TAS 405 Weird Way I Found a NEW Market and Potential Products – Plus LIVE Research Video

Do you ever get those random thoughts about improving a product or providing a solution that you are sure someone has already come up with? Sure you do! But do you take it one step further and investigate the potential profitability of those ideas? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he walks through a cool idea he had and then proceeded to research to help business leaders like you see what it takes to innovate a simple idea. This is an episode packed full of helpful information you don’t want to miss. Grab a pen and some paper and jump in!

Leveraging Social Media

Do you have a social media strategy when it comes to promoting and driving sales for your brand? How do you engage with your customer base where they spend time online? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he opens up about how leveraging social media spaces like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more can have a huge impact on your brand development. As Scott often says, it comes down to connecting with your audience where they are and what they like – if you can lock down both of those avenues you’ll find success. Hear more on this topic from Scott by listening to this episode!

10 x 10 x 1 Criteria

Have you ever wondered what Scott looks for when he sets out to build a healthy and thriving brand? What steps does he take to validate and plan ahead to ensure that his efforts provide a solid return on his investment? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear Scott talk about the 10 x 10 x 1 criteria. Scott’s aim when starting a new brand it to find a product that will provide him with $10 in profit selling ten items a day which will bring him $100 in daily profits. He takes that a step further when building most of his brands and looks for three products that can do that for him so he can have the product complement each other and even work well as bundles. Get more helpful tips and insights from Scott on how to build a brand by listening to this episode!

Don’t forget – Build An Email List

Time and time again you’ve heard it here from Scott – you have to build an email list. It is so vital to building and maintaining a growing brand! What steps are you taking to build your email list and plan out how you will interact with your subscribers? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott gives a brief snapshot of why you should be building an email list and he explains how you can build it and start leveraging those connections to drive sales and move your brand forward. To hear Scott dive deeper into this subject and so much more – make sure to listen to this episode!

Keep Your Eyes Open!

Do you know that you could be one good idea away from breakthrough success? No, it’s not a get quick rich scheme! Some of the best ideas come from people who see a gap or underserved segment in the marketplace. On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott stresses how important it is for business leaders and entrepreneurs like you to pay attention to the little things around you – you never know what idea could lead you down the path to a thriving business. Learn more from Scott’s experience and insight on this helpful episode – don’t miss it!

Tools Used for Research:

Jungle Scout Extension (Receive $10 OFF by using my affiliate link)


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [5:30] How Scott discovered an untapped market.
  • [15:00] Locating an audience on social media.
  • [20:00] How Scott would build this brand in 8 steps.
  • [32:00] Be aware of opportunities around you!


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TAS 405: Weird Way I Found a NEW Market and Potential Products – Plus LIVE Research Video


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 405 and today I'm excited because I'm going to share something that happened to me recently and it's kind of a weird…

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….way that I found a new market and some potential products. I also because I thought it was pretty cool to share this, I wanted to shoot a video showing you exactly how I was doing a deep dive after I discovered the market. Here's the deal, a lot of people struggle with finding a product and I get it. Everyone is kind of using the same methodology and everyone is using the same strategies pretty much. We want to go on a tool, no matter what tool you use and you want that tool to tell you what to pick or you want someone like me to tell you what to pick.

It's not always that simple. Some people say, “Scott it just seems so hard to find products.” You know what, it can be but if you find products that are not the traditional way to me it's going to be easier for you to launch. Now what I want to share with you is a complete story here of actually how this happened. Then from there you're going to be able to see me do a deep dive in this video. The video can be found right at the show notes page which will be at theamazingseller.com/405.

You'll see me actually walking you through and kind of explaining a little bit of the story and as far as how it happened. Now just let me be totally clear here. Like about a week ago I had no idea about this market. I knew that there was things being sold in this market but not to this magnitude. Not like a raving fan base. I'm going to also go through this exercise here with you today as far as what I did once I discovered this idea. So number one I'm going to share with you how I found the idea, how I got excited about it, then how I validated it and then how I started looking at products to serve to this market.

[00:02:02] Scott: Then what I'm going to do is I'm going to also share with you some steps that I would take if I was going in this market. Now the other thing I want to be totally transparent with you guys is right now currently I'm not going in this market. That doesn't mean that all of you should go “Okay, cool Scott I'm going to go out there and go to this market.” You need to be smart about this. You have to have a unique angle.

Don't just hear something on someone's podcast or in a video and think, “Oh that's going to be a great market. If someone is starting to talk about it, you might want to go away from it. I'm just sharing with you this example so you can get an idea of how you reverse back out of something once you discover the idea. Also how to pay attention to a certain situations that you are using or that you're in the middle of or wherever you are in life you need to pay attention and things are happening to us every single day.

There's something that I take about on our workshop. There's two workshops that I do. There's one that's the five phases which goes through the complete step by step like five phases to launch a product like pick a product, source a product, everything in between to launching it. Then the other one that I do is product research where I can actually show you three validation points and the depth, the demand and all of that stuff like I show you that stuff in these workshops. But the one thing that I'm going to… Like I start everyone with is something called a touch list.

Now, a touch list people go, “Scott that seems so simple. Like there's got to be a better way, a sexier way to find products.” No, no, actually there isn't. So don't think it's going to be this new shiny object that you have to go find products. Now, I've talked about this before, Jungle Scout. Love it. I use it. All the time. Every single day. The web app now is something that I use too maybe get a product idea that I can drill into a market but I generally do not look on Jungle scout the web app to discover the product. maybe the market and the I drill down deeper and I'm going to actually be doing some more videos in the near future showing exactly how that could start with an idea by something that was brought to my attention and the how I drill down.

[00:04:11] Scott: That's kind of how it happened here. But I like to start with a touch list. The story that I'm going to share with you is very similar to a touch list. It was an experience that I was having because of a certain situation or a certain thing that I was interested in that I was acquiring about and that led me to what I'm going to share with you here today. That's really as complicated as it has to be. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that. All right and now Jungle Scout the Chrome extension that one there I use all the time because I want to go ahead and drill down into the data now. Then if I want to track that product then I can track it in the web app and I can look at it over a period of time.

I want you to think of like Jungle Scout the Chrome extension for me personally it's like a tool where I can start to analyze and start to look at the data really quickly. I can get a sense of the market, I can get a sense of the trends, I can do all of that stuff with inside of that. This is not a pitch for Jungle Scout. You guys know I'm a huge fan of it and I'm also an affiliate of it and I'm a huge promoter of Greg Mercer who's a huge friend of mine. Definitely go check it out. If you want to use my link yes you can use that. You'll buy me a cup of coffee. You can get some discount, you can get some goodies, theamazingseller.com/js. There you go.

There it is if you wanted to check it out. Now, let's get into the story. How did this whole thing happen? Well you guys a lot of you long time listeners know and if you're a new listener, well you don't know this but I used to live in Upstate New York. I lived there all my life. I'm 45 years old now and I lived there my entire life. Then last year we decided to move to South Carolina. We wanted to head south. My 19 year old son had graduated high school, my oldest daughter she's getting married so she wasn't in the house anymore and then my youngest daughter was in elementary school.

[00:06:02] Scott: She's a nine year old so we're like, “Now would be the perfect time.” We picked up, we moved because we could. A lot of people say, “Scott why did you move? Did you relocate? Did your company relocate?” No. Because I could. It's kind of being funny about it but it's true. I just needed internet connection. We basically made this decision, we wanted to improve our lifestyle, we figured it's a little bit of a slower pace and just nicer weather, better taxes. All that stuff so we're like let's just do it so we did it. We're super happy. One thing we noticed is that a lot of people are driving around with convertibles or Jeeps or just fun vehicles.

People are out running, they're jogging, they are walking, they are just out and about. It's just a different atmosphere and I started to get the bug. Years ago I wanted a Jeep but we were in the North East so it's kind of like you can use it in the snow but you can't have a top down but a couple of months in a year, maybe three months a year. I don't know. I just kind of forgot about it. But here I'm like I could use it more and it'd be a lot a fun so I'm like starting nudging my wife a little bit. I'm like, “What do you think? Maybe we should go check them out. It's not going to hurt to look.” You know how that goes. You go to look and then all of a sudden you walk out with a vehicle. That didn't quite happen but almost. It took a little bit longer.

We ended up going to a Jeep dealer. Now, I'm not talking about Jeep like Jeep Cherokee or a just a regular SUV, I'm talking about a Jeep that you could technically go off road with, a little bit beefier of a Jeep, a little bit outdoorsy and it's something that I've wanted. So I'm like let's go check it out. So knowing nothing about the Jeep market, zero about the Jeep market I go there and tell the guy what I wanted and stuff and the guy was like, “Let me ask you this, what's the purpose of the Jeep as far as you're going to use it for a lot of off-roading or are you going to just use it for casual use? What are you going to use it?” I'm like, “Probably just casual use, maybe occasional off road.”

[00:08:01] Scott: He goes, “All right. You don't need the Rubicon because the Rubicon is more built for like rock climbing and it's got this different suspension that can split and all these different terms and everything. Then there's the Wrangler Sport and then from there there's the Sahara. So there's a couple of different options here. So he was giving me an education on all of this stuff. I'm listening to him, great guy and he taught me a ton. As I'm sitting there he's telling me about like these meet ups that they have here locally and hundreds of people come and show up and they show off their Jeeps and they barbecue and tailgating and they just meet up.

There's vendors there and it's just a big thing. You know me, I'm sitting there and I'm thinking to myself, “All right Jeep, this is cool but there's a lot of accessories that could be strapped on to these Jeeps.” I know that because he's asking me, “Do you want the front bumper, the winch on the front bumper, do you want the lift kit, do you want the tail light covers or those little grills that go over the covers. You got the hand braces inside that you can hold onto if you're going to rough terrain or whatever. All these different add-ons, I can add on later after market. They don't even have to be done with a Jeep dealership but I'm sitting here thinking, number there's a huge fan base.

These are raving fans. He's telling me that the resale value because I'm also talking about that as I'm like an investor and I'm like what do I look like if I buy this thing, don't lease it, maybe I buy the thing and what's the value going to be after six years. He was like, “They really hold their value. Like one of the best…” I went did a little bit of research on that too and sure enough there are some that are 18 years old selling for $25,000. Crazy. And that aren't in great shape. 160,000 miles like I'm like wow, there's a huge tribe out there, people that love Jeeps. So I'm like, “Ha. Maybe I'm going to be one of these people. Maybe I'm going to be part of the club in a sense.” Now I got to start earning a little bit more about this.

[00:10:08] Scott: I got to figure out where locations are. Maybe we can do a little meet up, maybe we can do a little off road excursion which would be kind of fun. All of these things start coming to my head and then of course I'm like, “And there's products that potentially could be sold to this market.” Now, I've got so many different things going in other businesses that I'm working in or a partnership that I'm recently, with a brand new brand or that we're building right now which all my energy is really there for a huge growth that we see in the future so that one there has got a lot of my attention.

I'm like, “I'm not going to go in this market but I think it would be a good process to share with people that if I was, this is how I would have all unfolded.” Again, I had no idea about this market until I had idea that maybe I wanted to go Jeep shopping. Went Jeep shopping, met a  really cool guy that knew a ton about this market and I can probably reach out to him in the future which I'll get to that in a little bit and probably have him explain different things to the Jeep market, maybe interview him, maybe talk to him about doing some YouTube stuff. I don't know, there' things I can probably do because this guy is a die hard. Not to mention, the guy that does all the suspension stuff and like the lift kits and all that stuff.

There's a whole another division there that does that stuff, that guy there and he calls himself this, ‘Jeep Geek'. They just live it, breathe it, they just love it, love it. He would be one I know that I can say, “Hey, can I get with you once a month. You tell me all the hot new things that Jeep's are offering. Maybe the off road community. Could you do that?” He would totally do it. I know he would. So anyway, I don't want to get off track here but this is how it all unfolded. So what do I do? Well, I go home and I run to the computer pretty much and I start typing in different things in this market.

[00:12:01] Scott: Yes, I validated that there is a ton of demand for a lot of different accessories and definitely products that can be private labeled. Now, I'm not going to private label a gigantic bumper. They have front bumpers, back bumpers. I looked at these and they're not that expensive if you do an after math. They are like $250 to $500 for one that doesn't have a winch. I wouldn't sell them, they're heavy, they're bulky but there's other accessories. There's these little, it's almost like these little hooks that go on the front that you can actually get a color that matches. So if I wanted to get a red one to match my red inserts on my rims I could.

Well, that would be a part that I could private label or there's those grab bars inside of the Jeep. There's also these little covers and actually I was looking at this. There's these covers that go over so when you pull your hard top off, there's these little covers that go on that you can bungee down so you don't have to take your top and put it back on for the day and you can get out of the sun but you can still have it be out in the open. That's another, it's like a broad I believe or some type of netting that goes over top of it. There's all of these different things, not to mention there's parts that could also be bolted on. There's another one that I was looking at for the back of the tail lights, there are these little metal grates that go over them so that way there it protects it. So if you're off-roading and rockets, it's not going to burst the tail light.

There's all of these different things and I'm looking through them. What did I do when I went there first, when I went on Amazon? All I did is I went to the tool bar and I show this stuff in the video guys. I think definitely you guys should go watch the video that I shot for you guys because I wanted to actually show you not just explain it because I think it's better to see a visual of me actually going in and typing in some keywords and then drilling down from there and explaining what I'm seeing.

But what I basically did is went in there and I just typed ‘Jeep' and then I put in ‘accessories'. Then as soon as I put in ‘accessories' a whole bunch of stuff populated. Whole bunch of stuff. Then from there I started to drill down into these different products that also led me to brands that are selling a whole bunch of products which then opened up a whole another set of products that I wasn't even aware of.

[00:14:09] Scott: But again, I break this all down inside this video and the video can be found at the show notes page, theamazingseller.com/405. So go check that out and then watch that video, take some time to watch it. It's not that long. It's under ten minutes I believe, maybe fifteen, I forget but I went through and did a deep dive and exposed the few products. I think it was like three products. So here I just want to run through this. So number one I listened to the salesman, he educated me. Big time.

I also was aware, this is number two, that there is a raving fan base and they have meet ups and all that stuff. Number three, I validated that there’s accessories, tons of accessories being sold on Amazon right now, not even Amazon just everywhere. The other thing I did, the next thing that I really did is wanted to see if there was Facebook groups out there of Jeep owners. Not just Jeep owners but maybe like off roaders. Because even though we're kind of like, we're tailoring this towards the Jeep market we could also then attach it to just off roaders that are using Jeeps for that. So you don't necessarily look for Jeep owners, you look for off road Jeep owners if that makes sense.

I found a few of them. I found one, actually this was funny, I found one called Jeep Girls. All they do is these girls post all these pictures of cool accessories or these meet ups they've been at, and all this stuff, there's like 6,000 people in that group right now. Closed group, 6,000 people. Not huge numbers but 6,000 targeted people. You can look at Jeep Wranglers, that's another one I found. Jeep Beach Club. Jeep Beach Club is actually a meetup that they have every year. There's over 5,000 in that. That's actually where they tell you when the next one is coming up and then they have pictures from all the things that happened during the Jeep Club event for the Jeep, all that stuff. That's the other thing that I did, I looked and I seen that there is some Facebook groups out there.

[00:16:01] Scott: There's a lot more I'm sure. I just didn't spend a ton of time doing that. Then number five is YouTube channels. These are great because I actually was looking at this stuff when I was buying some different things for my 73 Mustang. I have a 73 Mustang that I purchased not that long ago and it's been something that I've been wanting for a long time. I actually gave up my 87 Mustang when I got married, when I was 21. Then I sold that so I could put windows and siding on my house I'll never forget it. I never had a Mustang again. Then here it is, 22 years later and I got my 73 back. I wanted a 73 but when I was doing that, I was finding on YouTube all of these different businesses that were selling parts that were doing videos showing how to put the parts on.

Or just things to make their mustangs better or how to preserve them or best practices. All of these things. Then what I did for the Jeep market is I looked at YouTube under this type of stuff. Like putting a replacement bumper. It's not even that hard to do. I can technically probably do that myself. I was looking into this and there's this one page called ‘Extreme Terrain' and they really show you how to put parts on of your Jeep. There's like 36,000 subscribers on that. There's ‘Rough Country', another one. 54,000. What these guys do is they just take a part, they'll take one part off, put a new one on. There's the video.

I can either attach to one of these influencers and then ask them if they would maybe partner or maybe if they would just push a review out for me, a review of a product that I would do. Or I can create one myself. I could go to that guy that the Jeep Geek in the dealership and say, “Hey, want to do something on the side. Once a month I want you to give me one thing that you could do.” A lot of these guys are actually doing the stuff on the weekend anyway. So you could say, “Hey, shoot a video of you taking a part off, take a part on or whatever you’re modifying on that Jeep and just record it and give it to me and I'll post it.

[00:18:02] Scott: You could have someone doing that for you and yes you might want work out a deal or you either pay them something to do those videos or maybe you either make them a partner and somehow inside of that brand. There's a lot that you can do. So again, you can see how when something like this happens my mind just starts to wander in all of these different directions and I start to build business. I build the business from the idea and it usually comes from finding a market that has a need, a demand and also a raving fan base. I love those different things when I'm looking at a brand.

Hopefully this is getting you guys excited to be able to say, you can find things that are not necessarily being found using a tool. Like I said, I don't use tools to help me necessarily find the product. I use a tool, number one if I'm using the web app, I'm using it to help me find a product that opens my mind to a market and then I start drilling down into other products but I like to do it actually this way right here where I use a touch list or I actually go through an experience that I'm doing right now. Then from there I start to look into that market and start to see if there's a business that can be built with inside of this.

That's what I look for. Again, it's not the conventional way but to me it's the best way because you're actually seeing what's being bought and what's being looked for and you're looking at all of those different key features of a really good market. You're not forcing it and trying to find something that's actually delivered to you on a silver platter. To me this is something that you're going to get good at by doing it over and over and over again.

[00:19:59] Scott: Like I said, the first thing I did I was aware, I figured out that there's a market here. I came home, I started to do some research and then all of a sudden I got research. Then what happens? Then I go ahead and I go, “Oh I can do this, I can do that.” I want to walk you through, if I was to build this brand, I'm going to give you like eight things here that I would technically do. So if I was going into this market this is what I would do.

Number one I would find three products that I could sell that meet the ten by ten by one criteria. If you guys are brand new, you're like, “Scott what the heck is the ten by ten by one technique or strategy?” I'll get you guys caught up really quickly.

Ten by ten by one is I want to be able to make a $100 profit per product that we sell. So $10, I want to make per product or per sale and I want to sell ten of those per day. So if I can sell ten units a day, I make $10 profit each, that's 100 bucks. Now, I want to find three of those. The reason why I want to find three of those is because I want to be able to take those products and have them help each other sell and that's a good start for a brand to have three products. You got to start with one but then you also want have in mind that you can also attach a second product and a third product. Now, that's the first step.

Find three products and got to be honest I can probably find ten to fifteen right off the bat in this market. I would go as low as maybe $15 for a product be a good lead in product but then from there I would go as high as probably $50, $75, even $100 because there's some products that I would do that are more expensive that could be oversized, maybe even fulfilled by merchant because I'm telling you this market is probably definitely a market that would support FBM because they do have those bigger items. But again, that's another conversation. Number one, find three products I could sell at the ten by ten by one.

[00:22:07] Scott: Number two, you guys know this is coming, building an email list like fast. You guys here that click, that's a snap, that's a snap of my fingers. Building the email list like as soon as possible. Like even before I have products, I'm going to build that email list. If you guys are not aware of this, another link for you; theamazingseller.com/buildlist because this right here I'm telling you will drive sales when you launch and when you launch you're going to want drive sales, you're also going to  be able to do some really cool things. You're going to be able to follow up and stuff. Number three is I'm going to take that email list and I'm going to start to follow up with them.

Then next question I always get is, “Scott, what do you follow up with? What are you giving them? You don't have a product for sale yet.” Yes, because I'm not thinking about selling them right now. I'm thinking about number one getting people to raise their hand and saying, “Scott I am in the Jeep club,” and then I get those people on a list and then I get to follow up with them. I get to send them an email message that says, “Hey Scott. Thanks so much for entering. Oh by the way, you got to check out this Jeep video of this guy climbing the mountain. He climbed it, this mountain and ended up almost flipping but not flipping.” Or something like you don't want to be like this thing or the guy flips over and get's hurt or something.

You want to draw some attention to it or maybe a cool thing like, “Hey you gotta check out how this one guy, a ‘do it yourselfer' put on new fender flares. It's pretty cool. Check it out.” Or, “I'll be in touch next week with the winner” or something like that. It's a way for you to follow up with them. You don't even have to create your own videos right now but you can go to YouTube find a ton and then just repurpose that. Just tell them, “Hey, I found this cool video, blog post.” Another great resource. Or maybe there's another place out there. It could be Instagram or wherever you find something you're going to want to share it.

[00:24:03] Scott: So that's your follow up. That's number three.

Number four, is I'm going to build a Facebook Page or a group. Preferably both but I would start with a Facebook fan page because when you start to run Facebook ads you're going to need that anyway. That will organically start to build. The cool thing about this market is I would have them start submitting their own pictures. You can almost have a theme like twice a week or three times a week and you can have people like submit their pictures and then from there if you're going to start to create your own content for you on that page and people that are avid fans are going to want to come back to that page and check that stuff out.

Then you start to build some more community inside of your page and that's where people are going to want to come back. That's actually a really good strategy. Then again you're going to be able to ask them to submit them. Hey, this week we're going to submit whatever, the most tricked out Jeep or something like that and everybody would be sending their pictures or something like that or muddiest Jeep. Then you'd see like the next week everybody got those buried over the weekend because they were trail riding. Something fun but something that people are going to want to check it out and they're going to want to look at it and be entertained. Because that's really what they are doing.

They're being entertained and they're getting a little bit of fix of their Jeep craving if you will. That's a great strategy.

Number five is do a survey and that could be done right on the Facebook fan page. Ask questions to gain the insights of the market. This is a great way for you to get intelligence on the market. Ask a simple open ended question or even a survey that says, “What do you prefer? A, B or C.” And you can have like different options for products. Do you like the black fenders, the short fender or the no fender look? These are things that are for the Jeep market they are into.

[00:26:01] Scott: I know because I was looking at do I want a black plastic fender, do I want a painted fender or do I want no fender or do I want a shallow or a thin fender. There's all these different options. Ask them, see the what everyone is saying and then you can build off of that. The surveys are huge.

Then number six is when you're ready and you have a product ready to launch you want to do a three email product launch. Discount plus deadline. This is where people make the mistake when they build the email list they build the email list and they go, “Hey Scott, I built the email list, I sent out one email, it didn't work all that good. Number one you probably didn't do the follow up good. What I mean by that is you didn't engage with the list up until the giveaway so that's rule number one. Engage with the audience and with the email list that you build before you actually pitch them. Then number two, this is another common mistake is they'll just send the one email.

“Hey, thanks so much for entering the contest. Sorry you didn't win but because we want to be cool to you guys here's 25% off discount.” There you go. That's it. Done. A better strategy would be a three email product launch approach and that would be number one, announcing the winner, “Oh by the way sorry you didn't win but we're still going to be cool to you guys. We're going to give you 30% off discount and on our fender flares. You can get them until this weekend.” Maybe you give them three days. So you put a deadline there. Another big takeaway is add the deadline. Discount plus deadlines work.

Then the next thing is would be you would follow up again, say, “Hey just a friendly reminder about the discount and oh I wanted to share with you this cool new video that I found of them actually putting on these fenders.” Maybe you did it, maybe you had the guy at the dealership that you connected with like I did and you have him go a demo of putting one of those. Then you can shoot that or you can just find one on YouTube but you want a piece of content in there that gets them to actually open it and then see value in it.

[00:28:07] Scott: But then you also want to remind them of the pitch. That could be in a PS. Then the last email would just be like, “Hey, last call. I just wanted to remind you the 30% discount on our wheel well flares, the fender flares, that will be ending tonight at midnight. Here's your chance again to get this awesome discount. Thanks so much for being part of our Jeep lovers crew or. Talk to you later.” That's it. Three emails. So the follow up and the three email to me it works like a charm. It works really, really good.

Number seven, reach out to influencers in YouTube, Instagram. Wherever your market is hanging out, reach out to those people. That's what I would do here. I would reach out to influencers in this space. There's a ton of them on YouTube, tons. I wouldn't go after the ones that have a million subscribers. I'd go after the ones that have 50,000. The guy that's in the garage on the weekend that's putting together a part and he's just sharing that. That's the one I would contact because they have some reach and you can probably get a good rate for them to do it. They would love it.

They'd be like, “Wow I built this YouTube channel, I wasn't even expecting to get 50,000 subscribers. All I'm doing is putting on parts in my garage, on my Jeep which I love to do and this guy is going to pay me 50 bucks or a 100 bucks to do a review on his product, love it. And I get a free product.” That's what I would do in this case and then number eight is find the local Jeep Geek in your area or whatever market you're in and maybe if it's not you, get that person to be the face of your brand. If you can do that, man oh man I'm telling you that's a game changer. When you can have a face to the brand that when you… It's funny because when I was looking at the Mustang stuff, there's a guy that is part of this brand.

[00:30:00] Scott: It's not his brand but he's the face of it. He's the guy that does all of the, “Hey guys, you just bought this new weather stripping for your 73 Mustang. I'm going to show you guys today how easy it is to pull it off and to put it back on with the new stuff and make it look just like it did in 1973. So let's get to it.” Then boom he goes through and he shows all the steps, he shows the tools to use, puts it all together, he's got himself like a ten minute video, done. Game over. Now, that person is the face of the brand so I know every time I go to that brand he's the guy that's going to be showing me how to fix my Mustang. Then now I also am probably going to buy from them because it seems like they are legit and also they know what they are doing because they show me how to do it.

So I'm going to buy their part. It just really works well. It is more work. What I just went through here takes work but if we're going to build a brand this is what it would take. Again, like I said I'm just like flushing this out with you guys right now and it's a little bit all over the place but it's really not. There's actually like those are the steps that I would do but again once you start going through this process things are going to change, you're going to pivot a little bit, you're going to start narrowing it down a little bit maybe in a specific part of that market but this is how I do it. This is how we are building this new brand that we have with my new partner Chris Shaffer and I and my new partner.

This is how we did it. We did not find this by using a tool. We found it because it was something that we were using and we thought it was a pretty cool market and then we decided to start launching products and now we are up to about nine or ten SKUs doing really well and it's only been about four or five months but it took work to get up to that point. It wasn't just four to five months since we started. It's probably about six to seven months since the idea came to us then we started doing all of our brainstorming and doing the plan together. But this is how it starts. This is how the plan starts. So, hopefully you enjoyed this. Hopefully this is going to give you some ideas and some inspiration to actually think about what you are encountering right now.

[00:32:09] Scott: Whatever you are in right now be aware and start to really reverse what could be once you get this idea by starting with the concept of the market and then what products are being served and then raving fans. If you can put all those together, I'm telling you it's almost like fool proof. You just have to go out there and do it and this is the best way that I know to actually establish a market and actually figure out what products could serve them well.

Now, like I said a lot of people ask me, “Scott, the web app in Jungle Scout, the Chrome extension what do you prefer?” I prefer both because they both serve different things but if I was to start it would be with the Chrome extension because that's the one I use every single day. It's like in the contractor's world, a tape measure. I need a tape measure. I used to go through so many tape measures because they would break, they'd fall off my ladder, whatever. But I always needed that every single day, I'm always measuring something and that's kind of what you're doing with chrome extension. You're measuring the data and the depth and all of that stuff. Now the web app is a great tool for a couple of different reasons. Number one you can track so now if you're in the Chrome extension you click a little button and then it automatically adds it to your web app and it's going to start tracking that product for sales data.

That's big. But the web app to find products, I don't necessarily use it for that purpose but if you're going to use it for that purpose only use it to get the idea of a market not necessarily the product because remember, everyone else is going to see that product. What you want to do is go under the radar and come in through that product but then let that establish the brand or the market and then from there you can dig a little bit deeper using the Chrome extension inside of that.

[00:34:04] Scott: Again, I go through how I'm using the Chrome extension in this video in this episode so I would definitely recommend checking that out, theamazingseller.com/405. There's a live video there of me actually taking you through this process but if you guys did want to, I’ll put a little shameless plug in here, if you guys wanted to pick up the Chrome extension or even the web app or both, Greg has got a great deal on both and a little bit of discount for you guys that are TASers, you can head over to theamazingseller.com/js and you'll get a great deal there and a great product.

I definitely use the Chrome extension all the time, every single day pretty much and that's definitely something I don't think you can live without. I would definitely, definitely say go grab that. Then I would also say the show notes, the live video, go check that out, huge resource there for you guys. I wanted to do this because I know that because you guys like to also see visually and that's why I did this. So go check it out at theamazingseller.com/405.

Al right guys, that is going to wrap up this episode. I hope to do more of these when just things, they just happen and I just  kind of talk about and brain storm about what's going through my head and hopefully you guys get a ton of value from that. So that's it, that's going to officially wrap this up, remember as always I'm here for you I believe in you and I'm rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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