. But the story is and the big takeaway for me was love your customers. Love your customers. How do you get people that are just employees to love your customers? Well number one, you got to pick the right person that has the right attitude. If you have someone and I've said this time and time again, someone comes up and they’re like, “Hello, welcome to Starbucks, how can I help you?”

And you're like, “Okay, I want a coffee.” “Alright, what do you want in it? Do you want sugar in that, you want cream, what do you, like what do you want?” Like you’re bothering me. A manager should see that. Someone should see that and be like, “You know what?” That person makes the orders. They don't present the orders or take the orders from a customer because that's the first interaction that you're going to have. I pulled up to a Starbucks, it was a brand new one in our area here, really nice, I love the way that they designed it and everything it's really cool and I look at all that stuff to like the feel of it and like if you're selling like an organic product like that would be like a good place to go and get that look and feel any way.

I look at that stuff too. But she greeted me. It was at the drive-through and she's like, “Hello, thank you for choosing Starbucks, how can I help you today?” Like thank you for choosing Starbucks, how can I help you today, with a really good upbeat bubbly attitude.

[00:04:03] Scott: And I'm like, “Okay, this is going to go good.” And I'm like, “Sure, I'd like to get a Grande Coffee, regular with just a little bit of room for cream and that would be awesome.” And she said, “Okay, no problem. We'll have that up for you as soon as you pull up to the window, look forward to seeing you.” Like really like that personable. I'm like, “Holy cow.” Like this is really good. This is this is grade A stuff. And so then I pulled up to the drive-through and she had the same attitude. She's like, “Here's your coffee, how’s your day going by the way?” And I'm like, “It's going well.” She was like, “Do you have any big plans for the weekend?” I'm like, “Yeah, actually I might go watch some fireworks.”

I forget what I told her but she was engaging with me, asking me personal stuff in a sense to dig into my life. To show that she really cared. And I go, “Actually my day got a little bit better because you actually asked me for my order.” And she's like, “Oh wow, that feels really good.” She was taking back that I even said that. And I go, “Yeah, I got to be honest with you.” I go, “I'm in business for myself and I know how important it is for people to be addressed if you're a customer like by the people that are representing the company.”

And I go, “I gotta tell you, Starbucks should hire you just to go around to their locations and teach how to be someone at the window or how to greet customers.” She's like, “Oh my God, you just made my day. I can't believe that you're telling me this, thank you so much.” And I'm like and I didn't give her a tip or anything, well I did, I gave her a dollar tip after I told her the story because I just wanted to. I thought she was amazing but before that, she didn't care about money, she didn't care about anything but I made her day by telling her how much I appreciated that and it was funny because I think a manager was listening in and they were smiling and stuff. But it's so true, like that person is representing the business.

Like why don't businesses get it? if I go to a restaurant and there's someone there that's their job is to smile at me, ask me how my day is and greet me and then send me off on my way to my table and then give me my menus and all that stuff.

[00:06:02] Scott: That's that person's job. They got to be good at smiling and being upbeat. None of this, “Hey, how many are you going to have seated today.” Or how about like, “Hey, welcome to whatever, welcome to Big Burger.” Something as silly as that. “Welcome to Big Burger, how you guys doing today?” “We're doing great.” “How many you got in your party today?” “Oh, we got five.” “Okay, cool that's going to be about 10 minutes, is that cool?” “Yep.” “Okay, is there anything I can get for you in the meantime?” “No we're good.” “Okay cool, I'll call you in 10 minutes or whatever I'll get the buzzer.” Whatever it is. Like that upbeat, like that energy.

We need more of that. Again, how does this relate to you in business? Well if you're emailing your customers which you should be, so a little takeaway here, if you guys are brand-new and you're not emailing your customers, you should be. Whether you're building your own email list or whether you're following up with them through Salesbacker or Feedback Genius or whatever service you're using.

You need to have that kind of attitude and you can do that through email. You can have like a very personal message and I'm not going to get into all that stuff. But my point is this, when they contact you back and you're more than willing to help them and make sure that their experience is good, people notice that, people notice that. If you are running a brick-and-mortar business and this is aside, not even talking about Amazon right now but if you're running a brick-and-mortar like this totally applies to you but if you're online you can do the same thing.

I get so many people that say, “Scott I can't believe that you emailed me back.” Like I'm like, “Really.” Well yeah, you must get swarmed with emails, I do but I try to chunk out my day so I can at least message people back even if it's not a huge deep like email message back, I'm able to at least touch that email and they know that I contacted them back. That goes so far in business and in life. It shows that I actually care and that I'm actually paying attention, you're not just a number.

[00:07:53] Scott: I know I just went out a little bit of a tangent there, a little bit of a rant but a good one, a good one and I just want you guys to understand that if you learn to love your customers and really make them feel as though you love them, it will go so, so far. And you'll learn a ton from those customers. So just a big takeaway here guys for me this week is to love my customers, love the people that I am selling products to but also helping. I mean you could be again if you’re selling products but they haven't bought from you yet but you can educate them before they buy, that's even better because you're not just trying to make the sale every time.

I know on Amazon the first thing that people are going to do is buy your stuff but your next immediate response to them or follow-up to them it's going to be an email and it could be a funny one it could just be to make them smile for the day. I know I've got a buddy of mine who sends a funny email and it does really well and people will message him back, “Oh, you made my day, that made me laugh.” Just be creative but also understand that these are real people on the other end here. Not just a number. Again, hopefully this got you fired up to really start to love your customers and understand the power in that.

Now, I'm going to send a little love to one of our TAS’ers. I'm going to do a little shout out here, a little spotlight on one of our TAS’ers in the Facebook group because he went ahead and posted and he listens to the podcast and I just want you guys to know that I am paying attention. I am and there's a lot of other people paying attention too. The shout-out goes to Tim Johnson. Tim, if you’re listening I want to congratulate you number one on just being a type of person that goes out there and just takes action.

You went out there and you posted, “Here first time over $6,000 in 30 days, first time at 5k was last month, finally building my brand and now trying to keep up with demand. Thank you Scott for all your help.” Right there, yes I helped a little bit in that but all I did was just expose you to this and give you some pointers. You actually applied it. You took action as we always say.

[00:10:00] Scott: I just want people to realize that you guys are sitting on a group, our Facebook group of a ton of knowledge. Don't discount that. It's funny because Tim posted this and then a bunch of people came in and congratulated and asked questions and he's willing to share. So you guys can learn this stuff by seeing what other people have already done and ask questions and some will email you back or message you back and some won't. But you know what? They're there posting this. I'm sure they're going to be able to or they're going to be willing to message you back through this thread.

Again, I just wanted to give a little love, a little shout-out to Tim. Tim, great job. Thanks for keeping me posted. Thanks for keeping everyone posted and motivated and inspired and I want more of you to do this. So definitely feel as though that group is a place for you guys to interact with each other and also motivate, inspire and help get through some of those tough times. There are going to be those tough times, you just have to get yourself through them. Great job. Before we jump in the last thing, the show notes the transcripts, can be found at theamazingseller.com/388 and you can find it all over there. So guys alright, I'm out of breath. We got to go ahead and let someone else talk now. Let's go ahead and listen to today's the first question and I'll give you my answer. Let's do this.


[00:11:18] Listener: Hey Scott, thanks for all the advice as always. Quick question for you. So, I'm launching a product right now and I'd really love to bundle it with another product but at the moment I can't afford the second product to bundle it. So I'm just going to sell the single product to start with. My question is, do I have to have this second product sent to the manufacturer of the first product so they can put them together so it's the same SKU for Amazon or is there a way that in Amazon in the back end of Amazon I can simply have Amazon send them separately but send them as a separate product but together? Does that make sense? So they go and pick up both of the SKUs, both of the items together. Thanks anyway.

[00:12:11] Scott: Okay, so this is a great question and I would address you by name but I can't because you didn't leave your name. Guys, please leave your name so this way here I can address you by your first name. I would love to do that. But anyway, great question. Thank you so much for being a listener and thanks so much for submitting your question. Bundling… Bundling is a great opportunity if it makes sense. That’s the number one thing you need to understand. I've got a lot of people that are listeners or students of mine that have done this successfully.

They've bundled two products together, maybe a product that's selling really well, one that is selling so, so. They bundled the two together now they make a really sweet offer and it works. The problem with that is just like you had said, is now you're also buying another product which is another SKU, which is another expense and then you're packaging the two together and now you can't really sell them separately because they're packaged together. So my advice to anyone out there is, yes I would break them apart regardless. If you're going to sell a bundle, you probably should break them apart anyway because now it gives you more real estate inside of Amazon.

I mean you could do one listing that has that bundle broken apart. So you could have like let's say two or three different SKUs and then you can have a bundle on that same listing or you could do it separately. You could do a variation listing that has three of the pieces and then you can have a separate one that's just the bundle. I would prefer to do it all under one listing because this way here, you share the reviews, you share all the ranking, all of that stuff. I would start number one though and this is again a very, very important thing to mention is when you're creating that first listing, you have the option to do a parent and then a child or a variation as we call them or you can just do a product, just one. You want to set it up as a parent child because if you ever want to do a variation, it's going to be a lot easier.

[00:14:09] Scott: You can still merge if you were to do it the other way but I would prefer to do it the way that you start with a parent/child and then you only have one active variation. Because here's the deal let's say if you want to start with product number one. You're eventually going to roll out product two and three. They're all going to be a part of the bundle. Now, what you can do is do three separate SKUs, three separate ASINs and then that way there you can do that slowly. You don't have to do that all at once and then you're also building the foundation of that listing. So that's what I would definitely recommend.

Now, to go back to well it could be expensive because you're going to be shipping a product to your manufacturer, they're going to have to bundle and that's true but it probably won't be as expensive as you think because the shipping shouldn't be too, too much depending on where you're shipping it from. My preference would be to try to find a manufacturer that could do all the pieces. That would be the best scenario. But I've got people that have actually made the arrangements for the products to be shipped into that manufacturer so that way they're they can complete the bundle and then this way here they can package it all together.

So anyone that's brand spanking new and they're wondering well why can't I just have Amazon like take three of them make a bundle and put into a bag and then… They're not going to do it. They just won't do that. So you have to have it all into one package with one SKU and then that makes up that bundle. It's a great idea. I think that there's lot of power behind doing bundles and I also think that it gives you more as far as more variations if you want to break it apart and sell them individually.

Which I think it sounds like you're going to do and that's probably what I would do in the beginning because that way there at least you can get started and start to get some of that momentum. Hopefully that helped you, hopefully that helped anyone else in this situation. Let's go ahead and listen to the next question and I'll give you my answer.

[00:15:58] Michael: Hey Scott, this is Michael from Sydney Australia. I've been listening to The Amazing Seller Podcast for about a month now. Thanks for all the info and encouragement. You’ve managed to brighten up a daily commute and get me motivated to take action. I have a question about premium packaging. As I understand it, the manufacturer of a product doesn’t really do a very good job of packaging. I'd like to have my inventory sent to FBA direct from Alibaba and have it packaged as well.

So, do I need to send it to a third party for actual packing or do you normally organize this through FBA? Being in Australia I think it's going to be too costly to have it shipped here then packed in premium packaging and then shipped to FBA in the States. So anyway, thanks again for all your resources. Hopefully you get a chance to answer my question and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks a lot Scott. Bye.

[00:16:52] Scott: Hey Michael, all the way from Australia. What is up man? Thank you so much for being a listener and thanks for taking me along for the ride on the way to and from work which I'm not sure if you're trying to get out of that ride eventually but if you do I'm rooting for you. So yeah, great question and honestly every single package that we've ever created in any brand that I'm working with has all been done through the manufacturer. Now, that doesn't mean that the manufacturer’s technically doing it.

It just means that they are aligning you with the printing company and the packaging company because then they're usually local to them and usually they have a partnership with them of some kind. So, it's not really as complicated as you would think. So what we always do is we say, what are some of the standard packaging that this item already comes in and then they'll present the package. And then we'll say, “Okay, what we do to modify this to make it better, can we choose different thicknesses of cardboard, can we have a shiny surface, can we have multiple colors, can we have different styles, different shapes and then they're going to let us know what we can do and what we can't do or what it's going to be to actually get that produced and then the expense and stuff.

So we've always built from the stuff that they already currently have and then we just modify that. Now, there's two sides of it. One side you can do it really fast, really easy so that way there it's packaged well and you're not just slapping it in a polybag. We can have a box. We can have a maybe a hang tag, whatever we can do something that makes it look a little nicer without a huge expense or we can go ahead and have them upgrade the packaging as far as like the box and the thickness and all of that stuff but then it is going to add to your cost.

But that might be something you're willing to do. I found that they will align you with those people. They'll connect you with those people so you can do this. Now the next question that everyone asks usually is, where do I get the graphic design done? And to be honest with you, you can ask them and they may have some graphic designers on their team or you're going to do it yourself.

[00:18:55] Scott: Not you, but you would go to a place like 99 designs. A friend of mine who I helped with a product that he's launching, actually it's launching right now actually and it's a beautiful… Wow I just sounded like Steve Irwin there. A beautiful specimen I used to do that for my kids years ago. We used to love that show, anyway I did it because it's a beautiful, beautiful piece of packaging. It is though, it's a terrible accent. I'm sorry but it is. It's a really well designed and everything was done through 99 designs. Then what they did, is they just applied those graphics to the box style that they had to fit the item.

So the packaging is really, really nice. It's durable. It's thick. It's a high gloss that the printing on it looks spectacular but the design was done in 99 designs. Now, you will need the box dimensions or the packaging dimensions and then you're going to have to hand them off to a graphic designer. Then that graphic designer is going to work their magic. You're going to have a lot of back and forth I'm sure and then you're going to make a nice packaging. And then from there you're just going to have them print that on the box. That's pretty much the process and you can make some really, really nice packaging just following that right there.

I wouldn't overcomplicate that. A lot of people will want everything perfect. We call it our MVP though. We want our minimal viable product. We want to get our product to market. We don't want it to be a piece of crap but we do want to get it there as quickly as possible and we've done that on six or seven SKU’s right now recently and the first iteration of it, it's a little bit slower but now that it's done it's just like alright we want more of that or maybe we want to customize the packaging a little bit further. We're like actually we're doing this in one of the products. They had a little sleeve that went around it.

We liked it but we wanted it to actually be in a box now. So now what we're going to do is have a box made. So that'll be the second phase here but we already got it to market. It’s presentable. It's nice.

[00:20:55] Scott: The packaging is simple but nice and it's high-quality but we want to actually have it in a full style box. But anyway, that's how that works but don't overthink that process. I know packaging it's going to be more important as we move forward but it's not the biggest thing right now that you should be focusing on. Yes you should have a good design which I think 99 Designs does a really good job and I don't have an affiliate link for 99 Designs. I probably should but I don’t.

So just go to 99 Designs, check them out. The other one that you can try out and I haven't tried them out personally but I’ve heard some good things is Design Pickle. It’s a funny name. Design Pickle and that’s actually where you can have a graphic designer work for you. I think it's like 300 bucks a month and then they'll do unlimited designs for you on different things even your social media. So if you have a social media account, you want them to do Instagram stuff or Pinterest stuff or any of that stuff, you can have them do it.

It's like 300 bucks a month. For some people it's a little above their budget but for someone that wants like a part time or almost a full time graphic designer, it's not bad and then you can go back and forth back and forth. I think you could only work on one design at a time but I mean I have had experience with 99 Designs with this one guy that I'm working with and it's worked really well. So, I would definitely probably try them out. They are going to be a little bit more expensive but you also get them to bid or to submit designs and then you pick the winner and then you work with that winning designer.

So that would be my suggestions on that. Again, I would just say, do not overthink it too much but they will do a lot of that for you. You just have to ask the questions and build that relationship and I'm telling you it's not that difficult. So let's go ahead and let's listen to one more quick question. I'll give you my feedback, my answer and then we will wrap this baby up and you guys can get on with your day and start taking some more that stuff we call action. All right, so let's go.

[00:23:00] Rob: Hey Scott this is Rob. My biggest main question is Jungle Scout versus Amazon Scout. Which do you use or do you use a different program and the big question is, is Amazon Scout a good program to get me started finding the first product and continuing with your techniques behind it to be successful in selling on Amazon? Love the show. Listen to it all the time. I'm trying to get through every episode I just got into this. Thanks again, I appreciate everything you do.

[00:23:35] Scott: Hey Rob, thank you so much for the question and I have to be honest, I think that you're talking about for Amazon Scout. I think you’re just talking about their app. I don't know if I've heard of Amazon Scout. I'm not really sure that there would be an app out there called Amazon Scout because that would be a trademark violation with a company that would do that. So if that company did that and they're listening to this, you probably shouldn't do that. Amazon will probably find you and file a claim against you using the word Amazon in your name. So, I'm assuming Amazon Scout is just the app that you take and you can scan and you can do research that way.

I think that's what you're talking about. Completely different than Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout, there's two parts of Jungle Scout really. There's the web extension, the Chrome extension where you can do some deep diving into the data which we used to do all manually and by hand. And then they also have the web app which we can then track products but we can also discover products that are trending or that are doing well according to the numbers that we use as a filter. We've done training on this and if you want more on Jungle Scout and you want to even just go over there and give it a shot, I do have an affiliate link that you can go through at theamazingseller.com/js.

You'll get a discount and there's some resources they're free that you'll get access to. So, if you wanted to, go over there and check them out. But let me just give you my take on this like because I get a lot of people say, “Scott, what's my first tool that I should get and do I need a tool?” And the answer is, “No.” You don't really need a tool. Is it going to make your life easier? Yes. Do you have to have a tool to find products? Not necessarily. This is like the way that I use Jungle Scout now. And this is exactly what happened in the new brand that we launched about three and a half almost four months ago now. All we did was we discovered something by something that we were using. Actually my wife did.

[00:25:34] Scott: And then from there we started to drill into products around that market. And then what we did is we took the tool and then we used that to look at the numbers. To look at how many sales, how many reviews, how long they've been selling, the trends, how much is it going to cost. Like all of that stuff was used then for the tool. But I didn't use the tool to pull back ideas. Now, the web app does a good job at exposing you to some of these different ideas according to your criteria but the only thing that I see that could be a disadvantage there is then everyone sees that same exact thing.

So you didn't really come up with anything. Now that doesn't mean that that won't show up with a product that I launched, it's just meaning that that's not how I found the product. Now what I have done is I've found a product using the web app. It exposes the product to me and then what I'll do is I'll drill into that product but then it will usually lead me to other products in that market. That's how I use it. So, Jungle Scout, the Chrome extension that one there I say a must.

I think everyone should have that because it's going to make your job a lot easier and if you're working nine to five job or you're doing this on the side, all your time is going to be in the beginning looking at products and doing product research. This is going to take and speed up your time. So, how much is your time worth? That's what you have to ask yourself. How much is your time worth? So to me in an hour if I was going to do it manually, I might only be able to look through, I don't know three or five products, if that. If I do all the deep diving into the looking at all the numbers and then recording it in a spreadsheet.

But if I'm using a tool, I could probably get 20 or more done. I can buzz through now really quickly because now I got my own system and all that stuff. So I would say out of those two that you're talking about, I don't even think Amazon Scout would be an option unless there's a tool out there called Amazon Scout that I'm not aware of and maybe it does something similar to Jungle Scout. I don't know. If that was the case, even if it was the case I would still tell you Jungle Scout because I know Greg, I know their company, I know what they're about, I know their data is like top-notch and they have a lot of history.

[00:27:34] Scott: So that's who I would say to go with and again I'll give you my link to my shameless plug here, theamazingseller.com/js and yes you will buy me a cup of coffee if you go through that but I only support and promote products that I use or that I know people that are behind and they use and that are reputable. So just want to throw that out there. So hopefully this helped you. That is pretty much going to wrap up this episode. Again guys, I want you to continue to support each other in the TAS Facebook group. If you guys are not aware of that, you can find that by heading over to theamazingseller.com/fb and go and request to join that.

It's totally free and there's a lot of great people and great resources inside of that group in that community. So definitely, go check that out. So the show notes one last time can be found at theamazingseller.com/388 and yeah I look forward to hearing from you guys inside of the community or maybe you guys submit an Ask Scott question and I air on an upcoming show or maybe you post like Tim did and you get a shout out on the show. So definitely keep active, keep out there and I'm telling you guys, you guys can all do it, I know it.

[00:28:49] Scott: Alright, so that's it that's going to wrap it up. Remember, as always, I'm here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you but you have to, you have to, come on, say it with me, say it loud, say it proud if you're brand new this is going to be the first time you're going to do this, “Take Action.” Have an awesome amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode.


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