TAS 439 ASK Scott Session #136 – PPC Seed Keywords – Brand Registry 2.0 – Starting with Product Variations

Are you ready for the inspiration and motivation you need to get your ecommerce business firing on all cylinders? Prepare for another awesome session of Ask Scott where your biggest questions about products, keywords, suppliers, and so much more get addressed right here every Friday! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he goes over some exciting new episodes coming up for the TAS crowd and how you can win a free scholarship to the Private Label Classroom. If you are ready to learn and improve your business practices, make sure to listen to this episode!

Monday’s Suck!

If you’ve been in the workforce for very long, you know the one almost seemingly universal truth that Monday’s suck! But do they have to suck? Is it just a fact of life that you have to accept as a working adult? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott dives into one of his weekly thoughts to help business leaders like you stay focused and motivated throughout the week. According to Scott, the one person who has control over that dreaded “Monday feeling” is the person you see in the mirror every morning, YOU! Don’t hold yourself back, take charge of your attitude and your future. To hear Scott expand on this topic and much more, make sure to catch this episode!

Brand Registry

Ever since Amazon revamped their brand registry process there have been a lot of questions from business leaders like you. How do you know what to expect with the new process in place? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott explains how the process works and what sellers like you should be prepared to experience. The new process involves getting a trademark registered which can add a whole new layer that many sellers aren’t prepared for. Scott encourages sellers out there who are holding off from starting their business until they are brand registered to just get started and worry about brand registry later in the process. Find out why this is the best approach when you listen to this episode!

Starting with a Product that has Variations

If you are just getting started as an ecommerce seller, you may be wondering what is the best way to get started with your first product. Should you start simple or should you jump in with a product that has multiple variations? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares what new sellers should do to make sure they are best positioned for success right out of the gate. Scott’s advice is to go with whatever seems to be selling the most in the category you want to start selling in. If it's a product with no variations, start there, if it has multiple variations, that’s where you want to start. Go where the sales are. To hear Scott expand on this topic and other helpful insights, make sure to listen to this episode!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [8:30] Scott’s weekly thought; Monday’s suck!
  • [15:00] Question #1: A question about seed keywords.
  • [28:00] Question #2: How do I deal with the delay of brand registry?
  • [33:00] Question #3: Is it a good idea to start off with my first product with variations?


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TAS 439: ASK Scott Session #136 – PPC Seed Keywords – Brand Registry 2.0 – Starting with Product Variations


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 439 and session number 136 of Ask Scott. This is where…

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…I answer your questions here on the podcast and today we are going to do just that and I haven’t said this in a while but I like to imagine that we are all sitting around in a coffee shop or maybe a restaurant, wherever and we are just having this conversation together.

And it’s funny I get a lot of people that email me and say, “Scott I do feel like I’m sitting in that coffee shop with you so I would love for you to answer my question.” And that’s what I want it to feel like because when we do our meet-ups, our in person meet-ups that is, it really does feel like that and I want this to feel like that as well and I want to give you guys value every single week on these sessions so that’s what my goal is.

Now today there's some really great questions and just to give you guys an idea of what we are going to be talking about, pay-per-click. Yes another pay-per-click question. We are going to be talking about seed keywords, I’ve actually invited Chris Shaffer on to answer that for you guys because he is more of the PPC guy than I am. I do know quite a bit about it but I wanted his opinion on this and we talk through that so that is what we are going to be doing there. Brand registry 2.0, we are going to talk about that starting with product variations. We are going to talk about that and we are going to be covering all of those topics.

Now if you guys have a question that you want me to answer and air on an upcoming Ask Scott Session all you have to do is head over to theamazingseller.com/ask. That’s it, that’s very, very simple just include your first name and then also where you are tuning in from and then just a brief question and I’ll do my best to answer on an upcoming Ask Scott session. I love receiving those. Speaking about hearing from you guys, this is one of my big announcements and that is our PLC scholarships that we are going to be giving away in December.

[00:02:07] Scott: All you have to do is share your TAS story, that’s it. Now I mentioned it on I think it was the last episode I’m going to mention it here again because this is a pretty big announcement. It is officially live right now depending on when you are listening to this but all you have to do is submit your TAS story. And it’s really simple. I put all the details together on a special page, I shot a video explaining exactly what you have to do and it’s very simple.

All you have to do is record yourself talking about your TAS story and how long you’ve been a listener and that’s really it and you get entered into our giveaway here that we are going to be giving away two scholarships to our PLC and our TAS breakthrough you community and online coaching.

That is pretty awesome and that’s going to be happening in December but you can go ahead and submit your story right now. I want to hear from you so make sure that you do this theamazingseller.com/story. And if you guys are listening to this after this airs or after this is over, still go there because I’m sure that we are going to be having those stories highlighted there for you guys because I think it’s really important. One of the reasons I’m doing this is because I want to highlight people’s stories because I know sometimes you feel either alone or you feel like you are the only one that’s facing this or maybe just someone says in their story that they were struggling with something but then they overcame it and then you are like, “Wow that was me I guess I can do this.”

That’s what I need to do. I need to continue to really inspire and then set that spark that you know that you are not the only one but that you can do this. That was the main reason for doing this for the TAS community when we were approaching three years in the podcast and lots and lots of people sharing their stories so definitely go do that I’m super excited about that.

[00:04:07] Scott: And another major announcement here for TAS is we are doing a new series so depending on again when you are listening to this if you listen to this when this airs then it will be the next podcast episode is when the series is going to be kicking off and that is ‘The five step proven private label roadmap to launch products profitably on Amazon'. And we put this into a five part series, we talk about product selection, sourcing, prelaunch, launch and promotions and that is really to me the secret formula. It’s following through this. Now with that being said there is a lot of nuances in between there or actually each phase and we are going to dig into those in this five part series.

This is very, very similar to what we talk about on our workshop. If you’ve ever attended a workshop or if you want to attend a workshop we go through these five steps, these five phases because they are critical and a lot of people they just want to sit down and go through the workshop but also on the workshop we go through examples. We show some different stuff that we can’t do just with audio so definitely go register for one of those if you haven’t attended one of those. They are there for you, they are totally free, it’s a way for us to really break down those five steps, those five phases really in one sit down where you can actually go there and you can actually go through that process with us.

And that process just to let you guys know our new brand I just pulled the numbers since we’ve launched, which is just about seven months we are just about at the seventh month point we just crossed $160,000 in revenue which we are at about a 358% to a 40% margin depending on the product and that’s going to get better because now we are ordering more. We are doing by sea, we are shipping by sea on some of our products so we are starting to cut those costs increasing the margins, which I’m a big fan of because we validated that these products that we are selling are working. And we talk about all of that in the workshop and in this five part series which you are going to be able to listen through.

[00:06:08] Scott: I am going to be skipping an Ask Scott session this upcoming one the next one that would be in place because I want the five part series to go in series. I want it to be like one right after the other because I think it’s important that you go through that. And I know that some of you depending on when you are listening to this are going to say, “I just want to go through all of those all the series like Netflixing, like binging,” and I want to make that available for you guys as well so that’s another reason why I’m doing this is because a lot of people say, “Scott you’ve been doing the podcast now for just over two and a half years aren’t things different?”

And the answer is yes they are but I’ve tried to cover those throughout the podcast as things have changed but now what I want to do is update everything, have everything in one place so when you do listen to this or maybe you're listen to this six months after this airs you’ll be able to then just go through the entire series if you want to. And I’m going to try to make those in bite-sized chunks where you can consume it and then take that away and apply it and it's very similar to what we do on the workshop and that’s why so many people that have attended the workshop are really, really excited after they attend because they have the full roadmap and downloads and all that stuff.

And that’s what we do giveaway on the workshop is we give some downloads, some check lists and cheat sheets those types of things. So definitely go register for a workshop if you haven’t done so theamazingseller.com/workshop. Alright so the five part series is officially kicking off let’s see, we are on Friday its going to be Monday so Monday will be the official kickoff depending on when you are listening to this. If you are going to follow through it will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then Monday, Wednesday I believe.

So definitely, definitely stay tuned for that. You are not going to want to miss that. I’m going to invite, I’ve already invited Chris Shaffer on he is going to help me through that because he’s got a lot of great insight as well and I like to not just be on there talking to myself. I like to have someone else that we can go back and forth on and he can add some different points of view and just different ways of explaining it because I want you guys to get the most out of this series.

[00:08:18] Scott: Alright now before we jump into the first question I do have some weekly thoughts. I know we are going to get to it, I promise the Ask Scott sessions generally a way for me to connect with you guys but then also give you guys a little bit of a kick in the butt if you need it. Okay so here it is, my weekly thoughts. Mondays suck for most because I get a lot of people that say, “Scott I hate Mondays” and I don’t know about of you but if you work for someone or maybe even go back to the days that you were in school, I personally I hated Sundays actually Sunday afternoons because I knew Monday was coming and I dreaded going to school.

Once I got back in school I was okay, my buddies were there, my friends were there, we were hanging out, I had to go learn wasn’t a huge fan of school. I think you guys know that about me but I didn’t look forward to Sunday afternoons because I knew Monday was coming. And I know a lot of you like I did as well when I had a nine to five Sunday mornings were good, beginning of Sunday afternoon and then all of a sudden things were starting to wind down on Sunday afternoon and you are starting to feel that little pit in your stomach where you are like, “Oh I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow. I know I’ve got a bunch of things I put off on doing last week, I figured I would just deal with them now Monday and now I’ve got to deal with those and I know I’m still going to have more work piling on or I may have an issue.”

All those things are racing through your head and that’s because it’s a Monday. Now your Monday might be Sunday and then you get off Friday, Saturday or something. Whatever it is it’s your start of your work week. Now if that is you I just want to let you guys know something here. This is important. You ready? You listening?

[00:10:08] Scott: You, you personally have the control to change that, you personally you do. Not me, not someone else in your life right now, you. You have control to change that and that’s why I talk a lot about your why. To me I go all the way back to when I was working for a factory, it was a printing press and I worked there for nine months and I would go there and every time I would drive into that parking lot I would get a pit in my stomach, I would feel nauseous, I would feel like I was going to jail because the lights in the parking lot looked like it could be like a jail area. I don’t know why I just put that in my head even back then. I literary felt like turning around and just quitting and I did it for nine months and eventually I did quit.

Being inside felt like I was locked in. I could not escape, I couldn’t get out of there. Maybe that had to do with when I was growing up I had certain things in my life that I was always feeling as though my mother wasn’t going to be there for whatever reason. I felt an attachment and going into work made me feel like I couldn’t escape, I couldn’t get out of there if I went into that building. The minute that if you remember the old punch clock where you put your card in there it was like a manila card and you would punch it and you would punch a number on there as far as what time you checked in it was like the door behind you slammed shut and you are in, like you're in there.

So to me I knew that once I started working for my father’s company that was my out in a sense because I could be out on the road, I wasn’t locked in, I was my own boss in a sense. I still had to report to someone but I was my own boss and I still looked at Mondays as being that Monday because it was the start of my week but I found a way to get through that but I still felt like, “Oh gosh, here comes Monday.”

[00:12:20] Scott: And that’s why I wanted to be able to create businesses that supported my life. If Mondays feel like that to you or your Monday feels like that to you, the start of the week, if that is you and you feel like they suck well you do have the control to change that. And that can be whether it’s this business model or another business model this thing that’s weighing on you that is your why. You need to take control of that and you need to change it.

You just need to make a conscious effort to change it so you need to do that. You need to take charge of your situation and do it and understand that every little step along the way is a step to get you to where you want to be, to where you don’t have that feeling, where you feel as though every day is a Friday in a sense.

For me personally, I can wake up and pretty much know that I am creating the schedule that I want. So the things that I don’t want to do I don’t do those things unless obviously now there is things in your life that you are going to have to do because you just have to do them. You have to attend something because you have to get certified for a certain thing to be able to be a coach. I don’t want to sit in that class for three hours but I have to do it. I get it, we are going to have those things but I’m talking week after week after week.

If that is you, figure out what that is and make that known that you do have control to change that and then you just have to create that plan and again that is why I am a big believer if you are thinking or if you’ve ever tried online business and you failed for whatever reason, this here this way to start that I’m talking about even this five step process, this five step series that we are going over this to me is the road map to start you on that journey.

[00:14:20] Scott: So definitely go check out the five step once we start to roll that out, definitely stay tuned and from there you’ll be on your way to at least getting started. And that's my job here to really get you started, keep you moving, giving you momentum and just continuing to help you along that journey.

So don’t forget that but you do have control so just remember that. Write that down. Say, “I have control. Scott says that you have control to change that.” Just write that down. You might need that as a posted note up on your computer. Alright cool, let’s go ahead guys, lets officially get started here and let’s jump into this session of Ask Scott. What do you say? Let’s go ahead and listen to the first question and I’ll give you my answer.


[00:15:08] Simon: Hi Scott, Simon in here from Amsterdam. Scott I’ve got a question, you did the series on PPC with Ignite et cetera. My question is this, so let’s say I’ve got a seed keyword for I sell pillows for trains so you get on a train you use a pillow. Now my phrase or my broad match would be train pillow or pillow but now I start seeing pillow for airplane, pillow for car so if I want to then put that as a negative exact or a negative phrase into that broad campaign to say just aero plane as a negative and car as a negative or do I want to put in pillow for car as the phrase negative?

I don’t think so because I still want to retain the pillow aspect of it. I just want to make sure that nothing gets in the phrase so I put it in as a phrase negative for car and airplane. Could you tell me if that’s correct because that’s per the… I didn’t hear covered which parts of the seed keyword you are putting into negative? Does that make sense? Alright, thanks man I love your work and I really look forward to hearing this because it could really help us all out. Okay, thanks a lot brother, bye, bye.

[00:17:01] Scott: First off Simon thank you so much for the question and I have to confess something here really quickly. When Chris and I were answering this question for some reason in my head I thought that Scott asked the question, another Scott and I didn’t realize that it was Simon. So you are going to hear Chris address Scott when it’s actually Simon so anyway you are going to hear the answer and you are going to get some value here so I thought I would give you the lowdown on that. Here is the answer to that question.

Alright cool so hey, your name is Scott it’s a really cool name. I want to thank your number one Scott for submitting that question and then the other thing I want to do here is I want to answer this question but I’ve invited Chris Shaffer on to help me with this question because I want to make sure that I get it right. Now you guys know that I’m not necessarily the pay-per-click guy. Chris Shaffer is more of that guy so Chris do you want to help answer this question?

[00:17:55] Chris: I absolutely do and it’s actually a really good question. It’s something I think that a lot of people get hung up on because it’s not always clear the difference between broad, phrase and exact. It can be very confusing until you see it laid out in an example that makes sense for your product. I like this question a lot and just to summarize, and Scott if I miss anything, Scott Voelker I guess I should say, if I miss anything on this just remind me of different parts of that question.

But it sounded like our friend Scott who asked the question here is selling let’s just say it’s a pillow for sleeping on a train and what he’s seeing show up in his PPC and his search terms report is pillow for car or pillow for airplane as some of the things that people are typing in when they are then seeing his ad and clicking on it. Does that sound about right?

[00:18:48] Scott: Yeah and he’s running it in abroad and that’s where he’s getting that stuff.

[00:18:53] Chris: Which is going to happen because let’s just say just for the sake of everybody out there if we say pillow for train and we put that in broad, technically each one of those is an individual word and so it should fire for just about anything that's relevant for the word pillow or for the word train so he might even see model train. Probably not going to happen it’s a little bit of an extreme example but it helps to illustrate the point. Now in his case what he is seeing is he is not just seeing pillow for train show up which is what he wants, he is also seeing pillow for car and pillow for airplane and he wants to know what he needs to do to take those out and if he should take those out of his campaign.

[00:19:31] Scott: Exactly, so how would we do that?

[00:19:34] Chris: The first thing for me Scott Voelker would be, and our friend Scott I guess, would be to take a look at that search terms report and see if they are profitable for you. To me as a consumer just thinking of this as somebody who is not selling the product, I might not be thinking about that thing as something for a train. I live in the US I don’t take the train a lot but I do take the car and I take airplanes quite often. Anytime we go anywhere we basically fly. So for me I might actually still buy that same product. I just wouldn’t call it a pillow for sleeping on the train. I would be looking for pillow for sleeping on an airplane.

So if people are buying it and you have an ACOS that’s acceptable for you which is how much it’s costing you versus how much you are making, I wouldn’t take them out. I wouldn’t leave them there and Scott Voelker I want to hear your opinion on that but for me if it’s profitable I wouldn’t mess with it.

[00:20:22] Scott: Well and that's the thing I mean I think that’s common sense. If its profitable we are going to leave it and the other thing is I just want to highlight here is that’s what we are talking about when we start a campaign and we run it in abroad is we are trying to get these other keywords or search terms that we wouldn’t necessarily be thinking of and then that can also either turn us to another product or it can turn us on to a variation or maybe just another way that our product can be used.

So I want to highlight that too because what he is getting is definitely different recommendations or different things that are being served for that broad term. But now the question is, let’s say for example it’s not relevant and I don’t want to be showing up for that. Would you just go ahead and put a phrase negative in there?

I think that was his question is like do I put a phrase negative, an exact negative? Maybe you can talk about the negative and how that works.

[00:21:23] Chris: For me in a broad match campaign I would probably use a phrase negative. This is a two part question based on what he asked. It was should I use phrase or exact and then should I use just the word car or airplane as that phrase or should I use the entire search term, the entire phrase? Sounds ridiculous to say that because we are talking about phrase match but should I use all three words ‘pillow for car' as that phrase? For me I probably wouldn’t pull it out as an exact negative just in case ‘neck pillow for car' is also not profitable or maybe is profitable. It’s one of those things where you can pull it out as either… I would probably just pull it out as phrase because if the short version of that isn’t profitable for you, you can pull it out that way and that’s going to stop it.

If we are assuming it’s not relevant at all Scott Voelker, I would pull it out as a phrase. If it is relevant but that particular search term is not profitable pull it out as an exact. Does that make sense?

[00:22:25] Scott: Yeah it does but the one thing I want to ask is you definitely do not want to pull out like train. You would want to do that more in a phrase I would think because then we are targeting that exact or close to that exact thing that you don’t want to show up for. But if you put in negative train as a term then that could get rid of your train for pillow or pillow for train or whatever.

[00:22:53] Chris: Right if you are using phrase match. If you are not sure of what to do using an exact match is this is usually the best way to go in terms of a negative. If it’s something where you see two search terms and ‘pillow for car' is not profitable but ‘neck pillow for car' is you would want to use the exact there because if you use phrase on ‘pillow for car' it’s going to be the words ‘pillow for car' plus anything else which means if you use the phrase negative there you are going to pull out ‘neck pillow for car' as well from running which is not something that you want to do. So if you are not sure exact would probably be the way to go.

Now the other thing I would say is anytime you are putting out a negative I would use the search term itself whether you are using phrase for precisely the reason that you just said Scott Voelker because you don’t want to pull out things that are going to work and you don’t want to be overly broad with anything. So if I just use the word car as a phrase negative I’m also going to pull out neck pillow for car which again we said might be profitable for us.

[00:24:06] Scott: I think the easy thing to do here Scott is to go and look at the phrase and then if that phrase is one that you think you still want to have as an exact but only as an exact then put that in an exact campaign as exact match and then do an exact negative in the broad that you are running. Is that correct Chris?

[00:24:26] Chris: Correct so if all else fails if you look at it and you are just not sure run it as an exact. If your next pillow… Talking about PPC is really complex apparently just because of the three. There is three words that we should not say and we keep saying. If your pillow is designed specifically for use on a train then you can go a little bit more vaguely and use the phrase negative.

If I could potentially use it as a neck pillow in a car, in a train, in a plane, on a boat, in a box with a fox, any of those places then use the exact and if you are not sure err on the side of the exact. It just means that the next time you pull that search terms report that you might have to add some more because neck pillow for train might show up or neck pillow for plane might show up.

And it didn’t show up the first time because all of your budget was going to the more vague way of describing it.

[00:25:26] Scott: Yeah and just to wrap this up because I mean we can go on a whole 60 minute rant on this stuff and discussion but if you are seeing this as like you started a broad campaign you are seeing that, oh my gosh I’m getting these searches for something that’s not relevant to what you are then the simple thing is to put that in as a negative and be done with it. and like you said Chris them probably do it as a phrase because that’s what you don’t want to show up for but you don’t want to do it for single words unless that single word is something that you don’t want to show up for.

So just to keep it on basic level that would be… And for the most part I don’t see that happening for us anyway but it has happened in the past and when it does we’ll just go ahead and do exactly that, we’ll just exactly that, hear that? We will pull out that exact phrase and put it in as negative for that so hopefully this helps Scott. That’s why I brought on Chris Shaffer because this can make your head spin but it doesn’t have to be complicated but just look at the data. And also I want people to understand too is while you are running the broad it’s also a great way to get these suggestions that Amazon is giving you of search terms that people are actually searching for.

So it’s a great, great way for you to discover and if you guys have not went through our pay per click free training head over to theamazingseller.com/ppc and you’ll have a few hours there of some stuff that we’ve talked about on pay-per-click and we’ll give you a little road map there for you. Chris I want to thank you for coming on brother.

[00:27:02] Chris: Awesome thanks for having me man.

[00:27:06] Scott: Alright cool so hopefully that helped you and sorry once again Simon for calling you Scott the entire time but you still got your question answered there from myself and Chris Shaffer and hopefully everyone listening that makes more sense when you are thinking about broad, phrase, exact and negative keywords and that stuff. So again we can go on a whole show and talk about that which we have by the way and actually that resource I should probably point you guys now theamazingseller.com/ppc and you can go through all of that stuff where Chris and myself and Jeff Cohen from Seller Labs go through that in pretty good detail. So definitely go check that out.

Alright let's go ahead and listen to the next question and I’ll give you my answer.

[00:27:55] Carol: Hey Scott, it's Carol calling from Brooklyn. I’ve grown tons since I listened to your podcast. I almost listen to it every single day and I really want to thank you for it. My question is about brand registry. I have a lot of experience on Amazon and I’ve done brand registry several times but somehow now I’m having problems with the brand registry since it changed the brand registry too.

Basically they came back saying about the fact that my trademark wasn’t reviewed yet, it cannot be approved and that’s why I need to wait like three months until it gets reviewed and approved. I used to just register my brands registry as soon as I submitted the trademark and I had a serial number. Right now they wait for it to get approved first. Do you have any idea how I could do brand registry right away because I would love to use some of the services with brand registry?

[00:28:52] Scott: Hey Carol thank you so much for the question all the way from Brooklyn, New York so I’m thinking you are probably a Yankee fan maybe I don’t know we’ll see. Anyway thank you so much for the question this is a great question and we have talked about the brand registry 2.0 program that they rolled out a few months back and just to get people up to speed very quickly, before what you could do is you could register your brand and you could do it pretty easily just having a website with your branding on your product, your logo on your website, some pretty basic stuff. Then what they did is they rolled out their brand registry 2.0 which is now where you need to have a trademark registered not just going through the process and that’s what you are talking about right here.

Some people thought that, “Well what I’ll do is I’ll register for my trademark, I will submit that to Amazon and then that will be good enough.” Well when they were going through this transition that may have been good enough but it’s not good enough anymore. And even at this point where maybe you were grandfathered into the brand registry as far as when they made that change, they didn’t grandfather your list from what I’m aware of I think it was one, maybe two of our brands they are not grandfathered over to 2.0. Yes they will give you brand registry but it's not brand registry 2.0 which they give you some additional tools, definitely some more weight when it comes to putting in a claim, we talk about locking down a listing, those types of things are not going to happen unless you go through the full brand registry 2.0.My recommendation to you and anyone else listening is go through the process. Don’t let that stop you, don’t let that hold you back.

[00:30:58] Scott: I get so many people that say, “I’m not going to launch until I get my brand registered,” and to me you are just wasting time on something that even if you get brand registry 2.0 it's still not going to make it where it's that much more of an advantage. Some people think that, “If I get brand registry 2.0 I won’t get hijackers, I won’t have people copy my products.” That’s just not true, there is always hackers out there that will piggyback off of someone else’s success someway somehow. I wouldn’t necessarily let that stop you but with that being said I would still go through the process and just to let people know if you are going through a trademark process that could be seven months to a year before that’s finally approved.

So I would just get the ball started, submit the paperwork or the documents to Amazon so it's at least showing that you registered and then now you are waiting for that other thing which is the verified trademark that you have your certificate and all that stuff and then from there you should get brand registry 2.0. I wish I had better news for you but that’s what I would do. Now if someone out there is saying, “Well there is some way around this there is a hack, whatever.” I’m not about that so I can’t really share that with you and I haven’t even heard of one but what I would do is I would just go through the process and then carry on. Go out there and build a great brand, a great product, have good customer service, like do everything that you normally would be doing.

It's like one of those things that you have, it's like a badge in a sense that can help you but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get more sales necessarily because of it unless you were talking about someone that hijacked your listing versus not hijacking your listing then yes you are sharing and we can go down that road too. But again I would just go through the process, it's going to be a longer process but just go through it. Some people ask, “What service is out there for trademark?” The only ones I’m comfortable talking about is Legal Zoom.

[00:32:58] Scott: I’ve done trademark with Legal Zoom they work well. The other one is Trademark Engine I believe it is. I haven’t used them yet, I’m going to try them but some people that I know have used them and were happy. Those would be the two that I would recommend. Alright so let's go ahead and listen to one more final question for the day, we’ll wrap this baby up you guys can get on with your day and your week and your weekend or wherever you are at in the week. So let's go ahead and listen to that last question.

[00:33:23] Tammy: Hi Scott my name is Tammy I’ve been listening to your podcast for over a month now. I’m twenty something and I started back from the beginning and I am really impressed and appreciate what you are doing passing free knowledge along to everybody and not everybody has it in their heart to do that and thanks for giving back. Anyways my question is I am honing in on a private label product and I wanted to know what you think of my first product being a product that may come in different sizes and styles and how you would deal with that or if you would deal with something more simpler or just one style multiple sizes to begin with. Appreciate your feedback and keep doing what you are doing, you are awesome. Thanks.

[00:34:37] Scott: Hey Tammy thank you so much for the question and yeah this is a question that I do get quite often when people are thinking about launching colors or sizes and they are like, “Scott there is one product that I’m going to launch but it comes in sizes and colors. What do I start with?” Because if you launch one black or one red or one white and you have three different sizes you are talking three different SKUs. That’s how it works, we have the parent and then we have the children that are underneath the parent. The thing is the garlic press but we have a garlic press that comes in a six inch, an eight inch and a ten inch.

That’s how that can be thought about so my answer to this always is figure out and I’ll give you a couple of ideas and tips on how you can do this but figure out what is the best seller right now that you want to launch with because you may eventually have a product that you may add another variation or another color and it may pick up an extra hundred sales a month, that’s it. But you know across your brand that's going to be a hundred across that SKU and that’s where that comes in and it's funny because I had this exact conversation with my partner in the new brand where they wanted to launch three different styles and I’m like, “But we don’t know what style is going to sell well.”

Yes you can argue that they are all going to sell but there is going to be one or two that’s going to sell better and if that’s the case then we are selling, in this case we are not but if we were selling the white one and it had three different sizes now we’ve got three SKUs that we have to launch.

[00:36:37] Scott: Then we run into well, you have to do 500 of each SKU before they’ll produce them and now we are at 1,500 units for one SKU. So that’s where that can run into so what I do and what we’ve done in the new brand and anyone that I really talk with through this like I’m doing with you is this, figure out what is the top seller right now as far as color or pattern or shape or whatever and the build off of that. The next part of that would be what's the… And then from there what is the top selling size? Is it small, is it medium, is it large, is it extra-large? And then that’s what I would start with, I would start that.

Now if you can if budget will allow you or if you manufacturer will allow you to do smaller runs so let's say that their minimum is 500 but you can split that 500 amongst different sizes, now you can take that one color that you know is the best seller and try three different sizes small, medium and large or medium, large and extra-large whatever it is. That’s what you have to do so the way that you can do this is look at your competition the one that you are going after as far as what are you trying to compete with and then look at their numbers and a lot of times if you do a search for your competitor or your product stainless steel garlic press and you see that a red one pops up, that red one is for the most part the best seller.

So that’s where I would start. I would say, “Well the red one is going to be the one that is selling the most,” so I would start with the red one and then I would also see what one is selling. Now you may need to use a tool like Jungle Scout for this that’s what I would do and then I would say, “Oh the medium and the large are the top sellers. I’m going to start with medium and large.” And then I can still put the SKU in like I’m going to have a small, medium, large and extra-large but the only ones that are going to be available is the medium and the large. The small will be grayed out and the extra-large will be grayed out or whatever ones are not in stock.

[00:38:36] Scott: Those ones you can fill later but I would always look at the top seller and that’s exactly what we did and now my partner understands because we are selling through the one that is the top seller, that we thought was top seller because we looked at other similar products in our space and we’ve seen the colors that people were buying even though we thought it would be really cool to have this color that no one else is offering. But there might be a reason no one else is offering it, maybe people don’t want it so again little food for thought. Hopefully this has helped you look at the data. Let the data tell you what your next move is. I’m telling you guys it's there for us to take advantage of, use it.

And then to wrap this up, a lot of people will want to know and if you are just starting you may not have came to this yet but how do you find the data if you are using tools? And the tools that I use is Jungle Scout I just mentioned it. I am an affiliate for them so you will buy me a cup of coffee if you go through my link but that is the tool that I use just about every day. I would check them out, you can get $10 off depending on what tool you are using, you get some other goodies there as well theamazingseller.com/js for Jungle Scout. You can also check on my resources page all the tools that I use there, all the resources that’s updated on a pretty regular basis depending on what I am using at the time, what I’ve used that I don’t use anymore I will usually get rid of those. Definitely check out the resources page theamazingseller.com/resources.

Alright guys so that is going to officially wrap up this episode, remember a couple announcements that I made in the beginning. Submit your TAS story. I want to hear your story rhwamazingseller.com/story and there you can have a chance to win one of our scholarships to out private label classroom and TAS breakthrough you so definitely go do that.

[00:40:37] Scott: And then also our little series that’s coming up which we are going to walk you through the five phases for finding a product, sourcing, launching and everything in between will be in that podcast series so definitely go check that out. And if you want to ask your own question on an upcoming session of Ask Scott head over to theamazingseller.com/ask. Alright guys so that’s it, that’s going to officially wrap up this session of Ask Scott. Remember as always I’m here for you, I believe in you and I am rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take Action!”

Have an awesome, amazing day, week, whatever time of day it is and see you right back here on the next episode.


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