TAS 493 Ask Scott #153 – Different Launch Strategies – Product 1 or 2 or Bundle? – Tips to Stay Focused with so much NOISE!

Are you ready to go out there and take the tools you’ve learned to build your ecommerce business? Do you need a little extra burst of motivation to help you along the way? Look no further! It’s time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller! On this episode, you’ll hear from Scott as he shares a story about attending a Yankees preseason game with his daughter and some lessons learned from that experience and as usual, he’ll cover answers to questions from TAS followers like you. If you are ready to take your efforts with your ecommerce business up a notch, this is the episode for you!

Don’t give up!

As the leader of a startup business, you are well aware of the highs and lows of the whole process. So what do you do to stay motivated and pressing toward your goals? How do you keep discouragement and frustration at bay? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott opens up about a lesson he came away with from a trip with his daughter. On a recent trip to Florida to see a Yankees preseason game with his daughter, Scott became aware of the significance of persevering toward the goal. In his story, he explains that his daughter missed out on an autograph from her favorite player despite all her planning, excitement, and anticipation. Instead of letting her stay disappointed, Scott encouraged her to focus on the positive (She got a fist bump from that player) and to make a plan to get the autograph next time or follow up with the player with a letter in the mail. To hear more about Scott’s inspiring story and his takeaways, make sure to listen to this episode!

Why it’s not too late to start building your email list.

How can you set your newly selected product up for success even though you haven't built an email list to drive early sales and traffic? Is there a good strategy to roll out while the product is en route? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott explains why it’s never too late to start building your email list. While Scott stresses that it’s never too late or too early to start building your email list if your product is about to launch, a good strategy is to start an aggressive PPC campaign. To hear more about this topic and how you can create the best circumstances for your brand to succeed, make sure to listen to this informative episode!

How do you stay focused amidst all the distractions?

Let’s face it, we live in the digital age where distractions and shiny objects abound! What should a business leader do to minimize those distractions and stay on target toward their objectives? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, Scott goes over some helpful tips that sellers like you can use to tune out the noise and concentrate on what really matters. One of the best ways to zero in on your tasks and avoid distractions is to break them down into “chunks,” as Scott likes to say. There are also a number of tools online that will help you eliminate distracting websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others. Learn more about this important topic from Scott by listening to this episode, you don’t want to miss it!


  • [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this episode of the podcast!
  • [1:30] Scott shares a baseball story. Lesson learned: Don’t give up!
  • [11:20] Question #1: How can I launch my product successfully without an email list?
  • [17:40] Question #2: What is the best way to get started? Bundle my products or launch two products at the same time?
  • [23:30] Question #3: How do you stay focused?


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TAS 493: Ask Scott #153 – Different Launch Strategies – Product 1 or 2 or Bundle? – Tips to Stay Focused with so much NOISE!


[00:00:03] Scott: Well hey, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This is episode number 493 and session number 153 of Ask Scott. This is where I…

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…answer your questions here on the podcast and I do it every single week, every single Friday and I don't want to stop any time soon. So please, keep submitting your questions even if you've submitted a question and it's been a little while, I'll do my best to get these answered on an upcoming Ask Scott Session because I love, love doing these. I love connecting with you guys. If you want to ask a question and have it aired on an upcoming show, head over to theamazingseller.com/ask.

And you can ask a question. Just leave your first name, where you're tuning in from and just a question and I'll go ahead and try to answer it here on an upcoming Ask Scott session. The show notes to this episode can be found at theamazingseller.com/493. So everything we discuss here today, all the links, the transcripts are there for you at a nice little convenient link there for you, theamazingseller.com/493. Now, before we jump into today's Ask Scott Session first off let me tell you what we're going to be talking about. We're going to be talking about some different launch strategies or what are the different launch strategies.

We're going to be talking about well product one or two or should I bundle? That's what we're going to be talking about. We're also going to be talking about some tips, some more tips to stay focused with so much noise online or just in our lives. That's what we're going to be talking about. Now, before we do jump into all of your questions, I did want to share  a story with you. Now, some of you know I'm a pretty big baseball fan, pretty big Yankees fan. No hate mail, please don't send any hate mail, the Boston Red Sox fans. I still love you guys. I just don't love you when we're playing the Yankees. I'm a huge Yankee fan, I was brought up with the Yankees.

[00:02:01] Scott: My father was a Yankee fan, my grandfather and so on. Now my wife is a Yankee fan. All my kids are Yankee fans. I told my daughter, my oldest daughter who just got married who is a Seattle Seahawks fan for football because her husband was but she is definitely not going to go over to his Seattle team for baseball and I told her if she did we were going to have problems but I didn't have to worry about that anyways. She is definitely not going to ever jump ship on me there. She is a Derek Jeter fan from birth. My youngest daughter now… Here's where the story comes in.

My youngest daughter Kayla who is ten she is a huge Aaron Judge fan. He's like the new Derek Jeter of today in a sense. Like he's like part of like Yankees brand now, like he's a huge icon and just a great guy. I think he's going to do really good things not just on the field but off the field. But anyway, she is a huge fan. So I went ahead and got some preseason tickets in Tampa. My father lives in Florida so I figured we'd make a trip there, we'd spend a couple of nights there, we'd watch a game, whatever. I'm planning this whole thing out.

So I went ahead and figured I wasn't going to get to a Yankee game like at Yankee stadium this year because I wasn't going to fly there and do that whole thing. Maybe next year. So I said, you know what, I'm going to splurge a little bit, I'm going to get some really, really good seats at Spring training so Kayla can really experience on the field experience in a sense. As close as you can get. So I bought some really nice tickets. We over to StubHub, bought some, and this show is not sponsored by Stubhub by the way. I went over there, got some pretty good tickets right in the box net to the dug out for them. Aaron Judge plays right field so we're right there and we have these, well my wife made these signs and they were basically all of us were holding an arrow.

[00:04:04] Scott: I'll actually link up the picture inside this episode on the show notes. But it was a picture of all of us holding our signs. So what they did is they planned this whole thing out so this way here Aaron Judge could not miss us. Like he's going to see us and he's going to see that Kayla is his number one fan. So basically picture all these arrows that says, ‘Here i your number one' and then she says, “I'm your number one fan'. I'm pointing at myself, you guys can see me which you can't but you'll just have to see the picture. So definitely go to the show notes, theamazingseller.com/493 and you can see that picture.

But anyway the idea here was for Aaron Judge to give Kayla an autograph and she wanted her shirt. She's got an Aaron Judge pinstriped shirt and she wanted that shirt signed and that was the goal. Like so she's got this thing in her head that she's going to get an autograph, I wanted her to get an autograph, I thought it would be cool. And we're giving her the best chance possible. So she goes out there and we sit down, he sees us actually. He sees us as he's coming off of field and actually before the game he didn't come out to do any really big warm up. So we didn't have a lot of time before the game. And it's usually known that during the game they don't usually sign but maybe after the game.

So we thought we would just get his attention. We got his attention numerous times. So as he was running in he would look over at us and he would smile, give us a thumbs up, whatever. So my daughter was just besides herself but then I think it was the third inning as he was coming off the field, we had our signs up and you can't miss us. We're right there. And he comes over and he fist bumps my daughter Kayla and he says, “I'll get you after the game.” “I'll get that autograph after the game.” My daughter was like so excited. Oh my gosh I can't believe it. That was the plan. We're going to there, he's going to notice us, he's going to come over, he's going to sign something of mine, it's going to be amazing. She got a fist bump.

[00:06:01] Scott: That was not planned. That was awesome. But here's where the story kind of gets not so good. So it was all great. She is expecting now, he said, “I'm going to give you an autograph.” Well he went out of the game probably in the fourth or fifth inning and because it's spring training, he had some shoulder surgery recently, he went ahead and he left the game and he went in the locker room. I think he got showered because he was in an interview afterwards. So he wasn't coming back out. Now, he didn't think probably at that time that he was not going to be able to sign the autograph. He had the intentions to do it. I really, truly believe that.

But my daughter was just disappointed. Now I don't blame Aaron Judge like, “Oh he is a jerk.” It's just things happen. I mean the team is going to make sure that he is taken care of, he is going to be paid a lot of money. My daughter was hurt a little bit and a little upset but I said to her, I go, “Listen, it's not over. You got a fist bump, number one. Let's think of the positive. Number two, we came in here with a plan to hopefully get an autograph. You didn't but that doesn't mean that you'll never get an autograph. We're going to come to other games,” and my wife comes up with this idea. She says, “Here's what we'll do. Let's go ahead and write him a letter and let's go ahead and see if we can get something else like a card signed or something like that.”

So my wife and my daughter got together and they started coming up with a whole bunch of things they were going to add to the card. My daughter wrote the card. Again, she is brainstorming of how she's can still get what she wanted. She's not giving up. This is where the story leads into you. I'm not just sharing the story just to bore you with my family's details. I want to always tie it back to something where it can help you. The thing is, is she didn't get what she wanted but there's some positive things that came out of it. She got a fist bump, she got a great experience being at Yankee preseason game. She got a couple of other autographs. She got Didi Gregorious..

[00:08:01] Scott: She got Russell Wilson who's actually the quarterback for Seattle for the Seahawks. So that was like a fluke think. Got his autograph. A couple other guys but she didn't get his but she got a fist bump  so she's got a lot of good things going on. It's kind of like us when we build a business if it doesn't necessarily workout that we get exactly what we wanted we still learn to hold a bunch through this process. We still got a ton, so we got to look at this stuff. So my message here to you in sharing this story with you is to just let your know that you have to have a plan which my daughter had a plan. They created signs, let's get noticed, let's see if we can get an autograph, didn't work out. She's not going to give up. I'm not going to allow her to give up. And to me it's teaching her a lesson that that's the way it works sometimes and you didn't lose.

You only lose when you stop trying. I'm going to tie this back to baseball again. When you strike out, it's going to happen. When you strike out, you get another right back. The only time that you don't get another right back is when you quit the game. So are you going to quit the game? That's the question. If you say to yourself, “This thing just isn't going to work for me. I tried one product, it didn't work.” Well, look and see why it didn't work. Why did the plan not work? Where did it go wrong? For us it went wrong that we got Aaron Judge to come out on the field and everything but he left the game and he left the dugout.

Like he wasn't coming back. And no one else did either. So it's just part of that thing and we also found out I believe that they can get fined if they actually signed in the middle of the game, type thing. I don't know if that's true but that's what I heard. So again, just the circumstances didn't work out. We're going to go back to another game, actually we're going to go to a regular season game in Tampa, this coming year. So there's another chance. We're going to get back in the game.  We're going to play. We're going to see what we can do. So again, I'm sharing the story with you just to let you guys know that no matter what we do in life, there's lessons we are learning.

[00:10:01] Scott: There's positive things that come out of it but there's also things that we learn and we don't lose until we stop trying. So don't stop trying. If you want it bad enough, like my daughter wants that autograph, she wants that autograph. Even though she had a fist to fist bump with Aaron Judge, she still wants an autograph. So she's writing a letter and seeing if that will work. If that doesn't work, she might write another one. She will show up at another game. Go down where all the kids are getting autographs. She's got an advantage because she's a girl and she's also a kid. So kids are usually going to get an autograph before an adult. Just the way it works.

They want to give it to the kid before they want to give it to the adult. So she's got an advantage there. I don't have that advantage. So again, I'm going to cut this story short now because I want you guys just to understand you are not done, you're not losing until you stop trying. Just remember that. You did not lose until you stop trying. So get in the battering box and take another swing because you don't know. That one could be the one that you get the hit. So enough with that story. That went way longer and I apologize but I hope that it helped you. I hope that it helps you. So guys, let's go ahead and let's jump into today's first question and I will give you my answer. Let's go. Belter up.


[00:11:23] Dan: Hi Scott. This is Dan from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Love the podcast. Keep it up. It is really encouraging sometimes to hear some podcasts. They seem to come at the right time and when I'm kind of hitting a kind of a low I pop one of those podcasts and it keeps me going here. So anyway, I got a question. I have first product hoping to launch it this week or next week. Unfortunately I haven't built an email list yet for this particular product. So I'm wondering what the strategy would be for launching a product when you don't have the email list to sort of lean on for the first two or three weeks of sales, the steady sales.

My thought was maybe aggressive PPC, maybe some deep discounts through JumpSend or one of those services. I'm not quite sure or do you recommend just waiting to launch the product and try and build an email list. I'm not sure how long exactly takes, I've never done it yet. If you could shed some light on this, that would be great. Thanks Scott. Bye.

[00:12:28] Scott: Hey Dan. Thank you so much for the question and it's a good one. I like this question a lot. So if I'm understanding this correctly your product is en-route, it's on the way. And you're wondering like once you get it, like what do you do? Well, number one if we back up a little bit and we say okay let's say for example you did order your product, you're waiting for it, there's no reason to wait on building a list. Our new brand we didn't even have a product en-route yet and we were building an email list. We were building that email list with a product or products that were surrounding our product in a sense. It was like the fishing pole example. So we had a fishing pole, one of the top fishing poles, a tackle box and we had a fishing net.

We knew that the market was going to love that and we were going to be launching a vest. Like a fishing vest. That's what we did. So what I say is like it's never too early or too late to start building that email list. I say just do it when you can do it. Now, if budget is a concern then I would say at this point probably because you're already almost ready to launch if not already launched I would start driving traffic through pay-per-click. Honestly I'm going to be doing both of those things. I'm going to be doing the email list so when I do launch I can go ahead and send that discount to those people and get a good bump in sales. I'm also going to be turning on pay-per-click pretty aggressively.

What a lot of people don't talk about is like after that first week or two. What do you do? Well, you want to do a combination of what you've already been doing and probably go out and reach other people's list or influencers or just really dial up the pay-per-click and expand your keywords. Because depending on how competitive your space is, you need to keep that momentum going.

[00:14:31] Scott: So if you can get to first page or even a good placement on second page and you think that you're going to hit your ten sales a day that's going to keep you there ranking, then you're okay. But you have your email list now if you built that, you can go ahead and give it a push. I would be careful using any type of discount site unless it is not Amazon based. Meaning if it is not people pushing their Amazon products. If it's a deal site for just random deals like Groupon or one of those, right then I'm okay with that because you're just getting the sale. But if it's for…

Number one I don't want to expose my product to a group of people because if someone is on one of those lists of deal sites and you're putting your product up there, I can guarantee that your competition is seeing that as well. So I would not want to do that. That's why I like building my own list. I like putting my own money into my own list, my own asset and then building from there because I'm not flashing my product in front of all my competition. I wouldn't want to do that route. I would say build the email list, when you can and I would say sooner than later. If you can start that process and then from there I would also do pay-per-click and then I would also do this…

And this is something that by the time you're listening to this, it might be rolled out, it should be darn close. We have a new feature inside of Giveaway Boost where we're going to be able to create landing pages that do offer the discount code on the back end so we can drive Facebook Ads over to our landing page in exchange for email address. So imagine this, we run a Facebook ad in our market on Facebook, we have a discount, let's say it's 40% off. We drive them off to a landing page which confirms the offer and says this is exactly what you're going to get. All you have to do is enter your name and email address to get the code and to purchase your fishing pole at a discount.

[00:16:33] Scott: Then they click that button after they enter their name and email address and it brings them to a coupon code and then also it links them to the Amazon listing or your Amazon listing. Done. You got an email list plus we're able to place a Facebook pixel on that landing page, another great feature so again if you guys are listening and you're overwhelmed with like how to make this all work, I will definitely recommend our plugin which is Giveaway Boost and you can find that at theamazingseller.com/boost and I'll link that up in the show notes.

But that's an easy way to it. We're rolling that out. There's a 2.0 version now and that is the extra thing that we're adding in there plus we're going to have some training, that's going to go alongside that showing how to make everything work. So definitely check that out. But that's what I would recommend. Definitely do it all but I would say those would be my options and I would stay away from doing any type of deal site that is focusing on Amazon sellers. That's what I would do. Hopefully that helped you. Keep me posted by the way. And let's go ahead and listen to the next question and I'll give you my answer.

[00:17:44] Ryan: Hey Scott. This is Ryan from Oklahoma. First off I want to just say I appreciate everything you do and all the content you're giving out for free. I've tried to listen to a few other people and I just tell you nobody compares. So I just first off wanted to say that. So my predicament is I'm torn between two products. They look like they are both lower competition, the demand is high for them. As far as the sell price and numbers they are pretty close. One of them is a little bit bulkier of an item so only way I can ship it is by sea. So it's already cost me more to ship than it is to actually produce the product.

But it still falls within $10 profit margins. Actually probably around $12 if I put it out there for the price point that I'm looking at. The other product price point is about the same but I can ship that by air. It's still going to be a little bit cheaper. My profit margin on that it's around $15. So my question is do I launch both products or do I launch one, see how it does then launch the other product? The reason I ask is because the products could be bundled together and used together so I didn't know if it would make more sense to launch them together so I can have a bundle right away or should I wait?

That's kind of where I'm at right now. Ready to take the next step. I just need some guidance on that. Anything you can do to help I'll appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.

[00:19:24] Scott: Hey Ryan. Thanks so much for the question. And hey you've got options. Love that. Thanks so much for being a listener as well and thanks for the positive feedback. I appreciate that. I appreciate you. Yes, it sounds like… Pick one. It doesn't really sound like you have a huge decision to make other than pick one. Because the cool thing is it sounds like you have two products that work well together. So that means whether you launch product one it should do okay and if you have product that should do okay. If you launch both, they both should do okay together because they are related.

If you wanted too, you could add a third SKU and make it a bundle. I love all of that. So you also mentioned that one of them you'd probably need to ship it by sea. The other one you could ship by air and still come in at the right profit. I would probably lean towards the ones that I could do by air and be able to land it so this way here I can get started. I'm impatient. I like to get things done like yesterday. That's a little bit of a downfall for me but it's totally the way that I'm wired. I just want stuff done. It might be the New Yorker in me. I don't know. So I would say pick the one that you think you can get going the quickest.

I don't think I would start with the bundle. I think I would launch the one that's going to be the easiest to get here the fastest to get here. The one that you still think it's going to have the same amount of depth and demand and the competition levels are about the same. I mean regardless, you're probably going to launch them both at some point so I wouldn't probably recommend doing them both together just because you want to put all your focus on one just to ramp things up. Then as soon as you launch I would launch that second one. The third thing I would do is I would bundle it. So you'd have three different SKUs now. So yes you could say well you could do variations.

[00:21:25] Scott: You could maybe but in this case it might be better to separate those unless it's a direct variation. Unless one is exactly like one is a 15″ and one is an 18″. That might not make sense to launch them separately. You might want to do a variation on that one. I would say start with the one that's going to be the easiest to get here and to get launched. Then from there I would work on the second one and then the third one would be to bundle. Then the other thing is if, like I think you were saying if like the one that's going to be longer or bulkier you would have to ship by sea but maybe just get a price for just for kicks to see how much it would be to air that in.

You said profit margins on one of them is like close to 15 bucks. So what if it costs you 5 bucks extra to ship it here? You get a couple hundred here now but the rest of them you have them shipped by sea. That might be an option tool. And yes you're not going to make as much on that first round but generally I don't really care. First two rounds, three rounds. We're really just getting things ramped up, getting ourselves rooted into the algorithm and starting to get some of those sales. The other thing I would be asking you if we were sitting across the table together is, is this a market that you are going into that you're going to have other products around this?

Hopefully the answer will be yes and then I would say and then in the meantime I would be working on that email list. Then getting that thing all built so this way here you have the leverage to go ahead and push those products. And then I would also be expanding my product list like what are the next products? What's the third, the fourth, the fifth? And really starting to round out that brand. It sounds like you totally can do that if you already have to two products that are related. Hopefully that helps you. Keep me posted for sure and let me know what you decide to do and how it works out for you. And yeah, we'll maybe do a recap on that. So, all right, guys, let's go ahead and listen to one final quick question. This is a quick question. It has to do with focus and I'm going to elaborate on this one. So let's listen to this question.

[00:23:37] Mickey: Hello Scott. This is Mickey Kelly. I don't know if it's just me but I find it hard to stay focused and mainly because there's so much information being pulled out of every little click, point, click, every window that we turn to these days. I just feel like I get information overload and it's come every time I look on the screen, there's something pulling me over here, there's something pulling me out, I can't stay focused on the priorities in the order that we need to do it. I don't know, has anybody else felt that way? Have you heard anything about it? Just wondering. Thanks.

[00:24:17] Scott: Hey Mickey. Thanks for the question and it is a great question because a lot of people struggle with overwhelm and focus and just really what to work on next. What should I be working on? Or how do I stay like on track and not get distracted. Number one, I heard some music going on in the background and I might turn that down. Just saying. No, I mean if you like to work with music playing, I know a lot of people that do, go for it. Me personally I haven't really been able to find something that allows me to… Unless it's low and in the background. But anyway, just thought that was kind of funny.

But yeah, what I would say for anyone listening including yourself you are absolutely right. No matter what we're doing we are distracted because there's a lot of shiny objects. There's also a lot of rabbit holes that we can go down. If one click of a button and we're in. We're into something. Perfect example, I shared on a previous episode. My pool guy, my service pool guy, the guy who does some service for me. We were talking about him. He was on YouTube looking at information as far as like how to this new technology with these certain systems and devices that they are using.

And he goes, “I started that like 10 o'clock at night and it was 2 o'clock in the morning I was still like just kept clicking.” And he's like, “It's like a vortex.” I said, “Exactly what it is.” So you almost have to give yourself a limit as how long you can stay on certain channels or certain places or allow yourself how long you can be online. For me personally I try to stay off of the computer or whatever or my office. I'll try to have like working hours. It doesn't always work but I try. But I would also say like depending on what you are working on, like it sounds to me like you might be just like working on something then all of a sudden, maybe you get bored for a second and you're jumping over to YouTube. And then before you know it, you're an hour in.

[00:26:18] Scott: That you have to have discipline. I think the easiest way there is to just have one window open and working on what you're working on. If you're writing something for your Amazon listing only have that open. Or another thing is for a lot of people is like what do I work on? There's so many things. People are telling me I should do this. I should do this. I should do this. My question is like. Chunk it down and ask yourself like what is it that you have to move to the next thing? If you are starting and you're at the very beginning it's really simple. You don't have to worry about how to launch yet because you're not there yet. You don't have to worry about your business entity yet.

You don't have to worry about sales tax yet. You don't have to worry about any of that stuff yet. You only have to worry about what you are working on right now. So for an example if you are going through a product discovery phase, where you are trying to figure out a product but really a market. I always start with a product but it always leads me to a market. That's for a whole other conversation. And we talk about that in our product discovery boot camp. That's really what we do inside of there and even with the 24 hour challenge that I've talked about in the past where  I really try to get you guys to just focus on market and products. But anyway, that's for another whole discussion.

But really it's about just focus like on that one thing. So again if you're in product discovery mode. Number one you got to figure out the market that you are going after and then you start getting intelligence on that market on what products they are buying but you're not worrying about sourcing yet. You're not worrying about launching yet. None of that stuff matters right now. But it's so easy for you to jump from one podcast to another podcast or one YouTube video to another YouTube video. That's just how it works. You don't have to though. I would try to almost like give yourself like rules. Like right now if this thing doesn't help me and what I'm doing right now, I'm not looking at it.

[00:28:25] Scott: So like I said, if you're looking at a product research, that's all you're focusing on. Don't worry about any pay-per-click strategy. Doesn't matter at this point. So that would be my best advice for anyone that's struggling with that. If you are just starting out and you are kind of stuck in maybe the beginning stages or even just the entire process I would definitely recommend checking out the free workshop that we do because it chunks everything down for you in five steps. We have product research, we have sourcing, we have the prelaunch, we have the launch and then we have promotions. Like that's it.

I would definitely recommend that free resource at theamazingseller.com/workshop. Go check it out. It's free. Depending on when you go to sign up, we'll either be doing a live one or we'll have an on-demand one for you to watch there and go through that training. But that's where I would start. So definitely check that out. So just to recap a little bit on the focus stuff, just you have to have rules almost in a sense within yourself. You have to have discipline but you also have to have like a plan and like a little road map, and a little checklist to where you are only working on this. Don't over complicate the process. Don't think too far down the line.

Hopefully this helped you and again, just give yourself rules and be disciplined and commit to the process and just stay within where you are right now. That is going to wrap up this episode of Ask Scott. If you guys have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ask Scott session head over to theamazingseller.com/ask and you can do that. The show notes to this episode to this episode can be found at theamazingseller.com/493. Just, again, don't overcomplicate the process.

That's it guys. That's going to wrap it up. Remember as always, I'm here for you, I believe in you and I'm rooting for you but you have to, you have to… Come on say it with me, say it loud, say it proud, “Take action.” Have an awesome, amazing day and I’ll see you right back here on the next episode.


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